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Subject: Soccer Practice Makes Perfect – Chapter 31 Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks. I have been on vacation as well as having massive writer’s block. I finally overcame the writer’s block and believe I have come up with a great sexy chapter for you. I appreciate the overwhelming positive responses to my previous 30 chapters and I enjoy hearing from you all. I hope you enjoy chapter 31. Please note that I am not a professional author so some errors are to be expected. Please feel free to contact me with your comments ook Thanks for reading my story. Also, please consider donating to Nifty so that this platform remains free and continues to be a safe space for us all to enjoy these stories either by writing them or reading them. Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — 19 years old (me) Billy — 20 years old — Soccer Captain — DJ’s older brother Rafael — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jorge — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jake — 21 years old — DJ’s boyfriend – Muscular tattooed Soccer Teammate Dillon — 22 year old — Jake’s older brother Soccer Practice Makes Perfect — Chapter 31: Brothers in Arms I have never felt so at home away from home like I did at this very moment, waking up wrapped in Jake’s arms while spooning in his bed at his parents’ house. Billy gave me permission the night before to spend the weekend with Jake alone, and free reign to do whatever we wanted sexually without him present, for this weekend only since it was Jake’s birthday. Billy loves me and I love him so much that he knows that I would limit my sexual activities to just Jake because I am loyal to him and Jake, but that I am also fearful of damaging my relationship with my brother. Jake sensed me stirring in bed and tightened his arm around me, which made me smile from ear to ear. Life is perfect for me right now I thought to myself. I have a stunning muscular boyfriend who loves me deeply and I am also lovers with my very own handsome brother. I rolled over to face Jake as he was still half asleep. I lifted up my hand to his face and slowly brushed his hair off of his forehead. I traced around his cheeks and strong chin with my finger as I intently looked at him. I moved my head a few inches closer to his face and licked his lips gently and then kissed him softly. Without opening his eyes Jake whispered, “I love you baby.” “I love you too, I said as I continued to stroke Jake’s hair. Jake pulled me in closer to him as I rested my head against him, he then rolled onto his back as I laid my head on his bare muscular tattooed chest. With my ear against his bare skin I could hear his heart beating. We laid like that for at least 20 minutes not saying a word but exploring each other with our hands and fingers. Jake leaned his head down and kissed me on the top of my head. “This is almost perfect,” Jake said. “Almost?” I whispered. “The only thing missing is Billy,” he replied. “True. I didn’t want to say that I missed him because this is YOUR weekend.” “Baby, I know you miss him, its okay, you two are lovers. I miss him too.” “Jake, I still can’t believe sometimes how understanding you are about everything. About sharing me with my own brother and his kinky side. About fooling around with his friends and you joining is on that too.” “Baby, there is nothing I wouldn’t do in order to be with you. You are the most perfect person for me. If I need to share you in order to be your boyfriend and be able to make love to you, then that is a very small price I have to pay. I’m okay with everything so far as long as you are.” “Absolutely. You and Billy are the most important people in my life and I won’t let anything get in the way of that.” I looked up to Jake as he was looking down to me. He pressed his lips against mine as he parted my lips with his tongue. He slid the warm member into my mouth and probed me as I began to invade his mouth with my tongue in return. I turned my bod to get more comfortable as our kissing became more passionate. I moved up and straddled Jake’s waist as I was still connected to him mouth to mouth. My hands were running through his hair as I was furiously tongue fucking his throat as he was grabbing my ass and fingering it underneath my boxers. I knew what Jake wanted, he wanted to fuck my hole and I was more than ready to give it to him. I broke off the kiss as I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered