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Dr. Mabuse Stories Of Incest: Russ, Jan, and Diane

Hello, my name is Russ. I come from a nuclear family in the mid west with mom, dad, myself, and my younger sister Jan. Jan is about four years younger than. We got along well together but we did not do much together as a brother and sister which was due to an age difference. I was graduating college in 1982 when she was just graduating high school. She always had a circle of girlfriends around the house and I did not pay much attention to them until they had grown older.

Her friend Diane was a skinny kid who was into ballet and when she graduated, she had grown to be a very attractive woman. She was dark haired, dark eyes, cute, and slim but with great body curves. She and my sister had ended their relationships with their high school boyfriends after graduation. Diane and I just hit it off and we started to date. My sister Jan is very attractive girl with long brunette hair, green eyes, athletic, and very noticeable firm breasts. She found it hard to meet guys as school was over and she was too young for the bar scene. Diane and I knew she was bored and lonely after graduation so the three of us would do things together like movies or picnics. Diane and my sister were still best friends and did things together. She even convinced Jan to take up ballet class.

This is not to say that we spent all our time together. Diane and I spent a lot of time by ourselves. When I got my own apartment that year, she practically lived there with me. Diane was not only very attractive; she was very passionate and adventuresome in the bedroom. She first had sex since she was 14 and had enjoyed it ever since. She enjoyed it often, especially in secluded outdoor locations and loved giving me a blowjob after dripping honey on my cock. We were very open with each other about our fantasies and the things that we would like to try sometime. Diane had told me that she had a bi experience in the past and would enjoy doing a threesome with me, sometime.

Summertime came about and the pool at my apartment complex opened. Diane and I would spend our Saturday afternoons there, sometimes swimming but mainly getting some sun. Often Jan would come over and join us for the afternoon. It was very flattering to be with 2 attractive bikini clad ladies at the pool. We usually got very admiring glances from the other tenants at the pool. One afternoon Jan came over and could hardly walk to the pool with us. The ballet class had started a new routine that Jan was not used to and her muscles were hurting since class. She plopped herself down in our chaise lounges and didn’t bother to even get in the water.

“You are hurting that bad?” asked Diane “I was sore the first time I did that routine too. That was a long time ago and your muscles will get used to it too. It will be OK”

“I hope that’s soon. It feels like I was in a car accident.” mumbled Jan, “The sun feels good on my back and I feel a little better from it.”

“Maybe I should bring some cold beers from the apartment” I laughed, “Eases my pain”

“Well, what are you waiting for” said Diane “Go get some!”

I walked back to the apartment thinking about those two in ballet class. Seeing Diane in her black ballet tights turned me on and I wondered what my sister Jan looked like in those same black tights. I found a small cooler in the apartment closet and filled it with a six pack and some ice from the fridge. Sitting back with the girls, I popped a cold one for each one and one for myself. After about a half hour, we finished the rest. Two beers apiece was a lot for the two 19 year olds to handle. They were cracking up and laughing sometimes too loud.

“Jan, after we done at the pool, you are going to have to stay with us for awhile.” I said, “I wouldn’t trust you driving, even the short distance to mom’s house”

“OK” giggled Jan, “I don’t feel like driving anywhere, anyway. You know I feel better but I still hurt.” Both of the girls started to laugh but I just laid back and shook my head.

It was getting around six and the pool closed early on Saturdays. We grudgingly got up and headed back to my place. We were getting hungry and I fired up the grill to do some quick burgers for us. While I was cooking on the grill, Diane was making some salad to go with dinner. She was reaching into the top shelf of the fridge and knocked over the ketchup bottle. The lid had not been securely on and ketchup flew on her and the floor.

With one of the few times that I have ever seen Diane mad, she looked my way and screamed, “What asshole didn’t tighten the lid of the damn ketchup!”

Jan was rolling on the floor laughing while sheepishly, I raised my hand. I walked over to the kitchen sink and got the wash rag to help clean up. I wiped the floor and got some wet paper towels to clean up Diane. I cleaned the ketchup off her but her bikini top would have to go in the wash.

“If this was honey and not ketchup, Jan would have to go home.” I remarked. Diane finally cracked a smile czech taxi porno and gave me a makeup kiss. She went upstairs to the bedroom to change. When she came back, she was still wearing her red bikini bottoms and was topless under a sheer, see through, white muslin shirt. She was looking so erotic with her breasts showing through the light cotton. I walked behind her and whispered “This is better than honey.” Diane just smiled.

