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“36…24…36” I muttered to myself as I turned the dial on the safe. That had been the combination as long as I had worked at the small convenience store. Nobody could remember who set that as the combo. But no one knew how to change it either. At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t matter. And at the end of a ten hour work day like this I didn’t even care a little bit.

As I slammed the safe shut for the night my co-worker James poked his head around the door. My heart skipped a beat; I’d thought I was alone. “Hey James, you all done for the night?” I asked. James worked in the deli and they were usually finished before me. As the floor supervisor I was the last one out at night.

“Yeah I just finished up”, James replied, running his fingers through his hair. “Just thought I’d, y’know, let you know.”

“Cool,” I said. This was a little weird; the produce deli never checked in with me before they left. “Well I’m about done, too,” I said. “Just have to shut the lights.” I stood up, smoothing my hands down my jeans. James stayed in the doorway, pretty well filling it up; he had his hands crammed nervously in his pants pockets, his wide shoulders stretching the fabric of his t-shirt.

“Um, I was actually hoping to talk to you,” He said, not making eye contact.

“Ok, Shoot,” I said, sitting back down on my stool. ‘I’m never getting out of here tonight,’ I thought.

“Well,” James said, “I’d like to go on a date with you. If you wanted.”

Wow. Not what I was expecting; and what superbly horrible timing. “Oh geez Jimmy,” I sighed. “I don’t think this is a good time. It’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just really busy with work here and with school…” I trailed off. ‘Great now I’ve broken his heart’ I thought.

He did look crestfallen. “Ok no problem,” he said, scuffing his feet. “Well y’know, just think about it. If you ever change your mind you know where to find me.”

I smiled fondly “Thanks Jim.”

After he left I shut off the computers and the lights upstairs, grabbed my coat and headed down to my car at last.

Just as I was crossing the back dock to the door and my freedom the lights went out and all the fans and machinery that were usually background noise in the store whirred to a halt. Power outage. Fuck my life.

I clicked on the tiny flashlight that I keep in my purse and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw someone coming towards me from the door before I realized it was James. “James!” I gasped “What are you still doing here?” I asked.

“Have you seen it out there?” he said, shaking snow out of his hair. “We’ve got at least 16 inches. I don’t think we can drive out of here.” I ran out to the door to see for myself. He wasn’t exaggerating and more snow was pouring out of the cold night sky.

I came back in and took a deep breath. ‘I just wanted to go home.’ James was still standing there watching me. I picked up the dock phone to call my boss. Dead. Of fucking course. I dug my cell out of my purse and turned it on.

“You’re never gonna get a signal in this storm,” James said. Right again.

“So what are we supposed to do?” I asked him, at the end of my rope and close to tears.

“I guess we’ll just have to stay here for the night.” He said calmly.

The man who I had just turned down for a date was probably the last person I wanted to be trapped in a snowstorm with. I looked up at the ceiling, blinking my eyes hard to stop the tears from falling. “Hey, hey, it’s alright,” James said coming up to me and gently taking my upper arms in his big hands. “We’ll be fine; it’s just a little snow.”

I sniffed and nodded at the floor. “You’re right. Everything’s OK. We’ll just stay here tonight.”

“Yeah, we’ll be just fine. C’mere.” James wrapped his arms around me and I sighed, hugging him back. “Alright, we’ll get some supper and then we’ll make camp upstairs where it’s warmer.”

While I walked the isles picking out some things for us to eat, James gathered some of the heavy packing blankets that we used on the dock sometimes. We met upstairs and decided to camp in the safe room because it was the smallest. The temperature was already dropping in the store and we would be glad of the close quarters in the night.

When I came into the safe room with my bag of goodies I saw that James had moved the table out to the hallway and was spreading blankets out on the floor. “I don’t know what you like,” I said, holding the bag aloft, “So I grabbed a bunch of things.”

James looked up at me and grinned “Oh, I’ll eat anything.”

“It doesn’t count as stealing does it?” I asked, sitting down on the floor. “I mean we are trapped here.”