to Jake. “Pull off my boxers, please. Fuck me Jake, make me yours,” I pleaded. Jake grabbed the sides of my boxers as I lifted my waist a few inches off of him as he pulled my boxers down far enough so I could kick them off. My hard uncut cock flopped out and slapped against Jake’s muscular stomach with a ‘smack’ as a few drops of my precum splattered onto his abs. Jake reached up and used his fingers to scoop up the small amount of precum and then proceeded to reach down and finger my asshole with his cum covered fingers. I left out a moan of pleasure as Jake’s fingers slowly slid past my ass pucker as it went deeper into my asshole. “Your ass is so warm baby, it feels amazing.” “Not as good as your fingers feels inside me,” I said with a grin as I kissed him passionately again. I could feel that Jake’s cock was as hard as steel as it was up against my ass cheek. After finger fucking my hole for a few minutes I straightened up as Jake removed his fingers from my hole. He then grabbed one ass cheek in each hand and started to spread my ass cheeks apart, revealing my tight pink hole to the cool air of his room. I reached back with one hand and grabbed Jake’s huge cut cock and placed the head of it at my pucker. I leaned forward slightly as I looked Jake in the eyes and whispered “Happy Birthday baby” as I simultaneously slid my pucker over his cockhead and began to take the full length of his cock. Slowly I took inch by inch as I felt the thickness of his cock stretch me from within. As I took the final inch and had Jake buried in me balls deep, he looked up to me with tears in his eyes and began to speak. “This is the best birthday gift I could ever ask for. I love you beyond words baby.” “You’ve had this ass so much, you’re probably bored with it,” I said with a smirk. “No way baby. Every time feels like the first time with you. I’m so lucky that you chose me to be the one that gets to do this with you as boyfriends.” “Fuck me Jake. Do it hard and do it deep.” With that, he started to to pull his cock halfway out and then slam it back balls deep into me. I always craved for Jake to brutally pound my hole and this time was no different. I wanted to feel his hard monster cock push me to the limit. I wanted it to hurt, I wanted him to take what was rightfully his and forcefully breed me, even though in reality I was accepting it willingly. “Oh fuck baby, your ass feels so good wrapped around my cock, I love being so deep inside you.” “Deeper Jake, go as deep as you can, please, fill me up with your cock.” “I don’t want to hurt you baby, you sure?” “Fuck me like I’m your faggot Jake, make it hurt, please!” Damn baby, you got me so turned on talking like that. Fuck yeah fag, take this cock. Every fucking inch faggot.” “Owww, fucking hell. I love you raping my hole, my ass is yours abuse it. Goddamn keep going like that.” Jake stopped for a moment as he pulled out completely and flipped me over and got me onto all fours. He got up onto his feet on the bed and crouched down and straddled my hole. With one swift motion he plunged his huge cock deep inside my hole once again and started to deep dick my ass like istanbul travesti never before. He placed his hands around my throat and pulled back as he was slamming his cock in and out of my asshole. He was drilling my asshole deep and hard, just as I demanded. Jake never disappoints. “Fuck yeah faggot I love raping your hole, it’s mine and I’m going to seed it.” “Oh fucking hell Jake, you’re going so deep it hurts. Ahhhh fucking damn! Fucking cum in me just like that, I need you to breed me, I want your cumload inside of me for the rest of today.” “This is one fuck I’ll never forget. I’ve never been this deep inside you, take my fucking cock faggot!” “Oh shit, fucking hell you’re wrecking my ass, fuck yeah. Finish me off man, breed my ass and make me yours, please!!!” “Holy fucking hell I’m going to bust. You ready for a flood fag? You ready for your seeding?” “Hell yeah. I want your cum deep inside me, do it now breed my faggot hole.” “Ahhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuck. Take it. Fucking fag, take it all. Shiiiiiiit! Goddamn it,” Jake moaned as he unloaded the biggest cumload he has ever shot into my ass. Jake shivered and jolted as he shot a few more bursts of cum deep into my ass. He held onto my waist while still buried deep inside of me while leaning forward and licking the sweat off of my back. He slowly withdrew his