Sissy spit roast sleep over

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Sissy spit roast sleep overPt 1: Long black limoSissy Saraya was very excited because her new mistress had told her they were going to continue with her corset training tonight, she had been wearing her waist trainer and inflatable plug all day along with her favourite pink maids outfit and cute sissy 6″ white heels and stockings with pretty pink bows, She had been watching BBC porn all day and was dreaming of cock while she finished her chores, Mistress text to say her driver would be arriving at 6pm sharp, Mistress knew her sissy slut in training took forever to get ready and would probably be late which would give her a chance to try her new riding crop on her sissy slut, she had been seeing her for a few months and now mistress had decided to allow her to stay over since she had been trained and feminized enough for a more permanent sissy maid position at her mansion.Saraya was having a hard time concentrating on her makeup the plug grinding against her prostate was making her sissy clit press harder in her girly pink chastity cage which had been on since last week’s session with Mistress, all she could think about was being let out of her device, It had been a very frustrating week since she had signed her contract with Mistress T she was such a stupid sissy bimbo she didn’t even read it, she probably should have, it had so many big words and because it was her first time in chastity she was a little distracted, the contract had given mistress total control of her bank accounts and allowed her to terminate the lease on her apartment also it gave her mistress legal power of attorney financially and medically including any cosmetic or surgical procedures.Beep, Beep, her driver was here and Saraya was still fixing her hair, it had taken ages to slip into her slutty black latex mini-dress especially since the HRT Mistress had been giving her had grown her curves and sissy boobs another cup size and her breasts were so sensitive now, As mistress had instructed she inserted her remote control plug which started buzzing at 6 on the dot and every 2 minutes at the top setting making it even harder to concentrate as her sissy clit pressed against her chastity, finally her hair and makeup done slipped on her silky stockings and patent fuck me pumps she ran out the door grabbing her handbag filled with all the things a good sissy needs lip gloss, lube, condoms, hormone patches, wet wipes and a spare but plug.It was a 30 minute drive to Mistress T’s mansion and as she slid into the back seat of the limo she noticed it was her favourite driver Slade, She knew he had a monster BBC and Saraya smiled and giggled trying to make small talk and all the while her remote plug was reminding her what trouble she would be in for being late, she noticed Slade turn down the rear view mirror checking out her sexy stocking tops poking out under the very short and slutty mini-dress, she opened he legs slightly so he could see her cute pink caged clitty poking out between her silky thighs, she pretended to adjust her suspenders sliding her skirt up a little further so he could get a good look and noticed he was rubbing his cock through his pants. Salde said “she’s probably going to punish you for being late” Saraya agreed nervously Slade said “maybe if you climb over to the front seat and give me a kiss with those slutty red lips i could blame the traffic instead of you”. She didn’t need to be told twice and eagerly climbed into the front seat with Slade spreading her legs and caressing her stocking tops, by now she was dripping with excitement looking at the huge bulge in his pants, He noticed too and lubricating two fingers with her pre-cum forced them down her throat she greedily sucked them” Mmmm such a soft sissy mouth how about you unzip my pants slut” She quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi hard 9″ cock she gasped when she saw its girth “OMG Slade you have such a gorgeous cock” she smiled and sweetly asked his permission to kiss it.She slowly caressed his monster cock with her lips and could barely contain herself as she had been fantasizing for months just how big and beautiful it was. he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down onto his huge balls and Saraya kissed and sucked each one feeling his cock grow harder, God I love your cock she said, quit yapping and get sucking he said or Mistress will find out why you really were late. With his free hand he was forcing her down on his growing cock she could barely get half of what now felt like 10″ of throbbing dick down her throat “Don’t make a mess bitch i don’t want any drool or lipstick on those pants’ she quickly cleaned up his pre-cum and went back to deep throating the sissy tears flowing as she gagged again, all the while she was dreaming of having his monster cock in her ass-pussy making her drip even more and struggling to breath as she sucked him harder and faster.He stroked her head up and down his shaft she could feel it pulsating she started to massage his cum filled balls and he soon started groaning as she sucked his cock tensed up and loads of hot gizz pumped into her throat filling her mouth with her creamy reward, she had to start gulping it down in case some leaked out, it felt like drinking from fire hose but she managed it all savouring the last few salty drops on her tongue and quickly licked his cock and balls clean, “thank you sir I love your gorgeous cock” “You suck dick pretty good for a skinny white sissy” She licked her pre-cum off the seat and climbed into the back so she could redo her makeup. As they got closer to their destination All Saraya could think about was what her mistress had planned for her since she had started her waist training a few weeks ago but the salty taste of cum on her lips bought her back to the present and thoughts of Slade’s huge cock fucking her and filling her with his seed, she was proud to be able to swallow his massive load without spilling a single drop dreaming of one day having his huge balls slapping against her ass while she took a full load deep inside her sissy pussy.They pulled up at the door and as she hopped out Slade gave her a slap on the butt and said hurry up mistress doesn’t like to be kept waiting, She did as he said and quickly went inside the main foyer where she was greeted silently by one of mistresses slave gimps who pointed to a side room where she could wait for mistress. She knew it could take a while but had been trained to show respect by waiting on her knees legs spread hands behind her back head bowed like a good sub next to her mistress’s chair. While she waited she could hear the distant sounds of pleasure and pain the thwack thwack of the cane and mistress’s cruel laugh, one of the gimps must have been very bad and broken one of the many house rules like no touching unless instructed, sniffing mistresses used panties or for cumming without permission for which the punishment was a month’s chastity and 10 hard cane strokes.She heard the click of heels coming down the hall and kept her head lowered, in came one of the house sluts dressed in a crotch-less purple latex cat suit wearing a large black strap on, “Mistress will see you shortly she has an outfit for you in the sissy chest make sure you get it on quickly” Saraya got up and opened the chest and found a sheer peep hole bra and crotch less panties along with a huge selection of cock cages and chastity devices and large cock and ball gags, she tried to get the bra on over her perky breasts the HRT made her tits and ass bigger though the size of the outfits remained the same the only thing that seemed to get smaller was the size of her chastity devices as her sissy clit shrunk every week with the hormones.She slipped on the panties they had cute bows on the side and being crotch less allowed easy access to her ass pussy and allowed mistress to see her ass cheeks as they turned pinker with every spanking, she struggled to slide the bra up over her perky breasts making sure her nipples were positioned correctly through the peep holes which made them stiffen and stand to attention, Saraya picked up her pink silk bag with Sissy embroidered on it and inside was her collar with a large pink bell and an envelope.The envelope contained 2 pills and a small tube of anal eaze gel, she removed her remote controlled plug and inserted the gel in her ass-pussy it felt cold and tingled soon she felt her pussy loosen to the point where she could barely hold in the remote plug, next she took the white and blue pill then a little pink pill she guessed the blue and white pill was a sex pill as her clit and pussy soon started tingling and swelling pressing against her cage and feeling hornier with every minute, she wasn’t sure what the pink one was but guessed it was ecstasy as she soon felt warm and excited, she put on the collar and knelt back down beside mistresses chair.Saraya could barely stay upright as the pills did their work and the constant grind of the remote plug bringing her in and out of reality as it went on and off every few minutes just long enough for her to know that her clit could not get hard in her device instead all that happened was just a little drip of pre-cum as it pulsed her legs spread in submission she dare not touch her clit lest mistress or one of the house sluts caught her she knew it wouldn’t be worth it even as a little pool of sissy juice was forming below her straining clit, she heard the sound of heels coming down the hall it filled her with both excitement and fear as they got closer. Pt 2: Shape of things to comeShe heard the door unlock as another House slut entered the room she knew this one and had never forgotten the caning she gave her last week as she still had some marks from it and her pulse raced as she organized a collection of straps, floggers and riding crops next she got the smallest looking cock cage and the largest looking inflatable plug Saraya had ever seen she gasped “is that for me?” “Shut up Sissy whore, you don’t speak until you are spoken to” as she organised the toys on the large makeup table next to mistress chair and wheeled in a leather padded bench with strapped knee and hand rests at each end, She swallowed hard because she knew once she was strapped down to that bench there was no escape in fact she could barely move or even breathe.The house slut opened a cupboard and took out a red leather corset “Start putting this on whore” she said as she clipped the lead to her collar and pulled her to her feet and you can put these on too handing her a box with red 6 inch stilettoes and matching red sheer stay up stockings, She hurriedly slipped on the corset stay ups and heels straightening the seams and barely had she done so she heard the Mistress behind her “You dirty slut look at the mess you made get down there and lick it up” pointing at Saraya’s wet spot on the floor, I think we are going to have to do something with that useless clit because we can’t have it dripping all over the place.Mistress unclipped her key holding up the tiny cock cage, “Take of the pink one and put this on while it’s still all soft” she obeyed and unlocked her sissy pink device and slipped the cold metal cage on and mistress padlocked it in place and removed a urethral sounder tube from the chest and applying some lube inserted it into the tip of her limp clit pushing it down her shaft, it was hollow and threaded so it could be screwed it into the cage and put a small rubber sleeve on the end, “there you are that should collect any nasty sissy juices and keep you limp and subservient like a good sissy should be, And it should help you be more obedient and makes me completely in control of when and who has access to your clit.I guess you didn’t realize when you signed your sissy ownership contract that it gives me complete control over you and your bank accounts where you live and your medical plan that way I can authorise any cosmetic surgery so we can get your lips, ass and tits pumped out and stronger hormones to make you even softer and more girly than you already are, you are going to be such a slutty bimbo all the guys are going to want to fuck you real good, then once your transformation is complete I will put you to work as my personal sissy maid, but if you fail your training I might just put you out on the street or perhaps you could be my gloryhole whore, Remember the gloryhole you couldn’t sit down for a week after getting railed by a dozen different guys could you sissy?” “No mistress please I beg you” “well you better impress me your journey into sissy-hood is going to cost plenty and you’re going to earn every cent by sucking cock and getting fucked for me”.The cage was tiny and her clit had nowhere to go as it pressed against the tube growing every time the plug vibrated and sending a stream of pre-cum into the sleeve, “That’s better all locked up but don’t worry sissy it won’t be forever, soon that useless piece of skin between your legs will be permanently limp and then you will only have to wear chastity when I want to humiliate you in front of a real man or another Dom hehehe, now where were we last time? Oh that’s right we need to shape your plump sissy waist and prepare your holes for service so lay face down on the bench so I can tighten those laces” Saraya did as instructed, Mistress put her knee in the small of her back and told her to breath out as she pulled on the corset strings slowly restricting as it tightened poor sissy could hardly breath and was feeling light headed as mistress pulled her to her feet.“A good sissy slut should have a perfect hourglass figure because nobody wants to fuck a fat sissy We don’t want it to be too tight yet because we still have a lot more shaping to do and I don’t want to hear any complaining so bring me that inflatable gag and we can plug your other fuck hole” Mistress pointed at the makeup table, Saraya brought the cock shaped gag and kneeled before mistress, “I think this one will do nicely as she strapped it into her mouth causing her to gag and make her ass-pussy suddenly tighten on her other plug pushing it out onto the floor, “What are you doing you stupid whore is too difficult for a bimbo faggot to keep a plug in that loose pussy? I can see I need to take a firm hand with you bend over” Saraya quickly bent down as Mistress took her crop and gave her a hard whack “what do you say?” thrg yom misgrs” she spluttered through the gag, “what did you say” “was that thank you can I have another mistress?” whack, whack, whack, “louder sissy hahaha”, She could barely breath let alone speak “now pick that up put it away then back on the bench” She quickly put the plug away and lay on the bench, Mistress strapped her hands, waist and legs “Now that you’re not going anywhere I think it’s time to really plug your fuck hole and I have just the thing” Saraya couldn’t quite see what mistress had in store but knew it wouldn’t be fun for her, “ok slut pucker up that pussy I have an extra-large inflatable cock plug for you so it can’t pop out and the gel should have loosened your sissy pussy nicely by now” she spread some hot pink tingle lube on the plug and pushed it all the way in and gave it a few pumps until Saraya’s ass felt filled up and all warm and sensitive, “That’s it bitch take it like the cock loving whore you are” she pumped it as hard as it would go as sissys ass started to burn as she felt the pressure on her g spot.Mistress range her bell and shortly the cruel house slut arrived “bring me a whiskey on the rocks and the Hitachi massager” she giggled and went to make the drink as mistress pulled hard on the corset laces “let’s get you nice and tight we need to cinch that bimbo waist” the house slut returned with the drink and massager “Time for you to do some work Angela, get the flogger and warm up this sissy I need a drink” As Mistress sat and watched the house slut started whipping Saraya slowly then getting faster with every few strokes lashing sissy’s ass and balls till the pre-cum was running down into the sleeve mistress reached over and started pumping the inflatable butt plug till Saraya felt a burning sensation and let out a muffled yelp “ that’s it you’re getting nicely stretched out now that plug isn’t going anywhere and since its firmly in place we can take care of the other end I don’t want you to get too loose” she started pumping the cock gag in her mouth causing her sissy pussy to tighten uncontrollably with each pump and her gag reflex was trying to push out the fully pumped but plug but its wasn’t going anywhere until her arms and legs were shaking from the ordeal.Ohh I think she’s getting a little exited mistress said slut Angela, “well we can’t have that perhaps you should get some tape and put the massager on medium: Slut Angela taped the massager right between Saraya’s plug and tightly caged balls “the perfect spot to keep your juices flowing but not too much, just enough to keep you trying to get hard in that cage, the middle setting should be enough” with that mistress gave another pull on the corset laces picked up her drink and said “since you’re not going anywhere I have some work to attend to”, she placed a blindfold on her and put some headphones with more Femdom mp3’s on the helpless sissy “Have fun and don’t go anywhere” she laughed as she left the room with the door open.Pt3: Sissy girls don’t crySaraya struggled but it was no good she was tightly bound to the bench the pressure of the corset making it hard to breathe with the massager grinding against her prostate she could feel the pre-cum flowing, mistress had selected a sissy cock-slave obedience trainer mp3 giving her detailed instructions on how to please a man with her mouth and ass and how real girls love to get fucked on their back or doggy style and how sissys need to tell the dominant who’s fucking them how good there cock feels inside them and say things like fuck me harder I want it deep, suddenly she could sense someone in the room, Crack! She felt a hard whack with what felt like a cane she knew it would be house slut Angela then she felt the sharp bite of heavy weighted nipple clamps being applied and then the trainer mp3 stopped.“Mistress just wanted me to check on you and make sure you aren’t getting bored” she gave such a hard tug on the corset strings, sissy could hardly breath as she felt her ribs being squashed and her perky breasts being pulled by the clamps that had cute little pink bells that jingled as she struggled and arched with every stroke, Slut Angela was a master with the cane knowing just how hard to strike without breaking the skin stopping every few strokes to rub her rosy red cheeks as Saraya sobbed and cried muffled cries all the while Angela was laughing “Are you crying little sissy aww such cute little sissy tears” Angela gave her six quick hard strokes which made her shriek and sob, “lucky you won’t be punished for making your makeup run you silly little sissy now let’s put some cream on those tender cheeks”Angela pulled a tube from the chest and started rubbing it into Saraya’s pink cheeks “Oops I picked up the sensitizing cream by mistake” she giggled rubbing it all over her ass and then over her swollen balls “let’s not forget those cute pink nipples” ripping off 1 clamp then slowly pulling on the other as she massaged the sensitising cream in and replaced the clamps “we need to make those a bit tighter now they are all slippery we don’t want them to come off” Sissy poor cheeks and nipples were burning with pain and as Angela screwed the clamps down harder she sniggered “there you go tinkle tits does that feel better? I guess it must cause your giz tube is really filling up” She gave both inflatable plugs a few quick squeezes “we don’t want those slipping out now do we sissy especially when you squirm” she attached another bell to Saraya’s chastity device and sang jingle bells whack! Jingle bells whack! Jingle all the way whack, whack, and whack! With sissy’s tears and pre-cum streaming she left the room.Saraya was feeling like she was going to pass out the corset was so constricting & her pink ass was glowing as the Hitachi vibed away, As she struggled it milked her prostate into the sleeve, her sissy balls tingling and straining her clit against its cage, Saraya’s legs were trembling and with every shudder the heavy titty clamps jingled and the cock gag causing a reflex making her pussy contract straining to push the inflatable plug out to no avail, And all the while Mistresses MP3 mix was telling her what her slut holes should be used for and how a real man would fuck her hard and long that even if she came he would keep pounding until he was satisfied, Sissy could only dream of a real man fucking her pussy while her struggles and muffled cries went un-noticed.Pt 4: Lock Stock and 2 smoking ballsShe felt a hard whack as the headphones were removed she hadn’t heard mistress come in but could tell she wasn’t happy “Who has been in here while I was away” Sissy tried to speak but couldn’t so mistress removed the gag “It was Angela mistress” Saraya spluttered and mistress rang her bell, House slut Angela came in sheepishly “On your knees slut” said mistress slapping Angela in the face “what have you been doing to my sissy you useless whore? arms behind you she slipped a leather arm sleeve on the slut and strapped it securely “that will keep you out of trouble… get up and put your leg over the bar” Angela struggled and mistress chained Angela’s arm sleeve to the ceiling winch chain “spread those legs” she clipped a spreader bar to her heel cuffs and raised the cold steel bar up between sluts pussy lips she gasped as mistress lifted the bar higher until it was pressing firmly against her clit then she grabbed the cane and started Caning Angela hard every stroke caused her to flinch and grind her clit into the bar. “How do you like a taste of your own medicine?” she clipped some vibrating clamps to her nipples and switched them on, Oh my little slut how about some lube or maybe this instead rubbing sissys sensitising cream on her spread pussy lips and clit” “Now what if I do this?” she took the clamps off roughly and