Snowed in 3

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Snowed in 3″So, how long have you been fucking my daughter?”I damn near choked on my beer at the question that my cousin Dave had asked so nonchalantly, “What?”Without looking up from his half empty beer he asked again, “How long have you and Kelly been fucking?””Dave, what makes you think that Kelly and I are”, I searched for the right word but settled on the obvious, “fucking?” Suddenly I was very aware of our surroundings, the way a fighter is aware of the ring, this could get ugly and subconsciously I was getting ready. The bar was pretty much empty this early in the afternoon, except for David and I there was only two old timers playing cards at the other end of the bar. I made sure that I had a clear shot at the door should a hasty retreat become necessary. He was right after all, I was fucking his daughter, pretty much every night.”Last Friday I was in the area so I figured that I’d drop by”, he started and I began to search my memory for what had gone on Friday evening. “When I got there I walked up to the side door and just as I was going to ring the bell I looked into the window into your living room.”I took a sip from the bottle of Sam Adams in front of me and my memory just began to replay last Friday night, “Oh shit”, I thought.”There was my daughter lying on the couch, wearing just her panties, and there you were sliding your dick between her tits.”I took it as a good sign that he really didn’t seem pissed off. Maybe, just maybe I would not have to get in a fight with my cousin tonight.”I watched”, he continued after taking a swig from his bottle, “and I saw you cum in her mouth.”Shit he saw that. The memory was becoming clear to me now. Kelly was just finishing her period and had surprised me by letting me fuck her tits. It was something that she really wasn’t into but she knew that I got off on it, who wouldn’t Kelly has amazing tits that are just made for fucking. So she lets me do it every so often, especially around that time of the month.Still staring into his beer David went on to explain, “I never thought of my little girl as a swallower, what father does? But, I watched as she swallowed every drop.”Not knowing what to say I downed the last of my beer and motioned for the bartender to bring two more. “Dude, I don’t know what to say. During the nor’easter back in October we lost power and the house was cold so Kelly asked if she could sleep with me to keep warm. Things kinda happened from there.” He thanked me for the beer and confirmed that he’d been suspicious for a while, mostly because of the crush that Kelly has had on my since she was in her early teens. Also lately whenever they got together there was something in the way she would talk about me. Seeing us through the window just sealed the deal.”Man, I’m sorry that you had to see that”, I apologized.”I’m not”, he replied and took another pull from the bottle, “It was kind of hot. If it hadn’t been my daughter I might have stood there and jacked off on your siding.”We laughed and finished our beers. I was glad that he had taken it so well. I was also glad that he didn’t know what I had planned for his daughter later that night.”I’d better get going”, I told him looking at my watch. It was almost 1:30and I was supposed to meet someone at another bar in a half an hour.”Alright dude, I’ll talk to you later”, Dave replied and ordered himself another beer.It was a quick ten minute drive over to Sam’s Tavern, it wasn’t a place that I normally hung out in but it would serve for the meeting that I had in mind. Inside, it was a typical neighborhood hangout. A long wooden bar and a couple of booths dominated the front of the place. In the back I could see a couple of guys playing pool and two electronic dart boards. I took a seat at the bar and a cute brunette came down and got me a beer. I watched as she dug a bottle of Sam Adams from the cooler, bent over far enough that a good portion of her ass cheeks were peeking out from her short shorts. “Damn, look at the shitter on that critter”, I thought to myself.I sipped at my beer and waited. At exactly two o’clock the door opened and in walked a younger guy, maybe twenty-five with a military style haircut and wearing jeans with a t-shirt that read, “I direct midget porn”, this had to be Mark. I waved him over and stood up to shake his hand. “Mark?, I’m Tom.” We exchanged greetings, ordered a couple of beers and moved over to a booth so that we could talk in private. We talked for about an hour and feeling satisfied I texted Kelly that we would have company for dinner. bahis firmaları I paid for our beers and had Mark follow me to the house. He parked his pick-up behind mine in the driveway and followed me into the house. Kelly met us in the kitchen wearing a light green sundress that really showed off her ample cleavage and went down to about the middle of her thighs. She looked beautiful, but then my opinion was a little biased. She had made us a late lunch/early dinner of fried chicken and a macaroni salad which we took out to the backyard. As we ate we made small talk, mostly trying to get a feel for each other. About a month ago Kelly had surprised me by letting me live out my fantasy of having a threesome with her and her best friend Jasmine, and now it was time to return the favor. We’d talked about it several times and decided that the only friend of mine that I would trust would be Steve, but Steve had been the guy who had tag teamed my ex-wife with me. Given that history both Kelly and I decided that it would be kind of weird, so we took out an ad on Craigslist. Most of the responses were immediately discarded but finally I got an email from Mark. He actually wrote an email in full sentences and sent a picture of himself, dressed in his Army fatigues, which was a refreshing change from the number of dick pics that had been filling my inbox. After exchanging a few emails we decided that I would meet him first and if I approved I would bring him home for Kelly to meet.Having been in the Army myself, Mark and I joked about the military life and about