Sibling Sex Therapy Ch. 02

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Reading part one of this story is recommended, but if not here’s the quick summary: Jessie and James are roommates, James has a problem with premature ejaculation, so his sister(a lesbian) volunteers to give him sex therapy, which involves him walking around naked and her walking around in lingerie, all in an effort to keep him aroused for long periods of time without having an orgasm.

After spending a surprisingly arousing week walking around naked in front of his sexy, but lesbian sister, James felt a lot more confident about his ability to avoid premature ejaculation. But he also felt a little disappointed that the sex therapy was now over. The last week had been the most erotic week of his life, and while he didn’t want to have sex with his sister, he didn’t want to stop either.

His sister Jessie was also feeling disappointed. An avowed lesbian with a steady girlfriend, she had nonetheless very much enjoyed seeing her attractive brother walk around with a proud erection, and had gotten quite aroused when she donned sexy lingerie and pranced around in front of him. She had reveled in her role as sex therapist, keeping him rock hard for several days before finally allowing him to masturbate. As she lay on her bed stroking Joe, her lifelike vibrating dildo, she visualized the moment they shared on the couch, when she straddled him, without touching him, as he masturbated, looking up at her adoringly. The orgasm he had experienced had been epic, covering both of them with a virtual lake of warm fluid. She had not told him, but she had experienced a very strong orgasm as well, all the more amazing since she wasn’t full naked and wasn’t even touching herself.

As she re-lived the moment, it became a fantasy, and instead of his hands on his cock it was hers. Both of her hands caressed him softly, as she watched him writhe in pleasure beneath her. Then she slid down on the couch and poised her watering mouth just inches away from the tip of his cock. She looked up at him and saw his eyes pleading, and she obeyed his silent command, first kissing, then licking, then taking him all the way into her mouth. As she sucked his cock passionately, one hand went down to her crotch and she had barely touched herself when she felt a strong orgasm wash over her. When she came back to reality she realized that Joe the Dildo was getting a fabulous blow job. She felt almost silly as she let the dildo slide out of her mouth. Get a grip, she thought to herself. She was not going to have sex with her brother. She was still thinking about how she was not going to have sex with her brother, and some of the many different ways that she would not be doing that, when the phone rang and jilted her out of her revelry.

James spent a long, boring day at work, much different than the past week when he had spent every working hour fantasizing about the evening’s sex therapy. The day finally ended, and when he got home he stood in front of the door for a few minutes, reliving the memory of coming home to his sister dressed in a silky white robe, and remembering how she had removed it to showcase her fabulous body covered only in a pink bra and thong.

So it came as a bit of a pleasant surprise when he opened the door and Jessie was again dressed in the silky white robe. She met his surprised look with a a big grin.

“Hey bro, how was your day?” she said.

“Well, ok I guess,” he said with some hesitation. “What’s going on?”

“I’ve decided that you passed the first two stages of sex therapy, and its time we moved on to stage three,” she said.

“Stage three,” he murmured. His mind was racing with all the potential that stage three could bring, but he didn’t want to seem over anxious. “So what happens in stage three?”

“First, get ready, then we’ll talk,” she said.

“Get ready?” he asked

“Yes, just like before, get a shower and get naked,” she answered.

James didn’t have to be told twice, he took a quick shower and came back out into the den, his cock already at half mast.

“Okay, good to see you again,” winked Jessie. As she spoke, she attached the mild shock collar around James’ neck, which she used to distract him when he became too aroused. “Now, for stage three, what we have to do is go even further, taking your arousal to higher levels, while putting off your release for four days. As before, you must do whatever I tell you to do.”

James nodded, his imagination running wild. At the same time he was fighting the urge to imagine it, he was imagining what it would be like to have sex with his sister. What else could the next stage be? He should’ve been ashamed for thinking about sex with his sister, but instead his cock was now fully erect.

“I hope you can handle this,” Jessie said, as she walked slowly over to her bedroom door. She looked back at him with a smile as she reached for the doorknob.