“Definitely not,” James relied, joining me on the floor. I dumped out the bag between Yozgat Escort us and we started divvying it up: fruit, chips granola bars and a few bottles of water. We ate in silence, a flashlight propped up between us illuminating the room. I expected it to be awkward but it was actually pretty nice. James had a nice energy if that makes any sense. He’s always calm, always relaxed. It seems like no matter what’s happening he never gets flustered or upset.

When we finished James leaned back and announced, “I’m full.”

“Me too,” I agreed. We put the rest of the food back in the bag and set it in a corner. By this point it was getting pretty cold. James saw me shiver a little.

“Here,” he said, getting up. He picked up a blanket from the pile and wrapped it around my shoulders.

“Thanks,” I murmured. “We should probably close the door, too.”

After shutting the door, James wrapped up in a blanket too and sat back down on the floor. “So what now?” He asked. “Wanna tell ghost stories?”

I chuckled a little, “If you want to.”

“Or we could tell secrets,” he said, eyeing me slyly in the dim light.

“Is that a game?” I asked.

“Sort of. We just go back and forth, telling each other things that are secret. It’s a good conversation starter.”

“Ok,” I said. “What else are we supposed to do?”

“OK I’ll go first,” James looked up at the ceiling, thinking. “I’m afraid of heights,” he declared.

“Lame,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“We’ve gotta start slow, build it up. Your turn.” James said

“Ok umm. I think I’m too tall,” I declared.

“You’re not too tall!” James said at once. “You’re perfect. You just need to date tall guys.”

“Exactly,” I said, “My choices are limited.”

Now he was rolling his eyes and smiling. “Ok my turn; um…I never met my father.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” I blurted out, “That’s so sad.” I’d never known that about James.

“It’s not so bad,” He said, twisting a corner of the blanket in his big fingers. “Never knew what I was missing right? Besides my Mom always said he was an asshole anyway.” He grinned up at me and I felt myself smiling in response.

I cast around for another secret, something on par with what James had revealed. “Ok, I was engaged once,” I said.

“Really?” He asked. “But you’re so young!”

“Yep,” I said, “My high school sweetheart. I t didn’t work out.”

“What happened?” James asked “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No it’s OK,” I replied. And it really was. I found that I didn’t mind divulging my secrets to James. “We just drifted apart. He proposed right after graduation but we went to different colleges. Y’know. Long distance never works.” I smiled weakly.

“Hmm,” Now James was thinking. “My high school sweetheart has four kids. So glad I got out of that when I did!” He laughed and I laughed with him, unable to help myself. The flashlight illuminating our room had been growing dimmer and dimmer as we talked and now it was just a fain yellow glow.

“I think that’s about to die,” I said, pointing.

“You’re right,” James agreed. “I think we should save the other one for emergencies, though,” He gestured towards the other flashlight we’d found.

“Mmm,” I agreed. Another shiver wracked my body despite the blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It was getting colder by the minute.

James noticed: “Maybe we should sit by each other. For warmth,” he said. I was concerned that he had ulterior motives but I was also fucking freezing so I nodded my head. “C’mere,” he said beckoning me over.

I shuffled over to his side in my blanket and sat down next to him. “We have to put both of our body heats into one space,” he said, adjusting our blankets. He put one around our shoulders and one over our knees so we were right next to each other in a little blanket tent with just our faces out. “Better?” he asked.

I nodded again. It was strange to be this close to James. It’s funny how you can see someone every day and never notice them. James was kind, funny and attractive yet I had never thought of him as a potential partner. When he asked me out I said no without even thinking about it. Now that I felt I knew him a little better I felt bad for hurting him.

I rested my head on James’ shoulder and he put his arm around me. I sighed, finally feeling warm. “Thanks, I murmured.”

“No problem,” he replied, resting his cheek against my hair. “So whose turn is it?”

“What? Oh, I don’t remember.” I’d forgotten that we were playing a game.

“I’ll go,” James volunteered. He took a deep breath. “I’ve had a crush on you from the first moment I saw you,” he said. I froze in his arms, listening to his secret. “You’re the smartest, Yozgat Escort Bayan most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

I shifted around so I could just see his face in the scant illumination. “Oh James, I don’t know what to say.” I was floored by his confession. How could I not have noticed that? I guess I wasn’t paying attention.

