Sister’s Christmas Present Ch. 02

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I wake up in a bed. I’m still half asleep and groggy and there’s a naked woman in my arms. I feel breasts pressed against me and hair sprawled out over my chest and neck. I hear a knock on the door and my mother telling me breakfast will be ready soon. Suddenly I am completely aware of where I am and everything we did. An overwhelming feeling of shame covers me.

“Okay, mom, thanks!” I say back through the door.

My sister wakes up she seems to be confused for a moment as well. But the confused expression turns to joy when she looks me in the eyes. Her hair is messy and hanging over her face. She grabs it and pulls it back behind her head. She’s giving me that all too familiar dimply smile. She scoots forward and gives me a quick peck on the lips.

“Morning, baby doll,” my sister says getting out of bed and stretching her naked body. “This is the best sleep I’ve had in years.”

We don’t have strong southern accents but when she says things like “baby doll” or “papa” it comes out strong. Well, to me we don’t have strong southern accents. Victoria says my southern drawl was the thing that first attracted her to me. Oh God, Victoria. My heart sinks thinking about her. But at the same time, I don’t want to stop this. I haven’t had sex this good in years. It’s not just the sex. I haven’t felt this good in years either.

“You starin’ at me?” my sister says putting her pants back on. I guess I was staring.

“No,” I say and quickly look away.

She has her pants on but she’s completely topless. Her impressive rack is hard to ignore. She knows I like them so she’s just standing there looking at me. She even crosses her arms so they are pressed up a little bit. Her body has always been so perfect. She was the first crush I ever had in life.

“You know I have a girlfriend, right?” I say swinging my legs off the bed.

“Yeah, and?” My sister replies bluntly. “We talked about this. You can keep your girlfriend. Nobody has to know. Believe me, I don’t want her or anyone to know.”


“I know you miss the way I would suck your cock. You always loved that the most.”

“I did.”

“Come on, Ted, don’t make me feel bad about this. I’m not forcing you. You want this just as much as me.”

“She can never know.”

My sister drops to her knees in front of me and wraps her fingers around my cock. It was already hard but it seems to come even more alive in her grasp. This probably isn’t true but it feels like my dick grows an extra inch when my sister touches it.

My sister puts her face up close to my cock and smacks it up against her lips and nose. She gives the underside a few gentle kisses and then gives it one long lick from bottom to top. That lick sends electricity through my body. She gives my cock another love-filled lick and then puts the tip in her mouth. She closes her lips tightly around the tip and flicks her tongue on the opening of my cock. I fall back on the bed and moan. She reaches up and grabs my left hand. I’m enjoying this way too much. It was supposed to just be sex but the love I feel from this feels too good.

Suddenly her head drops all the way down and her nose is pressing me. She takes my cock with no issue at all. That is something I taught her. The first few blowjobs from her she couldn’t take me all the way to the back of her throat. But she kept trying and eventually lost the gag reflex. I’m sure any man she has been with after me has benefitted from all the practice.

She keeps her head still and just licks tuzla escort my dick without bobbing. It feels incredible. It’s been too long since I’ve experienced this. I used to be so accustomed to the back of my sister’s throat. We fucked like rabbits back then. My dick would be in her mouth more than 8 times a day. I move my hips into the air and moan feeling her slide all over my cock. She’s so good at this, my god. My cock is so at home in her mouth. It feels like this is where it should have been all these years.

Finally, she starts bobbing her head up and down. My cock is completely soaked and shiny from all the saliva from her mouth. Every time she goes back up it looks even more wet than before. When my girlfriend gives me blowjobs she likes to constantly take me out of her mouth after every few sucks. My sister just never stops. There is no break, my cock never leaves her mouth during this.

She squeezes my hand tighter because she knows I’m going to cum soon. Somehow she always knows just when I’m about to cum. With my other hand, I grab onto the bedsheets and pull. I raise my hips into the air even more and fill her throat with cum. She keeps sucking and licking until it is all out of me. I sit back up and look down at her. She pulls me out of her mouth and smiles. Her lips, cheeks, and chin are covered in my cum. It looks like it leaked out from the sides. I must have cum a lot. I haven’t had an orgasm this powerful in years.

