Sister-In-Law Affection Ch. 01

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It was pretty much inevitable from the moment we met. I’d only been involved with my girlfriend Kay for about 2-3 months when I was introduced to her older sister Ashley.

From the day that I met her, I had a connection with Ashley. It started as a platonic relationship at first, but we had an interpersonal attraction to one another which rapidly progressed to affection.

It remained proper at first. I have, or thought I had, a strong sense of moral responsibility that would never allow any impropriety. I loved my girlfriend Kay very much. I still do.

But like I said, it was inevitable. Ashley and I were constantly around each other as she visited Kay often. My girlfriend had just returned to the area after 4 years away at college. As it happened, the girls had ended up living a few miles away from each other and were now becoming best friends.

They hadn’t been all that close growing up. There was a 6 year difference in their age and an even wider gap in their personalities. Kay, the younger of the two, was laid back and tom boyish growing up. Ashley was a popular and good looking cheerleader. They were family, but the kinship wasn’t there.

The three of us would often find ourselves together. We would carpool to distant family events, hang out on weeknights, and go away together on weekend trips.

We all got along really well and it was a great time in my life. I was still in my 20’s, making plenty of money and was living it up with my new girlfriend just out of college. And her very attractive older sister.

Ashley was often welcomed as a third wheel on dates. Kay was very generous and pretty much the least jealous person I’ve ever known. I’d also say there was some younger sibling deference still lingering from childhood. Ashley was the popular, good looking one that Kay had always looked up to. She never really stood up to her older sister; she pretty much always got her way. That Ash and I were good friends didn’t seem to bother her at all, or at least she never objected openly.

My relationship with Ashley became very strong over a couple of years. She was dating but churning through men she was always unsatisfied with; then she would come confide to me about her latest breakup. She lacked direction and stability in her life; I was her ideal man — stable and successful with my own business. We never said it, but everyone knew we were attracted to each other.

Nevertheless, I stayed on with Kay because I loved her. She was great. I would eventually marry her and we’re still married to the day. But as most relationships do, the new girlfriend sparkle wore off and we settled in for the long term.

Nothing wore off with Ashley and I. We were in this state of denial; in an affectionate relationship, yet forbidden from going beyond those initial stages. We wanted one another, but weren’t even allowed to acknowledge it. It wasn’t terrible; I quite enjoyed it. I had a steady girlfriend and was involved with another. That they were sisters made it complicated and exciting all at once.

Inevitability came to fruition when my roommates moved out and Ashley, Kay and I took over the lease. Late at night, when Kay had gone to bed early, Ashley and I would stay up watching TV on the couch. Ash was always talking about her poor experiences with men. I would console her and we’d cozy up on the sofa.

It ensest porno was Kay herself that initially suggested I share my famous backrubs with Ash to relieve her tension headaches. I was all too happy to comply.

Backrubs became the routine in our happy house. It eventually got quite involved: massage oils, candlelit rooms, and relaxing songs were the norm. The girls would change into comfortable tank tops, removing their bras so as to not impede the massage.

I’d rub Kay first, and then she’d go off to bed after a little bit. It always relaxed her and made her sleepy. Then Ashley’s turn would last much longer. Many nights I’d spend rubbing away on Ashley’s delicate shoulders and tiny frame. She was less than 5′ tall and weighed 95 pounds. Her black hair was cut shoulder length. She’d always put it up into a pony tail to allow me unimpaired access to her slender neck.

Ashley would sit on the floor in front of the couch. I’d sit on the couch with her between my legs. I’d push her forward and backward during the massage hoping to catch a glimpse down her shirt at her small, perky breasts. They weren’t much to look at but I relished every parting moment of exposed flesh. Between her hair being up out of the way in pigtails and the loose fitting shirts she wore to the massages, I saw a lot of nipple. She knew it too.

Ashley thoroughly enjoyed our extended, physical contact sessions, all made under the pretense of massage. I’d have to get up periodically to dry out the pre-cum soaking through my underwear. She would often make similar trips to the bathroom, too frequent to just be peeing. I assumed she too was mopping up the wetness between her legs.

I had grown bold after logging extensive massage time on Ashley’s fit body.

One particular night I had her stretched out on the carpet laying on her belly. I was straddled over her legs, massaging her lower back. Her sweatpants were pulled low and her pink thong underwear was exposed in several inches of whale tail. My kneading fingers had crossed below the thong line.

The sexual arousal in the room was palpable. Her dampness was starting to seep through her thong and thin grey sweats. She was pinned down so to speak with me straddling her legs, which simultaneously offered me the perfect spectator seat to the expanding wet spot between her legs.

I felt her uneasiness but didn’t let her off the hook. Maybe she wanted this to go on. Her body was enjoying it. I continued to rub, alternating higher and lower on her back and giving a total back massage.

My precum was starting to ooze heavily. I was wearing loose fitting athletic shorts that summer night. She was belly down and couldn’t see what I was doing.

I reached for the oil, applied some to my left hand and slathered it on her back. With my right hand I fished out my dick from one of the leg holes in my shorts. Giving my shaft a squeeze a big glob of precum dribbled down onto Ashley’s back. I quickly rubbed it all over her back without her noticing.

The thought of my fluids all over Ashley sent my sexual arousal into over drive. Rational thought gave way to boldness. I continued to dribble the sticky clear strings down onto Ashley’s back rubbing them all over her like massage oil.