carefully clipped one to each of the sluts pussy lips causing Angela to shriek and scream as they rattled against the bar, how do you like them now? Not so much fun?” Ow ow No mistress please take them off I beg you, I won’t do it again please mistress?” “Shut that whining fuck hole you dirty whore, here’s a cock gag to keep you quiet while I play”. “ Now since you worked my sissy into such a excited state your reward is a nice cummy facial” mistress removed Saraya’s swollen sleeve and drained the contents all over slut Angela’s face, “ I hope you like essence of sissy and I hope that bar isn’t too high because it can be quite distracting perhaps you would like something else to remind you not to play with my sissies unless instructed” Mistress wheeled out a mechanical fucking machine and attached a large dildo on the end of the pole “let’s get that in that slut hole“ she removed the bar and lubed the dildo and inserted it “now I think the lowest setting should work, notice how it forces in further as you ride but not fast enough to make you orgasm just enough to get you all worked up and should have you begging to be fucked in no time. Mistress grabbed a crop and started slapping Angela’s clit softly, she was squirming trying to wriggle away but the spreader was keeping her legs apart and her pussy exposed for her mistresses pleasure “now we need some music” she clipped a bell chain to her nipples “now as I strike your bells can play me a little tune” whipping her clit as the dildo slowly stroked in an out all slut Angela could do was try not to flinch too hard with each strike, her shrieks no more than a muffled moan through the gag “ I’m glad you are liking this?” she shook her head “ good you need to learn your place as she spanked her tits hard. Soon slut’s tits and pussy had a healthy pink glow mistress stopped whipping while the fuck machine whirred away slowly tormenting Angela’s clit and pussy “stop flinching and just enjoy it or next time I’ll stick it in your ass dry slut and let that thick dong tear you up”.Saraya was still struggling while the Hitachi did its work and mistress replaced her cum sleeve “let’s work on getting that filled up again it makes such an excellent lube” as she started pulling sissy’s now full balls then twisting and slapping them as the tube started filling again “ we have to wring out those useless balls I don’t want any nasty juices messing up my floor and I just don’t see the need for balls on my sissy whores” she dug in her nails and pulled hard Saraya tried to cry out as it felt like they were being ripped off “Lets stretch them out so I can get all the juices out”, Mistress switched off the Hitachi and took a wooden hobbler out of the chest “maybe we will try this later to keep those pesky sissy balls out of the way” she grabbed the crop and started whipping sissys cherry red balls “ I love how they go red to match your sissy lips and ass pussy now let’s take the inflatable gag out and replace it with this double dildo gag, that way when I fuck your face the other end is deep throating you so it’s fucking me and face fucking you at the same time” she pushed the gag end into her wet cunt then smeared it all over sissys face before strapping it into her mouth “that’s it sissy can you taste my pussy juice? it’s the closest you’ll be getting to pussy for a while” she thrust down hard onto the dido and started whipping Angela’s clit and thighs “this way I can enjoy both my whores well torture anyway” as she ground her wet cunt into Sissys face bending over so Saraya didn’t miss any juices. Ok slut that clit is looking nice and ready said mistress pulling slowly at the chain until one nipple camp popped off and then the second, “Are those juices getting you in the mood Saraya? Oh don’t bother answering since you have your mouthful” mistress slid off the dildo “now Sissy you pay attention to what happens when one of my sluts is naughty” mistress lit one of the large red candles and rolled it until there was a large pool of wax “first we need to see to those perky nipples, “slowly she dripped the red wax every drop making her slut jump and squirm on the large cock pushing in and out then as it was fully extended balls deep in her snatch she switched it off and started dripping wax on Angela’s clit, impaled on the massive dildo she tried to scream the cock gag turning it into a moan “Are you trying to say more slut?” pouring it onto her thighs and belly then back to her clit again “Oh yes you like that whore don’t you? Just nod oh good lets colour in those perky breasts” she got another candle and poured on more wax as her slut wriggled and moaned.Mistress seemed bored and rang her bell, shortly another house slut arrived “bring me another whisky on the rocks and the red wine enema kit since it’s only fair if I have a drink that my sissy does too and it should help get you nice and loose, And you will need to be when you see what I have in store for you” Saraya knew it was going to be a long night she had endured the wine enema before and knew it was going to be an intense session. House slut Emma duly arrived wheeling in the enema cart “Look sissy I have a new 6 litre bag that should fill you up no trouble at all” as slut Emma started emptying a cask of very strong red wine followed by a second one, “don’t worry sissy its warmed up just how you like it” she deflated the plug and removed it as she slid the enema tube into a special hollow dildo and applied lube.Like wasn’t a word Saraya associated with mistresses enemas and she wondered how much she would be able to take, She could just feel her ass going back to normal size as mistress shoved the enema dildo in “ yes that’s in nicely now I just need to release the valve” She suddenly felt the warm liquid gushing into her gaping pussy it tingled slightly and was just like drinking a few of bottles of wine without having to actually drink it ”I know you feel full already but that’s only half the bag and when I thrust in and out like this it’s just like a pump opening you up and fucking you full forcing more and more into you, see how it’s still going down?” it was all Saraya could do to look as a burning feeling filled her inside and the wine started to do its work as mistress forced the last of it in with a final thrust then quickly withdrew the dildo re inserted the inflatable plug “tape that in Emma we don’t want a mess this sissy is very full and a little loose and I don’t know how long she can hold on before she squirts” Emma taped the plug in and then loosened off the straps holding her down.“Now get down on the floor my little sissy faggot I think it’s time for your obedience training and I always find being full inside sharpens the mind and makes a sissy quickly follow instructions so she can be allowed to release” Mistress clipped on her leash and nipple bells and lead her sissy around in circles “ We will start with something simple the crop and lead if I don’t hear those titty bells jingling enough you get 2 hard strokes like this” slap , slap “see sissy keep crawling tinkle, tinkle, now up on your knees legs apart in an immodest yet submissive pose, a sissy should always present legs apart hands behind her back or behind your head depending on what your master or mistress wants access to that way I have full access to your tiny caged sissy clit and those perky hormoned p*****n tits” mistress started flicking her balls with the crop “ohh are you finding it hard to concentrate on your training while you are so full inside is that wine getting you in the mood for being my little owned sissy cum whore? Good now face down ass up. Yes that’s it so we can see the pressure building, how does it feel to be all full sissy? I bet you wish it was BBC seed filling you up until the cum is guzzling out of your plugged asshole don’t you slut?” Saraya was having trouble thinking let alone moving the intense burning in her ass and the overwhelming sensation of fullness like a giant cock filling every space in her ass pussy feeling so much pressure. “Perhaps Emma should take you to the potty while you can still stand, Emma take this sissy to the potty so she can make her pussy squirt” Emma led Saraya into the next room and chained her wrists to the toilet then released her plug and sleeve, she took the sleeve to mistress who was using her long red nails to sc**** the wax from Angela’s breasts and clit “how’s that slow fucking going slut? Not fast enough to get you off but enough to tease you to distraction?” Emma gave mistress the sleeve and mistress milked it into Angela’s mouth “does that taste sweet slut? I hope so because sissy pre-cum is the closest you’ll be getting to cock for a while you dirty disobedient whore”.Saraya was crying little sissy tears as the wine burned when it came gushing out after 20 minutes she was already quite drunk as the last few drops leaked out of her pussy, Emma arrived with her sleeve and a large syringe of anal eze she re-attached the sleeve and inserted the syringe emptying it into Saraya’s gaping ass-pussy she could barely feel the lube in her newly stretched out ass “there you go mistress doesn’t want any mess now”, she inserted another plug with a horse hair tail and unchained Saraya forcing her down on all fours and pulling her by her leash back into the main room, “I have your sissy bitch all clean now mistress with a cute pony tail on”.“Present yourself sissy, good now let’s get this gag out and chastity off I will let you have some freedom for a few seconds haha, Not so fast sissy, now ass out legs apart, that’s better look I have a special treat for you look it’s the hobbler” Saraya’s mind filled with dread she had only experienced the hobbler once and it wasn’t pleasant, “lift that sissy tail out of the way so I can massage some more sensitising cream into those pink sissy balls” Mistress grabbed sissys balls and pulled them through the hobbler snapping it shut and locking it “I love how your tail tickles your balls as they are stretched tighter and tighter the humbler helps to keep you in your submissive place and keeps you bent over leaving your ass nicely exposed so if there is any inappropriate behaviour I can easily correct you with my crop” Mistress grabbed her leash and clipped another bell to Saraya’s clit “there you are I love decoration now come sissy keep up as she walked off it was all she could do to keep up crawling behind her.“Now you really are my bitch aren’t you sissy? All controlled and oh so humble now let’s see how Angela is getting on, hmm what do we have here such a wet house slut, my you look exhausted Angela so let’s get that dildo out, Sissy lick it clean” she forced the cock into her mouth lick off all those juices bitch as he whipped her ass hard “come on we haven’t got all day whack, too slow, now lick that cunt clean” she started licking Angela’s drenched pussy when mistress viciously twisted the hobbler “not good enough slut “ forcing the hollow enema didlo into Saraya’s mouth and strapping it in place with a ring gag and pulling her up to Angela’s dripping hole” Stick it in there and if I clip your collar up behind her you can’t go anywhere until you have satisfied her and since its hollow all the cum goes straight down your throat mmmm delicious” Sissy started fucking Angela the smell of her pussy was intoxicating with mistress pushing her head in and out she was soon tasting her pussy juicesAfter the fuck machine torture Angela was ready to blow and rode Saraya’s face hard, she could feel sluts salty juices streaming down through the dildo as she ground down faster and faster until she could see Angela’s clit swelling and feel her pussy gripping harder on the cock as she shuddered and moaned smearing her cum soaked snatch all over sissys face as she swallowed hard to keep up with the flow “Did I tell you slut Angela is a squirter sissy? Never mind you will get the idea” said mistress just then Angela moaned loudly as salty juices poured into sissy Saraya’s mouth with nowhere else to go it was all she could do to gulp down the torrent of cum and piss.Mistress unclipped the leash and pressed down on the hobbler with her heel “did that taste good whore? And your hobbler, Was it tight enough to keep your mind focused on the job? And keep that tiny sissy clit from getting too hard “she started slapping and pulling her clit “Stand up sissy I want to see how far those balls can stretch” Saraya could barely stand the hobbler was so tight she had to bend forward, mistress took her crop and started slapping “come on wiggle that butt I want to see your little sissy faggot dance and make those bells ring” Mistress pulled at her nipple clamps till one came off then the other “those whore tits need some more pumping, shall we start with those pathetic nipples” From the chest mistress pulled a selection of cups and an electric pump “let’s get some small nipple trainers on first” she slipped on 2 small rubber suckers squeezing them until sissys nipples filled them “Now for the breast cups, these cute little p*****n titties won’t have any milk but these should shape them nicely” she lubed and slipped on the large milking cups and turned on the pump, instantly she could feel her tiny breasts being sucked into the cups swelling and turning pink “ohh those look lovely sissy look how full they are nearly a c cup” as she turned the pump up it felt like they were being sucked off with every stroke, “It seems a shame for those tits to have all the fun so I have a small sissy stick pump” she lubbed the pump and placed it on Saraya’s still limp clit “this should be fun especially when you get sucked to hardness with that hobbler on”.Saraya felt like she was being sucked inside out her clit was pulsing to the rhythm of the pump as it grew faster, “Now we need some cuffs for your wrists and ankles” locking them into place she clipped Saraya’s wrists to a chain and hoisted them up above her head, pulling her arms up meant she could not bend making the hobbler pull harder “that’s better milking your tits and clit at the same time I wonder if we will get milk or cream first hahahaha, Emma go and fetch me a large jug of ice water, this is thirsty work”  the milking pump thumping away ” please mistress I think I’m going to cum” mistress instructed Emma to remove the hobbler “I have a special surprise for you, Are you ready to spunk yet whore?” As she turned up the pump to maximum “Yes mistress thank you mistress” “on the count of 10,9,8,7,6 now we have the surprise Emma” Emma quickly unlocked the hobbler and pulled off the pump she then forced Saraya’s clit and ball’s into the jug of ice water causing her to squeal “Hahaha we don’t want to empty those balls yet Sissy and I don’t think you have earned a reward”  sissy watched as her aching genitals shrunk away painfully in the ice water, “look how small your sissy clit is now its so cute and tiny like a girl hehe, we will need the tiniest cage we have, Emma bring sissy a smaller cage” Mistress gleefully slipped the cage on Saraya’s shrunken clit and locked it in place re attaching the cum sleeve “Just in case we have any leakage, and with such a tiny cage your clitty has absolutely nowhere to go so don’t get even think about hard” Smiling Mistress took a shot of whisky while Saraya tried not to get aroused as the blood returned to her icy sensitive clitty.“So now those titties are nicely pumped let’s take of the cups mmm yes so full and so sensitive the lube really make them poof right out into the cups and since they are so full now I have the prefect thing to keep you motivated my sissy whore a latex bra, but not an ordinary one it has all these tiny little nipple spikes that will keep you from moving too much” she removed the nipple cups “let’s just massage the circulation back into these sissy nipples we want them nice and hard” Mistress tweaked and pinched sissys nipples till they were hard, she strapped the bra on sissy tightly and immediately her engorged nipples were being pricked and poked“ I know you can’t move too much chained up there but if I do this” she started whipping her ass and balls with a flogger causing her to jump and feel the spikes digging in “ I hope that isn’t too intense sissy?” All Saraya could do was shake her head causing the drool to drip from her gag on to her chest “ohh look sissy is drooling with excitement, she must be enjoying it”.“So while I have you all chained up and helpless I can do whatever I want with you, I can torture or tease you the possibilities are endless, I might give you a lesson in caning or perhaps I’ll let slut Angela return the favour” Emma had unchained Angela and mistress sent her for more whiskey while Angela got her favourite cane from the rack flexing it in front of saraya she whispered in her ear “now you’re going to get some payback for getting me in trouble sissy, don’t bother trying to beg” she put the cane between her legs and flicked it side to side “does the whore like it?” I think she does judging by the little moans echoing out of that cock in her mouth” moving behind her she said I’m going to give you 10 of the best you need to count and thank me or it’ll be 20 you Sissy cock whore” whack, 1 thank you, whack, 2 thank you… With every stroke she could feel it getting harder and harder they came more quickly now 7,8,9 thank you 10 thank you, “now a countdown” Angela gave Saraya another fast beating before putting the cane back on the rack. “Are those tits feeling nice and sensitive now whore? Well since mistress isn’t back yet let’s put the spreader on those ankles that way I have full access to your sissy ass and clit” she took mistress crop and started slapping between her thighs again she wriggled and danced as Angela slapped her balls and clit “I can see your sleeve filling up so you must be enjoying it but you look at a little thirsty” she squatted down over a large cup and filled it with her piss “mmmm yummy a nice warm drink for Sissy” as she poured it carefully through a funnel into the hole in the gag she felt the warm salty liquid filling her mouth “skull sissy swallow it all up my thirsty whore” as she filled a second cup “aren’t you lucky” she said as Saraya gulped it down not that she had any choice with Angela pinching her nose shut so she had to swallow it all before she could breath again, “where’s that Hitachi? Let’s see how much we can fill that sleeve” she pressed the vibe against her cage causing her clit to swell and dig into her cum sleeve stretching against her swollen balls “how do you like that? And if I put it here it’s like a jack hammer on your clit” buzz, buzz, Saraya nearly passed out “poor sissy was that a bit much? Is this better? Angela started rubbing her still wet pussy on the cage “mmmm that feels nice how about when I press my tits against yours” she moaned “or perhaps a little tit fuck” using the drool from Sissy’s gag as lube Angela frantically tit fucked poor Sissy’s caged clit till it was so swollen it bulged through the bars of her device.Angela was so busy teasing poor sissy that she didn’t hear mistress coming “At it again you filthy slut you just can’t keep your dirty little hands off my Sissy’s” yelled mistress “I said caning not a tit job, get into your cage slut I’ll deal with you later” the cage was small and once mistress locked the door there was no way to move and had small wheels so her pets could be put away without any fuss, Mistress wheeled slut into a corner “no whining slut or I’ll light some candles on top of your cage to keep you warm and waxed.Pt 5 Makeup Ink and Whore moans:”Well now my sissy whore has slut Angela been teasing or torturing you or perhaps a little of each hehe? Looks like you have a few new red marks and you smell like a whores snatch”  mistress un-cuffed Saraya and threw her a large tub of hair removal cream ” since you’re going to have to clean up you can take off your bra and corset and rub yourself all over with cream before you shower, off you go” mistress pointed at the enema room and Saraya unclipped the spreader and staggered into the bathroom, first she took off the spiked bra and corset then spread the cream thick on her arms, legs and body making sure she didn’t miss anything and once the cream had done it’s work showered and dried herself.Mistress walked in and opened a black medical bag “bend over sissy show me your pink ass, now this won’t hurt a bit” she said stabbing a large hypodermic needle into Sissy’s tender ass cheek “l don’t think these hormones are working as fast as I would like and this shot will keep you from getting too hard in the meantime and should loosen that tight sissy pussy, and I’m also going to put some more patches on those girly tits and your ball sack as well so that useless thing shrink’s away to a tiny cute sissy clit truly good for nothing but making a wet spot in your panties, now within a few minutes you should feel a warm glow and once the patches start working we might need to get you a smaller cage hahaha” Saraya could slowly feel a warm slightly itchy sensation on her balls like they were melting away then her nipples started burning and a warm pressure on her chest “maybe I’ll put one on each ass cheek so you get a rounded bubble butt, there you go now I’ll send Emma in for your makeup soon.Emma came in and led saraya to the makeup table “that cream worked nicely, we just need some foundation and brows first then I will pick out some slutty lip gloss and eyeshadow colour’s to go with your sissy maids outfit” Emma worked her magic and finished with long sparkly lashes and extra lip-gloss “OMG such a cutie come and present yourself for mistress now” She called mistress who told Emma to get Sissys outfit “I love owning such smooth sissy bitch, MY sissy bitch you really are becoming a girl now and I have a special house maids outfit for you to wear for your trial now put on these nylons and make sure the seams are straight they are real silk so if you ladder them there will be a severe punishment” mistress took a pair of 5: black patent leather sandals from the heel rack and Saraya put them on and mistress padlocked the ankle straps in place, “I have a lovely maids push up corset for you this one just clips on so you better breath out” she clipped it tightly in place and attached bahis siteleri the suspender straps to sissys nylons.