James felt his heart pounding. This was really going to happen. His sister was going to have him into her bedroom, and they were going to have sex. ankara escort Sex without orgasm, he guessed, but still.

She opened the door, but didn’t go in. Instead, to his shock, Jessie’s girlfriend Terry walked slowly out, dressed in a pair of very short cutoff jeans and a tank top.

James felt his mouth fall open and his hands instinctively went to cover his crotch. He looked back and forth at Jessie and Terry in stunned silence, unable to comprehend. They were looking back at him with slight grins on their faces.

Finally Jessie spoke up. She walked over close to Terry and put an arm around her and then looked back at James. “As you can see, Terry got back in town sooner than expected. For stage three, we are going to arouse you for four days with the ultimate male fantasy,” she said, hesitating for effect. “Hot, live, girl on girl action.”

The girls turned towards each other on cue, and their lips met, softly at first and then more passionately, eventually giving James the full on, tongue-twirling make out show. James hands were doing little to cover his throbbing erection and he let them fall to his sides, and then he felt his legs go out and he fell to his knees in front of them.

They broke their kiss to look over at him. “He’s cute,” said Terry with a grin. “I can see how he might make you wanna change teams, even if he is your brother.”

Jessie blushed and then caught herself and got back into sex therapist mode. She carefully laid out the ground rules for stage three. The girls would not be having sex with him. They would not be fully nude in front of him, but would be dressing, and acting, very provocatively. He would not be allowed into their bedroom. He would be teased and taunted and kept at full erection from 5 – 11 pm every night for four straight days, without release. And he would have to obey their commands.

“I could think of a lot of commands I’d like for him to perform,” said Terry. In one quick move she flipped off her tank top, leaving her dressed only in jean cutoffs and a small white bra. James was kept speechless as he looked at Terry’s fit form. She was dark with brown hair, had just a hint of oriental background, and had an incredible body. She and Jessie had met at karate class.

“This is therapy,” Jessie sternly reminded her. “No sex allowed.”

“Except between us, right?” she said to Jessie, leaning back over to kiss and nuzzle Jessie’s neck. As she did so, Jessie’s robe fell part open, revealing a smoking hot leopard print teddy.

James raised his hand.

“Yes, did you have a question?” said Jessie.

“No, I just need you to shock me a few times before I release all over the floor,” he said. “Maybe more than a few times.”

So began the first night of stage three, and the beginning of the greatest sexual torture James had ever imagined. It was hard not being able to release the tension, but it was great to be hard in front of two hot girls in lingerie. It was awkward at first being in front of Terry, who he hardly knew, but over time her humor and flirting made it a lot more fun than he would’ve imagined. Fun, but always arousing, because if the girls caught his erection falling off, they knew just what to do to make him hard again.

They spent most of the first night making out in front of him on the couch. They hadn’t been together in weeks, so it wasn’t hard to pretend, and the presence of a good looking naked man in the room didn’t hurt, even if they were lesbians. James couldn’t help but notice that for lesbians, they spent a lot of time looking at his cock.

For three straight hours, Terry and Jessie kissed and fondled each other on the couch. Jessie’s robe had come off in the first hour, so James got a great view of two beautiful bodies. He was impressed with how the women seemed to be in no hurry to have sex, they seemed to enjoy the journey over the event, and made mental notes for future reference.

But at some point even they reached their boiling point, and they said good night to James and went into their bedroom. For the next hour James was treated to the sounds of two women making love, which was more than enough to keep him rock hard until he finally drifted off to sleep.

Stage Three, Day Two

James broke several traffic laws on the way home from work in anticipation of more sexual therapy. All day his mind had wandered with the possibilities. When he walked in the reality surpassed his imagination. The girls had gone shopping, and had bought a few very sexy bathing suits.

“We talked it over and we were both concerned that you might not be aroused enough while taking your shower,” Jessie said. “So today we are going to join you, if you don’t mind.”