He reached a hand out of the blanket to cup my face, running a rough thumb along my jaw, I shivered and this time not from the cold. I knew that this time I needed to make the move. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his.

I felt James’ body relax, as though he had been holding his breath since revealing his affection for me. He returned the kiss, opening his mouth slightly and caressing my lips with his own. I could taste his mouth, smell his skin and feel his warm breath on my face. He seemed present in this kiss more than anyone else ever had. Maybe it was just the absence of distractions, but this was the most intense kiss I’d ever experienced.

We pulled apart. “Wow,” I whispered. I just caught his smile as the last light from the flashlight faded and died.

“Let’s lie down,” He whispered back. “I’ll get us another blanket.” We snuggled down together and covered up with the heavy packing blankets. James wrapped his arms around me again and I snuggled my face against his chest. He smelled very appealing: Laundry soap, cigarette smoke and a hint of sweat.

“Mmm,” I sighed contentedly. He chuckled and stroked my hair.

“How ’bout another one of those kisses?” he asked half teasing. I obliged him by rolling over and presenting my lips. This time he was not so gentle. My mouth opened automatically to his insistent caresses and when it did his tongue darted in to touch my own, prompting a little involuntary moan from me.

His lips left mine and he kissed under my jaw, licking my neck right in that vulnerable place where my pulse flows, I shuddered in pleasure, a sudden heat rushing between my legs. He caressed my hair and kissed down my neck to my collar bone.

I lay almost paralyzed with pleasure, idly stroking his broad back with my hands. James made his way back to my mouth, kissing it once, twice. We both lay there breathing heavily, unable to see each other in the dark. But I had a feeling he was thinking something similar to me: what now? Are we really going to do this?

“Lena?” James said my name, his voice was low, husky, so full of lust that it was all I could do not to capture his mouth with my own again. “Do you want to do this? If you want to stop I need to know now.” He said.

My mind was racing. Did I really want to do this? Of course! My body screamed. But my mind reasoned that we hardly knew each other and we were at work and a million other reasons why not. A split second later my body won out.

“Yes!” I whispered. “Yes.” I kissed his mouth and felt him sigh in relief. He kissed me back and his exploring hands glided down my sides, over my breasts. He let out a faint moan and I giggled. “Yeah,” I said, “they’re even better naked!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” He laughed, undoing the buttons on my shirt. I reached behind me to unclasp my bra and within moments my naked breasts were cupped in James’ hands. “Oh my God,” he moaned and I laughed again but it soon turned into a moan as he squeezed gently and ran the balls of his thumbs over my nipples.

James scootched down under the covers and soon was squeezing, kissing and licking my breasts with an expertise and enthusiasm I had never encountered. I lay writhing and whimpering with pleasure. Finally he kissed his way back up to my mouth and I was able to get even.

I claimed the top, straddling James’ hips and planting my hands on his chest. I took my time exploring him, running my hands down his chest and then up under his shirt, feeling the rippling muscles of his abs. he kept quiet while I was doing this, I could hear him breathing. I took the hem of James’ t-shirt and tugged it upwards until he helped me by sitting up and shrugging it off. Then I could really feel him. I ran my hands smoothly over the broad planes of his chest and down over his ribs. How could this god have been working with me for three years without my realizing it?

My fingers came to rest at the waistband of James’ jeans. I teased him a little, running one finger just underneath the fabric. He let out a low growl and grabbed me by the hips. I undid the button on his leans very slowly; then slowly, slowly undid his zipper.

“You’re killing me, Lena,” He growled. “I’m serious.”

I chuckled and carefully reached my hand inside his pants. I felt the long, hard ridge that was his cock, trapped down against his leg by his pants. Escort Yozgat “Ooh, poor thing, you’re all trapped.” I rolled off of him so he could slide his jeans and boxers off.

