Sleepwalking Ch. 07: Home for Xmas

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Okay Diary, it seems that even Christmas can’t keep me out of the crazy shit I’ve been getting into. In fact, it got even crazier. It’s so ridiculous that I just totally have to tell you about it.

I was going home for Christmas. I was mostly looking forward to it, but was disappointed that Grant wasn’t going with me. I’d kind of hoped that we’d get to do a road trip together, but he was going to meet Amy’s parents. I’d be seeing the two of them again at New Year’s, but in between, I’d miss out. I’d become used to them both taking advantage of me whenever they liked and two weeks at home with my parents and no crazy sex wasn’t something I was eagerly anticipating.

“Why so glum?” Amy asked me as I zipped up my bag full of clothes and sighed heavily. She’d been sitting on my bed ‘supervising’ my packing. Apparently supervising meant checking me out and spanking my butt whenever it was within reach. Thirty minutes earlier Grant had gone to take care of a few things in town, and had assured me he’d be back to see me off. I assumed he was buying Christmas presents that he’d want me to deliver. He always did Christmas at the last minute.

“Because it’s going to be boring.”

“I bet your ‘rents would love to hear that,” Amy laughed.

“Well not the bit where I get to see them, the bit where no-one decides to just rip my panties off me and attack my pussy at crazy times.”

“Aww, it’s only two weeks,” she teased me.

“It’ll seem like forever,” I lamented. Amy stood up from the bed and I stopped to admire her body. It was as exceptional as the first day I’d seen her. She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a pink t-shirt that she’d tied at the waist. All that did was pull it tight against her awesome D cup tits.

“Well I’m sure you’ll survive,” she assured me as she left my room.

I sighed dramatically and stood up from the floor to sit on my bed. I figured I had about an hour before I needed to leave and was wondering what I was going to do to pass the time when Amy returned brandishing an ear of corn.

“Let’s make sure that you have something fun to remember while you’re away,” she laughed, advancing determinedly toward me.

“Corn? Really?” I laughed.

“Oh, come on, you know you love it.”

She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top, kissing me hard, her large breasts crushed against my little A-cups. “I like eating corn,” I said between kisses.

“Don’t give me that,” she laughed. “You love corn stuffed in your pussy and we both know it.”

She had me there. It had only been a mock protest anyway. I love it when Amy decides to insert random stuff in my pussy. I especially enjoy it when she does it when I’m sleepwalking. She takes photos and sends them to me at random times during the following days. Nothing quite like sitting in a lecture and getting a picture of a straightening wand stuck in your pussy while you’re sleepwalking!

Amy allowed me to sit up, and tugged at my clothes to remove them. I obliged and followed her lead, making sure that if I was going to be naked, she would be too. Soon we were lying together on the bed, kissing and fingering each other’s pussies. I took the opportunity to play with her tits as well, sucking and squeezing them. I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to go for a full two weeks without them.

It wasn’t long until Amy was reaching for the ear of corn. She sat astride my hips, peeling back the husk suggestively as I played with her tits. With a laugh, she cast the husk aside and ran her hand up and down the knobbly vegetable like she was stroking a cock.

“Ready for this baby?” she asked, leaning over and kissing me again.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.

Amy moved down between my legs and I spread them willingly, using my hands to hold my knees wide. Amy ran her tongue over my already wet pussy. She took her time, swirling it around, sliding it back and forth over my clit and plunging it inside me until she was satisfied with just how wet I was.

I felt the corn pushed against my pussy lips. Amy worked it inside slowly until she was able to slide it back and forth. I loved the feel of the kernels running between my pussy lips.

“You really do like it, don’t you?” Amy asked with a grin as she slid the cob in and out.

“Best veggie ever,” I agreed. Amy moved so that she could rub my clit with her left hand as she continued to work the corn.

“I bet you’d even take it in your bum.”

“Maybe,” I laughed.

“Maybe? There is no maybe with you sweetie, you’re always a yes! Now roll over.”

I did as I was told, rolling onto my stomach. Amy held the corn in my pussy until I had worked my way onto my hands and knees. She pushed the corn deeper into my pussy and leaned over my back to swirl her tongue around my anus.

“You’re such a dirty slut Amy,” I said with a moan.

“Yeah, that’s why you and your brother love me so much!”