monster cock from my wrecked hole. As his cockhead popped out a flood of Jake’s cum followed. He quickly put his hand under my hole and caught the flood in his palm. I rolled onto my back and Jake took the handful of cum and smeared it onto my face. He looked at me and smiled with a devilish grin. “You look so handsome with my load smeared all over your face.” He then leaned down and started to lick his smeared cum off of my face and proceeded to feed it to me with his tongue. We kissed and shared the load between us until my face was fully clean and the taste of his load overpowered our taste buds. We relaxed a little while talking about our plans for the day while cuddling and exploring each others bodies. “So what’s on the agenda birthday boy?” I asked. “We can do whatever you want until my mom and dad get home and make dinner, my mom is having a special birthday meal for me tonight.” “Where did your parents go anyway? The left last night and haven’t been home all morning.” “They went to pick my brother up from the U.S. Marine base.” “What? You never told me you had a brother?” “Well, you never asked,” Jake said with a smirk and suddenly got very quiet. “What’s the matter Jake?” “My brother Dillon hates me, we haven’t spoken since right before he left for the Marines.” “How could anyone hate you? You are good hearted and the sweetest person I know.” “I did something that pissed him off. I shouldn’t have done it but I didn’t know what else to do. I was desperate.” Jake sat up on the bed and held his head in his hands and started to sob. I immediately wrapped my arm around him and held him tight. Jake turned to me and cried out loud on my shoulder. I have never seen Jake this upset before and it was making me hurt as well. “Jake, whatever it was we will fix it, together. Brothers are meant to be together as brothers, and love each other as brothers. Tell me what happened.” Jake lifted his head up and I wiped away his tears with my finger. He looked at me with sad eyes and started to profess to me what happened. “When Dillon was applying to the Marines, I tried to sabotage his application so he wouldn’t be accepted.” “Why Jake?” “Because baby, he’s my only brother. I didn’t want him to go off to war and possibly be killed. I love him and I didn’t want anything to happen to him, I needed him here with me. I didn’t want to take that chance.” “I understand, I’d probably do something similar if it were Billy applying to the Marines. Did you ever just try and tell him why you did it?” “Dillon was just so furious that he wouldn’t talk to me or let me talk to him. I couldn’t get the opportunity to explain.” “Well, it’s your birthday and tonight will be your chance to explain. That would be the best birthday gift right?” “That would be great, but not as good as the birthday fuck we just had, that was beyond amazing,” Jake said with a laugh followed by a tight hug. “I love you so much baby. You’re always by my side every step of my life, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.” “I feel the same way about you Jake, I love you, happy birthday.” * * * Jake and I returned from our trip to the gym and the mall. As we walked into his house his brother Dillon was sitting in the living room searching through his duffle bag that was next to him. Dillon looked up and gave me a look over and then looked over to Jake. Jake quickly spoke up. “Dillon, glad to see you bro….” Dillon promptly got up and grabbed his duffle bag and went upstairs to the guest room without responding to Jake. Jake looked at me with tears in his eyes as I approached him and gave him a hug again. “See, I told you he hates me.” “He may be angry, but he’s your brother I’m sure he doesn’t hate you. Besides, once you get to explain I’m sure things will smooth over.” Jake’s mother suddenly entered the living room in a giddy mood. “Happy birthday sweetie!” “Thanks mom,” Jake replied with a half smile. “You’ve grown up to be such a wonderful young man.” “Mom please, I’m not a kid anymore, you’re embarrassing me.” “She’s right Jake, you are wonderful,” I said as I beamed at him. “Thanks baby, but she says that every year,” he said with a laugh. “DJ, never mind this sourpuss. I’m so glad that you could join us today,” his mom said to me. “I appreciate the invite, ma’am, I wouldn’t miss Jake’s birthday for anything.” Did you two do anything to celebrate this morning?” Shocked by the question and thinking with my dick, I turned a bright shade of red. Jake and