I wasn’t going to be able get myself off while straddling her; it was way too risky. fake agent porno However, I was revved up and soon I’d have to get up to go to the bathroom for release. I stayed there half way wanting this massage to go on forever but desperately needing to go jerk off to this monstrous imagery.

I’d spanked to Kay’s older sister many times over, and banged the girlfriend even more while picturing Ash, but this was something else. She was inches below me, my dick constantly dribbling down sticky juices which I was rubbing into her tender skin with a passion. She was relaxed and obviously enjoying the closest thing to sexual massage we’d ever shared.

We couldn’t acknowledge what was going on, but we both knew. The musky scent of sex was prevalent, not even the candles could mask it at this point. She was just lying there, belly down and head turned to the side. So long as she didn’t look back everything was still copacetic.

I was just about to excuse myself to the privacy of the bathroom and the release that awaited when it happened.

Ashley’s head was turned to the side, but her eyes were open. She couldn’t directly see what I was doing to her, but with a horrible realization I extrapolated her line of sight across the hallway, through her open bedroom door, to our reflection in the wall mirror and made eye contact.

I was busted. How long had she been watching me coat her back with my precum?

No more unspoken denial. All that repressed sexual attraction was in the open now and all that joy hung in the balance for a moment.

We locked our gaze in the mirror. It seemed like minutes passed before she moved.

She rolled over far enough to look me straight in the face. Her hazel eyes met mine with tenderness, love and passion. We didn’t speak.

She reached up and took my dick into her hand. The sensation was overwhelming. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions: lust, fear, shock, pleasure. I’ve never had a more intense experience than what I was going through right then.

She gave me a few short strokes. I think she was gauging my reactions, checking to see if we were both OK with doing this. My girlfriend was sleeping just 20 feet down the hallway. We definitely weren’t supposed to be doing this.

If I weren’t in such a state of shock, I probably would have cum right then. But I had just been busted moments earlier and my mind was still racing.

She rolled completely over onto her back and grabbed me with her right hand. Precum oozed out which she expertly collected and lubed my full length. She started stroking again.

We looked into each other’s eyes as she started pounding away. The smell and sound washed over me even as I bored my gaze into her soul. I wanted to tell her that I loved her, but my voice was lost.

I wanted to tell her that I was going to cum, but I couldn’t manage that either. She knew what she was doing though.

“Do it”, she cooed softly. It was the sexiest thing anyone has ever said.

My first jet of cum flew out with such force it sailed right over her and splattered the wall behind her head.

She lifted her head off the floor and into the path of destruction. A geyser of thick, white cum impacted her left cheek and ricocheted onto her earring and hair. She flinched a bit and closed her eyes for the remainder of my intense fake cop porno orgasm.

She panned her face a bit. The third blast was onto her left eyelid and forehead. It was a big glob and immediately started running down her left cheek to pool on the carpet.

I wasn’t missing any of this action, but I did turn to her bedroom mirror. The viewpoint in the reflection was entirely different. My shaft pulsed again. I watched the from the side angle as a strand of pearl white jizz shot forth and seemed to hang in midair for a moment. A perfect rope of cum landed intact, stretching from her hair, down the left side of her face and onto the side of her chin.

I repeated that trajectory for the fifth. The volume wasn’t quite as much but the placement was better. It had landed dead center on Ashley’s face. The part in her hair between pigtails was coated white, continuing down the bridge of her nose and onto her thin lips. She’d closed her mouth during the onslaught of cumshots but I wasn’t complaining. The strand broke off her nose and stitched her lips together with gooey, white yarn.

I ripped my eyes from the mirror to look straight down at what we had done to her face. She was a prettiest girl in the world with a huge mess of cum covering the left side of her face and hair.

Two more weaker squirts came out. Neither had much force behind it and landed meekly on her bare chest and pink tank top.

The remainder of cum oozed out and dribbled down onto her shirt near her bellybutton. Ashley kept her grip on my cock. With her free hand, she wiped the cum from her left eye and opened them to look up at me. She laid her head back down on the carpet all the while maintaining eye contact.

Ash didn’t seem to mind the cum on her, except for the strand still across her closed lips. She apparently wasn’t interested in swallowing or letting it in her mouth. She twitched her lips a bit and finally blew it off with a pffft. The cleanup job wasn’t perfect though and the end trails sort of made it in there anyway when she opened her mouth to test. She swiped at it with the back of her hand that was coated on the palm side from her left eye.

I rocked back off my straddle position and her hand slipped off my cock. Standing on my feet I tucked away my junk in some semblance of modesty. I didn’t know what to do or say otherwise.

She was still lying on the carpet but propped up on her elbows now. She wiped her sticky hands on the cleanest portions of her flimsy pink tank top. There wasn’t much cloth to it, and it was mostly soaked through to her skin. There were two rivers of goop leading down Cumshot Pond on her belly where I had dribbled the last of my seed. Now the sides were streaked with sticky as she cleaned her fingers off.

I watched, dumbstruck and silent. The sight was overwhelming. My future sister-in-law’s face was still a mess. She was looking back at me looking over her. Her mouth was opened in shock and she was shaking her head a little bit side to side. I guess she was just trying to grasp what had just happened, maybe even more so than I was.

“You just came all over my face”. Then she got up and trotted to the bathroom briskly. I just collapsed on the couch and flicked on the TV.

It was the sexiest, craziest thing I had ever done. I honestly can’t say I regretted it. I didn’t see her again that night; but we continued living together in that apartment along with my future wife, Kay.

Our further escapades are another tale to tell, but in time everything would work out between the three of us: my wife to be, my future sister-in-law and me.

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