Sissy Experience – Episode 2: Simple Pleasures of

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Sissy Experience – Episode 2: Simple Pleasures ofHello All,Hope you’re all doing well!!In the previous episode I told you how looking at girly clothes started making hard and how I eventually put them on and jerked myself. If you haven’t read it yet, check that out and come back to read this.After the first instance I was very guilty for putting on my sister’s bra and panties. Let me introduce her to you all, her name is Afifa. I promised myself that I am not going to do this ever again only to break in after just a couple of days.I had found something new and exciting and whenever I was alone I would check the laundry basket for dirty bra and panties. Then put them on while smelling a couple of them as well. Then I would rub on my dick and then jerk myself off.It was one such day, I was home alone and I went and got some dirty panties and a couple of bras as usual. My room was upstairs but I never used it while jerking off, because if someone was at the door I would need to come downstairs take my sissy clothes off get dressed and then attend the door. It was too big of a task and risky. I take them to my mom’s room and take my clothes off and put on the panties. This was something new soft pink satin panties with a lacey perforated front ( I guess to let the pussy breathe so that you don’t choke the innocent pussy to death due to lack of air ;)) . My cock was really liking the soft fabric abd air flow. Then I look at the bra. Just opposite; padded and red in colour with yellow polka dots. I put it on and I feel it’s big for me. I have a closer look and it’s my mom’s.My mom is a healthy woman in her early 50s. Not so healthy than you call are fat. She has these 36C boobs and 36in around hips I suppose.I really wanted to try this bright bra so I adjust güvenilir bahis the straps and put it on the smallest hook. Voila!! It’s not loose anymore. Than I grab a panty, a boring one plain black in colour. Suddenly I realise. One of the window is open and the curtains are not completely on. Next thing I leave everything aside and check to see if anyone’s peeking close the window and put the curtains on. Next thing I start smelling the panties. At this point it was kinda d**g for me that got me going. I’m hard and leaking.I take my cock out and start stroking it. I am loving it only to be interrupted by a door bell. I’m wondering whose it as Mom had gone to city to visit Dad and I just checked with my sister. She was in college and wasn’t coming any back any time sooner. I run to the door and look through the peep hole.WTF!! It was my weird looking neighbouring uncle. And he’s continuously ringing the door bell. I run back to my room put my boxers and T-shirt on. I am still wearing the panty and bra underneath. I open the door and there he is standing and smiling at me wickedly as usual. I smile and he looks at me from top to bottom and then says : “Can I borrow your shovel?”. I am like meh. What’s this guy’s problem. Then I point him to the lawn where the shovel was lying. But he’s busy looking at my chest. That’s when I realised that I was wearing a padded bra that made me look like I had small teen boobs. Then I walk to the lawn pick the shovel up and hand it to him. He says thank you and leaves.I come back and take a deep breath. I take my boxers off and my cock is all soft. As soft as a marshmallow and as small as g****. Hiding inside the panty with a small patch of precum. Then I walk up to the mirror and find that the bra did create güvenilir bahis siteleri an illusion of me having boobs and the bright red colour was showing through from under my white Tshirt.My mind keeps wondering with different thoughts for a while and then I am back to my horny self. I start stroking my dick and come all over the floor. This routine continued for sometime and then I wanted to try something new.I start looking on internet and my o my were a lot of people like me. I find a community for people like me and I sogn up immediately. Omg! There where some sexy sissyboys out there and I was no competition. I keep exploring the forum and various posts and I find different things to pleasure yourself as a sissy.Now after joining the forum and looking at other sissies I wanted to try the different girly clothes other than the usual bra and panties.So I decide that next time I’m alone I’ll try something new. A week later I’m alone. As usual, I go check the laundry basket and unfortunately there are no clothes it. I stand there wondering what can I do. So after few minutes I decide to go checkout my Sister Afifa’s cupboard and try whatever I can.This was the first time I was checking her cupboard. I open the cupboard and it was like a treasure trove to me. I start looking through her clothes and god she has some pretty awesome ans sexy collection of clothes and undergarments. I was awestruck and couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear.And one thing stuck to my eyes, a blue floral panty with pink lacey elastic. I pick that up and start looking for a bra. Abd the first thing I see is a neon green bra. I was done with my undies. I wanted something for the outside now. I look through and find black yoga pants and a crop top so short that iddaa siteleri my bra would be visible even with slightest movement of my hands (Both of which I had never seen her wearing)I put everything on and the feeling was amazing. I look at myself in the mirror and I get hard. I was getting horny looking at myself in the mirror. I turn around and my god was my ass looking round and sexy. Then I could start to see a bulge in my pants and my ass feels twitchy. I lie on the bed and start rubbing my cock over the pants. Then i pull my pants down ans start rubbing it over the panties. There was already a wet patch of precum on the panties. My ass hole is still feeling twitchy and I feel it is slightly wet. I touch my finger to check it and there was a feeling that I had never felt before.Now I start to rub my finger on it. After sometime I feel the urge to insert it in. It was so wet that the finger slid in without any effort. And I love it now I start to finger fuck my ass pussy with one hand and stroked my cock with other. Then I left my cock and started pinching my nipples. I was on bed on my back finger fucking my ass pussy and pinching my titties. My cock was hard and leaking precum. This went on for about half an hour until my balls were filled with cum and ready yo burst out. I give it a slight shake and I was about to cum. At the last moment I managed to get up and off the bed to cum on the floor. If I hadn’t I would ruin her clothes and bed dirty with my cum.I was lucky and was grasping for breath. I stood up took the clothes off and put it back in it’s place. Not to mention cleaning the cum off the floor.This was a gateway to a bunch of kinky events that would occur going forward.To be continued..Your feedback is valuable, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can send me kinky and dirty stuff on brownsissyboi@gmail.comDisclaimer: All characters and other entities appearing in this story are fictitious. The sole purpose is purely for entertainment and pleasure.

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