I were thinking the same exact thing as Jake saw my embarrassment and responded. “Yes mom. DJ and I got right to it as soon as we woke up this morning, it was so amazing,” Jake said with a grin and a chuckle. My eyes almost burst out of my head as I heard Jake say this to his mom. “Well that sounds like it was fun, you’ll have to tell me all about it later sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Jake and I looked at each other and started to laugh as his mom walked back into the kitchen. “Great Jake, I’m sure telling your mom about how you fucked my ass will be great dinner conversation,” I said as I faux punched him in the shoulder. “Hey, as long as she knows your ass makes me happy, she’ll be happy,” Jake responded with sarcasm. * * * Jake, his mom, dad, Dillon and I were all seated around the dinner table enjoying the special birthday meal. A huge spread was cooked by his mom and it included crabcakes, Jake’s favorite with his favorite side dishes and his favorite wine. The dinner conversation was minimal for most of the meal until Jake’s father spoke up. “Why are you so quite Dillon? We’re so thrilled that you are home, and Jake must be too.” “I’m not sure about that dad,” Dillon snapped. “And what do you mean by that Dillon? Jake loves you,” replied his mom. “You sure about that? Why don’t you ask him why he tried to sabotage my application into the Marines?” he responded. Everyone was silent and Jake just sat there with his head down. This was so unlike the Jake that I know and love that I got impatient waiting for Jake to stand up for himself and blurted it out for him. “Jake loves you. He did it because because he was afraid to lose you. He was afraid that you were going to end up being killed in combat in an unnecessary war in the middle east and come home in a pine box,” I said while glaring at Dillon. “That is why he did what he did.” “Who the hell are you to speak on behalf of Jakey? Mind your own damn business,” Dillon shouted back at me. Jake kadıköy travesti shouted while he immediately stood up and faced Dillon.”Don’t you ever talk to DJ like that again, ever! You will always respect him in this house even if you don’t respect me.” “That’s enough, both of you. Jake, sit down now!” Jake’s father said in a stern voice. “Both of you take a breath and relax, this will be a calm discussion starting now. Dillon, why don’t you take a moment and contemplate what DJ just said?” Jake sat there once again with his head down and started to sob quietly. After what seemed like forever Dillon looked to his mother and she nodded at him, prodding him to talk to Jake. Dillon cleared his throat and looked over to Jake and spoke softly. “Was that true what DJ said Jakey? Is that the real reason you did what you did? Because you were afraid of losing me?” “Yes,” Jake said through his tears as he lifted his head up to look at Dillon. “You’re my only brother. I was so scared that you were going to die over there. You’ve always been here to protect me and enjoy life with me. I was clouded by fear and what I did was wrong, but it was the only think I could think of at the time. I’m so sorry.” “You could have talked to me bro?” Dillon said as he put his hand on Jake’s shoulder. “I couldn’t at that time. I was at an awkward stage in my life dealing with my own issues and emotions and it was hard for me to express my love for you. I’m sorry for what I did Dillon, but I’m not sorry for why I did it,” Jake responded. “I love you too Jakey, it hurt so much being away from you and being angry with you all of this time,” Dillon professed as he gave Jake a hug. “Ok, now that this is all settled, who wants some birthday cake?” Jake’s mom asked. * * * It was about 1:30am and Jake and I just got back from the gay club and were now in his bedroom playing Xbox while in our boxers. We were seated on the floor and I was in between Jake’s muscular legs leaning back against his chest while his arms were wrapped around me. It was my turn and I was doing quite well even though I was a bit tipsy from drinking shots with Jake. As I was playing my latest level, Jake was licking the back of my neck and rubbing my thigh with his free hand. His soft lips on my skin always gave him the reaction that he wanted. He reached his hand up through the leg of my boxers and grabbed my cock. I closed my eyes and sighed out loud as Jake tightened his grip on my now fully erect cock. “Oh fuck Jake, you drive me wild,” I moaned. “I can’t keep my