Jan either did not notice or say but just slouched in a chair. I guess the pain killing beer was wearing off and her muscles were talking back to her. We ate dinner and sat on the couch channel surfing to see if there was anything good to watch on television. I was watching Diane in that shirt during dinner and really wanted to do something besides watch TV. I think Diane was feeling the same way but Jan was here. She was Diane’s best friend and my sister, so we were not going to throw her out.

I sat back between them and put my arms around each girl’s shoulders. Diane leaned in towards me, pushing her left breast into my chest. I glanced over at Jan and noticed how nice her rack was looking too. Suddenly, Jan stood up and hopped across the room as her calf muscle was cramping.

Diane and I got up to help her out. I was trying hold her to keep her from falling and Diane started to stroke Jan’s calf and try to calm the cramping muscle. It really hurt and Jan was in tears. We got her back to the couch to lay down.

“My god, this hurts! cried Jan

“This helping at all?” asked Diane as she rubbed Jan’s calf muscle.

“Some” murmured Jan “I think all my muscles are going need a massage before this gets better. I’m quitting that ballet class, this sucks.”

“Don’t say that” said Diane “Class is so much more fun when you are there with me. I would really miss not being with you in that class. Let us help take care of you.”

Diane and I helped Jan upstairs to my bedroom. Carefully, we laid Jan on her stomach.

“We are going to massage the pain away” said Diane “Russ and I have been practicing massage therapy at the college night courses, so just relax”

I just looked at Diane and she smiled back. She was completely lying about the night classes and the only massage we have done was foreplay. It sounded like fun so I was game. Diane went downstairs to get a bottle of tanning oil. She came back up, struck a match and lit 2 candles that we had in the room, and turned out the lights. I was starting to get into this and went to my dresser where I had a radio cassette player. I popped in a new age cassette of water music and joined Diane. We kneeled next to each side of Jan.

Diane leaned over and whispered into Jan’s ear, “Just relax and let us take care of you.”

Jan nodded her face into the pillow. Diane raised back up and unbuttoned her muslin shirt. She wadded the shirt and threw it to a corner of the room. I was smiling as she poured the tanning oil in my hands and hers. I imitated her movements as she spread the oil on Jan’s leg, lightly running her hands up and down her leg. The flickering candles, the soft music, the smell of coconut from the oil, the movement of Diane’s naked breasts, and the feel of my sister’s leg made the scene very erotic. I was getting a hard on in my swimming trunks and Diane just smiled at the sight of the bulge in my trunks.

Diane and I caressed Jan’s legs for awhile and I couldn’t help but notice how smooth and muscular they were. No fat on her at all. Diane whispered to me, to move up one of Jan’s legs and down the other and then reverse the process. She scooted up the bed some and poured some oil on Jan’s shoulders and started to work the muscles there. Jan was enjoying the massage as she would give out an occasional “ooh” or an “aah” and moved her legs further apart. Diane reached down and unclasped Jan’s bikini top and laid each strap to the side. She then poured more oil on Jan’s back and began to work it in.

I was getting quite a show watching Diane spread her hands down across my sister’s nude back and up the sides of her waist back to Jan’s shoulders. Diane has running her left hand up and down Jan’s spine and leaned over to me. She slid her oiled free hand into my trunks and began to stroke my cock. She was smiling and looking straight into my eyes while one hand was working on Jan’s back and the other was working me.

Diane whispered to me “Massage down her legs and rub her feet and watch.”

I hated to move away as her hand was feeling so nice on my cock but she let go and returned to working both hands on Jan’s back. I slid one hand down on each leg, smoothing the oil on her skin. I was sitting cross legged at the end of the bed, massaging Jan’s feet and watching Diane. My sister’s feet were very small and slim and it was a nice feeling to massage her feet, kneading around the bones, and stretching the toes. Diane kneeled between Jan’s hips and leaned over rubbing her chest into Jan’s back. I could almost feel her breasts squished defloration porno on her back and those hard nipples working into Jan’s flesh.

