Sigma Alpha Sigma Pt. 04

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This is the fourth part of a five-part series. Each part is short but you need to read the prior parts to understand this one. It is about a woman who joins something of an unusual sorority. It involved Domme/sub relationships with some BDSM. All is consensual. Because of awkwardness in reading and for ease of reading, I have altered the protocols for capitalization and other aspects of a Domme/sub relationship. Thus while there are circumstances in which Melissa would be referred to as “mel,” here it sometimes remains Melissa. I also label it a “Romance.” Ultimately it is.

I thank JanetMon, whose Kim’s New Life was an inspiration. She has helped me with other stories, but not with this one.

My Transgression

When we got back from the First Meeting, the house was quiet for a Saturday night, with sisters apparently in their various rooms. Carol and I followed Rebecca to her room, where she stripped and told us to follow her to the bathroom, which we did after we also stripped. She told us she swapped with Alice, the president always having Saturday as her night to use the second-floor bathroom but always ceding it to whichever line had a First Meeting that Saturday.

When we were in the bathroom, I was ordered to fill the tub for Rebecca. While I did that, she pushed Carol against a wall and was devouring her lips. I don’t know what either of them did at the suite, but they were rabid in front of me, completely disregarding my presence. My place was to be a servant to them, and I backed away to give them such privacy as could be gotten as the room began to steam up. I looked to the floor but heard their passion and for the first time since Mary Dole got to kiss Marcia Johnson, I was jealous in the house. I was well sated from my encounter with Nancy, but something burst in me when I saw what Rebecca and Carol were doing to each other.

When I saw the tub was full, I turned it off, but they ignored me as each had her fingers in the other’s pussy and their mouths and tongues joined until one–I am not sure who–began to come and the other quickly followed. They held each other up as I stayed as far from them as I could and it was clear that to them I wasn’t there.

“Oh, fuck, Cal, that was great. But unexpected.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Carol kissed our mistress and then held her hand so she could get in the tub. She waited until Rebecca ordered her in as well, and then she seemed to remember I was there and that I was there to serve both of them. “Mel. You must clean us and be quick about it.” It was meant sweetly how she said it and it was of course my obligation, but I was pissed. It was the first time I’d stepped from my role as their servant. I was too rough with the hand towel I was running across Rebecca’s breast I guess, because suddenly she slapped my face. Hard.

“Leave us at once,” she said. “And wait in my room.”

Ashamed, I scurried down the hall and did what I was told to do. I stood for perhaps ten minutes, cold and shaking in fear when the door opened. My mistresses were wrapped in towels.

Carol looked down and sat in one of the hardbacked chairs.

“Sit.” This was Rebecca.

“You behaved horribly to me. I will not tolerate that. Nor will Carol. Do you not know your place, Mel?”

I couldn’t control myself and my tears began.

“Explain yourself or you shall be punished by the house.”

My God, I could not do that to my Carol. Abusing my mistress? My Carol would be strung up for a week. Maybe more.

I could not explain myself because I could not speak even if I knew what to say. I collapsed. Perhaps I fainted, I don’t know. Carol tried to come to me, but Rebecca stopped her.

“Don’t you dare, Cal,” and the junior returned to her seat.

“Mel. I give you one chance and one chance only. If you do not explain yourself right now, we will convene the entire house in the morning and we will try you for what you have done and we will decide the punishment that you will suffer for it. This is your one chance. Now. Stand and explain yourself!”

Somehow, I stood. I glanced over at Carol. She looked petrified.

“Not her. Me. Explain yourself to your Mistress.”

“I…I love Carol.”


“I saw…I saw what you were doing to her and with her and I was jealous that you were doing it.”

Rebecca lifted her hand, and I braced for another slap. Instead, she caressed my cheek. She bent to me and kissed where she’d touched.

“Is that all, my sweet Mel? That happens with most of us.” She turned to look at Carol. “It happened between us, didn’t it Cal?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She bade me sit next to Carol.

“It is very hard for each of us emotionally. Sometimes it’s like a roller coaster. I assume you lost your heart to Nancy today.”

I nodded.