“True,” I giggled as she poked her tongue at my butt hole again. I felt the corn slip from my pussy and sighed as türbanlı porno a finger started probing at my anus. Amy had obviously given this little encounter some thought as the finger was well-lubricated. Second and third fingers entered me as well, stretching me wider slowly before she started to push the corn inside. I breathed out, relaxing, resisting the urge to tense up and prevent the entry. Amy was patient, working it slowly inside me. It felt fucking huge, easily the biggest thing she’d ever stuck in my bum.

“It looks so hot Nikki,” she assured me as I felt it slip a bit further inside me. She paused a moment to grab her phone and snap a picture, promising to send it to me later.

“Anyone home?” Grant called out, surprising us both.

“In here,” Amy called.

Grant soon appeared in the doorway, grinning as he took in the sight of his girlfriend shoving a cob of corn in his sister’s ass.

“I see you’re giving her something to remember you by,” he joked as he came closer.

“Yep, now she just needs a bit of brotherly cock to help her survive her two weeks alone,” Amy told him.

“Let me suck you Grant,” I begged.

I needn’t have bothered. He was already half out of his clothes and soon had his cock sliding over my tongue as I sucked at it greedily. Amy kept working the corn deeper and deeper in my butt until I couldn’t take anymore.

“I’m sure going to miss having this sort of fun for the next two weeks,” Grant groaned as he started fucking my face.

“It’s only two weeks, it’s not like its two months,” Amy laughed.

“Yeah and I don’t know what you’re worried about, you’ll have this kinky bitch with you,” I told him. “I’m the one who’s going to be all alone. I’ll probably have to resort to fucking myself with a candy cane!”

“If you do, I want pictures,” Amy laughed. “But just so you don’t miss out entirely, Grant move back here and fuck her pussy.”

Grant moved around behind me. Amy held the corn in my butt and Greg speared his cock into my pussy.

“OOOOh fuck,” I groaned as both holes were filled. Amy relinquished control of the corn to Grant and slithered beneath me so that Grant’s balls dangled above her face. It left me looking down at her pussy. I dipped my head to it and started eating her with every bit of skill I had. Grant’s cock slid back and forth in my pussy and he wiggled the corn about, occasionally pulling it out a little before sliding it back in. As Amy sucked on Greg’s balls she rubbed my clit with her fingers and soon had me exploding with orgasm. I gasped and bucked as my body exploded. Grant shoved his cock and the corn deep and I collapsed on top of Amy.

The corn was pulled from my butt. I thought that was it, but Grant had other ideas. He slipped his cock from my pussy and shoved it into my bum and started fucking me. Fuck it felt good. I was still recovering from my orgasm and could barely take it, but he just fucked me until he came hard, exploding in my butt.

Half an hour later, showered and ready to go, I kissed them both good-bye at the door. They promised to fuck me again as soon as we were all in the same state.


Mum and Dad were ecstatic to see me. They’d never really planned on both of us leaving home together, but Grant had used my sleepwalking as a pre-text to move interstate with me when he went to college. I had landed a job, he a spot in college. By living together we saved on money for the family, he looked after my safety and unbeknownst to anyone but Amy, we were able to continue having sex with each other whenever we wanted.

I lay in my bed that night thinking about all the crazy stuff that had happened and fell asleep happy. I smiled as I remembered the send-off that Grant and Amy had given me.

When I woke the next morning, I was horny and my pussy was wet. I was confused. It was a state that I associated with having sleepwalked around Grant and Amy. It usually meant that they’d done stuff to me during the night and that I could expect a silly picture from Amy some time that day and a hot discussion on what they’d done that night. I was home though. There was no one that would have done anything to me, so why was I so freakin’ horny? I was really confused. A bit of masturbating helped me get over the horny aspect of it. I used the detachable head of the shower to get off and then got lost in throes of helping Mum prepare for Christmas and forgot about it. Well, I did until Dad brought up my sleepwalking later that day.

“So Nikki, how is the sleepwalking going? Any better?”

“About the same Dad. I do it now and then, but living with Grant has been great. He’s a real trooper and makes sure I don’t do anything too crazy.”

“Speaking of crazy, have you done anything truly laughable lately?”