“That was…a lot,” my sister says wiping her mouth with her arm. “Let’s get to breakfast before momma knocks again.”

“Molly, my God,” I begin but she cuts me off.

“Come on, let’s just get downstairs.”

We get fully dressed and brush our teeth together in the bathroom. We used to brush our teeth together every morning growing up. We’d be side by side in front of the mirror. She used to be taller than me when we were kids but eventually I became much taller than her. She spits in the sink and rinses out her toothbrush. I really do miss these moments. Life has been work, work, work lately.

We make it downstairs and my mom gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. I hug my dad next and he makes comments about how I look more muscular these days. He says I’m a “chip off the old block.”

Our parents are a traditional southern love story. They were neighbors growing up and in the south, proximity usually ends with love. It’s not like living in the city where people are going on five Tinder dates a week and meet up at Starbucks. Down here it’s all very simple.

The table is set with a crazy amount of food. There are pancakes and waffles and a variety of syrup and jelly. My mom made bacon, eggs, and sausage. There’s also fruit and omelets. In New York, you just get a cup of coffee for breakfast. People take things slow and really enjoy life down here. They also enjoy heart disease but at least they’re happy.

We take our seats and I reach for the waffles. My mother smacks my hand away. I forgot we pray before every meal down here. We all take each other’s hands and bow our heads. My father begins to pray and my sister slides her thumb back and forth across my hand. It’s ironic that my sister goes to church every Sunday but has no problem with having sex with her own brother. She’d always tell me how there’s incest in the bible so it’s nothing new. She also told me that if God made Adam and Eve and expected them to populate the planet. A lot of incest would have had to happen.

My father finishes the prayer and we all begin to fill our plate. I try to eat right but I pendik escort make exceptions when I’m back home. I fill my plate with at least one of everything. This is the biggest meal I’ve had in so long. We cook when we can in New York but we always end up ordering a lot of shitty takeout. A good chunk of my income goes to Door Dash. The taste of homecooked food rejuvenates my spirit though. But it’s not just the food. I had sex with my sister again and had one of her amazing blowjobs. I truly am home.

“So how’s that girlfriend of yours?” My mother asks and Molly winks at me.

“She’s doing great, we’re doing great. I’m thinking about marrying her soon,” I answer

“Ya should be marryin’ her now,” my father adds. “Y’all take too damn long. I married your momma a month into dating her.”

“Calm down, Charlie, kids move slower these days,” my mom says subduing my father.

“Have ya got a ring yet, Ted?” My mother asks.

“I’ve got one on layaway,” I answer and take a sip of orange juice.

We finish eating and fall back into our childhood roles. I wash the dishes and Molly dries them off and puts them back. We keep sneaking naughty glances at each other but look away when one of our parents is near. I’m sure they’d think nothing of it. What normal person would come to the conclusion that siblings looking at each other a lot means they are fucking?

People are kinder here and more affectionate. Everyone is short and rude in New York. You could be getting stabbed on the sidewalk and people would just continue on with their day. Everyone moves slowly here and it feels right. New York was a culture shock to me at first. I got used to it but never enjoyed it. People can be homophobic in the south and far too religious for my liking. But there are also people like that in New York. I enjoy the slowness. I only slept with my sister for two years but it felt like a lifetime. I’ve been with Victoria for six years and it feels like only a week passed.

Maybe I should convince Victoria to move down here after we get married. What we pay monthly for rent in the city could get us a large house in Texas. We finish washing dishes and my sister kisses me again. I look at her shocked and then make sure nobody is watching. I’m thoroughly enjoying these kisses too much.

“Momma, Daddy, We’re gonna go out,” my sister says loud enough for our parents to hear.

“Okay! Be back in time for dinner. Family is gon’ be here,” my mother shouts back.

“Where are we going?” I ask her.