hands off of you baby, I just want to make love or fuck you every minute that I’m with you,” he responded. “That’s not a problem, If we could fuck 24/7 I would do it no questions asked.” “I want to fuck you like I did this morning, can we do it like that again baby?” “What about your parents, won’t they hear us?” I said with concern. “Their bedroom is downstairs on the opposite end of the house, we’re soundproof up here.” “Then by all means Jake, fucking rape my hole again, please,” I begged. Jake leaned back until he was flat on the floor and I turned around and laid on top of him. I pressed my lips against his and parted his lips with my tongue this time. He willingly opened his mouth to accept me inside of him as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me farther into him. As I was laying on top of him I could feel his hard cock beneath me sword fighting with my hard dick. I was no match for Jake’s 10 � inch cock, it won every time. I was moving my waist and rubbing my crotch against his as Jake was doing the same from underneath me. While still lip locked Jake reached down with one hand and slid it under the waistband of my boxers and grabbed onto my cock. Jake started to jerk my cock by slowly pulling down on my foreskin and then pulling it back up over my cockhead. I left out a loud moan while Jake was pleasuring me by stroking me. Jake released us from the passionate kiss we were sharing and spoke softly to me. “I love your uncut cock baby. Move up to my face and fuck my throat with your cock, please,” Jake begged. I moved up as he requested and pulled my cock through the fly in my boxers. Jake grabbed it with one hand again and slid my foreskin down to expose the head of my cock. He kissed it gently and then started to lick just the head with the tip of his tongue. I tilted my head back and moaned again as the warmth of Jake’s tongue was soothing my hard cock with immense pleasure. He then moved my foreskin back and forth a few times and then pushed it up all the way so he could stick his tongue underneath my foreskin and lick it clean. “Oh fuck Jake, that feels terrific.” “Mmmmm fuck baby, I can taste your precum. Damn, I want to eat your load tonight.” “You can have anything you want, it is still your birthday weekend,” “And when it’s not my birthday anymore?” Jake teased. “You can still have anything you want from me, I said with a laugh and a grin. Jake then lifted up his head and started to take my cock deeper into his throat. I moved up so that I was over top of him and straightened my body out as I started to fuck his throat. He closed his eyes and relaxed his throat as he took my uncut cock deeper and deeper. I was going at a steady pace as Jake put his hands on my ass and pulled me even deeper into his throat. At one point Jake choked and I pulled out of his throat quickly in a panic. “Fuck no baby, don’t stop. Its okay keep choking me with your beautiful cock, I like it,” he begged. I slid my cock back into his throat and tried to go as deep as I could as he choked a few more times on my hard cock. Jake then held me down by holding onto my ass as my uncut dick filled his throat to the max. He held me there for what seemed like eternity as my cock was beginning to swell in his throat. He knew that I was about to cum but he didn’t release me, he kept me buried deep in his throat. “I’m gonna cum Jake, fuck let go, I’m going to bust,” I moaned loudly. Jake held onto me tighter as he was only breathing through his nose. He wanted me to shoot my load while being lodged deep down his throat. “oohhhhhhhh fuck, here I cum, Oh fucking hell, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I grunted as I exploded while buried deep inside him. I felt stream after stream of hot white cum shoot from my cock, bypass Jake’s mouth and shoot directly into his throat. I heard Jake gulp and gulp as he quickly tried to accommodate the massive load I was forcing him to swallow. After a moment Jake released the tight grip he had on my ass and I quickly withdrew my cock from his throat. Jake gasped for air while having a huge grin on his face. “That was fucking amazing he said. Feeling you all the way in my throat as you unloaded your cum into me made me love you even more.” “That was so hot Jake, but I was worried I was hurting you.” “Nothing sexual with you baby would ever hurt me. If I could have taken you deeper I would have.” “That’s exactly how I felt this morning while you were wrecking my hole.” “Well, let’s