“We all have, I promise you. She makes sure she’s the eldest at our First Meeting so that she can ‘welcome’ the newest sister in our line. All of us fall madly in love with her and, izmit escort bayan as I understand it, after a sister graduates, she sometimes stops by for a visit.”

She smiled. “The thing is, as far as I can tell, she truly loves each of us and we all share in our love for her.

“Which brings us to you and Cal. We are all sisters and each of us is a sub to those above us and a mistress to those below. Our emotions run wild with each other. I am not with you as often as Cal is, but I hope that you too will love me and I you. And you must accept that reality. Of mutual love. Of me being passionate with her just as she must accept when you and I are passionate with each other.

“I will say this. To both of you. I am not completely ignorant of how you get along. Sometimes, Cal, I think you too lenient with our sub here.” She looked at me. “Do not expect such leniency from me, Mel.” And she smiled again. “The two of you may have something special. But don’t overthink or, I guess, overfeel it now. See how it plays out over the next year and into next, when you, Mel, will have your sub. You’ll find, as I did and I think Cal has, that things change when that happens. We shall see, though, whether something more comes of it.

“Hell, sometimes I wonder what happened between Nancy and Randi when they were in the house together because there is definitely something special between them. As I say. For you. We shall see. Now, though, Mel, what do you have to say to me and to Cal?”

“Forgive me. Both of you. I am very happy but very confused and I’ll try to be more…understanding. And I do love you both. I really do.”

“Good,” Rebecca said. “The matter is closed. Cal, you can relax. You will not be strung up for this at least. And, Cal, leave Mel with me.”

I was not expecting this, and I watched Carol leave. I was naked and dumbfounded.

“Make love to me” is all Rebecca said as she let her towel drop and I did all I could to show her that I did, indeed, love her.


It being fall, I needed to address the open question of my parents. I’d be coming home for Thanksgiving and had put off the particulars of the sorority I joined. They were surprised when I did join, not having given the slightest indication of having an interest until I called them just before school began and told them what I was doing. They asked about visiting but fortunately it was too far so I put them off.

I felt like shit for not telling them. I spoke to both sophomore sisters and Rebecca and Carol about it. Some, including my two mistresses, came out to their folks well before college, but the others were in the same situation as I was. They’d all dated guys and some (like me) also girls but the latter had been kept a secret. Of course, each of us was in a different situation with our parents so no one could tell anyone else what to do. But we talked.

Finally, I decided, fuck it, I’d say I had a girlfriend. I thought, or at least hoped, that my parents would understand and perhaps be happy after I explained my bisexuality and how I met someone I fell in love with. Still, for the whole train ride down on Tuesday afternoon I was a mass of nerves. When would I tell them? How?

I took an Amtrak most of the way then switched to a local train, and my mom picked me up at the station. I only had a backpack, since I had plenty of clothes home for the holiday, and we were quickly through the door. My dad was still at work, and I went to my room to lie down. I was asleep when my mom shook me, telling me dinner was ready.

I went down, and they were waiting for me. We held hands to say Grace and then began to eat. I decided I couldn’t hold off any longer.

“Mom. Dad. I have a girlfriend.”

I worked through all sorts of alternative ways of saying it but cutting-to-the-chase seemed the best.

“I’m sorry,” my dad asked.

“I have a girlfriend.”

“You mean, like a ‘boyfriend’ but a ‘girl’?”

They were not being obtuse. Just confused.

“Her name is Carol, and I think I love her. She’s a junior I met at my sorority.”

They looked at each other.

“Is this just because you’re in a sorority, dear?” my mom asked.

“Mom. Even before I went to the sorority I…I spent…time with other girls.”

“But boys too, right?”

“Yes, dad. Boys too. But Carol is the first person I’ve ever felt what I think is love.”

“Well, I don’t know about this. Is this a permanent thing?”

“All I can say, dad, is that right now Carol is who I love. A woman. Can I see myself growing old with her? Yes, I think I can. But that’s all I can say.”

My dad seemed to contemplate what I told him. My mom surprised me.

“When can we meet her?”