“Now we have a cute ribbon for your hair and a tiny white lace apron and matching bonnet, the apron almost covers your sissy clit how gorgeous, now make sure those suspender straps and seams are still straight we don’t want any wardrobe disasters” Saraya was still drunk from the wine enema and wobbled over to the mirror looking at her tiny new waist as her corset pushed up her perky tits they were warm and sensitive from the oestrogen patches, and after the pumping they felt fuller and softer than normal while the patches on her balls were itchy “ Is that chastity uncomfortable sissy? Don’t worry those patches will help your sissy balls dissolve away and shrink that pathetic sissy stick until it’s nice and limp and useless, then you will have to use a real cock or dildo to get off like a girl by stimulating your sissy G spot while you rub that tiny clit using two fingers like a girl, eventually you will learn to cum by anal only, you are such a lucky faggot to be owned and controlled a mistress like me who will train you so well and make you into the prettiest girliest sissy you can be”.“And didn’t Emma do well with your makeover? We will take a pic for your new Sissy profile on my website, and don’t forget to send copies to her ex-girlfriend” “Ex-girlfriend Mistress? Asked sissy, “Oh yes I broke up with her for you and hooked her up with one of my BBC Studs and she’s never been happier, no more tiny dick cum too soon sissy boi that steals her panties, anyway you look so pretty now all the men will want to fuck you and as you become more sissified your desire for women will become less and less and your need for cock will grow, now here’s some extra lip-gloss cause you’re gonna need it to help all the cocks slide over your lips and don’t worry about those shaggy eyebrows I booked you in at the beautician tomorrow for permanent tattooed brows and liner so you won’t have to worry about that and laser hair removal to keep you nice and smooth, I just can’t wait but first I have another special surprise for you my sissy bitch, I know how much you love serving me and I heard you love BBC just as much so I invited Jake over to brand you” Saraya swallowed hard Jake was mistresses tattooist and he also had a hot body and one of the biggest BBC she had seen, way bigger than anything she had taken before she just hoped mistress wouldn’t get him to seed her until her ass pussy was trained to take the biggest dicks,“Jake honey were in here, bring in your book so I can pick something for my sissy” Jake came in and handed mistress his book “A pretty sissy whore like you needs something special something that says I’m a dirty cock whore while at the same time a submissive owned slut, Ohh I like this one and this one, damn I can’t decide so maybe I’ll let sissy get you in the mood? Don’t worry Saraya he’s not going to fuck you cause you aren’t far enough through your training yet so get on your knees and unzip him” She did as commanded there was a huge bulge in Jakes pants and the zipper almost burst open and her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she pulled out the largest cock she had ever seen “wow Jake I think she’s in love how cute, What do you say Sissy?” “Please may I suck your gorgeous cock sir” “get busy on those balls whore” She pulled down his pants and started licking she was trying to get them in her mouth but could barely manage one at a time “that’s my sissy bitch let’s see if you can please this hot BBC, as she licked she felt his cock pulsing and firming up it must have been 10 inches already and so thick Saraya didn’t think she would be able to get it in her mouth. She licked and caressed Jakes huge cum filled balls eagerly all the time wondering whether her tight sissy pussy could ever take all that cock the thought filled her with excitement and dread at the same time, “Now you can suck his dick sissy we want to see just how much you can get in that whore mouth, I’m training you my little whore to be the best little cock sucking sissy you can be, so start off just licking the tip mmm that’s it now roll your tongue round and around the head, see the precum suck that up, now the tricky part while you are sucking just the head start stroking with one hand and pulling down on his balls with the other that helps delay his orgasm while working up a nice big load, Cmon sissy is it too complicated doing three things at once? can your one celled bimbo brain cope? Are her lips nice and soft Jake?” “Yes Ms T they sure are sweet but I’m not sure she’s ready for this” Jake forced sissys head down hard on his cock she started gagging and tearing up she tried her best but could barely fit half of it in “Aww poor sissy is that lollypop too big? don’t worry we will stretch your holes to fit BBC eventually hehe, in the mean time I want you to pleasure him till he fills you with seed and I mean all his seed you know what will happen if you waste any, and a little sissy beta faggot like you needs to submit to alpha cock”Saraya went as hard as she could sucking his wonderful cock and stroking his shaft while massaging the balls with her free hand, she could feel it pulsing and stiffening and could taste his sweet thick pre-cum, She started massaging his firm muscular ass and cupping his balls wishing they were slapping up against her white sissy ass, her clit was leaking just with the thought of it, she could feel his large black dick pulsing faster as he pushed her head down harder slowly thrusting it further down her throat, The tears were flowing as she sucked and gagged Jake started moaning and his balls tightened “I’m ready to seed your sissy” He started jerking hard and shot his load so fast it went all over her face before Jake thrust it into her mouth pumping thick wads of gooey warm salty gizz straight down her throat into Saraya’s stomach “is that good sissy? Does it taste nice? I know you love a protein shake and his manly seed in you will make you more Sissy and girly” it was all she could do to take his load without choking as Jake shuddered milking his last few drops on to Saraya’s waiting tongue then using his huge cock like a spoon wiping his juicy cum drops off her face into her mouth. “Good sissy I hope that filled you up? Now clean him up so he can get his equipment ready” Saraya cleaned off his cock paying special attention to his beautiful balls and Jake started setting up, While you were serving Jake I’ve been picking your new tattoos, I want a large black Queen of spades right above your sissy clit so when you look at it you will be reminded of what you want to be when you’re a big sissy girl and I think a Mistress T slag tag on the small of your back and one on you right shoulder so whoever is fucking you will know exactly who you are owned by, and that should be enough for now but I’m thinking of a large one of me holding a whip Betty Page style on her Thigh and a cute kneeling gagged and bound feminized sissy on her calf so everyone knows what a submissive slut you are and reminds you that your place is down at your mistresses feet ready to serve and please me”.Jake finally had his kit ready “Face down ass up sissy you know what to do, I think I’ll do the slag tag in red” He quickly drew the outline of Mistresses personal stamp then started with the red ink, It stung on her freshly depilated back first a large “Sissy” stamp in pink then below “Owned by Mistress T” in red “Leave that patch on for a while the Ink needs to set, Now for my favourite part I love branding QOS on a new sissy” he drew a large black spade symbol with a circle in the centre and the words “Queen of spades” “BBC Slut” around the edge of the circle.Jake patched over the new ink and called for Mistress “Ohh how lovely a newly branded sissy whore show me your ass sissy? Yes I love it red and pink so cute and let me see my QOS stamp… Nice all the BBC’s will know what you are now, A BBC cock-whore stamped on the front or Owned sissy from behind everyone will know you need to be used as a cum-dumpster” “Thanks so much Jake I’m having her sent for permanent makeup and laser hair removal tomorrow so next time we see you she will be ready for more branding next week”, Jake packed up his kit and slapped Saraya’s ass “get that thing trained up sissy your ass owes me and I’m gonna collect soon” Jake packed his gear up and left for the evening.Pt 6 Sissy makeover “Well Sissy I think that’s enough for today, I’ve had the gimps go and empty out your apartment” “My Apartment what do you mean mistress?” well I’m sure you didn’t really read your contract because your such a dumb sissy bimbo but I’m throwing out all your male clothes and porn since you are going to be the porn haha and I’ve terminated your lease so you’ll be living here as my feminized submissive sissy maid from now on, your old life is over and I will make you the sluttiest little fag whore that ever was” sissy was shocked “ don’t worry sissy I kept all your girly clothes, sex toys and makeup for your new sissy life”.Just one more lesson before bed we need to train your clit to cum on command or not depending on how I feel” she threw her chastity key at sissy and some lube “now on your knees use plenty of lube and start rubbing that thing slowly but gripping tightly and rubbing around the head she lit a joint and blew sissy a shotgun keep stroking bitch faster, faster now you need to keep stroking but you are not allowed to cum yet, faster bitch that’s it” she slowly rubbed her nyloned foot under sissys balls pressing against the base of her clit until sissy said “I think im going to cum mistress” “No you do not have permission hand off your clit” she slapped sarayas clit hard with her crop “you will learn to wait till I count down” now start stroking slowly again that’s it, 10,9,8,7 stroke faster 6,5,4 keep stroking 3 grip harder 2, now just rub the head “im Cumming mistress” 1 now ruin yourself rub the head like a clitty” sissy did as she was told and rubbed till she spurted then mistress grabbed her clit just below the head tightly so the cum couldn’t release then slapped the head as the cum spurted wildly she kept slapping till sissy couldn’t take it and closed her legs mistress gave her a few hard strokes across the thighs “if you ever do that again you will wish you hadn’t slut, I think we will need to revisit this but with a spreader and arm cuffs until you have learned some discipline”.“Anyway we need to make sure that corset stays on and I have a special anal chastity belt that goes around your waist & locks your corset in place and this strap goes between your legs to make sure you don’t get up to any mischief, so go and get a nightie” Saraya got a see thru fluffy edged pink nighty and mistress adjusted the belt “Now my sissy this will stop any accidents” as she attached a large metal plug to the strap“Let’s just slide this in, wow you’re so loose now and we just pull you through the front hole and pad lock it in place now put your device on” she put her cage on and gave the key to mistress, after that disaster you are lucky im not throwing away the key, now my sissy maid needs her rest so lay down on the padded bench” Saraya did as she was told and mistress locked her wrist clamps to the sides “we don’t want any misbehaviour now here’s your sleep mask and your pretty pink cock shaped pacifier lets strap that in place and I’ll just give you a nice pussy flavoured facial mask” Mistress pulled her panties to the side rubbed her wet snatch all over sissys face “ That’s so you get to smell what you will never get to fuck again hahaha now some nice soothing sissy hypno MP3s to continue your training while you sleep, Sweet dreams my sissy whore” Saraya tried to sleep but mistress had turned up the mp3 so loud she just tried to think about not getting hard in her tight chastity and eventually she drifted off to sleep.She was dreaming she was getting fucked by a hot BBC but woke to find someone had attached the Hitachi under her balls on a timer to go off at 6am and her clit was already straining against her cage making her cry out but with the pacifier gag in it just sounded like a little moan of pleasure “good morning sissy I hope you slept well? Are you enjoying your alarm cock? Of course you are look how red your sissy clit is all jammed in there so cute and restrained better not get too hard or it might hurt lol, It’s going to be a big day today to get you all ready for my party tonight and I’m going to have you serving my guests if you don’t fuck up otherwise it’ll be chained to the glory hole for you” Saraya didn’t like the thought of that she had been there before and couldn’t sit down for 2 days so being used in mistresses spit roast glory hole booth was something she didn’t want to repeat.“Hurry up and get showered don’t bother with shaving or makeup, your clothes are in the bathroom” Mistress un-cuffed sissy and unlocked the anal plug belt she stripped off all but the chastity device and jumped into the warm shower she started with the douche and cleaned her pussy then finished off with a large pink loofa, she got out and dried herself, she put on the pink lacy panties and bra and a cute pink baby doll dress with white stay ups and pumps, “Come out here and do a little twirl sissy? that’s lovely bend over so I can insert your remote plug, wow that goes in much easier now your hole is all stretched out and I have this cute sissy bow to top off the outfit” Saraya yelped as she felt her clit trying to harden when mistress tested the remote “this way I can vibe to let you know I’m ready and you won’t wander off and get lost because it gives you a shock if you get out of range, should I test it?” sissy couldn’t even get the word please out before her pussy was convulsing “That seems to work nicely so you go down to the car and I’ll be there shortly”.Slade was waiting in the limo Saraya smiled sweetly remembering sucking his beautiful cock “How’s my sissy girl this morning? “I’m fine Slade, thank you for not telling mistress why I was late” Mistress got in the limo “Right Slade of to Miss Clara’s salon, my sissy is getting the treatment today” Slade put his foot down and they arrived on time “OK we will be a few hours so I will text you when were done” she put on sissy’s collar and leash and led her into Clara’s salon, “Hi Girls” Hi T they called back “look sissy it’s the girls from the Femdom club, Hi Girls I’ve brought in my newest live in sissy maid for a makeover, I know she doesn’t look much yet and she’s a bit of a bimbo but she is so very submissive and a great cocksucker” Mistress pulled up sissys skirt to show them her ass and new slag tag, all the mistresses laughed at sissy, “So Clara I want the works for this little sissy, Laser hair removal, permanent makeup, Mani/Pedicure and perhaps an anal bleaching that should do it for today, Sissy go with Clara and don’t forget to be obedient while I choose your nail colours”.Mistress thumbed through the nails book and Saraya was led off for her hair removal “They look nice and I love those French ones I think she will have the pink gloss ones the mid length until she gets used to them we don’t want any guests with scratch marks” Clara asked mistress what makeup selection “Oh just give her the normal wide eyed bimbo/ sissy cocksucker look the same as sissy Bella but with pouty lips I want to be sure we get the right colour if she is going to be a real cock sucking star on cam” She was wondering if the hair removal would ever end when they started bleaching her asshole “Now this is going to sting a bit sissy so no crying” Compared to a forced fisting the bleaching was like sweet kisses on her ring, after the bleaching and laser treatment was done she was sent to the makeup room for permanent brows & liners, “Let me look at you sissy? So pretty and I love that beauty spot very sexy, now go get dressed so we can start on those nails”Saraya went to the Pedi chair and they started work on her toes and feet she loved being pampered like a real girly girl and she loved the shade of pink mistress had picked for her, she was in a sissy daydream being gently fucked by a young hot guy with a huge hard dick when Mistress came in. “Guess what sissy I have arranged some dermal fillers for that slutty ass of yours and Botox we want those sissy whore lips all poofed out so you can really please my guests tonight” they started on the injections while her toes and fingers were being finished “Now you will look like a goldfish for a few hours till the swelling goes down” Said Clara “you look just like a sissy bimbo blow up doll all you need is some bubble gum and then you can really show us how to blow haha”  she could feel her lips swelling to twice there size and could barely move them, just when she thought the ordeal was over Mistress said “I’ve organised some fillers for your butt too sissy, don’t worry we will get those done next week” Saraya was so relieved.“I almost forgot while you were getting bleached I picked you out some pretty girly piercings too and I’m sure they will make you the life of the party” Clara’s assistant arrived with the tray of piercings “Are these the ones Mistress T?” Yes that’s them I want the works for this sissy, I think 2 in the tongue one on the tip and one in the middle for extra stimulation and I think a pretty jewelled prince albert ring would look nice so here’s the key for your device, she already has her belly button done so we just need some nipple rings so give her the largest you have”They got to work punching poor sissy full of holes, the nipples were the most painful “ohh I love these little bell rings too maybe put a couple in her sissy ball sack that way when she’s getting fucked they will sound like Tinkerbelle ringing her little bell so cute and I’ll take a couple more for her nipple rings I want to hear jingle bells when I slap those tits” “ Would you like her tanned?” said Clara “No I think I like her pale and soft so her new branding really stands out” Saraya felt like a pin cushion and her nipples were still very sensitive but she loved how her alterations looked even if she had no choice as an owned sissy.“Thank you so much Clara, my sissy whore looks a million bucks now, I just need some advice on wigs, should I leave her hair or shave and a wig?” Saraya shuddered at the thought of being bald, “I think her hair is girly enough so we can do some highlights and hair extensions for now” she was relieved as wigs were so itchy and she was proud of her sissy locks, “Now I’m going for coffee with the girls so no monkey business while I’m gone and your out of chastity” “Yes Mistress” said Saraya but all she could think about was how pretty she was going to be and that made her even hornier, the salon was her favourite place seeing all the other girls getting waxed and tanned walking around naked was driving her wild and while she was having her extensions put in her head was filled with naughty thoughts of her getting railed by a BBC.They finished the extensions and told her to not touch them and she could come back next week for the highlights while she was having her ass and hips pumped, Saraya said she needed the bathroom and went into a cubicle picking up an issue of cosmo on the way, She started flicking through the pages it was a lingerie special Victoria’s secret she noticed her cilt starting to stiffen imagining herself modelling lingerie which made the piercing sting a bit, then she noticed an interview with a couple of grid iron players and started to read it she turned the page to see a dressing room photoshoot as soon as she saw their hard black bodies dressed only in tight lycra shorts her clit sprang to attention, it must be those sex pills mistress keeps giving me she thought as she started stroking her clit, licking her full swollen lips while looking at their tanned bodies and the shape of their BBCs bulging their tight shorts barely containing them, she stroked faster and faster moaning as her sissy clit uncontrollably squirted all over the floor.“Is that my Sissy making that noise?” it was mistress back early, “Open that door right now you dirty little slut?” She opened the door sheepishly her clit still pulsing with little drips of cum “you filthy sissy get down on your hands and knees and lick that floor clean now?” Saraya dropped to her knees and started cleaning the cubicle floor with her tongue while mistress was sticking her spiked heel into her freshly bleached asshole “you missed a bit cum dumpster” as she pushed her heel deeper Saraya let out a yelp “don’t complain sissy it would be far worse for you if I hadn’t had you locked up for so long without release and I know you can’t help yourself now can you?” “No mistress, sorry mistress” she finished licking the floor clean and went to stand up mistress forced her down again “clip on your leash since you are such a dirty bitch you can stay on all fours”. Mistress threw her chastity at her and she gently put it on her still dripping clit, “Hurry up sissy, it’s always more effective putting your device on while you are still all sensitive and it helps to remind you that I own you sissy and I have complete control of your clit” She locked her device and mistress clipped the key to her chain and led sissy out of the bathroom like a naughty puppy.“Well Clara you will never guess what I caught my sissy doing in your bathroom, but don’t worry I made her clean up after herself” “You just can’t trust an un-caged sissy can you? Especially a horny bitch like her” “I know Clara, I really should have had her milked this morning but she won’t be getting out of her device for a while now will you my sissy bitch?” “no mistress, thank you mistress” “Well it’s been wonderful to see you again Clara I always love your work especially that makeup, She’s going to be the belle of the ball in more ways than one hehehe” Mistress led Saraya to the car and told her to get on the floor like the bitch she was and pulled a whip tailed butt plug from her bag, “Stick your ass up sissy” as she shoved it in dry and Saraya whimpered “there’s your bitch tail”.