I told him about Amy catching me making a sandwich in the middle of the night and about the time that Grant had found me reading a magazine upside down on the toilet (though when I told Dad I didn’t let on that I was naked). I couldn’t help but türk porno notice that Dad’s eyes kept flicking to my tits. It wasn’t that he’d never looked at them, it was just that it seemed like he was looking a lot more than he had before. It was weird, especially because the more he looked, the tighter my nipples got. I told myself I had to be completely crazy and went about my own business for the rest of the day.

Late in the afternoon Mum took a call from Aunt May and had to go and help with some emergency or other (don’t even get me started on that crazy part of the family tree!). Unfortunately it meant time away from home and we wouldn’t see her back with us until the 23rd of December. I assured her that I would be able to look after Dad, having practiced on feeding my younger brother for the last year or so and Dad assured her that he’d make sure that I didn’t try to drive in my sleep or anything.

The first two days passed without anything untoward coming up, but on the third night that I was home, I must have sleepwalked again. I woke up wet and horny. Because Dad and I were the now the only ones in the house I started to wonder whether Dad might have taken advantage of me. It should have freaked me out. Even more than having sex with my brother should have freaked me out, the thought of Dad doing something to me should have. I think we’ve already established that I’m not normal though and the more I thought about Dad touching me in my sleep, the more I wanted to know if it had happened and the more I hoped it had. Yes diary, I am a fucking freak.

“Dad, did I sleep walk last night?” I asked him as we sat down to lunch.

“You did actually.”

“And did I um, do anything … I don’t know, embarrassing?”

“What do you mean by embarrassing?” he asked. He blushed as he said it though so I knew I had to be onto something.

“Well, it’s weird, but when I woke up, my shorts were on backwards. I’m pretty sure that I normally get the whole dressing myself thing right when I go to bed though so I was a little weirded out.” His blush deepened as I spoke.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing for me to have to tell you this Nikki, but I found you watching TV.”

“So, that’s not that uncommon for this little freak.”

“Yeah, but you were naked.”

“Oh my God! What? You saw me naked?” I laughed. Clearly the laugh wasn’t the reaction that he expected from me. I think he expected outrage and horror. My body reacted differently to that even. My nipples tightened and my stomach flipped with a now familiar sensation of excitement. I was actually turned on by the thought of Dad seeing me naked.

“You don’t seem very surprised,” he responded.

“Well Mum found me like that once, so it isn’t the first time.”

“Oh, I hadn’t realised. Well, I had hoped to avoid embarrassing you too much, so I found where you’d dumped your pyjamas and I dressed you before putting you back to bed. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but clearly I didn’t dress you right.”

“That’s ok Dad, thanks for trying to look after me.”

We went our separate ways for the afternoon and I kept thinking about it. I kept thinking that for me to have awakened as wet as I did Dad must have done a bit more than just dress me. I wondered how far he had gone. I knew exactly how to find out. All it would take was a little more faking, nothing I hadn’t done before! I didn’t do anything that night and the following day I was horny as all fuck. All I could think about was that I was going to get naked and get in my Dad’s bed with him. I watched him around the house. He kept looking at me when he thought he wouldn’t be busted. He spent a lot of time staring at my butt and the more I was aware of it, the more I started to tease him, bending and stretching to present myself at the best angle.

I checked him out too, enjoying the sizeable bulge that formed in his pants, taking note of the shape of his body. He wasn’t as buff as Grant and carried a little weight around his middle, but for his age, he was in pretty good shape.

When I climbed into bed that night I was a bundle of nerves. I set my alarm for 2am, but wouldn’t have needed to. I was way too excited to sleep. At about ten to two, I climbed naked from my bed and walked to my parents room, took a deep breath, assumed my sleepwalking persona and made my way inside. At first he didn’t even wake up. I stood nervously beside the bed and then careful to maintain my facade, climbed in.

Dad still didn’t stir. I lay there for a bit, wondering what to do, even though I really knew exactly what I wanted to do. I reached with my hand and brushed it against his cock, squeezing my legs with the excitement of having done so.

It wasn’t enough to wake him up. Silently cursing, I moved closer until I could lean against him ‘clumsily’. I felt him stir and tried to relax my body. He stirred but didn’t wake, just lying there on his back. This wasn’t going according to plan at all! I moved my hand to my father’s cock and gently caressed it. I was pleased türkçe alt yazı porno to feel it harden in my grasp as I was starting to wonder if there would be anything I could do to get a reaction without giving up that I wasn’t sleepwalking.