I felt I might be jumping the gun with Carol. We’d been exchanging “I love you”s since early on and were to the world of the university girlfriends. That episode with Nancy and then the wonderful night with Rebecca made me wonder whether my “love” for Carol izmit eve gelen escort was what it should be were I to spend the rest of my days with her. Raise a family with her. Maybe Rebecca was right, and I had to give it more time, to be clear of the infatuation that was natural to the suddenness of my relationship with all my sisters.

So, I simply said, “Perhaps over the Christmas break,” and that seemed enough until later when my mom asked to see pictures of her. I had several but they were mixed in with lots of photos of me with other sisters and I didn’t think a single male appeared in any of them. This was a Pandora’s Box I had no choice but to open.

I selected my favorite. It was of Carol and me sitting on the swing that was on the front porch. There were a bunch of Adirondack chairs, too, and on nice evenings we’d sit like any other sorority members and watch those passing by. We got along well with members of most of the other sororities and fraternities. We were, of course, the “Great Mystery,” and I think many of the outsiders suspected that all manner of debauchery took place inside our house, with a basement riddled with torture devices. We suspected that the debauchery level in our house was significantly below that of some of the other, more notorious ones, with their frequent parties and male visitors and I doubted without the strict linear structure that we maintained. I hoped we showed them enough at the open house in October.

The photo was candid. Rebecca took it on my phone. It was a typical college photo of two close friends enjoying a fall afternoon on a porch swing, our hands clutched as they usually were when we were together. My mom liked it, and I forwarded it to her phone (and later learned she made it her background).

The thing was, by Thanksgiving morning I knew that the house where I grew up would never again be my true home. I might stay in it briefly but the SAS house was where I belonged. I called Carol early on Thursday and I did not mean to but I began to cry as I told her how much I missed her and the other sisters.

“Sweetest Mel,” she said. “We all feel that the first time away. I still feel it.” She was at her family’s house outside Sacramento. But we’ll be together soon.”

“I told them.”

She and I spoke about it before I left campus.

“What’d they say?”

“My dad seemed okay when I told him I had a girlfriend and my mom was great. She wanted to know when she would meet you and begged for a picture, which I forwarded to her. The one with us on the porch swing.”

“I love that one.”

“So do I.” I paused.

“Mistress, are we really girlfriends? I love so many of you.”

“Mel. I love them too. But I don’t feel for them what I feel for you. Rebecca is right. We have to wait to know. But right now, if you’ll have me, I want to be your girlfriend.”

As I say, Carol is not so great at the mistress business, asking me to be her girlfriend.

“So, then we’re girlfriends.”

She laughed and she told me about her trip and I told her about mine before we each had to get to our respective parents’ kitchen to peel potatoes or dice onions or do some other preparation for the dinner.


Sigma Alpha Sigma was something of a scam. There were six of us sophomores, but we were each in an independent line. All eighteen of us in the house were truly sisters. There was no doubt of that. We lived together and did most of what we did together. But at its core it was only me and Carol and Rebecca and all the mistresses–one-time submissives as I was–in line Five. So, in my case submissive Carol Campella surveyed the freshman class for a woman she could love or at least boss around. And while for her it turned out to be more of the former than the latter, that is how it worked.

So, of course, by December I was doing a bit of my own scouting. School was going very well, in part thanks to the support among my sisters. This did not interfere, though, with my search for my own first submissive.

Subject to getting her, before Christmas break, I had a pretty good idea who my prime candidate was. There were three or four others who were worth considering, but they paled in comparison to Bethany Astor.

Bethany Astor was attractive, and she knew it. Rich, too. I noticed her in November in an economics lecture, and for all her bitchiness, she bent down to pick up the pen of someone who dropped it ahead of her on the stairs. It was a most innocent, and unexpected, act. She smiled when the student thanked her, just as a flash, before she headed out with her posse. She probably didn’t even realize she did it.

So, I watched her. I’m no student of human nature but I knew she could be mine. She could be between my legs as I was between the legs of so many of my own mistresses. The house had a first-come/first-served rule, and on December 15, I put dibs in for Bethany Astor. Nothing would come of it until izmit otele gelen escort spring semester in January, but no one else could claim her.