It was now pitch black in the little room. I couldn’t see James at all but I could sure feel him. I ran my hands down his chest again to get my bearings and felt his cock standing straight up, long thick and very, very hard. I couldn’t stop my sharp intake of breath as I ran my hand up and down his member for the first time.

James slid one finger into the waistband of my pants and gave a little tug. “No fair.” He said. Before I knew it he had flipped me onto my back and was undoing my pants too. I shimmied them down and off my legs and straddled James again. I wanted to play with him. Resting my palms on his chest I kissed his lips again and wiggled my hips a little, grinding my wet pussy unto his cock.

James growled into my mouth and gripped my hips. His hands traveled up my sides to cup my breasts again. He squeezed the nipples a little, just the way I liked, and rolled them in his fingers. I moaned and arched my back. The blankets had fallen down around my hips but I didn’t even feel cold anymore.

But I wasn’t done. I pushed James’ wonderful hands away and scooted myself down his body, trailing kisses across his skin and letting my breasts drag down along his body. When I got to his cock I gave the tip one wet lick with the tip of my tongue. I heard James’ intake of breath and his member jumped up, like it wanted to get into my mouth.

I licked wetly all up and down his shaft before popping the whole thing into my mouth and sinking down on it until he hit the back of my throat. I adjusted my position, twisting my head back and forth, corkscrewing him deeper into me. James gasped; everyone loved that. I backed off, taking a big breath in through my nose. I fluttered my tongue gust under the head. James moaned and I came up grinning. I was glad be was enjoying himself but I didn’t want him to come until I had gotten some of that magnificent cock myself.

James grabbed me around the waist and flipped us over so I was on the bottom. He nuzzled my neck and kissed my ear. “You smell amazing,” he murmured “I wanna eat you up.” He kissed his way down my body, stopping to give each or my nipples a lick. I was twitching with anticipation as his lips got closer to my pussy.

He parted my folds with his long fingers and drew his tongue slowly to the top where he flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue. I shuddered as he licked, sucked and tickled me. I felt like I was about to come already. I tangle my fingers in his thick hair and pulled gently. His mouth stopped moving but he didn’t move it off of me. I gasped, regaining my breath and coming down from the edge of my orgasm.

I was so close, so sensitive; I could feel my pussy beating like a heart against his hot lips. I slowly began to rock my hips against him, building friction. He responded with a few slow licks and then sucked my clit into his mouth. My muscles started to clench and spasm. When James pushed one of his thick fingers into me I couldn’t hold it off any longer. I came hard, shuddering and gasping as he continued to wiggle his finger inside me and flick my clit with his tongue.

As I came down from my high, James wrapped me in his arms and kissed my hair. I giggled a little, embarrassed at the sounds I had been making. James didn’t seem to mind, though. He was practically panting and I could feel his erection pressing into my hip, reminding me that he hadn’t gotten off.

He gathered my breasts in his hands and flicked my nipples with his tongue. I moaned; they were so sensitive now. “Good God, I love these,” he moaned, burying his face between my tits. I giggled again. As his fondling and licking stimulated my breasts, I started to get aroused again. I moaned each time he touched my nipples and when the head of James’ cock nudged my slick pussy, I gladly opened my thighs and relaxed to let him in.

I grunted as he pushed into me; he was so big. But the full stretch was gloriously satisfying. As he started to slowly thrust in and out of my sopping pussy I was nearly vibrating with pleasure. James must have been very close himself. Soon his strokes sped up and the tip of his cock brushed my g-spot with each thrust. Gasping I rocked my hips to meet his and we each came. I threw my head back, suddenly dizzy with ecstasy and James grunted, pumping his hat seed into me with a few deep thrusts.

He rolled off of me and we lay apart, gasping and sweating in the cold air. Finally I crawled over to lay my head on James’ shoulder and he pulled the blankets back over us.

“Hey James?” I asked quietly.

“Mmm?” He rumbled, sleepily.

“I’d like to go on a date with you…Y’know, if you wanted,” I said, smiling.

“I don’t know,” James chuckled, brushing a hand down my back. “I’m not sure if we have chemistry…”

“You want chemistry?” I giggled, straddling his hips again. “I’ll show you chemistry!”

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