James didn’t mind. The trio clamored into the shower, Jessie and Terry in their swimsuits and James wearing nothing but a giant erection. First, James was treated to the sight of Jessie lathering up with soap and covering Terry from head to toe, taking special care to make sure James got a good view of her escort ankara hands fondling Terry’s breasts and taking an inordinate amount of time washing her ass and crotch. Then he got to see Terry return the favor. If that wasn’t enough, then the two girls turned their focus to him, lathering him from head to toe and caressing him all over, except for the one place that was aching to be caressed. He had to back them off a few times because he could feel himself getting over heated — having one girl kneeling in front of you rubbing your thighs while another girl is reaching around from behind you to rub your lower abdomen will do that.

Day two only got better after that. The girls had obviously planned a full evening of erection-maintaining activities. After the shower, James was treated to a lingerie show, featuring a variety of revealing outfits. It would’ve been entertaining enough just to see the outfits one by one, but the girls came out together each time, parading around in front of him and getting in seductive poses with each other. The outfits got better each round, the girls got racier each round, and James cock got harder each round.

Nothing could prepare him for the final set of outfits. The girls came out looking like twins, wearing a very sheer white chemise and a barely there thong. James had a virtually unobstructed view from the waist up, and it was better than his fantasies. Both girls had beautiful breasts, well shaped with nipples standing at attention. Jessie seemed a little nervous wearing the outfit, it appeared that Terry had talked her into it. She did loosen up some when Terry came up behind her and slid her hands under the chemise and caressed her breasts. Her eyes closed and she leaned back and they kissed, and Terry let one hand slide down so that she was rubbing her crotch with one hand and caressing her breasts with the other. Jessie couldn’t help but sway back and forth, and pretty soon they were almost dancing in a tight embrace in front of James, who had long stopped breathing or blinking.

He was so transfixed looking at them, in fact, that he didn’t notice at first that they were looking at him, or more specifically, his cock, with equal attention, and he heard Terry whisper something to Jessie about it being “even bigger.” He looked down at himself, and unless his eyes were deceiving him, his cock seemed to have swollen to new heights. It looked, and felt, at least an inch bigger.

“You’d better relax a little before you overheat,” Jessie said. “Lie down and we’ll give you a massage.”

James quickly did as he was told, and was treated to an oily four handed massage that started at his feet, moved slowly up his thighs, and then came painfully close to his still swollen cock. They continued with his abdomen and worked their way up to his chest and shoulders. Making the massage even more delicious, or painful depending on how you looked at it, was the fact that every so often the girls would feel compelled to kiss each other while they rubbed his body, making it almost seem like he was watching a threesome that he wasn’t allowed to participate in.

The massage was also clearly having an effect on the girls, who opted to retire to their room shortly after. For the second night in a row, James was treated to the distinct sounds of passionate love making through the wall. He fell asleep with a hard on and woke up with one the next day, and was pretty sure he had maintained an erection all night.

Stage Three, Day Three

It was hard to imagine how the therapy could get any better, but when James walked in the door he got the immediate impression it was going to be much better. Jessie and Terry were dressed in sexy bikinis and were in the middle of a tequila shot out of a half empty bottle. They were laughing hysterically and obviously wasted.

“It’s about time, we’ve been looking forward to having our sex toy — I mean doing sex therapy — all day,” grinned Terry.

“Either way, I’m all yours,” said James, who had already started undressing. “Tell me what you want.”

“Actually, we’ve decided to change up the rules for day three,” said Jessie.

Down to his boxers, James couldn’t help but hesitate with the arousing thoughts of rule changes.

“For day three, instead of us telling you what to do, we are going to have you tell us what to do,” she said. “Just understand that there will be no touching.”

“Except girl on girl touching,” added Terry quickly.

“Right,” said Jessie. “And some boy-girl touching, just not of certain parts. For long periods.”

It seemed that some loopholes had entered the discussion.

“Hmm, the ultimate male fantasy, two girls and complete control, but with brutal limitations,” James said. “Still, I can work with that. Let’s start by getting wet.”

James led the trio into the shower, where the hot water made their swimsuits almost see through. They didn’t seem to mind, since he had them making out with each other for most of the shower.