his recent deployment to Afghanistan, He’s only been back stateside for a couple of weeks and had just come home on leave. We seemed to hit it off really well and there was plenty of laughter and easy conversation as we ate.After clearing away the dishes Kelly suggested that we grab some drinks and head out to the hot tub. That was the signal that she and I had agreed on if she was okay with going forward.”I didn’t bring a swim suit with me”, Mark explained, looking a little disappointed.”You won’t need it”, Kelly explained as she walked away towards the hot tub. Mark stared in disbelief as she grabbed the hem of her sundress and pulled it up and off as she walked. It became very clear very quickly that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath the green dress. I just smiled as her shapely ass came into view and slapped Mark on the shoulder. “I’ll grab us some beers, why don’t you join her and I’ll be right out”, I assured him. I went inside and grabbed a couple of beers and a wine cooler for Kelly along with some towels. When I got back outside Mark was sitting in the tub opposite Kelly. They were talking but his attention was obviously on her boobs that were floating on top of the bubbling water. I set the drinks down on the side of the tub and stripped off my clothes. I noticed Mark watching and it felt a little strange to have some guy that I’d only known a few hours checking out my junk but I suppose that if the roles were reversed I’d be curious as to what the other guy was packing, and part of me was. I climbed into the tub beside Kelly and with a nod hinted to Mark that he should move over to her other side.He slid over without rising out of the water and settled in on Kelly’s left. Kelly turned to me and kissed me passionately. While we kissed I grabbed her boob and began to play with her puffy erect nipple. She broke off the kiss and turned to our new friend and began to kiss him. He evidently was kind of shy but she quickly got him over it and soon he was kissing her back and had a handful of her other boob. We took turns kissing her and playing with her tits for a few minutes before I felt her hand wrap around my cock. She stroked me slowly under the water and as I watched my cousin kissing the young soldier I could see by the motion of her shoulder that he was getting the same treatment that she was giving me. I lifted her tit out of the water and began to suck and lick her nipple. Mark soon followed suit and was suckling on her other nipple as Kelly laid back contentedly with her eyes closed and a cock in each hand. Knowing that I’d have to take the initiative I stood up and pushed my dick into Kelly’s face. She just opened her mouth and sucked me in. Mark continued to suck on her tit but I noticed that his other hand had disappeared beneath the bubbling water and I was pretty sure he was fingering her pussy by the way Kelly moaned around my meat. I let Kelly suck me off for a few minutes before I pulled my prick from kaçak iddaa her hot mouth and climbed out of the tub. Kelly had placed a blanket on one of the patio chairs earlier and I spread it out on the grass near the hot tub. The other two got the hint and joined me on the blanket, Mark looked around nervously but I assured him the nobody could see into my backyard. For the first time I got a look at our guest, he was well toned without being overly muscular. Swinging from between his legs was a was a really nice cock, easily an inch longer than mine and just as thick. I thought to myself that Kelly was going to enjoy that. Kelly dropped to her knees and with a hand on each of our pricks she guided us until we were standing on each side of her. Still holding our meat she sucked Marks hard cock into her mouth and started blowing him while she jerked mine. When Kelly and I first hooked up she had been rather inexperienced orally, but In the months that followed she’d gotten lots of practice and was now very good at it. She licked up and down his shaft and teased his large hairy balls with her tongue before turning and doing the same to mine. She looked like she was really enjoying herself.After about ten minutes of taking turns with her hot wet mouth I was ready to get some of my favorite treat. I urged her onto her back and knelt between her taut thighs. I love to eat pussy, and Kelly’s was certainly my favorite. She was already sopping wet as I ran my tongue through the shaved furrow of her swollen lips. I gathered her nectar with my tongue, savoring her taste or her juices. Meanwhile Mark knelt by her head and played with her nipples as she sucked on his cock. It didn’t take me long to bring her to the edge and soon she let his meat slide free of her mouth as her body convulsed. “Oh God damn Uncle Tom! Fuck!” Mark gave me a confused look at that, but I just shook my head and kept sucking on Kelly’s engorged clit until the spasms seemed to recede. I got up from Kelly’s delicious twat, her juices cool as they dried on my face and asked Mark if he wanted a taste. Without a word, but with a big smile on his face, we traded places. Kelly slurped on my rod as the soldier munched on her pussy. It was different watching another man licking her pussy and I felt a pang of jealousy that I hadn’t felt a few weeks ago when it was Kelly’s best friend Jasmine doing the exact same thing while I watched. I tried to focus on what sweet cousin was doing to my prick with her mouth and tongue. She had me rock hard as she sucked me deep into her warm wet throat. Mark evidently knew what he was doing as it was only a few minutes before it was my cock that was allowed to slide from her mouth as she came again. “Oh shit, that’s soooo fucking good”, she cried out as her body shook and her thighs squeezed the sides of his head trapping his mouth against her gushing pussy. “Somebody fuck me please”, she begged, “I need a dick inside me now!”I nodded to Mark and he climbed up between her thighs and guided the angry looking purple helmet of his cock into her dripping hole. I could not help but stare as he slowly pushed the entire length of his rod into my cousins cunt. “Oh shit, you’re