Sir and His Sarah Ch. 01: First Encounter

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Angela White

They met online and their initial correspondence consisted of about a dozen lengthy emails. Both of them were impressed by the substance and the style of the others’ messages and each felt that the other was intelligent, accomplished, interesting, and grounded. They were straightforward about their desires, a rapport and trust was established, safety concerns were addressed, and they made a plan to meet.


Sarah walked two blocks along the old-town waterfront to the coffee shop. The bright mid-morning sun was warm yet tempered by the cool air coming off the Bay. She had just pulled out a chair at an outdoor table when Tom approached. They smiled genuinely and greeted each other with a friendly kiss on the cheek. He was a full head taller but her boots brought her face a couple inches closer to his.

Boots. He was pleased to see that she’d worn boots, just as he’d instructed.

They settled into easy, casual conversation and it was soon apparent that the e-rapport carried over IRL.

After finishing their drinks, Tom suggested they find a more private place to continue the conversation. Around the corner they came to a small wooden bench in the shade of a storefront awning, away from foot traffic. There they discussed in detail the desires they’d already outlined during their correspondence.

She longed to be taken completely, to surrender to a man who would command her and use her. She harbored a core-deep submissiveness that had yet to be explored to her satisfaction.

He was searching for a woman who would follow his directions, even to the point that they might become challenging. His ideal woman longed to submit to his strength and his will and both he and she would derive immense pleasure from this power imbalance.

Sitting there on that wooden bench, he looked into her eyes and said in a low, steady voice, “Tell me what you are.”

Sarah held his gaze. Her hushed reply was confident. “I’m a slut.”

“Yes, you are. Tell me what you need, slut.”

Taking a deep breath, she hesitated for only a moment before uttering, “I need to be used. I need to be held down and taken. Fingers, toys, cock… my mouth and my pussy and my ass need them all.” Her breathing became ragged and a quick, high moan escaped her throat before saying, “I need to be fucked and filled over and over.”

“Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful,” he whispered aloud yet mostly to himself. Their gaze remaining fixed, he leaned in toward her but stopped just inches from her face. “Kiss me.”

Sarah willingly traversed the last few inches and their lips met. Each melted into the heat and the passion of their first kiss.


Stroking her flushed cheek with the side of his thumb, Tom disengaged their kiss and leaned away. He smiled and looked at her with an expression that was warm, even kind, yet at the same time projected an air of seriousness. “Stand up and şişli escort walk ahead of me.”

Up the hill was a thickly wooded residential neighborhood of winding streets and large lots. Sarah rose and began walking. Tom followed, admiring her from behind. Calf-high boots and a medium-short skirt; this dictated ensemble accented exactly what he wanted to see and he mentally caressed the backs of her legs from the middle of her calves upward..

Now arm in arm, they walked for a few twisting and turning blocks until they came to a well maintained tree-lined dirt alley. He led her to where it dead ended around a curve. Here, surrounded on three sides by a five-foot wood picket fence and within the shade of overhanging branches, they were completely out of view of any house or street. No traffic could be heard and no pedestrian or bicyclist was even remotely near them.

Facing Sarah, Tom put his hands on her hips and pressed her up against the painted wood. He then brought both hands up to her face and stroked her cheeks. She expected him to kiss her again but instead felt his hands move to her shoulders and gently press her downward. There was no mistaking what he was commanding her to do.

An unexpected sexual/conceptual thrill shot through her the moment her knees made contact with the soft dirt. Was she really allowing this man to push her to her knees? Did she want to be treated like this? “Yes,” she said to herself as she reached for his belt, “fuck yes.”

His belt unbuckled, she opened his pants to reveal his semi-hard cock covered by the black cloth of his shorts. She rubbed her hand over him once, twice, then reached for the elastic waistband.

Pulling him out completely, she gently wrapped her fingers around his hardening shaft. “Good girl,” she heard from above.

Lifting the heft of his hard cock above her face, Sarah caressed it with her closed lips along the underside. Silky smooth skin over a stiff, rigid shaft. Moving her face down again, she licked him from the base of his cock to the head. She immersed herself in the feel and the smell and now the taste of this new cock but soon remembered she was supposed to be serving him rather than satisfying her own enjoyment so she opened her mouth and lowered her head, taking him in.

His hand moved to the back of her head and gathered a loosely-clenched fist full of her shoulder-length hair. His grip followed the movements of her head but exerted no force. She was in control of this movement and action but holding her hair in this manner plainly communicated that he was very much in command over her.

She reached up to caress his scrotum and continued bobbing her head and sucking him until he told her to stop and look up at him.

She complied, of course.

Gazing down at her, he marveled to himself, “Look at this woman, down on her knees. What a stunning, confident, cock-hungry creature. Such a beautiful and submissive little pleasure whore.”

