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sistery Lovethough the story “longest fuck with Amber” wasn’t real.. this was..i have changed the names (including my sister’s name) for our own protection and what and my sister “Kaitlin” are now 30 years old. my mother made us bathe together since we were 2 right up to 10. i have enjoyed seeing my sister naked. and i think she enjoys seeing me naked. we always ran around naked in the house naked and mom or dad never cared.. even at 10. we started playing doctor at 5 right up to 8 years old(which was a No-No, like letting us Rome naked is any different…) and i had dreams still to this day about this.We had our very first sexual experiences together when we were 7. i had dreams of having sex with her and i bet you she had the same with me. i started when i was 5 and till i was 7, and that’s were i remember the first time we had sex. i remember it was midnight and i was wanking off (think of my sister) and then i suddenly heard a noise outside my door, and i quickly pulled my covers over me and pretended i was asleep, then my sister opens the door and came in, she closed the door and sneaked towards me. “i know your now asleep” she said. i opened my eyes and looked looked at her and smiled. “and i know you were..Thinking of me, because i was thinking of you, so instead of rubbing my self, i thought long that i would rub agents you instead.” she said with a huge smile. “oh yea?” i said “oh yea! in fact, mom and dad are asleep, i checked before i came here” she excitedly but quietly said. and she moved closer. i was naked under my blanket, and i have no idea if she was naked, the room was pich black. she whispered “mom and dad just had sex and took there sleeping pills-” “wait you watched them have sex?” i asked. we knew the word and the meaning ‘sex’ when mom and dad gave us The Talk. “yea, i learned some things too. and i wanna try them on you” she said with a very soft voice that was like a purr. “anyways, they took there sleeping pills and they didn’t wake up when i jumped on the bed” she said.She pulled the blankets back and reviled my naked body with a boner. she smiled and hoped on top of me. “i always wondered what it would feel like with a penie inside me” she said with a lot of curiosity in her voice. “and what it would taste kastamonu escort like” she added. she slid down until her face was at my dick. she grabbed it and looked at it then quickly licked it. that was a new feeling that i never felt before. and i jumped and she had a worried face “did i hurt you?” she ask “No no! keep going” i said and she lightly started licking it. then she she put the tip in her mouth (which was ever better) and dry cum started spewing from my tip. she pulled it out of her mouth and i herd her mouth smacking. “wow that tasted good!” then she put it back in her mouth and when deeper as she licked. and then she started sucking. and i moaned an she sucked harder, wanting more of my dry cum. (wait till she tastes the actual cum) and i had had an orgasm with an actual climax and i started wiggling. i insisted she didn’t stop, which she didn’t. it felt like forever when she actually stopped. “can you taste my whoo ha? i think it taste good when i lick my fingers” (my mom said that vagina is a whoo ha… she probably didn’t want us to know that actual name for some reason)”OK!” i said very excitedly, louder the i should have but like she said, mom and dad were asleep. so she sat up and i saw her take off her panties. then we switched positions.As i looked into her pussy i saw it was wet. “did you wash your whoo ha?” i asked and she giggled “no, mom said it was a ‘natural lubrication’ that came out but she didn’t say for what, but i found out after a little later when i looked it up. it tastes very good, try it!” so i did what she did, just quickly licked it and she jumped high. “wow, i though i would feel the same when i rub it, but i guess not! keep going” and i did. i moaned little to no moaning at all when she gave me my first blowjob, she was REALLY moaning and jumping all over the place. and i enjoyed it all. then i spread her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in her pussy and she did a tiny squeak, but i didn’t stop there. i was licking every single place i could see. and she was having a hell of a hoot. then she she said with very short breaths quietly “dont stop dont stop!” and her moans quickly rose to a quite “ahhh” and put her hand on my head so i don’t stop.”ohhh ohhhhhhhh OHHHHH” she was trying to muffle escort kastamonu the sound. and then it happened. the orgasm with the biggest climax i ever saw