“Since you were such an embarrassment at the Salon I think I will find some humiliating chores for you when we get back but for now I need to relax so get that bitch tongue over her and lick my cunt, she pulled sissy up by her leash, you might as well eat a little cunt since you are one, That’s it whore lick up all the juices then suck my clit hard?” Saraya went to work on mistresses pussy she didn’t want to disappoint her or she would likely end up on the milking machine which filled her with dread as it sucked and pumped her clit until there was nothing left while at the same time sucking her tits out till they filled the cups, “Are you daydreaming bitch keep licking harder I want to see how you work those tongue balls, try going side to side mmmm that’s it all you need is a little encouragement” mistress started slapping her ass with a riding crop while pulling on her tail plug “if you please me I have a little present for you” Saraya wasn’t sure if the present would be a good thing but was sucking frantically lest she end up on the milking pump, suddenly mistress started to cum gripping her head between her thighs and grinding her pussy all over Saraya’s face.”mmmm that was lovely I see your pussy eating training has really paid off and those tongue peircings are fantastic on my clit, now back up on the seat sissy, Heres your present, Clara gave me some lovely jewellery just for you sissy…So this chain goes through your belly ring and clips to your clit piercing and these attach to your nipple rings, let’s adjust that and make it nice and snug because we don’t want any more embarrassing incidents” every time she moved it felt like her new piercings were being ripped out so she kept as still as she could while mistress gave her pointers on cock-sucking, slapping her face with a large dildo then forcing her head on to it, I want you to deep throat all the way down till you can lick the ball’s that’s it such a good sissy” mistress took a box of oestrogen patches and started applying them to Saraya’s balls and tits “Along with the injections these will help those pathetic sissy clit and balls to shrink and those boobs to grow so you can give a half decent tit job, and I think you are going to get implants because I’m not happy with the progress” Saraya swallowed hard she was scared of having bigger breasts and every day her clit and balls got smaller and softer until one day she would no longer be able to get hard, But on the upside bigger tits might help her get more BBC so that was a good thing, she was still daydreaming about BBC when mistress gave her another slap in the face with the large black dildo.  “Stop daydreaming sissy or this thing will be the closest you get to BBC, now bitch show me your tail, my sissy has such a cute ass doesn’t she Slade, I can see you looking in the review mirror, Would you like to see me fuck her with this? “Sure Mistress T I love seeing big black dick going into a tight white sissy ass pussy” Mistress lubed the dildo pulled out the plug and started r****g her sissy bitches ass “Keep your eyes on the road Slade we don’t want any more accidents do we sissy?” And I better put your sleeve back in place to catch any mess, Now that your worthless clit is getting softer not harder we need to make sue the ureteral tube goes in a bit further” She screwed in the urethral tube and sleeve which pressed painfully against her new clit piercing then began slapping and squeezing her sissy balls hard “jingle jingle sissy not only will these patches dissolve your balls but they will make your pussy and prostate more sensitive to bigger and bigger cocks just like a real girl, that’s it, see your ass is gaping now, does it feel good sissy?” Yes Mistress thank you mistress I love when you fuck me” as mistress pushed it in all the way and Saraya could fell herself close to cumming.“Please mistress I think I’m going to cum” “Not yet sissy you cum when I say and only when I say or else” Saraya tried desperately not to cum but seeing Slade watching her getting fucked was such a huge turn on her clit felt like it was in a vice aching to get hard but trapped in a limp sissy clit state it was so frustrating “Please mistress may I cum?” No sissy you may not” Mistress dug her nails into sissys ball sack hard causing her to squeal “shut up whore or ill rip these useless things off” she was twisting and pulling her balls then slapping them as the Tinkerbelle piercings jingled “Sissy is going for a long hard sleigh ride tonight, Jingle balls, jingle balls dildo all the way, I love jingling them as I squeeze the balls away hehe” it was all she could do not to cum but the ball torture just made it harder “please mistress I’m cuummming” Saraya’s clit tried to spurt but all that happened was her juices went dribbling into the sleeve, “you dirty slut how dare you sissygasm without permission, so since you couldn’t wait to pleasure yourself it’s only fair I seed you with your own cum” Mistress removed the full sleeve and milked it into sissys gaping hole, “There you go every time you get seeded it makes you that little more girly and there’s no going back for you now”.Pt 7 Got Milk?Well I’m impressed and now you have proved that keeping you in chastity is the best thing for you to build up loads of cum, at least while you still have working balls and your device definitely makes you more sissified and subservient” she said twirling the key to sissys chastity around her finger and laughing , Mistress plugged up her ass and told her bitch to get back on the floor, They shortly arrived back at the mansion and mistress said “Since you were such a dirty little sissy faggot at the salon I’ve decided to have you milked, Sluts take her away” “Please no mistress” Saraya protested but it was no use, Emma And Angela frogmarched her to the milking room. The milking room it sounded pleasant enough but was more like a torture chamber, sissy had already cum twice today but the milking equipment could easily vacuum 3 or 4 more loads before the victim passed out, the room itself was sound proofed to block out all the shrieks, screams and sobbing, “This is going to be so much fun” said Angela winking at Emma.Angela removed sissy’s cage and titty clit chain and replaced her tail plug with a freshly lubed inflatable plug and gag the difference was they were both connected to the pump and would inflate slowly during the milking until the cream was extracted then deflate and slowly inflate again, “you are going to love this sissy these will have you all stretched out in no time, Let’s get plenty of lube on these milking cups” the lube made the suction more effective and meant her tits could be sucked out to the full cup size while making the whole process so much more torturous, “that’s better, These teat cups will pump your boobs continuously because we want them to get bigger and you have no milk but the clit pump will get faster and faster until you spunk then it will slowly suck you back to hard and start all over again it’s so delicious and once we have a few loads we will be able to fully seed you and maybe have enough left to give you a lovely cum facial”.Angela strapped Saraya down to the special Y shaped milking bench with her legs spread for easy access and gave her a hard slap “you better get busy whore I want fresh milk, and while you are milked I have the perfect mp3 it’s called “Your new sissy life in chastity” so I know you will like it” Emma put on the headphones but no blindfold so she could see herself being sucked dry in the mirror, “Now it’s on the slowest setting for the first part of the milking so it will slowly work up a big load while the cock gag inflates which causes your gag reflex to tighten up your pussy and because the but plug is inflatable it won’t pop out no matter how hard you try” Emma grabbed a flogger and started Whipping sissys balls “This should get you in the mood my little milking sissy, look I see pre-cum dripping I think we’re going to have milk any time now” Angela turned up pump faster till Saraya felt like her clit was being sucked right off “Now we need to get as much cum out as possible so let’s massage the prostate as I grind the plug into your pussy, I can see a big load building” Saraya’s clit exploded and she started cumming uncontrollably with Angela rubbing and squeezing her balls wringing the last drop out “Right we will just put that back on slow now, doesn’t it feel agonizing constantly stroking your super sensitive clit back to hardness sissy? Don’t you just want it to stop for a minute? Well it’s not going to stop just like when a big strong man wants to fuck you he’s going to keep going at it till he’s had enough and a real Alpha male he won’t even care if you cum or not sissy whore” Emma came back with the Hitachi “Let’s get that next load out so we can go have a drink” she pressed the vibe against sissys prostate again and started going up and down “Angela I think its time to put the pump on auto, Mistress wants all her cum removed before she’s put into service” Angela set the milker to auto so that every time saraya milked it would go back to slow and speed up till the next cum on and on till her balls were sucked completely dry, It just kept pumping while Saraya moaned and sobbed, at least the tears wouldn’t make her eyeliner run anymore as the spunk was extracted from her throbbing clit again and again.Saraya’s tits were filling the cups nicely and mistress was pleased when she returned to find her sissy had produced enough clitty milk “look at those tits sissy aren’t they lovely? As she removed the cups “I bet those new nipple rings gave it a whole new dimension and look at those perfect C cups” Sissy was exhausted but mistress still hadn’t removed the clit pump “Have you had enough whore? Have you learnt not to embarrass me in public? Saraya nodded sobbing as mistress removed the gag “Yes mistress sorry mistress, I won’t do it again, may I please be let out now mistress?” Mistress said “I guess so” as she switched of the pump and syringed up the cum from the milking bottle “35ml who would have thought you had that much left in those sissy balls, I had better order some more hormone patches and pretty soon that thing will be so small and soft you will only need to use two fingers to rub yourself through your silky panties like a horny little schoolgirl, but don’t worry the hormone’s will also make your pussy more sensitive so you will still be able to sissygasm by being fucked in the ass like the sissy faggot whore you are, and even after getting fucked for hours all that will happen will be a little girly wet spot in your panties hehehe you’re going to be so cute as my submissive sissy fuck toy”. Mistress deflated her plug removing it slowly and inserted the cum filled syringe into sissies gaping hole “well I can see we are going to have to plug you up after this seeding your hole is so loose now the creamy goodness will just drip out and we don’t want that” she quickly shoved the remote plug in using the cum as lube “there we go and if I need you I just have to buzz and you better come running otherwise I will use the electro stim feature, that’s if you can run in the heels and outfit I’ve picked out for you tonight, and you better not embarrass me again or milking will seem like a relaxing massage compared to the ass whipping you will get” Mistress unclipped her wrist and ankle cuffs and she tried to stand up, “Are my sissies legs all wobbly? poor sissy better rest for a minute we don’t want you to fall down hehe” She leaned against the bench until she could feel her legs again and then followed mistress to the dressing room “poor sissy you look like you’ve been in the saddle all week but don’t worry I have some special shots to get you going again”.Angela bought in the medicine kit and a large makeup bag while Saraya looked at all the pretty jewellery on the dresser there was gorgeous pearls and diamond chokers and an array of earrings and piercing rings, clit and nipple clamps of all shapes and sizes and racks of collars and masks for the gimps and other house slaves “Ok Emma get to work on her makeup and don’t forget to give her extra submission instruction she only has a couple of weeks left to learn everything then I expect her to be doing her makeup herself although it should be a lot faster now most of it is permanent, just eyeshadow and foundation a bit of blush for those sissy cheeks and lots and lots of lip gloss for those plump cock sucking lips, mmm they will love this hot pink strawberry gloss it has pretty sparkles too, Now what earrings something big and dangly that will look good while you are bobbing that sissy faggot head up and down, And you already have your new piercings in but we need a collar to match your new maids outfit” Saraya couldn’t wait to see her uniform and hoped it had lots of cute ruffles and satin.Pt 8 CB jewellery Mistress picked slutty anklet and bangles to match her earrings and Emma finished up with the makeup “Angela bring in the sissys new uniform and heels, first put on your suspenders and these lovely silk stockings that I don’t want to see laddered ok?” she slapped Saraya’s ass to reinforce the message and produced a matching balconette bra, “You probably won’t be needing panties tonight cause my little cock whore needs to keep her hole open and available for guests, Now bend over its time for your shot” Sissy was filled with dread she knew what that would mean, Mistresses special injections were tailored for the occasion but were usually some kind of upper and sex stimulants, She jabbed the needle in and sissy felt a warm glow spreading out from her ass making her skin so sensitive to the touch and feeling light headed “there we go you’ll be feeling all horny and submissive soon but before we get carried away let’s get that pathetic clitty tucked away and with this new CB device,” Saraya gasped when she saw it.Mistress pulled her through the ring locking it to a strap around sissys waist which pulled her clit and balls up then attached the chastity sheath witch locked her clit and balls down and away. “Look sissy your clit is now a shiny metal nub and those balls are hidden away below there won’t be any accidents with this on you can’t even touch yourself” Mistress put the key in her bra and slapped sissys tits “they look lovely all pumped out in that bra that pushes your nipples out so nicely, so get on your knees legs apart hands behind your back, A sissy should always adopt an immodest and submissive pose for her mistress so she has full access to her playthings otherwise you will wear arm cuffs and a spreader till you learn obedience” she flicked the tip of her riding crop between her sissies thighs and across her hardening nipples “I hope you like your new CB its designed so you get the maximum pleasure when you are being fucked especially if whoever is fucking you holds onto the waist strap the ring will lift your balls and stroke your clit but the sheath will make sure you can’t get hard it’s such a devilishly delicious way to deny and control you”.Saraya could feel the injection working making her so horny but try as she might she could not get hard and as she moved the CB ring milked her causing a tiny silky stream of pre-cum to leak out through a hole in the bottom of the clit sheath “Have a taste of your sissy juices whore that should get you in the mood for cock sucking? Since sucking cock and getting fucked in the ass are all you are good for now and soon when the hormones do their work you will crave anal orgasms while your limp clit drips in your panties like a horny girly slut” She was breathing rapidly now and felt dizzy from whatever d**gs mistress had given her, “you’re looking a little pale sissy how about a little 420 to relax you” Mistress loaded a cone and lit it for Saraya, “Thank you mistress” she inhaled and although she didn’t feel dizzy anymore she started to feel very horny and even more frustrated.“look here is your wig for this evening it’s going to look great with the extensions so you will need to pull your own hair back so I can glue this on properly we don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions, That should do it and a cute little maids hat with a lacy bow to top it off now we just need that outfit, Emma bring me sissies uniform” Emma came back and laid out the maids outfit and heels, first the lace ruffled under skirt which covered nothing but would make sure her uniform would sit nicely showing off all sissys assets, the dress itself was shiny black satin with white lace on the hem, neckline and sleeves topped off with a white lace sissy apron, “That’s so cute and girly now put on the heels” Sissy slipped on a pair of black patent leather pumps with 5’ heels and mistress padlocked the ankle straps in place, you will need to get used to serving in those let’s see how you walk?” Saraya minced across the floor,”Ohh I love the way those heels accentuate your legs and make your ass poof out like a big booty slut, all the boys will want you now whore”.Every step Saraya took was both uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time as her enclosed clit was stroked by the CB ring but her poor sissy balls were being stretched and squashed “ Perhaps you can slip these on” said mistress handing her a pair of silky ruffle butt crotch less panties, she slid them up her smooth nyloned legs “So cute now my guests will still have full access to you pussy while these cute panties shape your sissy ass, And speaking of your fuck hole we better prepare so go douche yourself while I get things ready” Saraya went and cleaned herself when she came back mistress had some strange new toys waiting for her, “Down on all fours bitch now where’s that syringe of anal eze?” she filled sissies pussy with the gel designed to both lube and loosen her hole “So we are going to try one of my new fuck plugs but I think we might need to work up to it with a stretcher” Saraya’s eyes went wide when Mistress produced the biggest conical shaped plug she had ever seen “Don’t worry sissy I don’t expect you to take this all in one go”Mistress sat the plug on a stool and smeared lube on it “now I think were going to need some rush to really get that worked into your hole” She poured a few drops of amyl nitrate on to a cotton ball and put it in a black rubber gas mask “this mask will help focus you while the amyl loosens your pussy and after this you’ll be my slutty little enchanted popper princess who will do anything to get her ass pussy filled and I mean anything” She put the mask on her and soon the warm waves relaxing her sphincter muscles and filling her clit with hot horny pleasure as she sat on the tip of the massive plug “”Get down on that thing sissy faggot and grind it right into you, Spread those cheeks wide and ride it” Sissy did as she was told first it was a little tight and painful as she slid up and down but as she relaxed and the poppers did their work she felt like she could take it and pushed back against its massive girth stretching out her asshole wider and wider until she started bouncing on it and forced it in fully without thinking, she suddenly felt an intense burning in her pussy and then a feeling of fullness and arousal as she tried to stand up she wondered if it wold ever come out again.