Sniffing The Cleaning Lady’s Bum Pt3

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Sniffing The Cleaning Lady’s Bum Pt3I was out golfing, when it started pouring rain. My party and I decided it would be awhile beofre it let up and called it a day and headed out. While I was changing in the clubhouse my sell rang and my hime number showed up on caller ID. Figuring it was just my roomie Kimmy, I didn’t think anything of it and answered. It was Teadora! It seems she was out biking when it started raining and as my place was a lot closer then her’s she stopped in. She asked if I minded if she waited the storm out there and if she could throw her wet clothes in the dryer. I told her yes and that she could use one of the robes from the change room. She then said she had fallen off her bike and banged her head, and after saying she was fine, said she had a headache, and asked if I had any tylenol. I told her I was sure I ws out, but there was some percocet in a prescription bottle she could take that would do the trick and told her they were in my medcine cabinet and told her to help herself.Now I had planned on going back to the office for a bit, but after finding out Teadora would be at my place, decided to go home. When I got there, she was sitting on the couch, wearing a pool robe, spaced out. I said pendik escort hello, and she looked at me and smiled dreamily. I asked if she had taken the percs and she replied she had taken two, not knowing how strong they were! She was starting to nod off and I asked her if she wanted to lay down. She said yes, and I walked her up to my bedroom, and layed her down in my bed. I left her there for a few minutes, and when I came back, she was sound asleep! I shook her a few times, and worried that she may have od’d checked her breathing and pulse. All seemed fine so I tried waking her agian. Getting no response, I flipped her on her side and lifted the back of the robe up to expose her firm little bum.She still had her thongs on, and they were red cotton ones. I leaned on for a sniff and realized she hadn’t showered in the change room as her ass was ripe with sweat! I figured I had a good hour at least before there was any chance of waking her, so I took the robe off and pulled her panties off, and layed her on her back. I stripped down, and then started groping her nude body, caressing her all over. I groped her firm little boobs, and tweaked her very long nipples, before sucking each kartal escort one in my mouth. I licked my way down her firm, flat tummy and spread her legs before buring my nose in her snatch! Now Teadora shaved her bikini line and that was it. The rest of her pussy and ass had a fine covering of hair, not heavy, but light and just enough to hold in the smell of her sweaty ass and pussy! I licked her dry pussy lips and savored the falvor of it, dirty, from her working and biking all day, it had a taste of pee to it and it was amazing! I licked her clitty and started to ease my finger into her cunt, it was dry but my clit stimlation seemed to be making her wet, and soon I had my whole finger up it! I fingered and ate her for about ten minutes, before turning her over and spreading her little bum cheeks.Her little brown pucker was amazing!! I had smelt it so often before and had longed to sniff it in real life and here it was! I put my nose against it and sniffed like a mad man! I can’t say for sure how long I spent smelling her young bumhole, but by the time I was done, my little dickie was rock hard! I tried to stick me finger in and it was so tight!! I licked it and applied a bit maltepe escort more pressure and it finally eased in. I moved it in and out several times, before removing it and smelling it! I wanted to sniff my finger forever and came up with an idea. I went to my toy drawer and found a tiny dildo, that my ex used to use on her ass, and clean it off. I sucked it before shoving it up Teadora’s bum! I worked it in and out a few times before taking it out and bringing it to the kitchen and putting it in a plastic baggie.I returned, and licked her dirty bum for awhile longer, before sticking my finger back up her shitter. The toy had obviously made her bowels move as I could feel a log of poop against the tip of my finger. When I pulled it out, I smeared it all over her bumhole and crack, before licking it clean. I did this several times, before sticking my finger up her ass as far as it would go and moving it around getting it nice and dirty with her filth. I removed my finger and sniffed her foul smelling poop, before licking it clean! I was so horny at this point, that I started jerking off, and when I was ready to cum, didn’t want to waste it, and climbed on the bed and moved her face close to my dickie. I opened her mouth and shot my load into it, some running down her cheek onto my pillow!I wiped my cum from the pillow with my finger and put it up her cunt. I then scooped what was on her cheek and put it up her bum. I then stood back and looked at my hot little cleaning lady, nude, my cum in all her holes!

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