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I was told by my wife Amy that her younger sister Jenn was coming for a visit this weekend. Jenn was now twenty-five and had just gone through a divorce. The idea was that we were going to try and cheer her up. I did like the idea of Jenn spending the weekend. I could never tell my wife this but Jenn was so hot. She had dark brown hair down to her shoulders and she always wore revealing clothes.

Jenn showed up at our house and she gave each of us a big hug. I looked at my sister-in-law and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were pushing through the material of her top. This was going to be a long weekend without me staring all the time. We had dinner that evening and everything went off without a hitch. My wife said she wanted to get her hair done on Saturday morning and would Jenn like to come along. Jenn said she would hang around the house as she just had her hair done the past week.

Sure enough my wife left Saturday morning and Jenn and I stayed home. No sooner than when my wife left, Jenn said how much she missed me.

“I really am glad to see you again Jason,” she said.

I told her I had missed her as well. We were standing in the kitchen when Jenn placed her hand on my arm.

“I wish I had someone like you in my life,” she told me.

We were standing just inches apart. I could smell the faint remains of Jenn’s perfume. I was trying not to get too excited. It didn’t work. Jenn put her arms around my neck and brought me close to her face. I guess I was weak that morning. We ended up kissing each other. My hands went up to her top and I began to rub her breasts. It all went downhill from there.

“I have been thinking about you all these weeks,” Jenn told me.

Damn, I was getting worked up. I slowly lifted Jenn’s shirt up over her head. Jenn’s Yalova Escort tits were now exposed. They were just the perfect size to me. Her light brown nipples came to sharp points.

“Amy won’t be gone long,” I said to Jenn.

Just like that we both shed our clothes. I had Jenn turn and face the kitchen counter. I took hold of my half hard cock and I started to rub it up and down her ass crack.

“I need you Jason,” was all she had to say to me.

I slid my mushroom into place and slowly started to feed Jenn my dick. God, did she start to cry out. I managed to slide all the way into Jenn’s pussy. Jenn leaned over the edge of the counter and I fucked my sister-in-law. You could say I went one speed… fast. I knew my wife wouldn’t be gone that long. We couldn’t waste time. Jenn’s pussy had me in a tight grip. I reached around and took each of her tits in my hands.

I was massaging her nipples as I continued to thrust into Jenn’s pussy. Sex between my wife and myself wasn’t all that great lately. Here was my sister-in-law offering herself to me freely. I had to have her. We were both grunting as I fed Jenn my whole length. Each thrust brought Jenn to the tips of her toes. It was if she just couldn’t get enough of my cock. I wish we could have gone longer but all that fast fucking was taking its toll.

Jenn must have sensed that we were both getting close to the edge.

“Please cum in me Jason!”

I had no idea if Jenn was on the pill or not. All I knew was that I had my bare cock lodged deep inside my sister-in-law. I did as she asked. I thrust hard one final time and I buried my dick inside Jenn. My hot cum came pouring out and I squirted repeatedly inside Jenn. I think we both cried out as Jenn milked my sticky lotion from my cock. I just Yalova Escort Bayan continued to fuck Jenn until I felt my dick starting to go soft. When I did pull out some wads of my cream spilled onto the floor.

Jenn turned around and we had a hot kiss together. Jenn went into the bathroom and I cleaned up the mess on the floor. It was a good thing we finished when we did. My wife showed up just minutes after we finished having sex.

“Where is Jenn?” My wife asked me.

I told her she was in the bathroom getting a shower. My turn came next and I got cleaned up. That afternoon we went out for lunch. My wife just talked the whole time. To be honest, I didn’t hear much of what she said. My attention was focused on Jenn. We were looking at each other most of the time at the restaurant. All I could think of was when could I fuck my young sister-in-law again.

There weren’t many chances for Jenn and I to be alone. Saturday night we all watched a movie together. My wife got tired and went to bed. She told us both not to stay up too late. After we were sure that Amy was sound asleep we went downstairs to the family room. I knew we would need to be quiet. We both got undressed and I had Jenn lie back on the couch. I mounted my sister-in-law and we picked up where we left off.

I slid my cock into Jenn one more time. She wrapped her legs around my back. I motioned for her to try and be quiet. I fed Jenn all eight inches of my dick that night. It seemed like Jenn just couldn’t get enough of my cock. My balls were hitting against her bottom as we fucked just a floor below where my wife was sleeping. Sweat was pouring off me as we satisfied each other’s needs. I no longer cared if Jenn was on protection or not. I needed to be deep in her pussy.

We probably Escort Yalova went much longer than we should have. I eventually pulled out and Jenn ended up mounting me. She took hold of my cock and guided it to her opening. She slid up and down on my cock as I pulled on her ass cheeks. Jenn did let out a few moans as we fucked downstairs. I did end up firing my cream into Jenn once more. Jenn’s body shook as she squeezed my dick with her pussy. I was surprised I had so much cum to give her.

I finally ended up giving her the last of my seed and we got dressed and went back upstairs. Jenn went to the bathroom to empty out and I cleaned my cock off with some tissues. I slid into bed next to my wife but my mind wasn’t on her. I didn’t sleep a wink as I thought about what Jenn and I had done together.

Sunday finally came and Jenn was ready to head off. She slipped her phone number to me and whispered to make sure I called her soon. Jenn left to go back home. My wife didn’t even want sex that night. No matter, I was pretty well spent from all that fucking with Jenn. Amy went to bed on Sunday night and I went down to the family room with my phone.

When I called Jenn she seemed to know I would be calling her that evening.

“I need you so badly Jason, when can you come and visit me?” She asked.

I knew things were getting out of control but I had to have Jenn again, no matter what. I told her I sometimes make business trips. I said I could take a few vacation days and come and see her. She told me she could still feel my cum swimming inside her pussy. Jenn really knew how to get to me. I said I would try and arrange something soon. Right before we hung up, Jenn told me something.

“I am in love with you Jason, I want to be with you.”

Damn, this was going to become complicated. I didn’t reply other than to say I would see her soon. I went back to bed. I reached down and I started to rub my cock. All I could think of was that I gave my sister-in-law my cum twice that weekend. I only hope I am making the right decision to continue seeing Jenn.

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