“OMG Sissy your ass looks so full now, can you walk?’ as she took the first few steps she could hardly stand the pressure on her prostate and with each step she could feel the juices dripping from her device until a long stream of pre-cum was touching the floor as she tried to steady herself, “we need to leave that in a while before we try to take it out and I think a glass of Merlot will help to relax you” Emma poured the wine into the largest wine glass and Saraya removed the mask and took a drink knowing how slutty wine made her she quickly gulped it down and was ready for another, by the 3rd glass she was feeling a bit drunk and asked mistress if she could be let out of her device to pee, “Ha don’t be a stupid faggot bimbo remember what happened last time I let you out? You behaved like a depraved little cum whore so you will need to learn to go with it on, I can’t be on call every time you need to go to the bathroom, and since you will never stand up to pee again unless I order it you will need to sit down to pee like a real girly girl and to make it even more humiliating you can go right here in front of me on that pretty little pink sissy potty”. Saraya squatted down on the potty and started to pee while mistress and her sluts laughed “come on faggot is that the best you can do? You will have to practice to do it faster than that little trickle” she pushed harder but all that did was push her clit down against the device stopping the flow “Ohh poor sissy bimbo is that too hard for you is it making pee pee too complicated? Do we need to teach you how to pee like a girl? “Yes mistress I am trying” “haha mistress sissy needs more potty training, if you want to be a girl well first you have to learn how to wee wee with that tiny thing, ohh she’s getting all embarrassed look at those red cheek, I think she might be going to cry mistress haha such a silly sissy” she finally finished and mistress handed her a tissue “you’ll need to wipe your little nub of a pee hole, no more shaking for my dick-less sissy no more jerking off while you’re meant to be going to the bathroom haha, now get your mask back on your going to need it to get that plug out” she filled the mask with more amyl nitrate and sissy was soon feeling the familiar popper enchantment in warm waves loosening her ass pussy and swelling her chastised clitty  “bend over my lap we’re going to need more lube now pull those ass cheeks apart” mistress rolled and twisted the monster plug until Saraya was relaxed and with firm pressure slowly pulled until it popped out, “Oh I love that pop and look at your massive gape it’s so hot, and while your still gaping I’ll get the tunnel of love ready” She lubed up the large cock shaped plug “I hope you like this whore it’s hollow and big enough for most cocks so my guests can fuck you all night without a condom, and the best part is that even an average cock feels massive and the bulb at the base means it won’t fall out no matter canlı bahis siteleri how hard they go at it” mistress spit lubed and forced it into her still gaping ass which almost sucked it up, “Good girl, now that’s not going anywhere but we may need to take it out for some of my larger guests” Saraya’s ears pricked up with excitement, did that mean Jake or Slade would be coming? Given mistress had several BBC anacondas in her stud she wondered if this would this be the night her pussy would finally no longer be a BBC virgin? Pt 9 Pleasure puppetHer thoughts were broken by Emma pulling of her mask the new tunnel plug felt so good with the poppers it was driving her clit to distraction, Mistress strapped on a pink cock shaped dildo “Get on your knees and stick out your tongue sissy let’s get some deep throat training in then I might just see how good you are at pleasuring your mistress, if you do it right I might even let you fuck me, doesn’t that pretty pink cock feel nice stretching out your throat? Take it all the way to the balls whore that’s it let your throat slime lube it good, now lick my pussy bitch, mmmm yes very nice keep licking I want to be good and wet too” “yes mistress thank you mistress” Saraya could taste her mistress getting wetter and wetter “Very good sissy I need a good hard fucking now” Saraya was excited mistress had never let her fuck anyone ever she was always the whore getting railed or face fucked “thank you mistress” Saraya stood up and lifted her maids petticoat, mistress looked at her and pulled the CB key from her bra “are you ready to please me sissy? Ohh you didn’t think I was going to let you fuck me with that dirty faggot sissy stick did you? Silly bimbo whore, you’ll never get to use that useless tiny thing for fucking again just the occasional milking until your hormones have shrivelled your balls and clit away, But don’t be sad sissy you will still be able to please me with this dildo you lubed up for me so strap it on top of your CB and get on your back so I can ride you cowgirl style” Saraya lay on the floor as mistress sat on the huge dong started slowly fucking it up and down smiling at her sissy “does that feel nice whore?” Yes mistress” you are so lucky getting to pleasure your mistress” the feeling was unbearable as her clit was rubbed on the up stroke her balls were being crushed on the down causing her to cry out as mistress pinched and twisted her nipples “is that hurting your sissy balls whore hahaha, is sissy going to cry? Ok get up on your knees I want you to do me in the ass doggy style” she did as instructed and pushed the head of the cock into her perfect asshole while she franticly rubbed her clit “Oh yeah that feels great now slowly pull it out and stick it back in my cunt” Saraya slid the cock into her dripping pussy “harder faster bitch I need to get off” Saraya went as hard as she could her only pleasure was the plug deeply massaging her prostate “That’s the spot sissy keep going, yes yes harder she pulled sissy by the leash as her cunt gripped the dildo and as mistress came violently all sissy could do was drip from her chastity she was relieved the frustrating ordeal was over.”Now so you don’t feel left out you can suck all my cunt juices off this dong then go clean yourself up bitch my guest’s will be here in an hour and you’re going to be my meat and greet maid, Also you will be spending a bit of time on your knees so you better practice your serving etiquette and phrases let me see you curtsey and submission poses, Very good, always keep your legs apart and you can put your hands behind your back or your head and always show respect by keeping you head bowed unless the person your sucking or fucking wants to look at you and see the frustration and submission in your eyes, and always bend from the waist so it shows off your legs and ass, good I love how that plug stays in so tight no chance of that popping out and embarrassing your mistress, now repeat the greetings?” “How may I serve you? Would you like a massage? May I kiss your cock Master? Please fuck me I love cock, would you like a drink or blowjob etc. and for your female superiors “ Would you like a foot massage, may I kiss/lick your gorgeous feet/legs, may I lick your ass while he fucks you, “And when you’re getting fucked say things like fuck me harder your cock feels so good in me, I love your dick it’s so big and always remember to thank whoever’s fucking you like ooh thank you for fucking me may I clean your dick, asshole, floor etc. and don’t forget if you are getting spanked slowly you need to count like “one thank you mistress two thank you mistress…” it was a lot to remember for a sissy bimbo and she knew what was in store for her if she got it wrong, “ok sissy that’s enough for now I need you to practice your slutty sexy walk with the drinks tray in those heels for a while”Sissy picked up the tray and started practicing her walk and greeting while mistress gave her pointers “Stick your butt out and wiggle it when you walk, I just love the sound those nylons make as your legs slide against each other, and that ruffled petti let’s all the men get a look at your pretty ass, twirl your hair like a slutty bimbo and say phrases like OMG does my ass look good in this, I just love listening to Britney spears while I mince around the house, And say like a lot “like how do my tits look in this? or “Like I’m so stupid” And you better grab your purse look its black satin with sissy written on it in big sparkly pink letters so cute, we need to make sure you have the right accessories to finish of the Submissive maid look we have lots of condoms, lube, spare butt plug, 2 lip gloss, makeup kit, spare hormone patches, Bubble gum so you can practice blowing big bimbo bubbles and your MP3 player with all your sissy hypno training tracks and here’s a cute pink penis shaped pacifier just in case I need you to keep quiet.Now something a little more tricky, Strap this cock on me and pick up the tray I want you to hold the drinks tray in one hand and your purse in the other now bend down and suck my cock, that’s its sissy really get busy on it but don’t drop those drinks, OK sissy really work that cock up, swirl your tongue around the tip and then slowly suck and lick it like I taught you Come on sissy is this too difficult for you do you need help to concentrate on the task? Maybe a few strokes of the cane on that lovely exposed ass will get you focused on your true purpose in life being a cock whore, But not too hard we don’t want to leave any marks” Whack Whack Whack “good sissy now turn around and sit on my cock bitch, I will be the first to break in your new tunnel plug”Saraya felt the cock slide in easily causing a little bump in her tummy as it went in all the way and as she withdrew the pressure on her prostate was amazing “Ride it whore, does it feel like you’re being fucked and also stretched out by the plug massaging your G spot at the same time? “this is going to make it easy to fuck you so much harder and faster, now tell me how much you love it whore, “Yes mistress your cock feels so good in me, please fuck me harder let me be your dirty cock slut, Ohh ohh I love it yes fuck my pussy” “that’s more like it and if you are gagged I want to hear some girly moaning too, Well I think the guys are going to love this it feels so tight no matter how loose you get and it stores most of the cum so you get to enjoy a thick creamy cum cocktail later, Now go get some real drinks, bring me a whisky on the rocks wench” Mistress slapped her ass and off she went to the drinks cabinet she poured a large scotch for mistress and had a couple of shots herself then teetered back with the tray “You still look a bit wobbly in those heels better practice some more because if you don’t get it right I’ll put you back in the hobbler slut”.Saraya did her practice just the thought of going back in the ball stretching device was enough to keep her mind on the task “That’s better sissy much more elegant and subservient do a little twirl now make sure you slide your silky thighs together as you walk one foot right in front of the other and swing your hips to accentuate your curves and don’t forget to wiggle your ass that will really get the guys wanting to fuck you and you know that’s what a good bimbo whore wants a hot young hard guy who knows how to fuck you good, well dreams are free sissy and as my personal sissy maid you’ll mostly just get to suck guys hard for me and be my little fluffer/cuck, eating my asshole and licking their balls while I get fucked by hot hard studs, ohh why such a sad face? don’t worry you will still get cum when you lick their dicks clean and suck the leftover gizz from my pussy and you will learn to like it, It’s all part of knowing your place which is down on the floor at my feat serving me like the submissive little cum whore you are.Ok kneel down so i can replace those nipple rings with something a bit bigger and heavier just in case any guests get a bit carried away we don’t want any mishaps” She pushed the rings through and slid in the locking balls they felt so heavy and her nipples started hardening which stung a bit “normally we work up to these larger rings but we don’t have time for that sissy, but we do have time for something to get you in the mood so I’ve put a selection of BBC/sissy trainers on the TV for you, So get comfy on the couch you have an hour of free porn time. Saraya sat down and was soon dreaming of servicing big black cocks like a good submissive slut, just the sight of a hard BBC railing a pretty white sissy like her made her clit leak and dribble from under her CB as she pretended the plug was the cock of a big strong black man gently pushing it into her asshole fucking her slowly then speeding up till he is ready to cum and then jerks off shooting a massive load all over her face and tits.Ding Dong went the doorbell Saraya knew she had better get to the door quickly and went as fast as she could down the stairs straightening her maids uniform and arriving just as mistress came around the corner “Good sissy now don’t forget to pull the hem of your uniform out when you curtsey so the guests can see your cute panties and your caged clitty” the first guest came in it was Miss Clara from the salon “Good evening Miss Clara may I take your coat” Clara handed her a long black fur coat, She was wearing a tight red latex cat suit ad spikey red heels, “Since you were such a bad girl at my salon I bought something you wont forget she produced a large black strap on from her bag and slapped her ass with it, Saraya’s eyes popped when she saw its size, “Just you wait sissy, now bring me a Martini, “Yes Miss Clara” She went to fix the drink and as soon as she had poured it the doorbell went again.This time it was someone she recognized but didn’t know “This is Master Dominic Sissy, he is very experienced and could teach you a thing or 2 about serving a master, Isn’t that right Dom meet my new Sissy maid” “Good evening Master may I take you coat” “Sure sissy and you can take my fat cock later too haha” now bend over and let me get a good look at that ass I do my best work on a blank canvas, Hmm nice tits too he said pulling on her nipple rings before slapping them hard “I think I’ll go watch some of your old B&D vids to get me in the mood so bring my scotch to me sissy then I can give you a quick evaluation if that’s alright mistress?” ”Of course Dom, Emma will greet the guests for now” Sissy poured his scotch and took it to the viewing room which had a large screen and cameras so whatever was happening could be live streamed to the other screens in the mansion.“Good slut put it down and get yourself over that bench” she bent over and Master Dom locked her wrist and ankle cuffs in place “Is that too tight slut? Too bad if it is I don’t want you wriggling and squirming while I work, now it’s time to see how good your training has been” he unzipped his pants an pulled out a nice thick cock “What do you say sissy?” “May kiss your cock master?” Master Dom started slapping her face with his half hard cock “Reach for it sissy” Saraya tried but she was tied tightly and could only lick the tip of the cock, “aww poor sissy can’t get her treat, here you go “ he grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock down her throat holding it there till she gagged “Keep going sissy I want to see you take it balls deep, That’s it get me nice and hard” Saraya sucked and choked on his cock tearing up as she could feel it swelling in her mouth.“I think you need something to make you concentrate better” he grabbed a long cane and started stroking Saraya’s cheeks as she sucked “What do you say Sissy?” Thank you Master, your cock feels so good I want it in me” “Don’t worry slut you’ll get it soon enough” as he forced her head down on while holding her nostrils closed until she started to black out “don’t go to sleep on the job bitch” he slapped her hard “you have an ok mouth for cock sucking but I need a tight asshole to really get off”, Masters strokes were getting harder and harder and thanks to Emma on the camera saraya could see on the screen little red welt’s appearing on her sissy cheeks, she could taste masters pre-cum and could tell his cock was now fully hard as she gagged till she chocked on its thick head, he started attaching weights to her nipple rings till her breasts were stretching out of her bra “mmmm nice tits sissy so perky” as he flicked the weight’s with his cane “well I must compliment your mistress on your deep throat training and such soft cock sucking lips, maybe it’s time to try your other fuck hole now your ass is nice and warmed up.“Well what have we here sissy a tunnel plug? So you’ve already been getting stretched out nicely for me, since you’re already getting fucked I might sample some of Mistresses new toys like this wand” saraya could hear the buzz of the wand as it came close to her skin master teasing her before pressing it against her thighs and ass cheeks causing sissy to jump and shudder he held it lightly between her cheeks causing her to scream “how does that feel sissy is it a bit much for a sissy whore? you seem to be a screamer so I think a nice gag, how about this holding up a 5” cock gag this should keep you quiet while really working on your gag reflex as he shoved it in saraya immediately gagged and tried to push it out as master strapped it in tightly as she choked it down she felt her ass tightening so much she thought the plug would come out but it wasn’t going anywhere as she felt the wand again and again causing her trapped clitty to spasm and leak, “I love this new wand mistress you can really crank it up” “Yes Dom looks like the trainer wheels are off now, look how my sissy is arching and shivering with excitement and look how her clit is dripping she must be loving it” Master started lubing his cock and thrust it into Sissy’s ass and started fucking her hard as he paddled her bright pink cheeks “how does my dick feel in that hole slut?” Saraya felt like she was being fucked by 2 dicks even when he pulled out completely she still had a cock in her and the bulb shaped base kept it held in tightly it also rubbed against her prostate milking it into her CB making her pre-cum stream like a silky spider web all the way to the floor while the cock gag was causing a similar effect at the same time turning her into a dripping double ended lube machine, the show was obviously a huge turn on for the guests as there was a line of men stroking their cock’s arguing over who was having the next turn and miss Clara was pulling a gagged slave on a leash between her legs face fucking him with her smooth bare snatch while she watched,Saraya could feel masters cock ready to cum and he withdrew and removed her gag “you are very lucky my little sissy whore I haven’t come for day’s so get those soft faggot lips ready while I work up a big sticky load for you” he grabbed her by the hair and thrust his cock in and out till she was choking on it then arched his back as his pulsing pole shot wads of giz straight down her throat and before Saraya had even finished swallowing she felt another even bigger cock pushing into her new pussy, She looked up at the screen to see one of mistresses Gimps being directed to rail her from behind by Miss Clara who was wearing a massive strap on which made sissy very nervous until she proceeded to mount the gimp using him like a massive cock extension pushing him into her as he moaned and groaned from the massive girth of Clara’s dong “That’s it Gimp take it like the worthless subby slut you are, Would you like to taste him sissy?” Clara withdrew and came around pushing the huge dong into her mouth “Suck it clean slut get all his nasty ass juices off it” She did as instructed “is it good honey? you’re going to love the taste of ass aren’t you sissy and I know you already love the taste of cock, look at you taking it like a pro” the massive cock was the biggest she had ever taken orally and she surprised herself by being able to get it halfway in “Very good you’ll be taking it balls deep in no time you little faggot whore” She started slapping the cock on her face “Ohh look at the bimbo cock whore trying desperately to get the cock that’s it slut you crave the cock and it’s not even a real one hahaha, Such a pretty cock sleeve, I want to see the frustration in your eyes while you get fucked in both holes but no cumming for you unless it’s a sissygasm haha since your worthless sissy clit is trapped in your device and all it can do is stay limp and leak like a dirty little whore” by now the group watching had grown and saraya could feel the gimps cock hardening as it thrusted into her ass pussy “I think I’m going to cum mistress” said the gimp “Well don’t waste it our sissy girl has a craving for cum and since he’s been locked up for a month it’s going to be a full load you cum guzzling fuck-toy.Clara grabbed the gimps leash and his throbbing cock and pulled him in front of Saraya pushing his ass forcing his fat cock into her mouth “I’m so glad we pumped those lips sissy almost as if they were made for cock sucking but I think you’re going to need some more lip-gloss after your cummy treat” She spread the gimps cheeks and rammed the dong into his ass again “This way I control how hard and deep he fucks your mouth like a human fuck puppet” she could feel the gimps balls tightening as they slapped her chin gagging and choking on his salty cock, Mistress came back in and sat on top of her grinding her pussy on Saraya’s back while slapping her ass like she was riding a pony “Good sissy take the gimps cock like the cum eating cock craving whore you are” the gimp was moaning loudly through his gag as Clara rammed the dong in balls deep and his back arched as he exploded saraya could feel the huge load being pumped straight down her throat filling her stomach with thick wads of cum “See sissy this way you don’t spill any of your food and make a mess, And now that feeding time is over you can clean both our cocks and get a double helping of cum and ass juice for desert”Saraya eagerly lapped up the cum covered cock and then the ass flavoured dong thinking how only a few months ago just the thought of ass to mouth made her blush now it made her as turned on and hard as her chastity would allow, pressing into the end of her device had only been made more intense with her new piercing being forced into her head and shaft like a mini clitoris clamped down with nowhere to go except back to sissy limpness, which was next to impossible thanks to the tunnel plug which allowed her ass to be fucked even harder than normal but kept a constant pressure on her prostate and made even the smallest cocks feel much bigger as it constantly massaged her P spot, she was soon bought back to reality as mistress started flicking her weighted nipples with her riding crop “How do those rings feel sissy are they hurting haha do you feel like those nipples are going to be ripped off whore? Well too bad you are my sissy bitch now and you will do as I please from now on and pretty soon you will forget you were ever a man, not that you ever really were with such a tiny girl clit”Mistress decided there was too many hard horny guests waiting to try her new toy so she undid the straps removed the weights and put Saraya’s leash on “Down on all fours you dirty bitch, OK let’s see there’s a couple of guys stroking there cocks and I noticed they have been watching you” Mistress led her over to where they were sitting “Meet my new sissy she doesn’t have a party maid name yet so you can just call her whore or cock-slut whatever you like, Maybe we will call you Sissy O’whore? Anyway put on some lip-gloss and get busy on those cocks they aren’t going to get sucked by themselves, just go from one to the other and whoever gets hardest gets to fuck you first” Saraya started deep throating the first guy as his long meat tickled her tonsils causing her to gag then took the next cock this one was shorter but thicker so she tried her hardest to get him turned on licking his ball sack and tit fucking him as she sucked the tip of his cock tasting sweet precum she knew he was ready, “Tell him sissy, tell him how you love his cock” “Thank you sir I love your cock it feels so good , I want it in me, please fuck me” Good now sit on his cock and ride him” said mistress Saraya did as she was told and straddled the fat cock now while you’re enjoying that stroke the other guest, we want that long dick nice and worked up”.