Christmas Break

I did well on finals and was looking forward to Christmas at home. My parents were in fine form, bugging me about when they’d meet Carol, and I had a few more photos for them. As to being lonely, the rule was that I could not come without Carol’s permission, but we arranged a nightly, eleven pm Skype session, and it became the highlight of each day. Otherwise, I mostly hung out with friends from school, shopping and such, and I came out to those who didn’t already know. Some were surprised. Some were bitches about it, and most were supportive. A couple pulled me over while we alone and asked why I hadn’t told them earlier and certain parts of me wished I had.

Of course, I spent the most time with Diane. We teased each other about having little quickies, but she understood it was verboten, and we were just, well, best friends without benefits sharing a school break together.

Because I was pining to see my sisters, chiefly Carol, I decided to go back to the house right after New Year’s though classes would not begin for another two weeks, and Carol said she would too. She said last year maybe half the house came back early, so we wouldn’t be alone.

On our calls, we usually masturbated together, our mistress/sub roles a bit softer than when we were together in the same room. We came together or nearly so and usually I came without Carol’s telling me to. I realized this and I’m sure she did but she didn’t punish me or even mention the blatant disobedience.

A few days after Christmas, though, I told her that she could not come until I permitted it. She did not bat an eye, and I saw her struggle to control herself and keep on the edge as I said, “Not yet, not yet.” Finally, she was manic, and I said, “You may come, Cal,” and she exploded, saying “Thank you, mistress, thank you mistress” as she did.

When it was all over and I came watching her, she asked if she could call me on my cell and a minute later, I lay on my bed with my phone to my ear.

“Please do not let anyone know what happened. I would be punished, and Rebecca would be punished.”

I told her I would not. After all, I, too, broke the rule. With that, she hung up. I had trouble sleeping after what happened and I imagined she did too. So from that point, we were both careful, almost uncomfortable, as I waited for her permission to come, which she gave quickly, and each night ended with exchanged “I love you”s and restless sleep.

A Sudden Switch

When we were back in early January, things were much as they had been for the fall semester. The investigation into Bethany Astor and the other three I selected among the freshmen began, and I paid particular attention to her in the one class we had together. Everyone at the house seemed relaxed after the holiday, and the Thursday night routine Carol had in the bathroom was as it was, and Mondays were often spent in the second-floor bathroom, usually with Carol as well as Rebecca. Sometimes with Rebecca alone.

By early February, though, I decided to take a chance. I made sure to be in our room before Carol was back from her classes and I left my clothes on and my–her–collar was left on the middle of the bed. It took her a moment after she waltzed in to realize it, and she was torn.



“Please don’t do this.”

“Don’t do what?”

“Please. Please put the collar on.”

I did as I was directed, and she looked relieved. I stood before her and stripped for her. I wore my best lingerie and slowly, very slowly removed my t-shirt and jeans. I reached behind my back to unclasp my bra and I removed it. I had not taken my eyes from hers nor had she taken hers from mine. She was blushing. I leaned down and lowered my panties and lifted one then the other leg to remove them and tossed them with the rest of my things. I fingered myself earlier and spread my juices around to make sure she would see my moisture on my engorged nether lips.

I stood, naked, before my “mistress” and without asking her permission I lowered my finger to myself and ran across myself, gathering my moistness, and lifted it in front of my face. I saw her eyes were fading.

“Lick my finger Cal,” and she closed the distance between us immediately, sucking on my finger.

“Eat me, Cal,” and she was on her knees and her tongue was gliding over my folds and around my clit and while my knees began to wobble, I held myself outwardly calm. She enjoyed eating me, but before it was always on her orders. The world was changed, and I placed my hands to the back of her head to hold it to me and somehow remained standing until the first flood of my first orgasm as a true mistress washed over me.

I tapped her on the head, and she pulled back onto her haunches. She looked terrified. She was the love of my life and I of hers and she was terrified, so I fell to sit beside her and put my arm around her.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“It will be our secret. Only in this room. Understood?”

“Thank you, Melissa.”

I got up and extended my hand to her.

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