By the time the shower ankara escort bayan was half over James had come up with enough ideas to last the rest of the week. First, he had them change into the lingerie from the day before, with the sheer see through top. Jessie was still guarded about being fully nude in front of him, but Terry made up for it by slowly undressing out of the swimsuit and then slipping into the lingerie. After that he had them turn off the lights, light candles, bring him a shot of tequila…pretty much anything he could think of that would involve them prancing around in front of him.

“Well, since we’re agreed that we can’t have sex, I think we should have the next best thing,” said James. “Simulated sex.”

“Simulated, that sounds mysterious,” giggled Terry.

“Not at all,” said James. “We will just get into different positions like we were having sex, but without full contact.”

Jessie was looking at her naked brother, but her mind was spinning. His idea struck her as being brilliant and dangerous at the same time. She was nervous, and excited. “Okay, tell us where you want us,” she said.

The words “tell us where you want us” made James almost breathless, but he managed to communicate several positions he had been fantasizing about for some time.

First he had one girl straddle his face while the other straddled his waist. Of course, while they were in that position he had them making out. Terry was the one straddling his face, and she had a knack for getting as close to his watering mouth as physically possible. Meanwhile, Jessie was gyrating above his cock and coming close enough for her panties to make fleeting contact.

Then he had Terry down on all fours and got on his knees behind her in a simulated doggy style, with Jessie laying down in front of Terry, her crotch in Terry’s face. Fortunately no one said the girls had to be simulated, because as near as James could tell Terry was giving Jessie a pretty good tongue thrashing.

Looking down at Terry’s gorgeous, barely covered ass writhing around in front of him, just inches away from his cock, he became amazed at how well he was controlling himself. He was rock hard and fully aroused, but felt like he was in total control of holding off on his orgasm.

Still, he felt the need to cool down, so the next position he chose had the two girls enjoying each other in the 69 position, which allowed him to watch from a distance.

James saved his favorite fantasy for last. For the last several days he had been having a vision that he badly wanted to fulfill. He didn’t know how to say it so he just blurted it out.

“I want a two girl blow job,” he said.

The girls took a break from their 69 position to look over at him.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think a blow job would involve breaking rules,” said Terry, licking her lips and crawling toward him. “But it sure is tempting.”

James could tell by her expression that he had overstepped with Jessie. “This blow job would be non contact,” he said. “I want you both to get on your knees in front of me and blow on my cock.”

Terry looked over at Jessie, who was still looking unsure, but for the last several days she had been dying to have a reason to get closer to James’ cock. That urge won over and the two girls took up position on either side of him, on their knees. Terry was first, pursing her lips and blowing lightly on his balls, then moving up slowly blowing along his length, then on the top and slowly back down the front. She gasped at the end, running out of breath.

Jessie’s eyes had watched her girlfriend intently, and she ached to be in her place. So almost before Terry had finished, she was stepping up and continuing the no-contact blow job, blowing on James cock from top to bottom and back again. When she finished both girls had become so hot and bothered from the closeness of the warm hard cock they were both close to losing control. Their lips met just inches from his cock and they shared a passionately wet, open mouth french kiss, as James looked down on them. He noticed that as they kissed each other, their eyes stayed glued to his cock.

After a moment they broke their kiss and returned their attention to James, this time simultaneously blowing on his cock, up and down and all over. It was torture for him to have them so close, but it was heaven to feel their warm breath caressing his hot cock.

Watching the girls making out and blowing on him had made it difficult to control himself, and he was close to breaking the rules and shoving his dick into someone’s mouth.

Apparently it was also torture for Jessie. After a few minutes of the simulated blow job, she suddenly stood up and grabbed Terry’s hand. As she pulled a reluctant Terry towards her bedroom, she mumbled something about enough therapy for one night and they disappeared into her room.

James was relieved to be free of the danger of contact with his sister, but it killed him to see the girls leaving him behind. He knew they were as horny as he was, and they were going to have the chance to do something about it. He looked down at his cock, still hard, and realized that he still had to wait until tomorrow to enjoy the release he was aching for.

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