“Emma get over here we have a guest in need of assistance, so you can start by getting on your knees and eating his ass” Emma kneeled and obeyed tonging his salty ass and fondling his huge hairless balls slowly pulling and stretching them as his cock grew harder and started leaking sticky precum “Here sissy your food is ready” Mistress grabbed her by the hair and pushed her head down onto his long hard cock and handed him her leash “There you go make sure you feed and water her and she will be a good obedient little bitch whore pet” he pulled her down and face fucked her while she wriggled and bounced on the other guys fat dick and grabbed her nipple rings, Saraya was getting hot and ready to cum but again her CB would only allow her to drip as her balls were being crushed with each bounce but it felt so good grinding into her pussy the cock in her mouth was causing her ass to grip and milk his thick cock it felt so good and thanks to Emma’s skilled tongue in the other guys ass she could feel the veins as she rolled her tongue around the head and it stiffened in her mouth.Suddenly cum was spurting into her mouth, so much she couldn’t swallow it all and the sticky juice was running down her chin onto her tits, she couldn’t contain herself with each thrust her asshole tightened and her g spot burned, she came closer and closer until she orgasmed, it spurted out onto the floor through the hole in the tip of her device her ass convulsing as she moaned in pleasure but he wasn’t ready to cum and just kept on fucking her in and out, Out and in railing her ass as the ropes of spunk dripped onto his balls witch only made him fuck her harder she could feel a burning deep inside his cock bumping into her stomach the sensation was unbelievable so intense she could feel her clit being restrained and massaged as he came she came too this time just a dribble. Mistress looked pleased “ohh my darling little girl did you have a double sissygasm? Such a messy dirty slut with cum all over your face and tits, I might just get a photo for the website, Now you better get down there and clean those cocks off then lick up your disgusting mess off the floor you cum dumpster whore”Saraya eagerly licked the cum off the cocks and balls and thanked them before licking the floor clean, “Oh Sissy you are such a depraved dirty whore and so submissive I’m so glad I own you, I can’t wait to post this vid along with your profile and a picture of you covered in cum says a thousand words lol, Ok bitch here is a tail plug for you is that tickling your ass?, Now I think you’ll be on all fours for a while just like the little fuck puppy you are, you can go around the tables sniffing crotches and licking up any mess until you find Kennel Master John he loves subby pets and may give you some special doggy obedience training if you beg and roll over for him hehe” Saraya crawled off waggling her sissy tail behind her the first table was 3 very tall femdoms she didn’t want to go under the table without permission so sat up and begged “May I please be of service Madame’s?” “get under here bitch and clean my girls heels I want them spotless” said the tall dark Mistress who was obviously the more dominant “get busy faggot”She started licking the first dom and she soon slipped off her heel and forced her foot into Saraya’s mouth “Suck them bitch and you better do a good job” she sucked and licked her toes as the others pulled her tail and poked there spiky heels into her ass cheeks “Good bitch now work your way up her legs” Saraya was getting turned on as she licked up her calf and thigh while she rubbed her foot roughly against sissys device gently kicking then pressing it against her balls making sissy leak “now get right up and lick destiny’s snatch get it nice and wet for me” saraya did as she was told with the other two pushing her from behind “Just get her wet bitch she doesn’t get to cum today” she started to moan in pleasure.“That’s enough it looks like she’s enjoying that a bit too much” the dom pulled sissy’s leash toward her waiting pussy “I think I might have what she’s having so hands behind your back and get licking” On her knees with her hands behind her back she was off balance as the dom pulled her down onto her shaved cunt which was already wet “Just concentrate on the clit if that’s not too difficult for a stupid faggot” she said slapping her face while the other doms took turns slapping her ass so hard it made her jump, “I want it nice and hard” she sucked and licked the massive clit as it swelled and grew till it was long enough to blow lick a tiny cock“ do you like that sissy? Is my clitty bigger than yours hehe? Ohh why the sad face? Is your clit still trying to get hard and it can’t? I just love seeing the sissy frustration in your eyes knowing you don’t get to cum, I might just take a pic for my Instagram, that’s perfect kneel legs apart one hand lifting you dress so we can just see your panties the other covering those little sissy tits, we don’t want to get banned” click “Perfect just the right amount of submission and frustration now hands up at your face mouth wide I want to see sissy surprise like a BBC has just popped up in front of you ready to be sucked… lovely now get up and bend over Susie’s lap while she pretends to spank you, these will make a lovely sissy sub feature” Susie gave her a few hard spanks for good measure and Madam pushed her onto the floor with her heel and told her to crawl to the next table.Mistress was pointing at a used condom on the floor tapping her foot “Get that sissy” she went to pick it up “oh no good sissy bitch pets use their mouths and tongues to clean up the filth” saraya picked it up in her mouth she could taste the cum and pussy juices “That’s it you may use your hands well to milk the cum out anyway go on you dirty little sissy faggot suck out the gizz hehe see you are a cum guzzling cock whore and you love the taste of cum and you don’t care how you get the cum do you sissy?” no mistress thank you mistress” as she crawled to the bin savouring the taste on her lips she heard a wolf whistle and then felt a hard slap on her ass “Hello puppy Mistress thinks you need some obedience training so I said I’d at least have you sitting up and begging on command for her haha” he strode off towards the slave training room and as she was thinking what to do next a large slave in a dog mask and collar picked her up and carried her like a toy doll following his master, “Good boy put your new breeding bitch down here” he gently placed her on a large rubber pad “ now we don’t know if she bites and we don’t want any yelping so we need a special muzzle” he pulled a rubber and steel gag that he strapped over her face placing the circle shaped bit in her mouth which held it open and ready for action and 2 little hooks that pulled her nostrils up like a little piggy and a large collar that made it impossible to bend her neck let alone breath easily “ there we go it’s not too tight is it sissy we don’t want you passing out?” sissy couldn’t answer she tried to nod but only a little saliva dribbled from her mouth.“Now let’s see what tricks you can do sissy? so Sit, good now beg, that’s cute good girl roll over and play dead, very good now no humping anything unless commanded and if you need to pee you can go on that pink puppy pad over there by your bowl, off you go squat like a bitch and mark your territory, good bitch now have a drink from your pretty pink bowl Saraya lapped up the water it tasted funny “Good bitch here’s a doggy treat he pushed it down her throat so she had to swallow it, “we like to breed our bitches a lot so the water has a special pheromone a bit like a dog on heat which gets all the male dogs sniffing around for a piece and the treat is for you bitch a little relaxant because some breeds can get quite big and do a bit of damage if you’re not loosened up and a little Coke/amphetamine mix to help you play the part and give you a bit of stamina” “Now get in your cage while I call the hounds” he whistled and much to Saraya’s relief 3 large slaves arrived all with matching Dog masks and collars all waggling their tail plugs panting and sniffing at the cage each one had a massive dog cock strapon which made Saraya nervous “I see you’ve noticed the boys are a bit excited? Each one has been modelled after my favourite dogs, Rex here has a cock moulded from my stud Great Dane, isn’t it huge definitely not for the faint hearted, I think Thor is perfect he was my biggest Doberman but he gets a bit frisky and scratches this little puppy sub is in training he usually just gets humped by the bigger dogs I think he might be gay lol” Master whistled and all the boys sat and waited to be fed, he gave them each a treat, “Rex, Thor sit and beg, good boys now Rex I think you can keep going with the puppy discipline, Puppy come here?” Master soaked a rag in amyl and slipped it into puppies mask “That should get you all playful, now on all fours ass up” Master lubed up the massive dog cock and removed puppies plug, Saraya was relieved when master had Rex mount puppy who was all loose from the poppers he let out a little yelp as rex thrusted in and out forcefully clawing and growling as he humped puppy.Master opened the cage and led sissy out “Look Thor I have a bitch on heat for you haha and she’s never been bred with a Doberman before” Master took off his muzzle and Thor started sniffing and licking at her ass hungrily “That’s it boy get a good taste does she smell ready? Well too bad if shes not I can see that you are” she was looking at Thors huge caged cock hanging below the dog cock strapon it was straining to get hard and dripping with precum “Too bad you won’t get to use that it will just flop around uselessly” He led Thor over to sissy and instructed him to mount her, he pushed his dog cock up against her ass probing with the large fat head and suddenly rammed it into her, it felt like a plunger pumping her ass the head staying in her as he humped like a jack rabbit as she felt his dripping cock slapping against her balls covering them with juicy gizm master pushing him from behind “does that feel nice sissy? She tried to nod while the sensation of the fat dog cock grinding into her ass pussy was amazing.Rex was still fucking puppy hard and he was starting to cry little puppy tears “that’s enough rex roll over on your back so sissy can suck you, naughty, down boy not your real cock he slapped it away and guided the massive dog cock into Saraya’s mouth it barely fit through the gag hole and immediately she started choking and gagging on it “now while your sucking that you can tease him through his device” she did as she was told sucking and stroking the cocks until Thor was dripping and trying to cum, just as he was about to master pulled his lead and dragged him back to the cage securing his hands to the floor of the cage, “I don’t like to let him cum to often but working him up then denying them while in chastity keeps my boys nice and hungry and makes them hump that much harder, Puppy get over here sissy wants to sniff your ass” puppy came over and master pushed her mouth onto puppies ass “Lick it clean like a good bitch” she did as rex kept fucking till master told him to stop and ordered puppy to suck him through his device, “ Master took sarayas gag off patted her on the head and told here to go clean up and report back to mistress “I think you passed dog obedience 101 bitch”.Saraya felt like she had been in the saddle for a week she crawled under an empty table and started gulping down the left over drinks, She noticed the last drink tasted a little funny but she didn’t think anything of it but as she was crawling to the next table everything went fuzzy and she passed out, she didn’t know how long she had been out for but came to as she felt a searing pain, it was mistress spanking her with her riding crop, she picked up a glass of water and threw it in her face “get up stupid sissy, have you been helping yourself to my guests drinks?” as she got up mistress pulled her by the leash and slapped her hard, “there’s a special punishment for getting wasted on the job sissy faggot” as she rapped the crop against her chastity “and this thing won’t be coming off for at least a week” Saraya started blubbing “I’m so sorry most gracious mistress it was an accident, please don’t punish me?” Too late you sissy you are lucky I still have guests that need servicing, so back to cleaning tables and no more sly drinking the empties you lush”.Saraya started cleaning and clearing tables she still felt very wobbly and although she had lost track of the cocks and cum she had swallowed but she was still feeling so turned on she didn’t care as she crawled from this table to that with the cum dribbling form her well fucked pussy getting more and more frustrated that her poor clitty couldt quite get hard but feeling every sensation, but the more frustrated she looked the more guys wanted their cocks sucked, mistress was right when she said denial would make her a much better cock whore all the time wishing it was her that was cumming so badly that she tried humping the arm of the couch but it was no use all she could do was ooze and dribble streams of precum, Just as she was getting bored with cleaning she saw Jake and Slade come in her heart raced, Jake had his tattoo kit and they went into the Enema room she guessed Slade was getting inked and waited a little while before peeking into the room.Slade was naked on the bench and Jake was just finishing the outline of a slave tag right above her favourite BBC She had tingles of excitement knowing that he was joining Mistresses stud farm it meant she would see him all the time and maybe get lucky enough to taste his gorgeous cock again, Jake took off his shirt and sissy nearly fainted he had such a super-hot body covered in awesome tats she could feel her chastity restraining her aroused yet still limp clit she didn’t care and started rubbing herself as best she could pulling her nipples which since starting hormones were so sensitive and budding like a slutty p*****n sissy, she was staring at his beautiful cock gripping her plug pretending it was Slade’s BBC inside her, “Slacking off again sissy?” mistress had caught her playing with herself which probably meant a milking or another week in chastity, “I see you have found my latest addition to my stud, isn’t he magnificent?” “Yes mistress, Sorry mistress” she said looking down at the floor trying not to show her excitement.“Well Sissy I’m not going to punish you I know you are a helpless sissy faggot slut when it comes to black dick but since you’re here you might as well make yourself useful” Saraya smiled, she was so excited “Yes mistress thank you mistress” She pushed her forward into the room “Hi Boys Look who I found hiding round the corner perving on you two?” “Hey it’s the sissy I inked, How’s it going little girl?” “I’m fine thank you sir it’s so nice to see you again” ”Don’t get carried away sissy just get on your knees and be quiet, shes having a little trouble keeping her mind on the job thanks to you two” mistress started rubbing and massaging Jakes chest and shoulders Saraya wished it was her “Great work on his Tag Jake“ Thanks Miss T always good to ink another black stallion” “Do you like it Slade? Now when all the girls and sissys are staring at that huge dick they will see you are owned by me haha” now you two undress and get comfortable and my sissy will get you some drinks while I freshen up a little” Mistress went into her bathroom and came back while saraya was serving the drinks “Remember what I taught you sissy about serving and multitasking”“why don’t you kneel down and get busy on these two while I watch” Saraya went from one to the other sucking like there was no tomorrow, watching their huge dicks get bigger with every lick and stroke “That’s it sissy I want them nice and worked up” she was fingering herself and pinching her nipples enjoying the show using her spiked heel to prod sissy and push her forward keeping her off balanced and gagging as Jake forced her head down “how do you like that sissy? Oh I love it sir I want your dick it’s so big” “good sissy now don’t forget to lick the balls” jakes balls were soft and smooth contrasting his hardening cock and tasted salty and warm in her mouth, Slade pulled her over to him and started slapping is cock on her cheeks “you want some of this sissy?” “Yes sir please I would love to” She loved the taste of Slade’s cock it was her dream BBC and she didn’t need to be told twice she sucked furiously hoping she could get him to his full hardness.Saraya was in heaven two hot BBCs and her mistress forcing her to serve them, like she needed to be forced this was her dream to be a forced BBC sissy, a play toy pleasure puppet for two strong well hung men her soft white skin contrasting there hard black bodies, Mistress was getting turned on too and she couldn’t wait any longer, she sat between them and told sissy to start licking her clit as she stroked both cocks, “There we go faggot you really are earning your pay now, not that you will get any actual money since your rewards will be loads of fresh cum and hard cocks in your fuck holes, Emma bring the camera closer?” Jake and Slade started caressing mistress and sucking her hard nipples while she held sissy firmly on her love button till she couldn’t breath and nearly fainted, Mistress pulled her up buy the hair as she gasped for breath “Are you having trouble breathing sissy? She pushed her back down on her wet snatch “mmm nice, very nice I’m feeling ready to be fucked good and hard” She looked at the boys and grabbed Jakes cock “I think this ones not quite firm enough yet sissy so you know what to do, get those faggot lips working, She wished it had been Slade’s cock but she eagerly sucked him to full hardness tasting his sweet precum on her lips and cupping his balls gently applying pressure and pulling them down made his dick really stand to attention “You go girl he’s liking that a lot I can tell aren’t you Jake?”“Ohh yeah she sure sucks OK for a skinny white girl as he pushed her down so hard she nearly puked “I think it’s a little big for her, Maybe I should relieve her” Mistress pushed sissy onto the floor with her foot and sat down on jakes thick hard dick “Mmmmm I love this cock” as she pulled sissy by the leash back between her legs “nibble that button sissy I need some spit lube to really get going and since you did so well as a fluffer for the boys you can work on me now” she guided sissy alternating between her cilt and jakes balls as mistress rode him “Cmon Slade you know Sissy has been wanting to have a real BBC I think it’s time you popped her cherry” Slade moved around behind Saraya her heart was pounding, “You’ll need to take out that tunnel plug or you won’t be able to breed her” Salde pulled sissys leash dragging her onto his cock and started fucking her mouth, Sissy nearly came in her panties she was so in love with this cock but no cumees for sissy as he face fucked her till she could feel his member tensing up, Make sure you lube that thing up good sissy cause its going in your ass next”.Slade spun her around and slowly pulled out the plug and mistress said “don’t waste any of those juices this sissy has worked up quite a thirst and what better than a sticky salty cum seed cocktail to quench it, c’mon sissy suck it all out, can you taste all the guys that have been squirting in your fuckhole?” “Yes mistress” “Good sissy faggot there must be cum from a dozen different guy’s so swallow up all your yummy food and get back to work” Slade took a large syringe and shot lube into her gaping pussy and on his now fully hard 10″ dick and started slowly probing her asshole with it then gently shoved it in just the tip of his huge cock, she could feel it’s massive girth as he was pushing it in and popping it out slowly thrusting deeper as she moaned with each stroke “well sissy tell him how much you love it?” “OMG I love your dick in me, it feels so good, please fuck me, ohh I want it harder” Slade kept pushing it in further until sissy moans turned to little puppy yelps “oh Slade it’s so big, fuck meee oh oh ow oh oh mmmm yes yes” she could feel it nearly all the way in now bumping her stomach and filling her up.Suddenly he slid it all the way in she gasped as she could feel his huge full balls slapping against her ass as he thrusted the full length faster and faster at first it stung a little then felt warmer and warmer as the head of the cock stroked in and out massaging her prostate milking it till her sissy clit was streaming a single silver strand of precum from her chastity “well Jake I think we can see by that wet spot she is really enjoying this a lot but I’m getting a little tired of all that moaning and I’m thinking it’s time this sissy BBC spit-roast virgin had her next lesson”. Mistress got up off Jake’s dick wet with her juices and pulled Sissy’s mouth down on his pulsing cock, she went behind Slade and started pushing his ass while he was fucking sissy forcing her forward only to choke down on Jake’s huge cock, “oh that looks wonderful two big black dicks going in and out of little white Sissy’s holes, lucky Emma’s getting it all on cam and live streaming it to our guests too, she took her crop and started slapping Slade’s ass faster slave I want her railed nice and hard, I want those dicks to touch inside her hahahaha”.