snowboard weekends

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snowboard weekendsI was finally going to try jay peaks with a bunch of friends from collegeit was organized and all, i got in the bus after the day at school, and they must have left that place for me after seeing i registered alonethey were 2 , been organizing this for the last 3 years of them degree , this year i was the choosen ”lucky one”they had booze and i spent the bus ride to the usa vermont with em drinking and chilling in the back of the buswe arrived at the hotel and i learned about the ”mistakes” they made , my room was too big, they had to give it to another group of 3 and they would have me in theirs , if i accepted a 100 bucks rebatei jumped on the occasion to save money and got my stuff in the room, they had a suite a very nice one and i felt lucky to be friends with the organizerswe hit the slope for the last 3 hours of the day, i was loving that mountain and had lots of fun with my new a bot older 2 friendswe got to our room exhaustedMat rolling weed asking me if i smokegetting 2 big joints before his buddy went to start the shower ”you ever did a hot boxm after a day of snowboard we like to chill in the steam smoking some of you dont mind…””been a while since i did one but we did this in a party at the dorm ”soon we got all 3 in boxer walking in the big restroom full of steam ”oh wow i didnt knew there was a jaccuzi””yeah we get the best room because we bring a full bus, the hotel likes us”both removing them boxermy eyes trying not to look at em , both with big dark cock dangling as they hop innot wanting to show i wasnt comfortable naked feeling so shy as i get in trying to hide my small cockwe smoke in the jaccuzi relaxing , feeling weird when Math stand up to get the lighterhis cock half hard , so big even not full up i felt so warm and good in the spa i tried to tell myself it was normal they felt good tooboth showing off their big black cock each time they exchange the joints to mei was certain they were getting bigger each time they reach to me , getting the joints trying as hard as i could not to look at the big cock head over the water, now clearly both hard , i felt nervous , i didnt kow em alot and there i was smoking weed naked in a spa , with them full hard , showing off how hot and big they were”wanna help us wash them boy?”looking at me as they stand up taking some spa soap both bbc dangling left right walking up to me”you been looking so much at our cocks, take the bottle and wash them , it will not cost you anyting if you give us soapy handjob”my head was heavy as i look at them inches away holding their cocks giving me the bottle of soap as they sit on the spa side legs spread waitingi opened the bottle , had shaking as i pour some over the big looking alike big cocksmy hands closing bahis firmaları on each cocks, feeling how big the difference is compare when i hold mine, hands sliding up and down feeling them big cocks in my hands ”mmmmm like this slow and steady, so good”on my knees on the seat stroking them starting to feel good their cocks in my hands, big and warm meet just needing some attention”you like this , here i want to try something”pulling me his hands being my head toward his crotchhis bbc sliding on my face as he start to rub it on my lipsehelping it with pressure to open my mouth looking up math cock getting in my mouth”ohhhhh yes let it in, you like this will teach you to suck ok”mouth open trying to fit it in my mouth his hips moving feeding me morethey took place in the middle of the jaccuzzi dragging me on my knees, my head shared passing it between their handsmaking me wait mouth open , head controlled over the water both cocks so hot slidding in turns between my lipses”thats a good boy, math you always find the best boi””i like how he just let us slide our cock in , hes cute ”i felt so weird listening to em talk like this about me, yet i did have fun pleasing both hard cock with my mouththen i saw math going behind me helping me walk to a seat on my knees, his friend still holding my head pulling me to his spread legs doggy ass up over the waterfearing math behind me , but his hands rubb my ass so good i was starting to relax and arch my back for his touchhe took the bottle of soap and washed my ass so good i felt horny to get something in my little assboth hands teasing my white bubble butt , rubbing my cheery with all of his hands sliding up and down between my ass cheeksone finger getting inside deep before going out just teasing me like this again and againsucking on a nice cock my ass played with, i was loosing it to them, starting to want to be teach to take it in the assi felt the warm hot feeling of his big head teasing my soapy pink fuck hole he had just fingered openit went in so normally as i moaned his big hands grabbing my ass pulling me on his cockimpaling me on it deep until i was resting ass up agaisnt himboth of his hands reaching for my head , starting to controll it over his friends bbcdeep in me letting me plug on him his controll of my head making me move on him if i resist , so i stayed weak head in his big hands making me suck on the cocki started to sound like a slut soon his hipse pounding his big cock down in methey cheered at me loving it, telling me i was cute and sound like i loved to be fuck i was pulled around the spa, my small ass shared between their cocks , talking about me feeling so tight , passing my lil ass up like a toycompeting on who make me moan the cuterturning me into a raggdoll kaçak iddaa moaning fuck holes , soon help of the jaccuzi and ass slap until i crawl on all 4 