“To the creek,” she answers and kisses me again.

She’s just quiet and straddling me. We used to fuck by the creek so much. We had sex at home too but when my sister wanted to be free and loud. That was the place we would go. We’d bring a blanket and have picnics together. We’d eat, have sex, and eat some more. It was like young forbidden puppy love.

My sister pulls the picnic blanket out of the closet and we walk into the woods. I haven’t been there in a while but I know the way all too well. I could get there blindfolded. My sister grabs my hand and is halfway through the walk. My accent and phrases I used to use are coming back more and more. We’re talking and I’m starting to pronounce “creek” like “crick.” My girlfriend always says my accent is stronger whenever I return home.

There is new growth in the forest but I still remember the directions. Molly lies the blanket down in the same spot we always did. We didn’t bring any food this time because we just had a huge feast. We lie down on the blanket next to each other aydınlı escort and look up at the sky behind the branches. The sky is so clear here.

“I’m glad we’re doing this again, Ted,” my sister says.

“I still feel a little conflicted but I am enjoying this,” I say back.

“You’re cheating, you’re a cheater. This is cheating. You’re sleeping with another woman behind your lover’s back. I tried to spin the whole ‘this is masturbation’ thing, but we know that’s bullshit. You’re cheating with ME though. Your sister, I don’t if that makes it worse or better but I just had to say that.”

“I guess it makes it a little better if we don’t have feelings for each other like that.”

“Yeah…totally, no feelings here…”

This is also bullshit because there are feelings. Big feelings. When we were together we didn’t just have sex. We went out on dates and spent quality time together. She was my first everything. These are feelings and it’s wrong. The basis of my relationship with Victoria is wanting to get away from these feelings. But here we are again. I’m lying next to my sister and we had sex. It’s clear that I can’t get away from these feelings. If she were just another girl I could but she’s my sister and I can’t exactly cut her off.

“I have feelings for you, Molly,” I say rolling over to face her.

“You do?” my sister replies and quickly faces me as well.

“Big feelings.”

She smiles big and it’s like a movie scene. Her dimples are showing more than they’ve ever shown and the sunlight is shining on her face. I kiss her, I initiate it this time. I put my hand on the side of her face and she grabs it and pulls it close to her heart.

“So what do we do about this?” My sister asks.

“I don’t know. I love Victoria and that hasn’t changed,” I answer. “I still fully intend to marry her.”

“And I want you to marry her and have kids with her. I don’t feel jealous. I know she makes you happy. I just want…well this.”

She kisses me and puts my hand down her shirt. I squeeze her breast lightly and she moans. Her nipple is hard and her body is warm despite the cool breeze. I take my hand out of her shirt and she pulls to her lips and kisses the back of it.

“Lay on your stomach,” I command.

She doesn’t even answer. She just follows my directions and lays on her stomach. I get behind her on my knees and pull down her pants and panties. I grab her ass cheek and kiss it gently. Her ass is so round and full. I lower my face to her pussy and start eating her out from the back. She moans loudly and raises her ass even closer to my mouth. I spread her ass open with both of my hands and lick her back and forth from pussy to asshole.

She puts her mouth over her arm and lets out a loud moan. I make love to her pussy with my mouth. I give it gentle kisses and soft delicate licks. I show it the love and care I should have been showing it all these years. I stick my tongue down her ass and the picnic blanket starts getting visibly wet. This is what usually happens when we touch each other out here anyway.

I take my tongue out of her ass and go back to kissing and licking her wet pussy. It’s so wet that even from the back my entire mouth is soaked. Surprisingly she starts shaking and moaning like she is about to cum. Normally she takes a bit longer but she’s been without for so long. Her body must have been craving his kind of attention. She screams and it echoes through the forest. She starts panting and then turns over and pulls me on top of her. She kisses me deeply. The fluids from her pussy get on her mouth. She puts her tongue inside my mouth. We finally separate.

I lie back down next to her and she stays there with her pants off just relaxed next to me.

“God, I’ve missed this,” my sister says softly.

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