“Is it everything you dreamed of sissy?” I hope you appreciate this as a special gift from me think of it as a graduation present, you are now a full BBC whore and my sissy faggot slave forever, she straddled Jake and he started sucking her nipples and spreading her cheeks she sat on sissys face and clenched her asshole on sissys nose she couldn’t breathe with Jakes huge cock in her mouth, You don’t even breath without my permission do you sissy? Saraya’s holes were being fucked hard as she slid back and forth like a sissy faggot BBC cock sleeve she was completely filled and things were starting to go dark until mistress slapped her don’t pass out sissy she was now caning Slade so he was really fucking sissy hard, with each thrust she was impaled on jakes cock her gag reflex causing her pussy to tighten more and more on Slade who was getting ready to cum “Tell him how much you love it sissy?” “mmmm grghh mmm” was all she could say, mistress grabbed Slades balls and pulled and twisted them “let’s keep that cum in those balls for as long as possible my whore needs a full load of my studs seed to really feminize her and breed her right.Sissy could feel Jakes cock tensing and pulsing “I think I’m ready” as mistress started massaging Slade’s balls “we want to make sure we drain these balls and get a big sticky load “ I’m ready mistress” “Good now both of you cum in my sissy” they both exploded canlı bahis into her chocking down jakes cum as Slade pumped her ass full of his manly seed she was in heaven and felt like a chocolate éclair being filled with cream from both ends at once, then suddenly the built up pressure in her prostate released and she had the most intense sissygasm ever the cum shooting from her chastity onto the floor like a hose her ass was on fire as he kept fucking her, that’s it Slade it doesn’t matter whether she cums or not so keep going” Slade wasn’t finished he picked her up and threw her on her back on the couch ramming his dick in her it was still fully hard, “Just keep going at her Slade while she cleans of jakes cock” Jake knelt on the couch he was teasing her, slapping her with his cock just keeping it out of reach as she desperately tried to suck it into her mouth then slowly dipping it in further each time till his balls were touching her lips as she gaged uncontrollably tearing up.She could feel the burn as Slade’s gorgeous cock slowly probed her tight wet ass pussy his manly seed lubing it each thrust bumping and grinding her prostate until she was dripping again her limp clitty nearly felt hard it was so intense his cock felt so good as his balls slapped against her ass “ohh look sissys getting fucked real good, don’t forget to look into his eyes, men love to see that frustration as they fuck you knowing you don’t have a real dick, so you don’t get to cum and they do, knowing they don’t even care if you cum or if you are enjoying it you are just a sissy faggot cock puppet for their pleasure, just a tiny dick cum hole to be filled with their seed so don’t be sad whore this is your life now hehehe, getting used and fucked every night trying but never quite getting hard locked in your chastity and the only way to cum is through anal stimulation, until finally when the hormones shrink your clitty and make it permanently soft and limp and the rest of you all smooth and girly I can’t wait, And once those teeny breasts of yours have blossomed you will get implants that will turn these perky pre teen c cups into huge double D bimbo tits, then i might even put you on the street to earn some cash for your mistress wont that be nice?”Saraya was terrified at the thought of working the streets “Don’t look so worried sissy I wouldn’t put you on the street, well not without some gangbang training at my sex shop glory hole first hehehe” Saraya didn’t know which was worse gloryhole cum dumpster or street hooker giving $20 blow jobs, Slade slapped her back to reality holding her by the throat as Jake fucked her mouth nearly choking her out as mistress continued humiliating her “Cmon sissy really get that cock hard” she sat on sarayas chest pulling her nipples “that’s it now tongue my ass sissy” she straddled sissys face and started face-fucking her I want to feel that tongue all the way in there sissy, mmm that’s it” she grabbed jakes cock and started jerking him off his balls slapping her forehead. “Right Jake, Slade I think my sissy is getting hungry from all that fucking so I will need both of you to help me here” Saraya was still gasping for breath as mistress roughly stroked Jakes cock “Let me know when you are ready to cum Jake” “I think im getting close” he said so mistress slid off her face which was soaked with her sticky cunt juices “Im going to count to ten and when I get to one I want you to both cum in sissys mouth at the same time and we will see just how much of a dirty cum whore she is?” as mistress started counting Slade came around and started jerking “5,4,3,2, cum” both men exploded in her mouth and all over her face and tits, she swallowed as much as she could choking down the last few salty drops her face and boobs all covered in cum “ohh what a huge sissy slut you are cum all over you and such a satisfied look on your face” she opened a drawer and pulled out a funnel, “With all that cum eating you must have quite a thirst so you can wash it down with some yummy warm piss straight from the source she inserted the funnel right down sissys throat and squatted down to piss “Don’t spill any sissy just take it all down in one big gulp” she started pissing so much saraya couldn’t take it all until mistress pinched her nose so she had to open her throat and swallow it all letting the torrent flow straight down filling her up tummy with mistresses warm salty pee.“Very good sissy soon you will easily be able to take it all in one go it just takes practice and you are going to get plenty of that my little piss whore” now lick my cunt clean then clean those cocks off, I’m still surprised you managed to sissygasm in that CB obviously it’s not on tight enough either that or your clit is getting smaller but no matter we will get it sorted so there are no more disgusting accidents in front of my guests, so once you’re finished cleaning the ass juice and cum off those dicks you can clean up your filth from the floor” Saraya cleaned off the still firm dicks savouring slades beautiful cock “Well sissy I see you have a bit of a crush on my latest stud? Maybe you would like him to breed you every night? Maybe he could be your husband?” Sissy smiled and blushed with excitement, “Lol just keep dreaming sissy that dick is for pleasuring a real woman not some tiny limp clit little sissy like you, you’re going to be servicing fat bald old men with short hairy cocks in fact you will suck and fuck whoever I tell you since I own your ass, if and only if you perform your duties well I will let you clean his dick off or maybe you would like to eat his ass to get him hard for me won’t you slut?” “Yes mistress thank you mistress” “I think she likes that idea, Now get cleaned up and go and wait beside my bed”.Sissy went up to mistress’s room and knelt beside the bed she was trying to remember the bedtime routine when Emma came in with her negligée and nightcap Saraya noticed it was an Irish coffee which meant she wasn’t sleeping anytime soon, Mistress had a thing for whiskey and weed the whiskey kept her mean and sadistic while the weed would mellow her out a little sometimes but mostly made her very horny and ready to tease her, she never knew which it would be and that made it even more exciting and a little nerve wreaking, while she waited she decided to take a peek in mistresses drawers, she had such beautiful lingerie it was impossible to resist, she had thongs and panties of every type sheer, satin, lace, latex, crotch less, bikini, high waist classic retro, she moved on to the next drawer which had matching bra & panty sets from all the major label’s HK, Victoria’s secret next drawer was hose and nylons all new in there wrappers so many colours and styles, she opened the bottom drawer and found negligees, sheer baby doll and teddy’s which were her favourite sleepwear.Saraya then went over to the robes and started feeling the lace, silk and sheer material they were hanging on a long rack with a bottom row for slippers and fluffy mules etc then she decided to look at the makeup dresser full of luxurious perfumes and expensive makeup brands she sat down on the pink fluffy chair and pretended she was a glamorous woman she picked up a Fenty lip gloss imagining she was Rihanna coating her sexy lips, she was looking into the mirror as mistress came in, “What are you doing sitting at my dresser touching my stuff sissy?” I’m so sorry most gracious mistress I didn’t touch anything I promise” “I don’t care get down on the floor where you belong you dirty faggot and start begging for forgiveness?” she knelt in front of her mistress “ohh please mistress I promise I won’t do it again, please don’t punish me” “Too bad sissy you just can’t help yourself can you? You just want to touch all of my pretty stuff don’t you? Well you don’t get to touch my stuff, now over my lap let’s get you back in the right mind set” Mistress grabbed her hairbrush and started paddling sissys cheeks, Now since you like my stuff so much how do you like my new hairbrush see how it leaves this wonderful red Fem-dom shaped imprint if I get it in the same spot every time I love it, now let’s get the other cheek all rosy red so count them out” “One Thank you mistress, Two thank you mistress, Three thank you mistress… Six thank you mistress” She pushed sissy on to the floor “Are those little sissy tears? Don’t worry sissy you will get your own make up and once you are ready to do your own makeup you will be allowed to decide which shade of lip gloss looks better when your sucking black cock or white, you’re going to be so cute, now go get my stash” Saraya crawled over to the bedside table and crawled back with mistresses little black box.“Now roll me a nice fat blunt slut” “Yes mistress” she quickly ground and rolled a number and lit it for her mistress, “Pass me my drink and get down on all fours I need a footrest after all day in these killer heels, of course you get to stay locked in those heels till you are used to them a few days should do it besides you’ve been on your back or knees most of the night haha, mmm this weed is very strong would you like some sissy? Don’t bother answering you are having some anyway, On your knees” Mistress took a huge toke and then shot gunned the smoke into sissys mouth “Suck it up faggot you should be pretty good at that after all the practice you’ve had, now open up that slutty mouth stick out your tongue and say ahh” she flicked the ash on sissys tongue “cmon sissy swallow, that slutty mouth has swallowed worse than that and since you’re my little bitch I will use you as my own personal ashtray slut” she took another toke and blew sissy another shotgun, is that nice sissy are you feeling all relaxed? “Yes Mistress” “good slut now that’s taken the edge off you can have the rest so crawl over there and fetch me the gas mask” sissy brought mistress the full face rubber gas mask and she strapped it on sissy then she put the joint into a metal holder and connected it to the mask hose.“Just breathe normally sissy, that’s it keep going” the smoke was burning her eyes and every time she breathed she was being smoked like a fish until she started choking she knew the only way to get fresh air was to finish the joint but it seemed to last forever and by the time she was done she was completely blazed, Mistress removed the mask “Ohh you look wasted I bet you are horny as fuck right now? Yess mistress” she said looking down at her locked clitty, aww poor sissy, still cant get hard? How sad too bad, perhaps some dancing and prancing practice will help? Well it will probably help to make you more horny and frustrated but that’s ok cause I like it when you are frustrated it makes me horny so get up on that pole and show me some moves, that’s it pretend the pole is a massive slippery hard cock get it between your legs and go up and down grinding your clitty and gripping it with your legs , yes very sexy go a little slower now turn you back to it and hold it above your head now grind that ass into it like its fucking you, good now face the pole and wrap your legs around it as you slowly slide down it like your sitting on a huge cock all the way to the floor ok now let’s see you shake that ass and a sexy walk now twirl like you are on the catwalk and prance back like a sissy pony girl lovely, down on all fours slowly crawling like you are stalking a bbc that’s it very sexy don’t forget to wiggle that sissy ass, now crawl to me with your mouth open for cock and stick out your tongue sissy, good now while your down there I need a foot massage?” sissy removed mistresses heels “I love having my own personal foot spa” she shoved her foot into sissys mouth “You know what to do” Saraya started licking and sucking each toe then the sole as mistress used her other foot to tease her pressing down on her chastity and then flicking her softly and gently kicking her balls causing her to flinch and squirm “keep licking a good sissy doesn’t get distracted from her work she forced her foot into sarayas mouth foot fucking her hole which was such a turn on she started dripping.“I See you like that, are you all horny now hehe? you may suck the other one then” Sissy did as instructed she would have pretty much done anything she was so stoned “ “Good sissy now up on the inspection chair” she got into the chair and mistress strapped her arms to her sides pulling the straps so hard she could hardly breathe “I hope that’s tight enough sissy I don’t want you wriggling around or touching yourself” she strapped her legs into the stirrups, “Now I have you completely at my mercy all strapped down I have full access and can do whatever I want with you and there is nothing at all you can do my helpless sissy whore, and now that you are all restrained I think it’s safe to take off this CB” Saraya wasn’t pleased, it was the first time she had been let out and she couldn’t even touch herself, “Such a lucky slut I was going to leave that on for a week after your misbehaviour but I will be merciful for now… NOT, She grabbed her crop and started slapping her tits hard sissy yelped in pain “OMG you will need to learn to like pain slut but in the meantime lets shut that fuck hole”, she pulled out an inflatable gag and stuffed it in her mouth pumping it up to the max That should take care of any unwanted noises, now what can we do with the other hole?” she went over to the equipment rack and chose a large black strap on It was the biggest she had ever seen a foot long and as thick as her arm “now I know you love black dick sissy and this will get you ready for the biggest BBC in town” she applied lube and started slapping it against Sissy’s clit then holding it next to her restrained sissy stick”look how tiny you are compared to a real BBC slut? And nobody wants a useless sissy clit do they? So I guess since I’m the only one with a real dick you must be the bitch getting fucked then haha” she started rubbing it against her hole gently probing almost pushing it then slapping Sissy’s clit with it “ohh look Sissy’s getting so hard hehehe you might as well enjoy it while you still can” she started to apply more pressure pushing just the tip of the massive cock in and pulling it out “I love how it pops out of your ass I really thought you would have been looser after all that BBC  I think we might need some help to get you ready she held a popper bottle in front of her nose until sissy was nice and loose her clit throbbing “ohh you look all ready now so enchanted by your little bottle” she started to push the cock into her hole and sissy let out a muffled cry “don’t worry slut I’ll be gentle” she thrust it in and out slowly getting deeper and deeper sissy moaning with each thrust.“That’s my little BBC whore now you’ll really learn to love cock, take it like the bitch you are just like a real girl getting fucked on your back under the spell of your poppers” she started stroking Sissy’s clit and fucking her deeper “now don’t you cum whore you’re not allowed to cum unless I give you permission” she started twisting and pulling her balls gripping her clit hard and rubbing the head with each stroke, Mistress was fucking her almost ball’s deep until sissy couldn’t take it anymore she tried to talk but couldn’t, mistress removed the gag, “tell me you love it” I love it mistress I can’t get enough of your BBC, Please may I cum now mistress?” Ok then I’m going to count down from ten and you will cum when I get to one because a good sissy whore always cums on command” she counted down fucking her harder and faster,” Ten, Oh you just love to be the little slut getting fucked don’t you? Nine you just can’t get enough of this big cock… Two “Now beg me to ruin you whore?” “I beg you mistress please please ruin me” as she got to one she pushed the cock all the way in and as sissy started to cum she dug her nails into sissys ball sack pulling and twisting with one hand while she gripped her clit head as hard as she could with the other “cum now sissy’ she squashed her clit against her stomach hard rubbing all the cum out slowly milking her dry while the massive cock bumped her belly, sissy came all over herself while mistress kept fucking her still rubbing her now very sensitive clit, “please stop mistress it’s too sensitive” mistress just rubbed it harder and faster, “oww oww please mistress” “stop your whining slut im still horny and seeing you squirming and trying to get away while I cruelly rub and rub is such a turn on, do you want me to stop now sissy?” “yes please mistress please please stop” “ but I thought you liked having your clit played with haha” mistress kept rubbing and fucking sissy until she was sobbing sissy tears until sissy was hard again mistress noticed and grabbed the hitachi pressing it hard against the base of sissys clit as she stroked using her spit as lube.“Did you like that sissy getting ruined so cruelly? It’s what you deserve, in fact you should be thanking me for even letting you squirt but we need to get all of the cum out wether you enjoy it or not haha” she started stroking her clit again even harder but it was so sensitive she couldn’t stand it “please mistress it hurts” “too bad sissy you don’t get to say when, because a real man won’t even care if you cum he’ll just keep fucking you till he’s satisfied and your job is to make sure he is” she kept stroking as sissy was convulsing mistress mercilessly wanked her hard again, sissy was starting to sob but she just kept going ” oh I love those little sissy faggot tears, there’s nothing more intense than being jerked off again straight after you cum when it still all tingly and sensitive so deliciously torturous, Well I think we might have another load already who would believe you had so much cum in you, We will need to get you onto a stronger dose of hormones to make you more girly and get this clit under control”.Mistress started grinding her massive strapon on sissys G spot keeping just the right amount of pressure till it burned, she was fucking her and thrusting in at the same time as she was stroking down rhythmically the feeling was unbelievable “ I Think im going to cum again mistress” “No way slut I will tell you whether you get to cum or not” she gripped her balls pulling them up and pressing the hitachi between her legs “You know a good sissy only cums on command so don’t disappoint me” Saraya’s sissy stick was standing to attention as mistress slapped her clit and stretched her balls digging her nails in “Nope no Cummies for you faggot whore” as she slapped her now hard sissy stick” Please mistress may I cum?” “well if you really want to sissy? But first let’s move things up a notch” she pulled out and went over to the dresser sissys clit was still pulsing and tensing up “Let’s see if you can cum with this on” She quickly wrapped a spiked cock strap just below the head of her clit tightly and sissy let out a shriek “it hurts mistress” “Well not if you don’t get hard hehe and the harder you get the more its digs in its such a wonderful orgasm suppresser” just me touching your clit causes waves of pleasure well for me anyway, for you all you will be able to think about is trying desperately to not get hard haha, and how does it feel if I stroke it?” “ahhh noo mistress” “Poor sissy does it feel like you clit is being pricked by a hundred tiny needles?” please stop mistress?” well I can stop stroking and start slapping” whack, whack, whack “Please no mistress” “So you want me to go back to stroking?” No mistress I mean yes mistress Ow Ow please stop” “Shut your fuck hole whore or ill shut it for you, I think I’ll leave it alone besides it works so much better when you go from soft to hard” Mistress walked over to the dresser and filled up the bong and inhaled deeply then took a large shot of whisky,”That’s it semi hard is perfect “she slapped sissys clit with the huge dildo and then rammed it in hard, “Look as I fuck you and you try to get hard it really makes you want to think about anything but getting hard, Maybe I could put some BBC videos on the screen to make it that little bit more fun well for me anyway, Look sissy, you can only get so hard before it’s too much to bear, how lovely, Maybe I could leave you in this all night lol just k**ding but I do love seeing those sissy faggot tears on your rosy red cheeks so cute, let’s see how you like this” Mistress held the hitachi at the base of her clit causing it to harden painfully but all sissy could do strapped down to the bench was shake her head and sob “aww so cute, And I thought you loved it when your clitty gets all the attention sissy? Not so horny anymore? Well I’m horny and I need a good fucking and I’m sick of all your whining” She forced a dildo gag into sissys mouth and strapped it around her neck.Mistress got up and straddled sissys face she slid down onto the cock her juices dripping down and started to ride her, “now if I sit back my asshole completely blocks your nose so I have full control of your breathing and it feels great too, This way I have full access to your sissy tits and clit” she placed the hitachi on her stomach so that it was just touching her clit and taped it in place so it would keep her just hard enough to remind her that getting hard wasn’t a good idea, “hmm look at those silly sissy balls, soon to be just a useless tiny sack of skin between your legs” she started wrapping a cord around them and ran it through a pulley on the ceiling before attaching a weight to the cord pulling sissys balls up and forward slightly putting even more pressure on her clit as she tried to keep her balls form being stretched out, “Look how hard you are I can even see pre cum starting to leak from the tip of your poor tortured clit” well sissy this is getting me horny, I need a good fucking” she bounced up and down on the dildo slapping sissys tits, “oh I think I’m going to cum nowwww mmmmm”She was arching her back and riding hard till she came violently forgetting sissy needed to breathe until she passed out, she got off the slippery cock and realized sissy was out “Wake up sissy no sleeping on the job” mistress slapped her round and gave the cord around her balls a good yank, Sissy awoke as mistress was removing the gag “you better clean this off sissy it’s the closest thing to pussy you’ll be seeing now that your sissy servitude has begun she rammed it down her throat “Good slut lick it clean” She wheeled over a large black fucking machine inserted a ribbed dildo and positioned it against sissys pussy and switched it on guiding it in as she adjusted the speed, “We need to get this just right too fast and you’ll cum all over the place we need it just fast enough to keep you on the edge, that will really show you just how controlling your little clit strap can be” the ribbed cock thrust in and out massaging her prostate, as the pressure built up her clit hardened until it touched the still vibrating hitachi which made it impossible to be soft until it was too much to bear, “right I don’t want any shrieking while I have my massage” she strapped the cock gag back in and added dribbled some spit lube on sissys asshole before leaving her slowly getting fucked. Mistress finally finished her massage and switched off the fuck machine untying her balls and squeezing them painfully as the blood flow returned before releasing sissys arms “Now clean yourself and be ready in 5 mins…… Sissy wished mistress had unlocked her clitty strap but it was on tight and she couldn’t slip it off without doing some damage to her poor sissy stick especially because mistress had left on the BBC vs sissy video collection and thinking of starring in her very own sissy vid was making her clitty stiffen while she was douching her well used ass pussy, she reapplied her lip gloss and knelt patiently beside mistresses bed, “Wow I feel great and I always feel extra horny after a massage, Im pleased you are all ready, such a good little whore and how’s that useless piece of skin between your legs? I see its looking very sensitive”.