Sindee Lipstick and the Massive Massage

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Sindee Lipstick and the Massive MassageSindee showered, and then wrapped herself and her hair in towels, and made her way to the front room of her suite. She found a hand lettered note with instructions that instructed her to remove her body towel and place it over her as she lay face up on the massage table. At this point, the upper part of the table was actually pushed forward for a slight and relaxed sitting position. Sindee liked the versatile bed already, and quivered with anticipation as moments later she heard woman’s voice. “It’s me, Alexa, I come to show you my titties and then my friends come.” Lovely Alexa stepped into the room. She was of average height with a not so average huge bust in a white blouse and bursting white bra that Sindee could see was starting the get wet. Sindee’s pussy quivered. ‘”Come, let me admire them, please.” Alexa turned this way and that thrusting out the huge brad titties. They struggled inside the flimsy white blouse, and Sindee crooked her finger, and Alexa thrust her huge bosom forward. Sindee obligingly güvenilir bahis lifted the big bust, and cooed, “Oh, these are so big and so heavy,” and squeezed them to make the wet marks grow and Alexa moan. “Mmmm”, said Sindee, as she proceeded to unbutton the top four buttons of Alexa’s bursting blouse exposing a foot of cleavage, that Sindee buried her face deep into, massaging and squeezing the huge titties, and released one the nursing bra’s huge cups. With both hands, she lifted the huge tit with the pale pink leaking nipple, milking it and squirting milk onto her face. She released the other big tittied, and took turns sucking and kissing each one, then squeezing and milking, sucking and kissing, squeezing and milking, her face dripping, her pussy wet and throbbing when she heard another voice. Alexa stood back and took one of the huge titties with both hands, and pulled it up to her mouth to suck, milk running down her face, the other huge titty hanging to her waist. Sindee groaned, her pussy wet, but she didn’t touch it güvenilir bahis siteleri as she watched Alexa milk her huge titties and suck her nipples. It was so beautiful. Sindee loved it so much. She loved huge leaking titties on slender lovely women, women who wanted you to worship their natural splendors and enjoy their delights. “We’re here,” she heard someone call in a delightful accent, and looked up to see two huge gorgeous basketball sized leaking breasts with saucer sized nipples, born on a 24″ silver platter, followed by their equally gorgeous owner. “I’m Tittianna” she smiled as she presented the two huge titties to Sindee, followed by a delightfully sly smile. She had golden blonde hair, fine cheekbones, hazel eyes, and pale pale skin, so pale that Sindee could swear she could see them throbbing as they leaked their creamy goodness on the tray. Sindee swallowed a bit as her mouth watered at the sight of the mammoth engorged breasts, and for a second all she could do was stare, but then she heard another voice behind iddaa siteleri the woman and another trayful enormous breasts appeared. These incredible leaking teats wrestled a foot and half of cleavage on the silver platter, with thick meaty nipple fountains. Sindee groaned a bit as she dropped her towel, and reclined her seat, as the tittiegirls surrounded her face, and ditching the trays, proceeded to massage Sindee’s face with the four huge leaking mammaries, taking turns to force a big wet nipple into her mouth as she stroked their very wet pussies and Alexa kissed the insides of her hot wet thighs, letting her get lost in the tit fat smothering her face and choked her with fat leaking nipples. Sindee buried two fingers into each of the two wet pussies, grabbing their asses, as she relaxed and let Alexa bring her to huge orgasm as the four titties continued to leak and smash into her face as she came hard, her back arching, her fingers probing and grasping the hot wet pussies, as she relished the warm silky wet tits smothering her face as she exploded into a huge throbbing orgasm courtesy of Alexa’s greedy and determined mouth. She sucked greedily at the fat leaking nipples as she tried to catch her breath, desperately not wanting her throbbing cumming pussy to stop spasming.

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