The harder he got the more restless his sleep became. I gave him a good firm squeeze and relaxed my hand, leaving it resting on his mostly erect cock. It was enough to break through his slumber and he finally began to wake.

“What the?” he muttered sleepily as he came to the realisation that he wasn’t alone in bed. It took a moment for him to then process the fact that not only was he not alone, but that his wife wasn’t the one there with him.

“Nikki?” he said quietly. He made no move to change the position of my hand. “Nikki,” he said again, a little more firmly. His hand closed over mine, and he thrust his cock against it.

I could feel him humping against my hand and my pussy reacted. I felt him moving and his boxers were soon gone, my hand now on Dad’s naked cock. He wrapped my fingers around it with his, and thrust into my loosely closed fist. This continued for a while until Dad clearly decided that he wanted something else. I felt the covers pulled from my body so that I was exposed to the room. He moved around on the bed and I could sense him hovering over me, most likely studying my naked body. His hand closed over my breast, his warm palm pressed against my rock-hard nipple. He squeezed gently. Then he tweaked my nipple.

I felt more movement on the bed and something brushed against my nipple. I guessed that it was his cock. My Dad was rubbing his hard cock against my nipple!

His fingers danced over my bald mound and then down over my pussy lips. I let me legs relax, widening the gap between them, giving him access. I wanted his touch. I’m such a dirty fucking freak. I wanted my Dad’s fingers in my pussy. Shit, let’s be honest diary, I wanted him to fuck me.

He kept exploring my body and I had to work hard to suppress a moan when I felt a finger slide down between my swollen labia. His finger pushed inside, penetrating me. I was amazed that this was happening so suddenly. I thought back to how slowly Grant had explored me. It made me think that perhaps this wasn’t the first time. Maybe there was a reason that I’d woken up so horny and wet the last time I sleepwalked.

I spread my legs a little farther apart and soon found a second digit between my lips. They slid gently in and out before being removed. I heard Dad suck them. I so wanted to look. He moved on the bed. I felt the weight shift and soon could tell that he’d moved between my legs. His tongue lapped at my pussy.

Dad was licking me. It was so fucking kinky and I loved it. His tongue was gentle but firm, sliding up and down my slit, caressing my labia and clit. He blew gently on my wet clit. It felt strangely good. He licked me for a good five minutes before stopping. I wondered what more he was prepared to do. He moved again and I felt his weight on the opposite side of the bed to where he’d been sleeping. My head dipped back as he must have knelt beside me. His cock pressed gently against my lips. It was wet. I didn’t even hesitate, I simply parted my lips a little and felt Dad’s cock slip between them, my tongue greeting the tip to taste the precum that had collected there. I couldn’t suck him like I wanted to, but let him slide his cock back and forth across my tongue and lips. He groaned. He kept at it as long as he dared and then stopped.

It was so frustrating. I wondered how he’d react if I ‘woke up’. I wanted a cock in my pussy so bad. He didn’t do it. He clearly decided not to go further and instead escorted me back to my room, his hands caressing my tits and bum on the way. He dressed me, pausing only to suck lightly on each nipple and before he tucked me into bed.

As soon as he left I buried two fingers in my pussy and masturbated, wishing it was his cock. I rubbed my clit and then pulled a wet finger from my pussy so that I could slide it in my anus. I came hard, biting my lip to keep from being as vocal as I would have liked.

Mum was due home in two days. I wished I had longer. I thought sleepwalking two days in a row would be pushing it too hard, but I only had one more night alone with Dad. I either did something then or would have to wait until Grant and Amy came back for New Years. I wasn’t going to wait that long. I spent most of the day wondering what I could do that night. I wanted Dad as horny as I was, so I paraded around in a pair of panties and a t-shirt until he suggested at lunch time that perhaps being dressed for the day would be a good idea. I grabbed some clothes and ducked out to the shops, telling him I had some last minute presents to buy.

I didn’t tell him that it was for me. I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought a bright red Chantilly lace corset with matching thong. It pushed up my little tits nicely, giving me a bit of cleavage and the boning pulled in tight down my torso. It was such a perfect fit. The lace gave a hint of what lay beneath without revealing it outright. Sexy and Christmassy! As I drove home I planned. I thought that if I wore it to bed, then maybe I could sleep walk in it, but then I didn’t really know if that would even help advance my plans.

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