see if I can rape your hole even harder tonight. You up for it?” “Always. Promise you’ll make it hurt so good this time, I need it bad.” “On your back faggot, I need to drill your faggot hole.” I got onto my back and lifted my legs up as Jake put his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them. Jake then buried his face in my ass and started to use the flat of his tongue on my hole, licking it up and down getting the outside all wet. Suddenly Jake pierced my pucker with the tip of his tongue which sent a jolt up my spine. He pushed and pushed until I could feel his tongue on my insides. It felt so good having his searing tongue inside the wall of my asshole. Jake moaned and moaned as he ate my ass like a fucking happy meal. I was in ecstasy enjoying every lick while I laid there with my eyes closed. “Oh shit bakırköy travesti Jake, eat my asshole, lick me good baby get your tongue inside me deeper,” I demanded. Jake pushed into me even further as his munching and slurping got even louder. I was becoming euphoric at the feeling of Jake eating out my ass. He felt so so good invading my hole with his mouth and tongue. He then pulled his tongue out of my ass and placed my legs onto his shoulders and lined his cockhead up aiming it at my now slicked asshole. I felt his cockhead teasing my pucker and I knew another great fuck was about to happen. “Take my huge cock faggot!” Jake shouted. He then slammed his cock into me almost going balls deep on the first thrust. I gasped with pain and pleasure and opened up my eyes suddenly, and then I gasped again at what I saw. Jake’s bedroom door was now open and I saw Dillon standing there in the darkness watching Jake fuck my ass. I was about to say something and then I saw Dillon rubbing his cock through his Marine boxers and then move his finger to his lips to signal me to keep quiet about his presence. I thought to myself for a split second about what I should do, and then I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and spoke. “Fucking rape my hole Jake. Breed me like you did this morning, please!” “Fuck yeah baby, I love you so much,” Jake said as he moved forward and leaned down and placed his mouth on mine. We kissed passionately as our tongues were entwined in each others mouths. He kept pumping my ass furiously in short deep thrusts as he continued to kiss me. He pulled off my mouth and lifted himself up as he stated to fuck me hard and deep with long deep thrusts this time. “You want me to rape your hole faggot? You want me to bottom out on you?” “Hell yes, fuck me deep Jake, wreck my hole again.” The euphoria I was feeling with Jake’s full 10-1/2 inch cock brutally fucking my ass took me to a higher level and made me forget that Dillon was watching us. My head was spinning with love and lust and dirty thoughts as Jake was trying to go deeper into me and rape my asshole. “Fuck me Jake, my hole is yours to breed.” Damn right faggot, I’m gonna use your cumhole good. Open that hole for my load.” Ahhhhh damn, it fucking hurts so good. Fuck yes, deeper, make it hurt more Jake, fuck me. Uugh, god yes. Fuck” “Oh fucking hell fag, you’re making me so damn hot and hard. I love your fucking hole. You belong to me and your hole is mine.” I once again opened my eyes and when they adjusted to the darkness of the room again I noticed that Dillon was now right behind Jake watching his brother over the shoulder as Jake was impaling me with his monster cock. Dillon saw how much I was enjoying the fuck that his brother was giving me and he had a huge grin on his face. Jake was oblivious to Dillon’s presence as he was so focused on raping my hole as hard as he could. Jake was sweating and it was dripping off of his forehead and onto my chest, he leaned down and licked his sweat off of me and then spit it onto my face. I saw the look on Jake’s face and I knew he was getting close. He was too far gone and lost in the lust he had for me and was about ready to seed my hole. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to seed your hole fag, you want it?” “Hell yes, seed my ass Jake seed me as deep as you can.” Oh god, holy hell here I cum faggot, you begged for my seed now take it you cumwhore! Ahhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuck! Holy shit, goddamn it,” Jake moaned and grunted as he shook and trembled while holding his cock balls deep inside me spurting stream after stream of his hot load deep inside my ass. At that moment as Jake was panting and delirious Dillon reached around and embraced Jake and whispered into his ear. “Breed the faggot good Jakey. Keep seeding him for me,” Dillon said as he kissed Jake’s neck. Jake was still high on his lustful euphoria and leaned his head back onto Dillon as Dillon was still embracing Jake. Dillon turned his head towards Jake and started to tongue kiss him and for a split second Jake accepted it willingly. As soon as Jake came off of his sexual high, the shock of the situation hit him like a ton of bricks. “What the fuck Dillon? Holy shit, what the hell are you doing? Did you just french me? Jake pushed back as Dillon released his embrace as he pulled his cock from my ass. Jake turned towards Dillon and yelled again. “Goddamn bro, how long have you been watching us?” “Long enough to see that you know how to use that monster cock of yours, and also long enough to hear DJ beg for you to seed him.” “Fuck man, this is freaking me out Dillon. I didn’t know you enjoyed this kind of thing.” “Its cool man, I enjoyed watching you two and it got me so fucking hot and hard. I’m still rock hard and I really need to nut, May I fuck him next?” “Wait, what? You want to fuck my boyfriend?” “Hell yeah Jake, he looks like he could take another fucking pounding.” Jake looked at me with confusion as I was laying there on my back taking in this bizarre situation. He looked at my asshole and saw his load leaking from it. His cock started to twitch and get hard again at the though of Dillon fucking my ass, and he then looked back up to me. “What do you think baby?” “Honestly? I think it would be hot to have you watch your brother fuck my ass….but only if you’re okay with sharing me.” Jake’s facial expression went from confusion to a grin and he then looked over to his brother. “Breed the fag Dillon, breed him for me,” Jake demanded. “You got lube Jakey?” “You don’t need lube Dillon, my cum is still in his asshole.” “Get on all fours fag, I want to bury my cock deep inside you,” Dillon demanded. I got onto all fours as Dillon grabbed me by the waist. From the quick glimpse that I got it looked like Dillon was just as hung as Jake. Dillon plunged his cock deep into my ass in one quick thrust as his huge balls beat against my asshole. I left our a yelp of pain as he reach his limit and his cock couldn’t go in any further. “Stop Dillon, you’re hurting him,” Jake pleaded. “I know he’s your boyfriend but stop being so overprotective.” “It’s okay Jake, he feels great, let him pound out a load into me I can take it.” “I love you baby.” “Fuck yes faggot, I’m gonna rape your faggot hole so good.” Fucking hell yeah man, come on, breed me and mix your load with your brother’s cum.” “Hell faggot, you love cum up your ass don’t you?” “Damn right, love cum buried in my faggot hole,” I replied. “He likes it just as much as I do,” Jake confessed in front of his brother in the heat of the moment. “You get fucked too Jakey? You take loads in your muscle ass?” Dillon asked. With hesitancy Jake answered his big brother. “Yes, I do and I’m not ashamed of it,” Jake said defiantly. “Fucking awesome Jakey. When I’m done with your boyfriend I am gonna breed you next! On all fours next to the fag Jakey,” Dillon demanded. After hesitating for a moment Jake got on all fours and placed himself next to me. Dillon was pounding away at my ass when all of a sudden I felt him pull all the way out of my ass. Dillon moved over behind Jake and took his slick cock and started to enter Jake’s ass. “Fucking hell yes, your ass feels so tight Jakey. Oh fuck, take my cock bro, you know you want it.” “Ohhhh fuck. Damn Dillon, you’re so huge. ohhhhh.” “Does that mean you like it Jakey.” Jake’s lust took over and he couldn’t hold back. He loved feeling hsi brother’s cock sliding deep into his ass. “Fuck yeah bro go deeper, I want you to breed me Dillon, please. Ohhhh fuck, deeper bro, deeper.” “You ready for my seed Jakey? You really want to take it for me?” “Fuck yeah Dillon, I want to feel you seed me good, give to me.” “Ahhhhh fuck Jakey, here I cum. Take my load bro, ohhhhh hell, I love you Jakey, fuck!” Jake collapsed on his bedroom floor right next to me, we laid there for a few moments with our eyes closed while stroking each others faces. “That was fucking hot Dillon, I can’t believe you were into this,” Jake said. When there wasn’t a response Jake then opened his eyes and noticed that Dillon was gone. * * *

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