I was aching in my trunks as she was doing this. I figured that my sister couldn’t see me and I worked her foot with one hand, lifted up, and removed my trunks with other. I felt better but wished my cock was getting massaged too. Diane lifted back up and moved her position where she was kneeled by Jan’s shoulder facing me. The oil was glistening off her chest in the candlelight. She put on a big smile seeing me nude rubbing my sister’s feet. She was working oil up and down Jan’s back when she slide both hands slowly down her back and into the bottoms of Jan’s bikini. She started to work the oil over each cheek, along the hips, and back up to her shoulders.

Seeing that she did not get a negative reaction from Jan, Diane whispered “I don’t want to get oil on your bikini, OK?”

Jan just gave a relaxed smile and nodded again. Diane stepped up the bed and very slowly slid the bikini bottoms down Jan’s legs and off her ankles. Such a view I had of my sister’s naked butt and a surprise to see that she completely shaves her pussy.Diane slipped out of her bottoms and the three of us were naked in bed. I thought what would be the look on my sister’s face if she had turned around at this moment.

Diane continued to kneading Jan’s back and sliding her hands over each butt cheek. I was working my hands back up the inside of each leg and was looking to get a better view of her shaved pussy. It almost looked baby like from the back and I could almost detect some wetness too. Diane poured some oil directly on Jan’s butt, working the oil over each cheek, and running an oiled finger down the crack. Then she took two fingers and slid the oil down the inside of one cheek, paused at her rosebud, and slid back up the inside of the other cheek.

Diane leaned and whispered to Jan, “roll over and we will do your other side”

Jan calmly and very relaxed said “My brother will see me naked.”

Diane lied and said “He has seen you naked a bunch of times as kids. Besides we are all naked now anyway” Diane reached her hands under Jan and helped her roll over. Rolling over, Jan first saw Diane’s smiling face, then that she was nude, and then her nude brother.

“Hmm, I see why I call you big brother” laughed Jan as she looked at Russ, “This must be turning you on”

“This is turning us all on” said Diane

“Don’t let that stop the massage” sighed Jan, “This is the best that I have felt in months. Please don’t stop!”

“Oh, we are still working on you” said Diane. Diane leaned towards me and whispered “I want to do her legs and you can do her upper body” and with a big smile on her face, we switched places.

Kneeling beside Jan’s waist, I applied oil on her upper shoulders and worked the oil across her shoulders and down the length of each arm. I glazed at my sister’s face with her eyes closed and the look of bliss on it. I never really realized how beautiful she was, almost angelic. I worked her arms, back to her shoulders, and to her breasts. Her breasts felt so firm and her nipples harden as my oiled fingers ran across them. They felt very nice and it had been awhile since I felt larger breasts than Diane’s. Not wanting to stay too long on her breasts although I could have felt them for hours, I slid the oil along her stomach and waist. I very gently massaged her stomach and worked back to her shoulders.

Diane had positioned herself between Jan’s parted legs. Her hands were running oil down the outside of her left leg and back up the inside of that leg. Crossing over at Jan’s hips, lightly touching over Jan’s pussy, Diane repeated the same motion on the right leg. Then with one hand on top of each leg, she moved her hands up and down each leg in unison. Diane and I just smiled at each other while we glanced at what we were doing to Jan.

I was massaging her right arm next to me and moved to her hand, working each finger. A thought popped in my head where I wondered what Jan would do if her hand touched my cock? Being very sexually excited, I thought why not? I worked my hands from her fingers done towards her elbow and as I moved, I guided her hand to rest on my hard cock. Diane was watching and her eyes lit up when I did that. Jan didn’t flinch, didn’t open her eyes, or say anything but just wrapped her fingers around my cock.

I immediately started to feel my sister’s breasts more sensually and as I did that, Jan’s hand started to stroke my cock. That opened the door to more than just massage. Diane worked her hands up the inner thighs of my sister and moved across from me. She began to massage around Jan’s bald pussy and after a few minutes of caressing, easily slid her index finger between Jan’s pussy lips and rubbed across her clit. As Diane’s finger started to rhythmically move on her clit, Jan’s hand started to pump my cock faster. This massage had been very stimulating doktor ofisi porno and it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum.