“You’re very good at this,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“You enjoy giving men blow jobs, don’t you.” he stated.

“I adore it.”

“You want to please me, don’t you.”

“More than anything. Please, may I put it back in my mouth?”

His answer came in the form of a barely-perceptible tightening of his grip on her hair and a gentle pressure on the back of her head.

She resumed.

He was now fully aroused and she marveled at how hard his penis had become. She had held and licked and sucked many of them in the past and his was especially wonderful. An amazingly hard shaft beneath lusciously soft skin. His shape, his size, his smell… everything about this man’s cock thrilled her. It felt so good in her hand and in her mouth and she knew that it would feel divine elsewhere.

“Put your hands behind your back and look up at me.”

Sarah did both.

Tom reached down and proceeded to caress her upturned face with his fully aroused organ. He smoothed his saliva-covered shaft over her cheeks, slid the very tip over her lips as if applying his pre-cum as lipstick, moved above her and ran his testicles over her chin onto her mouth and then, telling her to put her tongue out, ran the full length of his rigid sex over her wet, outstretched tongue.

She savored it all. “Don’t stop caressing me with your beautiful cock. Mark me with your scent. My face is yours, my mouth is yours,” Sarah thought to herself. She considered saying this to him but knew the words would be superfluous so she simply moaned a drawn-out, eager, and encouraging moan.


Stepping back, he gazed down at her. From below, she looked up at him.

“Stand up.” he commanded, offering down his hand and helping her to her feet.

Once she was up he drew her close. He slid one hand around her waist, moved the other to the back of her neck at the base of her skull, then leaned down to kiss her. Their lips and tongues mashed and slid against each other. She knew that he tasted his own cock on her lips and her breath and that thought caused her to push her tongue deeper into his mouth.

His lower hand moved from the top of her ass down the back of her thigh where he clenched the hem of her skirt and lifted the material. He slid his large hand back down over her marvelously soft, pale flesh and inward between her legs. She shifted her stance, moving her feet apart. Their kiss deepened.

Tom’s fingers moved further between her thighs until his touch confirmed two things he already knew; she wore no panties and she was extremely wet. He ran two fingers along her pussy, sliding between her outer lips only slightly. Sarah moaned into Tom’s mouth.

So warm and so very, very wet. He considered slowly pushing two fingers into her but decided that his cock would have the honor of first penetrating this marvelous, ravenous woman.

Ending their kiss, he removed his hand from between her legs. His two fingers were coated with her slick arousal and they glistened briefly in the light as he brought them to his own mouth. Their eyes locked, Tom smeared her wetness onto his lips then opened his mouth and inserted his fingers. The taste and the smell of her most intimate essence filled him with overwhelming passion, attraction, masculine confidence, and innumerable other sensations and emotions from complex to primal.

Tom removed his fingers and told her to turn around and face the fence.

“Move your feet shoulder-width apart, bend over, throw your skirt over your back, reach around with both hands and spread yourself wide.”

As soon as he finished speaking he started wondering if she would protest such an obscene, obvious, and explicit instruction. Despite his reasons for making it, did this command cross a line for her?

Without hesitation, Sarah did exactly as instructed.

Extremely pleased, Tom ogled and admired what he saw: boot heels in the dirt, brown leather ending mid-way up her smooth, muscular calves, the backs of her knees which he longed to caress and kiss, and her strong, toned thighs. Above them, Sarah’s hands, gripping the cheeks her ass, held herself lewdly open for his gaze, for his pleasure, for his use. Carnal lust surged through him, a thrilling recognition of his dominance washed over him, and a profound appreciation of her precious submission penetrated and reverberated deep within him.

Bent over and spreading herself for him, Sarah savored the thrill of such a blatant and lascivious act. At the same time, she wondered why she felt no shame exposing herself so willingly, even eagerly. The answer lay in what she had felt most of her life but was only now truly understanding; at the very core of her womanhood, even her personhood, she was a slut. She wantonly displayed her dripping pussy and her sensitive little asshole because this powerful man had commanded her to do so. It was not only immensely thrilling but it also felt deeply, satisfyingly natural to surrender completely to this man.

“My body is yours, I want you to use it,” she thought.

“Tell me what to do and I’ll obey without question,” she vowed internally.

“My mouth and my ass and my cunt are yours to take in any way you wish,” she silently promised him.

“Please, fuck your slut now. Please?” she begged aloud.

With that, he moved forward, placed one hand on her waist, and steadied her before saying, “grip the fence.”

With his other hand, Tom positioned his cock, bringing its head to her slick folds and rubbing it several times up and down her soaked slit.

“Yes!” she hissed.

“Yes,” he whispered, then pushed forward, slowly sliding effortlessly in, deeper and deeper, until his entire length filled her.

“Oooooh, yessss… Tom, fuck me.”


“Oh, Sir, please fuck me.”

– The Beginning

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