to this day. and squeaked loudly “Don’t….Stop….. Don’t…” and pissed.piss all over my face and my bed. “oh my god that felt sooo….Oh no i peed on you!” she said “and my bed..” how are we going to tell this to mom? well the result was very different. different indeed.. we heard mom come down stairs and i quickly put underwear on an she put her pantys on. she opened the door and said “whats going on? Kaitlin what are you doing here?” “Dylan peed the bed and again and i was going to help him. we didn’t want to wake you” said Kaitlin quickly. she still was short breathed and red faced. Very red faced. but luckily the lighting was very bad in my room so she didn’t noticed (i think..) “aww sweety you don’t need to do that. i can take care of it” mom said with a smile. “i was very nice of you though” she added. but there was still one more problem. my face was covered with piss.. but she just started on the pissed covered sheets. so i said “i have to go to the bathroom now” “yes, go to the bathroom, and clean up” mom said quickly and started on the sheets. my underwear wasn’t wet with pee but ill take care of that.That morning when me and Kaitlin were on the bus to school when we started to discuss of last night. “it was SOO amazing, the feeling of it, the only way to express the best thing of the anything is to pee.. its like the pee just squirted right out of me!” she exclaimed. “im sorry for that though. i will try not to let it happen again” she said sadly. i want my sister happy as she possibly can, and i secretly liked it that she pissed on my face (Don’t judge!) “No its fine s*s, really! i enjoyed every second of it” i said with a smile “you think so? well, how did me sucking on your penie feel?” she asked and bit her lip “it was like a million awesomeness in one suck” i exclaimed. “so i wonder..” i trailed off and she looked at me and said “Wonder what?” “well, i wonder what my peine would feel like in your whoo ha.” i said slowly. Kaitlin smiled and but her lip again, put her hand on my crotch and squeeze lightly. “we will find out at lunch” she said with a wink.lunch kastamonu escort bayan time SLOWLY rolls around. i remember the school having a forest kinda thing way back in the school yard. the school was an k-12 school so we say k**s all ages going up there and kissing and the odd one or two having Sex. i watched them have sex, and they looked up and saw me looking. “like what’ya see? you should have it, its awesome” and they went back to having sex. “over here, there’s a huge bush with no one behind it over there!” Kaitlin said. we walked be hind it and we started to undress. we were totaly naked, i looked around to see if anyone was looking. Of course there was, but the only thing people said was “Go for it dude!” then someone came up and said “hey Kait-” it was jonathan.. “Dylan, why are you naked with Kaitlin?” but a grade 11 k** said to him “who cares? i had sex with my sister, free sex!” and evreyone that herd it just agreed. “i want to have sex with my brother whether you like it or not! either you watch or go away” Kaitlin said. that got my dick hard. and jon said “ill watch” and sat on the ground. then Kaitlin grabbed my hand and said “i Love you” then went on her knees and started sucking. like before it was amazing and when i dry cummed two times she stopped and went on her back. and i grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy to my lips and started licking. because we weren’t trying Not to get caught, she moaned louder. some chick asked if shecan join. Kaitlin just waved her away. then she was at that moment. “im going to pee again!” she screamed and the boys were masturbating. and some girls were too. “UGH UGH UGHHHH AHHHHH!” she screamed. but she didn’t pee. just some strange liquid that came out. “DONT STOP!!” she screamed again. “UGHHH!!” i was lucking inside of her pussy deeply and fast, and rubbing her clit hard and really fast (i saw her rub it before so i rubbed it if she liked it. which of course she did) and then she put a finger in her pussy, pushing me away but i still rubbed her clit. “AHHHHHH!” she screamed. she wasn’t the only one screaming too. k**s play in the forest all the time, and with the screaming, the supervisors thought it was just k**s playing. (it has to be that reason because no one came up there) then she Pissed. allot this time. i stopped rubbing but she was very slowly pushing her finger in and out. then she stopped. she looked at me and said weakly, “w-wow…i really want you to stick your penie in side me now…” and then i stuck it in.To Be Continued

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