Diane leaned her chest unto Jan’s chest as she wrapped her lips over the head of my cock. Jan began to moan and work her hand faster on my cock as Diane’s fingers worked faster on her. Diane stuck two fingers into Jan’s wet pussy hole and Jan screamed out in orgasm. Then I couldn’t hold out any longer and came in Diane’s mouth. Jan started to relax and released the hold on my cock which was shrinking. Diane rolled on her back next to Jan, licking any cum from her lips that she had not swallowed on the first shot.

It got very quiet for a few minutes with just the new age music floating in the background. Diane rolled over on her side and looked at Jan and myself. I had laid down on my side and was snuggling next to Jan with my arm around my sister’s waist.

Diane nudged Jan in her ribs and said “Are you OK?”

Jan opened her big green eyes and said “Oh yes! That was the best massage I’ve ever had. I’m surprised that we all went this far. I didn’t think that you or Russ was into this kind of stuff but I have always fantasized about group stuff.”

“We have been best friends for a long while” smiled Diane “and I always thought you were pretty straight and conservative. Now, here we are; you, me, and your brother getting ourselves off.”

Jan rolled to her side facing Diane and stroked her hand along Diane’s hips. Looking Diane in her eyes, she whispered “I’m still excited and don’t want our fun to end now. I am really turned on being naked in bed with my best girlfriend and my brother”

“What do you want to do now?” asked Diane quietly.

“I have always wanted to watch 2 people make love” whispered Jan, “Can I watch the two of you”

“OK, I always wondered what it would be like to have someone watch us” said Diane, “I thought maybe when Russ and I were screwing in the woods, someone would be watching. I have never seen anyone make love either.” Diane started to giggle, “Would you fuck Russ?”

Jan looked into Diane’s eyes and very slowly said, “Yes… I would. I have been a little jealous since you and my brother have been together and I wished that I could have that kind of closeness.”

Diane brushed the side of Jan’s face, gave her a light kiss, and said, “I didn’t know. I can share Russ with you. What are best friends for?”

I was going wild over their conversion. Not only was my girlfriend and sister wanting play games in bed but my sister wanted to fuck me and Diane was OK with it. New life was springing my cock back to life. I leaned over to face my sisters back as she was still facing Diane. My hands started to roam along the length of her body as I planted light kisses along the back of her neck. Jan rolled to face me and we began to kiss and then slid our tongues into each other’s mouth. How exciting it was to kiss a new pair of lips, especially my sister’s. I heard Diane get up and go downstairs.

She came back into bed a few minutes later. I thought she had left to use the bathroom but she had been in the kitchen as she had the squeeze bottle of honey with her. She kneeled, looking over us and watching the passionate French kissing. From her shoulder height, Diane squeezed a drizzle of honey across my chest and my sister’s breasts. I immediately moved my mouth to my sister’s warm firm breasts, tonguing and liking the honey that was on them. After I had licked most of the honey from Jan, she rolled me on my back and started to lick the honey off of my chest and sucking my nipples as a bonus.

While on my back, Diane drizzled more honey on my cock and started to jack me off with the sticky honey. The sound of her hand stroking my cock with honey almost sounded like the pulling of Velcro. Diane soon placed my cock in her mouth and the honey was being licked and sucked on. Jan finished with my chest and sat up to watch Diane give me head. Diane had me on my knees and held out her honey smeared hand that she had stroked me with, towards Jan. She bent down and started to lick the honey and suck on Diane’s fingers. In addition to being blown, the sight of my sister licking Diane’s hand was icing on my sexual cake of arousal.

Jan pulled back and smiled after the honey was all gone. Then Diane very slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and smiled back. She picked up the honey again and drizzled the honey from her left knee, up her inner thigh, heavily around her pussy, and down her inner right thigh. Then she guided Jan’s face to her left knee.

“Diane!” Jan said, “I’ve never done this before. I’m not sure what to do.”

“Just lick the honey and do what you like to have done to you!” said Diane excitedly

Diane put a pillow behind her head, returned to sucking on me, and spread her legs for Jan to feast on. Jan started licking the honey up Diane’s inner thigh while Diane started to work the honey around her pussy into pussy her lips and clit. Jan’s tongue was around Diane’s pussy and Diane spread her lips apart for her. Jan was the honey glisten and break into strings as the pussy lips parted. Her tongue ran up one lip and down the other and coming back up the center to her clit. Diane was enjoying this as her sounds of pleasure made humming noises on my cock which was deeply in her mouth.

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