Simran – A Crossdresser: Part 3

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After that rather eventful evening with Ram, I opened up to my fears and inhibitions. Now performing on cam or coming out dressed in front of an online crowd was something I could do easily. I still covered my face, since I wasn’t yet ready to reveal my identity. As far as I remember, it was a couple of weeks after my interaction with Ram that I heard a commotion outside the house. I went downstairs and looked through the window, and what I saw was astonishing. People were running, screaming and shouting after a hijda (Indian word for a eunuch), throwing stones, shoes and whatnot at him. He was running as fast as he could with an entire sea of angry humans behind him. Now, we had a big garden with lots of bushes, which were quite thorny and dense. One could easily jump over the bushes and hide behind them. Somehow the eunuch got a lead and jumped over the bushes and disappeared in the densely thorny part of them. The crowd kept searching for him for the next Beşevler escort fifteen minutes and then finally gave up. I guess luck favored him that day. I saw all this happening from my window, and once the crowd had cleared I focused my attention at looking for him in the bushes. He slowly crawled out of the bushes and lay down flat in the grass in between the house and the bushes. He was badly injured and was panting because of all the running. After a couple of moments I mustered up enough courage to go and take a look at him. I opened the main door and went towards him. At first he thought I was going to beat him, but then I assured him that I was a friend and wanted to help. I took him inside and made him lie down on the sofa. He had serious wounds on his arms indicating a blunt weapon attack such as a wooden rod or a stick. He had taken some serious injuries and some minor ones on his back and head, respectively. Çankaya escort bayan I gave him first aid, and called up the doctor. By then he had passed out. The doctor did his checkups and assured that his health wasn’t in danger, but he needed some days of admission in the hospital. Now, vouching for a hijda back then was a big thing, and if my parents came to know somehow that there was a hijda in the house, that would not have been a pleasant thing for me. The doctor understood my facial expressions and assured me that he only needed a name on the papers, because as soon as he was admitted the hospital would call up the local hijda association and inform them. I finally agreed and signed the papers. The doctor called up the ambulance and I put the hijda in his care. Later on when my parents returned I made sure not to mention the incident to them, because the truth is hijda society was still not well-looked Escort Cebeci upon back then. Hijda society during the timeline of my story were a frowned upon part of the society. They lived in separate designated parts of town and people used to keep their distance from them. But the irony is that their blessings are said to be somewhat of a pious ones. Whether it’s the occasion of a newborn baby or the marriage of your son, you would find them at your doorsteps ready to bestow their blessings on you. People would pay them in cash and then later on even say ill things like they unnecessarily robbed them, but somewhere in their hearts they knew that they would count their blessings until the day they die. – – – – – – – – – – A couple of days later, I received a bouquet and a Thank You card from the local hijda association, and a separate card from one Miss Ragini. I figured it was him, and they had found my address from the hospital papers I filled out. This gesture of his made me curious to meet up with him personally, so I called up the delivery company and got his address. I decided to visit him the very next day after my parents left for work. Now one thing you’ve got to understand about the hijda community is that they are quite the flirtatious ones.

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