walking between them , following them to bed like a petass slap , crawling up the bed and squealing both hot guys slapping me in turn calling me a nice boilegs up face on the side between them, tying my hands to my legstaking place in my holes swingging on my back my holes just playground for them looking at me helpless moaning on their big cocksboth over me keeping me looking up at them ”he is perfect, i love this so much”fucking me up gently , adding lube and making sure i keep loving their cocks in mei was doggy when both yell they want me to take it all”oh yeah take it from both side, dude fill that mouth up im cumming too””oooohhhh yeah fuck , you gonna take so much boi, haaa haaaaa theree thereee ”both gruunting making me stop swinging on both , just ass up and face pull down between legscum flooding in me swallowing as i get full off it in my assfeeling so rewarded, so full and in love with the feeling of cocks exploding for mei got untied and stayed between their legs , cleaning both hot cock, feeling so happy i made them cumi must have been a real cute sight because they both got hardsmilling as i got on my own to sit on them in turn moaning i love it trying to suck the otherboth laughting at me crawling on the side ass on one bouncing slowlt mouth on the otherusing them on my own for more cum in meunloading soon again in me , in turn making me sit and bounce up and down milking cocks on my own , like a cute boi who just need his ass fuck goodi woke up math spooning me his cock in me alreadyunder the sheet , feeling good his fat black cock sliding slowly in me his friend woke up turning to see me moan slowly , between them holding his cock in my hand waking him up gently feeling him happy with my hands on himmath humping slowly in me from hehing kissing my neck and back , deep breathing having a good time helping his morning wood in me his friend lipse lock with mine kissed gently on my lipse and face as i moan between them , his cock now full hard in my handlooking at him kiss me math pumping faster in me , knowing what was coming next his friend kissing me , math unloading in me all of it down in my tight assgetting out with a pop before turning me around for his friendgetting on his knees to make me suck him clean , his friend slidding in the pool of cum math just did, a wet sound echoing has he got in and out , both laughting at my ass wet popping sound”its so cute , my god listen to him , even his cute ass sing for us to be fuck””slurp splurt”over and over math getting up and leaving for his showerhelp doggy face down taking all of it deep , fast and deep , kaçak bahis moaning on the bed wanting his cum in me , begging for it as he grunt and cum , filling me up even more then math didi was so tired i felt asleep not knowing they went out for lunchand did 3 run down before i woke up feeling lost naked on the bed math in his snowboard gear getting his cock out ”here boi its lunch time”math cock again in my mouth, wondering what time it wasasking him why they didnt woke me up ”you gonna swallow this and hit the slopes after’, its only 11h30 ‘and i smile on the bed mouth on his big cock”there you go, thats my cutre boi, i bet you want me in that ass again”pumping my face talking about fucking me full of cum insteadthrowing me down on the bed on top of me , getting in deep and hard, telling me to just take itmoaning loving how hard he was in me , powerfully fucking up my still full of cum ass”so easy to fuck cute boy ass when you keep em loaded all day””yeah all day taking cum in you cute boy”not arguing under him pounded in the bed, lost and wanting his load in me , wanting to know if he had a lot to get out”you are a good cum slut boi, i love how you moan for my cum””here take it , arrrrrrggggg”under him taking it all were it belong, before getting plugged with a plugtoy leaving no choice to come ride it with this inand i felt wonderfull , moving down the slop ass plug and full with them not letting anyone around suspect i was their bitchi followed them into a wood off track sectionsoon enought i was dragged by them away down in the little river ass up in the snow moaning doggy between em my legs still attach to my board enable to moveas both took turn switching having fun fucking me on the mountain like a boy slut, cuming both in turn in melaughting this was too much funplugging me back and helping me on my feet sending me sliding downfeeling dizzyfalling a couple of time on my ass plugged making me see star and moan like a slutcrawling up to get down the slope and try to recover from them assaultfalling down once more on my face just to ear em slide both near me laughting hard”whatss up boy , you keep falling down, here let me help you ”pulling down my winter pants removing my plug getting his bbc inside one more time”oh fuck yes again boy, you fall ass up in the snow too much it made me hard again”poeple could be ear riding down the slope nearhis hand on my mouth on my moving his hips , cock in my lil ass taking it so easy as they kept cuming in me all day”arggggg fuck so good take it ”math getting up his friend saying he was ok for now both letting me slide down the slope normally until it was darkand we got back to the hotel i was exhausted ”lets go take a jacuzzi ”i got again raggdolled around loosing track of timesit on cock in the spa math bouncing me endlessly in the night”you are mine sexy boy, you are so mine now , i wont let you down ”starting to live as their secret lover once back homeevery night sleeping between em

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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