Sissy’s Calling

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Sissy’s CallingThe most frustrating thing was that she was just letting this man touch her breasts. He was behind her, pawing at her pale flesh, tweaking a nipple and squeezing her breasts. She laughed and giggled and seemed to be pressing back into him. His hands explored more, down his hands went, lifting her skirt so he had better access. His hands snaked down to her shaved pussy and started diddling her clit. Her legs relaxed open, giving him more access. Sissy sat and watched, as the Bull whispered something in her ear, something out of ear shot: ‘You want to see what I brought you?’ He had said. All Sissy heard was his wife’s reply, ‘Yes.’The Bull kissed her neck and said, whilst looking at Sissy, ‘On your knees then.’ The wife obliged and dropped willingly, a look of pure lust on her face. She caressed the mighty bulge in the Bull’s trousers as the Bull undid his buckles. After shrugging the jeans off his bulge, it sprang forth – It was the width and length of a woman’s forearm! No wonder his wife was keen to see this one. Hell, his was only 4 inches long and about as wide as a clipper lighter. No wonder she had been training him up. Lost in his own thoughts, Sissy looked up to see his wife already sucking the impressive cock. ‘oh, yeah. That’s it baby – suck that cock.’ She looked up, her eyes wide and eager to impressive this man in front of her. Sissy was surprised that she was into him as he wasn’t the fittest specimen around. The alpha, a bulky fellow of six foot, rubbed her head with both hands as she tried to fit her mouth around his massive member. Her cheeks were full as the alpha kept applying pressure to the back of her head as he pressed his cock deeper. Sissy’s little clit strained in its cage, the flesh of his 4 inches, trapped in a 1 inch cage, pressed hard against the metal as it tried to escape. But no dice. His woman, no, his mistress, was moaning and making slobbering sounds as she sat on her knees in front of her first bull, her black babydoll resting over her big white arse. ‘That’s it,’ He said, caressing her hair softly, ‘Now lick them balls.’ She lifted the heavy shaft and started licking his balls. ‘Fuck, that’s good,’ He exclaimed, as he pulled her face into his groin, holding her head tightly in place. Sissy sat there, in his frilly maid’s outfit, with his little clit twitching, wanting desperately to join in and fuck her. ‘Damn, that was good,’ Said the bull, as he pulled her to her feet. She smiled, ‘I’m glad you liked it,’ She said, wrapping her arms around his neck. ‘Love it,’ He said, squeezing her buttcheeks and exposing her pussy and hole to sissy. The bull made her lean over the sofa and started playing with bahis firmaları her slit. ‘You liked it too,’ He said,as he slid two fingers into her waiting cunt. She moaned longingly and adjusted her legs without thinking – so the bull had better access to her wet, pink slit. The bull, eager to fuck this horny bitch, made the decision to tease her some more. Too quiet for his liking, he wanted her to open up – in more ways than one. ‘You want this?’ He said, letting the meaty cock slap down between her butt cheeks, ‘You want me to fuck you?’ ‘Yes,’ She said, wiggling her butt suggestively, ‘I want your cock in me.’ ‘I’m not so sure,’ Said the bull, as he slapped her waiting cunt playfully. ‘Please,’ She begged, ‘I want your cock inside me, Sir.’ The Bull smiled, ‘Tell me more,’ He said, as he squeezed a glob of pre-cum onto her asshole and started smearing it across her ring with his thumb. ‘I need it. I need that big cock of yours to fuck me like a slut.’ ‘Oh, okay,’ He said, pretending to be not interested in her, as he wiped his cock between her lips, the massive head spreading her wet mound. ‘Yes!’ She cried, as she tried to press onto it, ‘Fuck me!’ The Bull knew it was time to ask. ‘You gonna let me fuck you without a rubber?’ He said, as he slid his cock back up between her lips.This was too much for Sissy. As hard as he was, he didn’t want his wife getting bred. ‘Just wait…’ He managed to say, in a shaky squeaky voice. But it was too late. Without voicing a reply, She had managed to let the cock slip in and she hornily backed all the way up his length and groaned, a deep groan full of longing and lust. The Bull turned and smiled at the sissy husband and just stood there as his new slut did all the humping, sliding back and forth along its length slowly. Sissy felt humiliated – powerless. It was hard to feel like a man when his woman was getting fucked properly for a change. This was too slow for the bull though (as he was in control) and so he grasped her white hips and whilst pulling her back, he thrust in as deep as he could, watching his cock fill her up. ‘Oh god,’ She screamed, as the cock filled her to the hilt again, each thrust bringing on a wave of pleasure, building in its ferocity. She was moaning now. No screaming. Poor sissy faggot – he had never had that from her. Sissy watched as his woman was taken from him. Watched as she became lost in desire. Watched as the Bull slammed into her. Watched as she slammed back into the Bull. ‘Oh god,’ She moaned again, ‘I’m going to cum,’ The Bull smiled, grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, ‘That’s it baby, take that cock. You my slut?’ ‘Yes!’ She managed, as her kaçak iddaa sweaty body started shaking uncontrollably, ‘Cumming!’ The Bull pressed his dick as deep as it would go, pulled it out, spread her cheeks and looked at her puffy pussy. A good start, he thought. ‘Suck it slut,’ He commanded. Quickly she turned around, dropped to her knees and salaciously cleaned her studs groin. She was his now, Sissy could tell. He watched as his woman sucked the head and quickly licked the shaft. Sissy was shocked at how much of a whore his woman was: she was showing her Bull how much she was his by licking and sucking all over his groin. The wife was completely lost now. The Bull watched her, nodding approvingly, as she licked and sucked his and her juices off of him. Tasting his scent and sweat, she licked and lapped all around his cock and balls. ‘What about this bitch in the corner?’ Said the Bull, smirking, ‘He just watching you get fucked? That it? Or he your bitch?’ That was all she needed. ‘Sissy, come lick my pussy.’ There Sissy was, caged and helpless, with his woman’s pussy buried on his face, tasting her and his juices He couldn’t hear the conversation they were having, just that they were talking and that she was clearly enjoying what was happening, as she was pressing and grinding harder and harder into his voice, so much so, that it was nearly impossible to breathe. She lifted up briefly and Sissy took a breath. ‘Sissy,’ She said, ‘I want you to concentrate on my arsehole.’ Delicious, thought Sissy, She had let him fuck her arse once, but never again. And no matter how much he pleaded and begged – even just for a lick – he was never allowed. Sissy strained upwards, trying to jam his tongue deep into her arsehole. It was hard work, trying to crane his neck upwards, but he did it, without complaint, just for her. ‘That feels so good,’ She said, the cock escaping her lips for a couple of seconds, as the last word turned into a moan, as she wriggled her butt and settled deeper on his face. What Sissy couldn’t see was the onslaught on his Wife. The Bull had her now and was showing his dominant side more; stuffing his cock deeper down her throat making her gag and wretch. Sissy could feel it though, as each time she gagged, her body would shake on his face. The Bull looked down at his new bitch, remembering how prettily she was turned out before, all clad in sexy clothing and make-up, but now, now she was a mess: sweating profusely, with tear-stained mascara trailing down her cheeks, her hair all messed up. What a slut she was! ‘So good baby,’ Said the Bull, ‘Now you gonna give me what you promised?’ She nodded, her eyes wide – a mixture of excitement kaçak bahis and fear. The Bull climbed behind her as she assumed a doggy position. ‘Eat my clit Sissy,’ She said. Sissy watched as the Bull positioned himself above his head. The Bull started working his fingers into her arse, with his cock hanging down and brushing the Sissy’s face. Sissy could tell when his wife was ready as her body was relaxed and she was backing onto his fingers longingly. I can’t believe she is down for doing this, Thought Sissy, feeling slightly betrayed, but the more he thought upon it, the more it made sense – he obviously couldn’t please this woman and, besides, he wanted her to be happy and that she was. But not when the Bull managed to press the tip of his cock into her arsehole. She screamed and the Bull soothed her, rubbing her lower back. ‘Sissyboy, get on that clit,’ He demanded. Unabashed, Sissy went to work on her blossoming clit, sucking and licking it like she had taught him. Sissy watched, amazed, as more and more of the massive cock slid into her arsehole and soon enough, the Bull had worked his length into her. As the slow and sensual sex turned into a full blown pounding, it became more and more difficult to just lick her clit. As he pounded his length into her, she crept forward and then back, causing the big heavy balls to hit Sissy’s mouth. The strange thing was, Sissy wasn’t adverse to this – it, in fact, turned him on. He just wished he could see her face as she was getting fucked. See her big tits jiggling back and forth. His clit tried to grow again but was denied. The Bull would slow down and pull his cock out to see the results of his fucking. Her arse gaped when he withdrew and then he would push it back in. Once he found the spot, it was too much for her, having the cock glide in and out, pressing on something. It was too much and she released, firing a torrent of gush upon Sissy’s face. ‘That good, baby?’ Said the Bull. ‘Yes,’ She managed weakly, as the Bull started to fuck her arse again. Soon the slaps of flesh against flesh were getting louder now, like an audience’s appreciation for a musician, they just kept growing, until the Bull, with a roar and a bellow of, ‘I’m cumming!’ came inside her ruined arse. Sissy waited expectantly, as the two flushed and spent lovers got their breath back. Soon the cock plopped out of her arse and on to Sissy’s face, sending droplets of spunk dripping down her legs and pussy.’Clean that up, Sissy,’ Said The Bull. He had no choice and so took the head into his mouth and sucked it clean. ‘You know what to do next, Sissy,’ Said his Mistress as she lowered her ruined hole onto his mouth. He licked the spunk on her legs and then went for her pussy, tasting the bitterness of the Bull’s cum. It still felt good though, to finally know his place in life and so feverishly licked and sucked her arsehole, tasting her and him.

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