“Well that’s too bad cause im horny so get over here and start licking my cunt and pay special attention to my clit I want it nice and wet” Mistress grabbed her by the hair and held her mouth against her soft pussy lips, Saraya sucked and licked as if it was her last taste of pussy, “That’s the spot sissy keep going, ohh yeah do the alphabet mmmmm very nice it’s getting my clit so hard while you get to stay soft hehe, ok now get up over that bench” Mistress clipped her wrists and ankles to the bench and took a full face mask with a removable gag and strapped it on securing a chain to the mask that pulled her head up and forward “this way I can do as I please and you have no idea what’s coming” she slapped her ass hard and pulled a pink st****edo from her drawer and inserted it into her wet snatch “ Pucker up sissy, I love this toy because its fucking me while I fuck you and while I know you can take a cock you need to learn to get fucked like a girl does hard and long” she spanked and fucked away until sissys legs were trembling and her still strapped clit streaming a pool of precum, Mistress removed the gag and started pushing the dildo into her mouth and smearing the ass juices on her face “Are you loving this whore ? Tell me how much you love being fucked” “Ohh mistress I love it when you fuck me I’m your little cock whore bitch” “Good sissy slut now I have one last surprise for you before bed,” She felt someone else was in the room but couldn’t see, suddenly she felt another hard cock bumping her ass, “I told my BBC Gimp how much deep throating tightens your sissy cunt and has the perfect size dick for your training so I thought why not lol, so open up and say ahh, that’s it stick your tongue out sissy she rammed the st****do down sissys throat just as her Gimp entered her from behind, That’s it sissy push back on that cock don’t be shy I know you love being fucked by a real man with a real cock, Does she feel good?” “Yes Mistress her ass is nice and tight” he thrust in and out massaging her pussy as mistress gagged her “You were born for this sissy, a cock in each hole, you really are a girl now getting spit roasted for your mistress by a BBC taking it like the whore you truly are, and this boy really knows how to please a sissy it’s like his mushroom head cock has a G spot magnet. After what seemed like ages he said “I think im going to cum mistress” “Ok Gimp come here” She pulled his cock rubbing it around sissys lips and jerking it hard, “now since neither of you deserve a happy ending I’m going to ruin him all over your face” As his balls tightened and he started to cum mistress gripped his huge head tightly strangling his cock as it spurted all over her then slapping it away while the cum was still flowing “now put on your chastity gimp” he did as instructed and mistress slapped his ass and told him to wait in his cage. “Sissy go get showered and wait by my bed “Now a good sissy needs a bedtime beauty routine and lucky for you because it’s my bedtime so you get to practice so grab those pads and take off my makeup, good now moisturizer, good sissy faggot bring me that red sheer bodysuit that’s the one, now my legs and arms need moisturizer and use this on my feet gently the way a real girl would do it, just like two girlfriend’s getting ready for a sleepover so you need to brush my hair that’s it sissy perfect, so I think those fluffy red mules should do it put them on me and go fix me another drink, ok now kneel so I can brush your hair and let’s put these cute pink ribbons I want to see what you look like with pretty pigtails oh that’s cute now go get that gorgeous pink sheer baby doll the one with the fluffy edge’s, lovely such a cutie just like a sissy school girl ready for slutty bedroom game’s like who has the pinkest cheek’s and since you’re the sissy you better give me the hair brush and bend over and  touch your toes.I love this game so the trick is to stay standing while you take a good paddling, whack, whack see your good at this” she grabbed the flogger and started whipping faster and faster, ohh careful getting a bit wobbly hehe, without sissy seeing she had grabbed a long cane and hit her hard, sissy jumped and screamed holding her cheeks, “that’s a point off sissy maybe it would be easier if you held your ankles haha, whack sissy jumped again, “I can see your going to need some practice my trained sluts can take six of the best without even flinching so you definitely need more training with the cane, oh well let’s play spin the bottle, I’m sure even you can play this you stupid whore so if the bottle points at you you skull, spin it sissy” oh it’s me gulp ok spin again, ok you this time but you don’t have a drink but that’s ok cause I need a piss haha, she filled her empty glass with her warm golden liquid and handed it to sissy she gingerly skulled it back and spun the bottle again as mistress refilled Sissy’s glass and poured herself another whiskey “I love loosing at spin the bottle let’s make it more interesting” she pulled out two sets of nipple clips and clamped the first on on sissy “now we have to skull and add a weight to each nipple” they played for a while mistress eventually let her have more whiskey until they were both quite wasted which helped with the nipple play nicely, until Mistress became bored and told sissy it was bed time.“Ok I normally I make my sissies sleep in a cage for the first few months until they know how to behave but I think I’ll let you sleep here how would you like that?” “ohh thank you mistress you have such a lovely bed” Haha don’t think for a minute id let a dirty faggot whore sleep in my bed? You’re not even house trained yet so you can sleep on that little pink puppy pad on the floor at the foot of my bed just in case of any sissy accidents” Kneel down since you are all soft now it’s time to put you back in chastity, this tiny pink one will match your outfit nicely so put it on quickly” Good sissy its so much more humiliating wearing chastity all the time but it helps to keep you calm and submissive, here’s a pretty jewelled butt plug to keep your mans seed in all night and your fuck-hole nice and stretched out, we need to train your ass to gape because I like my sissys to be ready to take the biggest cocks with ease, Now show me, spread your cheeks, that’s it so when I write whore on your ass with lipstick like this your gaping plugged asshole becomes the O hehe”.Mistress slipped into her satin sheets and Sissy went to lay on her pad “What do you think you are doing sissy?” going to bed mistress” well when I said it was bed time I meant me, You still have chores to do so go lay out my clothes for the morning and you can clean up the bathroom before bed” “Yes mistress” sissy went off to the dressing room and started going through mistresses morning gowns they were all so soft and silky caressing her legs as she went through them finally settling on a blue satin full length gown and slippers she quietly lay them on the dresser and went to the bathroom.To her surprise she found a gagged gimp chained to the toilet with a large emty enema bag next to him, I guess this is what mistress was talking about when she said clean up? She reached down and removed the enema plug causing a torrent of red wine to be released when she noticed what a lovely cock he had and it was un caged, she took some lube and started stroking him hard, he started moaning drunkenly through the gag Saraya knelt down and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking rolling her tongue around the head like mistress had taught her then licking his smooth hairless balls sucking each one into her mouth as she stroked him harder squeezing his thick cock till it was hard as a rock, She turned around removed her plug and pulled his mouth on to her gaping ass pussy he started licking and lubing her asshole with his spit which made sissy harden in her tiny chastity knowing she couldn’t get too hard or actually touch herself she knew the only way to pleasure herself was analy.She slowly sat on the gimps cock facing him and started riding, sucking and biting his nipples just made his cock even harder and she was really getting stretched out, she had been fucking him for what seemed like hours and he was really hitting the spot with precum leaking all over them as her tiny pink nub rubbed against his stomach, she took a strapon dildo off the dresser next to her and strapped it onto the gimps face deep throating as she fucked him, she knew that as she gagged her ass cunt would tighten on his cock and bumping her g spot till she could feel him tensing as her prostate burned she started to squirt all over him grinding down hard on his dick she could feel warm wads of cum filling her asshole and dribbling down her ass cheeks as she shuddered and sissygasmed all over him, She got off the cock and it started going down, not wanting to waste the opportunity she rummaged through the drawers and found a cock pump slipping it on and pumping him back to hardness.She took one of mistresses riding crops and slapped his ass and nipples till his cock was nearly fully hard again so she slipped off the pump and slipped a vibrating plug up into his asshole turning it to a wave setting which slowly went faster and faster then pulsing causing his dick to pulse in time she slapped the cock and this only seemed to make it harder she started to tease him sitting on the head of his cock and the popping it out she could see it was driving him wild slowly fucking just the head of his cock then grinding her ass lips down the shaft lap dancing him she could feel the powerful vibe as she slid back and forth teasing him till he started moaning she stopped to smear sensitising lube on his cock and balls which only made the teasing more agonizing as she dry humped away the gimp was groaning as she slid her ass lips up and down over the length of it he was shivering with the intensity as she sped up the head of his cock was swollen and red she spit lubed some more and humped until his tortured cock uncontrollably shot all over the place.She sucked him clean and decided she had better clean up the bathroom so she switched the vibe in his ass to full pulse and started cleaning up his gizz as his cock slowly hardened and then softened again as the vibe did its work, after she mopped up she douched her ass and went to bed dreaming of sissy pampering and sucking her favourite cock.Whack! Sissy woke to the sting of mistress’s cane “Why was your butt plug sitting on the bathroom sink next to my gimp? “I’m sorry mistress I must have left it there by accident” “well I guess my gimp didn’t cum by accident?” she slapped Saraya hard I know you’ve been playing with him don’t lie” I know he’s been milked as he hasn’t been out of chastity for 3 weeks so here I was looking forward to my morning snatch eating and he’s always much more eager to please when he’s been denied for a while so you’re going to fill in for him while he’s getting punished for cumming without permission” Mistress lay down on the bed “you better do a good job or you’ll be joining him in the milking room again haha, now eat my cunt whore and if you do it right your punishment will be less severe”Take off my panties bitch, not with your filthy whore hands use that slut mouth you don’t get to touch me, now turn around hands behind your back,” click click she felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs, mistress lay on her stomach and pulled sissy down by her leash “you can start by cleaning my asshole mmm deeper mmmm that’s it further eat my ass whore fuck it with that tongue” Sissy was struggling to breath let alone eat ass “Are you having trouble sissy?” she rolled over and pulled out a vibrating tongue ball” stick out your tongue sissy she removed her piercing and replaced it with the tiny vibe “Now hit that clit bitch” Sissy went at it like it was her last meal she licked and sucked stroking the clit with her vibe she could feel it getting harder it felt like the vibe was shaking her teeth loose but mistress was certainly enjoying it she moaned and griped sissy tightly between her thighs as she franticly licked and sucked clit.Mistress grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face hard “No teeth you worthless faggot” She dragged her onto the bed mercilessly whipping her ass with the crop “legs apart” she began slapping between her thighs rolling her over and sitting on her face get busy on my asshole with that tongue vibe” as sissy slid her tongue into mistresses ass she could fee mistress mouthing her chastity spit lubing her clit and teasing it so it bulged and filled every bit of her pretty pink device then held the hitachi firmly against her balls causing sissy to wriggle and shudder at the intense vibrations “wow your little faggot clitty is just about bursting out of your device, maybe I’ll let you out or maybe not haha, ok I will let you out she unlocked her and no sooner had sissys clit been released she could feel the searing pain of the spiked cock strap being locked tightly around her shaft “ohh I bet that hurts it’s always better to get it on nice and tight before you are fully hard that way it keeps you from getting fully hard unless you want to but I don’t think you will somehow” By this stage sissy was nearly passing out “Oh I forgot you need to breath she hopped of and rolled sissy over “legs apart slut” she locked a spreader in place and grabbed sissys balls pulling them out then sissy felt the snap of the dreaded hobbler and immediately felt it bite into her ballsack she tried to bend but mistress pulled her to her feet running a chain through her cuffs and hooking it to the ceiling winch winding it till sissy could barely stand keeping her off balance “Oh poor sissy are you finding this difficult honey?” she let the chain down slightly “Is that better?”“Answer me slut? “whack mistress whipped her balls and clit “Yes mistress, thank you mistress” “And?” “And sissy will never play with mistresses slaves without permission” whack whack, “Good girl but I still have to punish you she took of the spreader and lowered the chain till sissy could walk in a small circle mistress started whipping her “walkies sissy” whack “walk faster” whack whack “Not good enough” she inserted a large cock shaped plug with a horse hair tail “such a pretty pony if only you could bend down and take the pressure off those sissy balls hehe” Mistress held her by the throat choking her and slapped her hard “I don’t think you will ever learn” she picked up her wand and started zapping sissys ass and balls causing her to jump and cry out” Shut that fuckhole slut” she took a large o shaped gag bit and forced it into sarayas mouth strapping it tightly in place holding her mouth open so her saliva dribbled down her chin, “a good sissy should always keep her mouth open for cock and I have a monster one for you”.Mistress strapped on a huge horse cock and shoved it into her open mouth “you better lube it up bitch” cause this dicks going in your ass next” Saraya’s eyes went wide she had never taken a cock that big before and as mistress thrust it in she was wondering if she even could take it, she tried to say please no but her mouth and throat were being stretched out and she felt her plug being removed and anal eze being squirted into her gaping hole, “ok slut you will need to clench that pussy and push back on my cock” she spit lubed the massive dong and pressed it against sissys pussy teasing her asshole and slowly pushing it in” Now let’s see if we can get just the tip in” she could feel the pressure of the cock against her ass lips then suddenly the head was in her the feeling was wonderful and it burned against her p spot mistress pulled it out and pushed it back in again and again until she could feel her asshole loosening up mistress told her to push back and without warning pushed it in which made sissy moan and as she pushed the hobbler viciously stretched her now red balls, she started fucking her pushing it in as far as it would go then pulling it all the way out as sissy yelped and sobbed “shut up whore and take it like the sissy bitch you are. I can take a bigger cock than this in my ass”.I know what will shut you up, Emma bring the slave in?” Emma led in the slave from last night he was bound and had been caned severly with welts all over his ass and legs Emma was slapping his cock hard and guided it into sarayas open mouth, she attached steel nipple clips to the slave and sissy felt his cock harden Emma pushed his ass hard and sissy gagged tears welling up as mistress started going faster and deeper the cock now making a bump in her belly it burned and she felt so full like never before her clit pulsing and dripping with precum as the cock ring and hobbler kept her from even thinking about cumming the slave shot his load without warning pumping it deep into her belly, Emma pulled him out and slapped his cock hard the cum shooting wildly all over her face and dripping from her mouth “Bad slave perhaps you two should get to know each other better”.She untied him and bent him over closing another smaller hobbler around his balls and taking his cuffed hands clipping it to sissys chain, and winching it so they were ass to ass “that’s better now let’s get this in, she lubed up a 30” double ender sticking it in sissy and then in the slave she winched up the chain as far as it would go pulling them closer and forcing the dildo in so there asses were touching and the dildo was fucking both of them, Emma strapped on a BBC and stared face fucking him while mistress did the same to sissy both of them thrusting in at the same time there balls being jammed in the middle as they pumped while the double ender asfucked them “Ohh this is great lets swap, I love seeing the look as there balls are being tortured while they get fucked in both holes hehe, I think we should just leave them here fucking themselves in the ass as they destroy each other’s balls? But they aren’t fucking each other to my liking so I think we should attach these electrodes to give them some incentive if I stick two on his cock and one on each leg and sissy gets the same now let’s see what happens when they are on a low pulse?” immediately they started bumping and jerking poor sissy was getting so worked up as the involuntary ass fucking intensified as mistress turned up the voltage her clit was streaming precum in ropes as her balls were squashed and her prostate massaged. “Maybe we should go get coffee while they get a little better acquainted hehehe “the two walked off and left sissy and slave alone. Saraya was getting more and more worked up as the pulsing caused her clit to spasm sending waves of pain as the cock ring kept her from getting too excited, as they ass fucked each other two pools of silky precum were forming on the floor beneath them there hobbled balls crushing together causing ropes of silky spunk to flow with each pulse, She could tell slave wasn’t enjoying it so much eather as the grunts and moans of pain coming from under his leather hood, She heard the click of heels and could see Slut Angela’s reflection in the floor to ceiling mirror, “What do we have here? Two faggots ass fucking each other how lovely but I think it’s time to move things up a notch or two hehe” she lowered the chain and removed the dildo, “Look sissy this cock needs cleaning she shoved it into her open mouth “get your own filthy ass juce of the cock and make sure you spit lube it good” she pulled it out and turned it around sliding it back into sissys mouth, “now get his ass juice off it good sissy.She turned her around and holding the dong in sissys mouth pushed it back into the slaves ass, “now you get to deep throat the cock and fuck him in the ass at the same time” She strapped on mistresses horse cock and rammed it into sissys well fucked ass pussy, “Ohh look at those poor sissy balls so red “Let’s see if I can get those cheeks a matching shade” she fucked and spanked sissys ass hard and as sissy started to gag and push back on the cock she could hardly believe how good it felt the massive dong bumping her ass feeling the pressure building hitting all the good spots, she knew she couldn’t last and came so hard she wondered if the cum would stop as Angela kept ramming the cock in she was on cloud nine with every stroke a wad of cum dripped from her clit until she was milked dry but Angela didn’t stop she just kept going Sissy had never been fucked so hard by such a huge dick and the feeling was amazing as her clit started hardening again she knew from that moment on that her life as an owned sissy cock whore was a dream cum true.

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