pussy is so fucking great”, he swore as he started to fuck her with slow methodical strokes. He pushed her knees up to her chest as he fucked her, giving me a great view of his large prick sliding in and out her puffy slit. Meanwhile Kelly began to lick and suck on my hairless balls. Again the twinge of jealousy raised its ugly head but I told myself that this was for her, it was her fantasy to have two guys and I was going to let her have it. He fucked her missionary for a bit before he pulled out and moved up to her face. I urged her onto her knees and rammed my hard prick into her steamy box from behind. We had her like a spit roasted pig, me plunging into her tight cunt doggy style while Mark pushed his prick into her throat. Kelly began to cum again, her cries of pleasure muffled by the mouthful of man meat. The clenching muscles of her canal milking my cock for all that they were worth as she climaxed and I too was at the brink of losing it. I pulled my prick from her sloppy hole and with a couple of pumps in my fist shot rope after thick creamy rope of cum onto her upturned ass. Evidently that was all Mark needed to see because while the last few dibbles of my seed were oozing from my cock I saw him tense up and Kelly’s cheeks swell as he shot his wad into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but still some dribbled kaçak bahis down her chin, it must’ve been a huge load because she usually doesn’t spill any. I pulled out and moved up beside Mark and Kelly licked us both clean. “Holy shit”, Mark gasped as he collapsed onto the blanket. “Fuckin’ right”, I agreed as I fetched our beers from the side of the hot tub. They were a little warm for my taste, but still I pounded mine down as did our guest. On rubbery legs I went inside to get a few more beers while we all recovered. When I returned Mark was lying on his back with Kelly curled up beside him. We lay there for a while, drinking our beers and enjoying a cigarette, naked in the late spring sunshine in well fucked silence. Finally Mark spoke up, thanking us for an amazing afternoon.Kelly replied, obviously noting his still half hard prick, “We’re not done yet.” She bent at the waist and took him into her mouth again. I watched as she began to suck his cock back to life when suddenly he shifted on the blanket until his head was in my lap. I was stunned as he took me into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the head of my prick. I’m not gay, or bi, and have never ever really thought of being with another man before, but his mouth felt really good on my dick. To my surprise I could feel myself getting hard again. Looking back, he was probably better at sucking dick than ninety percent of the women that I had been with, he knew exactly what to do, and maybe that was due to him knowing what he liked. Kelly soon had him rock hard again and pulled up off of his cock to watch him sucking on mine. She watched for a minute before crawling on top of hum and guiding his cock back into her pussy. She began to grind against him as he sucked on my prick and as good as his mouth felt, I knew what I wanted. I pulled away from his face and straddled his hips. My prick was dripping with his spit so I lined up with Kelly’s wrinkled brown star and slowly pushed into her asshole. She hissed as I pushed past her sphincter and into her asshole. “Oh fuck”, she hissed as I buried myself balls deep into her ass. I could feel his hard shaft against mine as we both began to fuck her two tight holes. I’ll admit that it felt weird to feel another man’s prick rubbing against mine through the thin tissue that separated her pussy from her asshole, it was pretty erotic, and I was getting off on it. I wasn’t the only one getting off on it judging from the a****listic sounds coming from Kelly, “Ooooh fuck, fuck me boys, fuck my pussy and my ass!” We fucked like that, Kelly riding Mark’s cock and me riding her ass from behind them until Kelly cam once again. After she came we turned her around, this time sinking her ass down around Mark’s throbbing shaft reverse cowgirl style and I pushed into the velvety tunnel of her cunt. It was kind of awkward but we managed to find a position and tempo that worked for us. “Ugh fuck”, Mark swore, beads of sweat running down his face.We continued to fuck my cousin who by now was soaked with sweat and looked to be almost to the point of passing out as her body racked with near continuous small orgasms. Her whimpers were no longer English, or any other intelligible language, but now just a babble of grunts, groans, moans and whines. Evidently, we’d fucked her stupid. A few more minutes of this and I saw Mark’s face screw up and his body tense and I knew he was going to cum in my cousin/girlfriend’s ass. I could actually feel his cock twitching in her ass as he pumped his second load of the afternoon into Kelly, this time into her asshole. Feeling his cock shooting off pushed me over the edge and my nuts erupted with their own load deep into her womb. I collapsed on top of Kelly, her ample tits crushed between us as she was pushed back onto Mark’s chest. We rolled onto our sides, one big sweaty mass of arms, legs, spent cocks and dripping holes. We lay like that for a while, all of us completely spent. Finally, we untangled and Kelly got us all fresh drinks. I watched her walk unsteadily into the house, creamy white cum running down her thighs from both the swollen lips of her cunt and from the gapped hole of her ass. When she returned we all gulped greedily at our drinks and then made our way into the cooling water of my pool. Once we were cooled off and had sucked down a couple of drinks Kelly brought out a grilled chicken salad and another round of drinks. We all sat and ate, still naked, at the table outback. Eventually we all got dressed and Mark figured out that it was time to head home. He thanked us for a great afternoon and left through the gate into the front yard. Kelly smiled at me as we listened to his truck leave the driveway, “I bet Jaz would like him.””Oh shit”, I thought to myself.

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