Sibling Rivalry

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Gianna grinned widely at her sister from a across the dance floor as she squatted down to shake her ample and jiggling tits against the crotch of her latest dance partner. While she and Lucia shared a similarly generous endowment in the chest region, Lucia maintained her hourglass figure with daily workouts, while Gianna’s was a more classically voluptuous physique. Despite that, Gianna’s outgoing personality, easy laugh, and outrageous behaviour never failed to put her at center stage whenever the two sisters went out dancing. Lucia sighed as she watched her sister grind her ass into the guy behind her, while she pawed at the abs on one in front of her. She knew that the display was entirely for her benefit; for as long as she could remember, her sister had insisted on maintaining and promoting rivalry between them, and it was not in Lucia’s nature to allow that rivalry to go unchallenged. Never-the-less, Lucia was more subtle in her competitiveness, whereas her sister most assuredly was not.

Lucia turned around to buy another drink, and found her sister sidling up to her almost immediately, as she abandoned her dance partners to harass Lucia at the bar.

“Having fun sis?” Lucia asked dryly.

“Oh. My. Gawd. Lucia, you should have felt the size of the lump in that guy’s jeans!” Gianna said, gesturing to one of the guys on the dance floor. “Either he’s smuggling beer cans into the bar or he’s got the fattest dick I’ve ever seen!”

Lucia merely sighed in response. While both sisters were sexually liberated, and open about many of their conquests and experiences, she sometimes regretted admitting her love of big dicks to her sister. Ever since that day, Gianna had turned the relative size of their boyfriends units into a part of their rivalry, once embarrassing a boyfriend of Lucia’s so badly that he dumped her the next day. Even worse was that while Lucia did indeed lust after large cock, it was far from the biggest factor in her attraction to a man. So while Lucia certainly had her fair share of well hung lovers over the years, her sister’s single-minded competitiveness had resulted in her dating a veritable army of horse-hung men.

“Come on slut! You know you want to get out there and grind up on some hogs!” Gianna joked.

Since their teens, Gianna’s nickname for Lucia had been slut, while Lucia, when she took the bait, usually responded with bitch. Tonight though, Lucia was tired from a long work week, and had hoped for a low key evening. Despite her wild streak, Gianna was good company, but this night in particular, she seemed to have the devil inside her and was out to cause trouble.

“You’re going to dance! Come on!” Gianna implored again, this time grabbing Lucia by her hand, and dragging her away from her drink at the bar onto the dance floor. In seconds, Gianna was grinding against her sister, creating yet another scene that drew dirty looks from the other women in the bar, and instantly resulted in a crowd of single guys gathering around the two women like circling sharks. Lucia rolled her eyes and danced in time to the music while trying to ignore Gianna. Never-the-less, she soon found herself with a guy grinding a pointy hard on into her lower back, while another kept trying to cop a feel of her butt. Lucia slapped his hand away half heartedly, and then turned as her sister tugged on her arm.

“Lucia,” Gianna said as she ran a hand up and down the stomach and chest of a tall and slender guy, “This is Ian.”

“Nice to meet you…” Lucia started to say, before her sister suddenly continued.

Lucia watched appalled as Gianna’s wandering hand drifted down his stomach and grasped a think lump in the front of his pants. “And this,” she said lustily, “is Ian’s cock.”

“Oh my god.” Lucia muttered, blushing bright red in embarrassment at her sister’s behaviour. For his part, Ian seemed rather worse for wear with booze, and simply blissfully went along for the ride.

“Nice to meet you two too…” he slurred, his eyes drifting up and down Lucia’s body, taking in her curves as he groped her sister’s backside. Lucia could practically hear the gears in his head turning as he contemplated the three-way of every guy’s dreams.

“I need a drink.” Lucia said tiredly.

“Don’t be jealous, slut!” Gianna laughed as her sister went back to the bar to get a fresh drink.

* * * * *

A few hours and few drinks later, Lucia and Gianna stumbled out of the bar, with Ian still in tow. Lucia was exhausted, with a strong buzz from the drinks, and there was little on her mind other than a nice warm bed, and annoyance with Gianna’s increasingly wild and sexual behaviour of the course of the evening. It had eventually been some bouncers that had suggested they leave, after Ian had been caught licking Gianna’s bare tits in a booth at the back of the bar. Gianna had merely laughed it off, but Lucia was mortified at being kicked out of their regular dance bar.

While Lucia worked to flag down a passing cab, Ian had Gianna liseli porno pressed up against the front wall of the club as their hands roamed and their lips locked. When Lucia finally succeeded in getting a cab, she had to physically walk over and grab Gianna’s hand to pry them apart and move them towards the idling vehicle. Gianna merely laughed mockingly at her annoyance.

Gianna and Ian were all over one another as they clambered into the back seat of the taxi. Lucia, sitting on the passenger side of the back seat, turned her head away, not wanting to give her sister the opportunity and satisfaction of showing off with her public display which was clearly designed to make Lucia jealous.

After turning her head away however, Lucia realized that the window beside her was reflecting Gianna’s antics, and with the knowledge that her sister wouldn’t realize she was watching, Lucia surreptitiously observed as Ian began to grope Gianna’s heavy breasts as they made out. Lucia felt her cheeks flush with arousal as she saw Gianna’s hand grasp at the generous bulge in Ian’s jeans yet again, an glanced in the rear view mirror to see if the Cab driver was aware of what was happening. She smiled to herself as she saw him glancing up constantly; watching the show with attention as rapt as her own.

Turning her head back to the reflection in the window again, Lucia watched as Gianna squeezed and stroked the growing lump in Ian’s pants. She closed her eyes, happy that Ian’s soft moans of pleasure helped to disguise her own quickening breath as she felt a familiar warmth growing between her thighs. Though Lucia got off on this kind of voyeurism, and knew she could take matters into her own hands before she went to sleep at home, she began to feel a pang of jealousy just as her sister had intended. Lucia knew from talking to her sister that Gianna was in reality a selfish lover, far more interested in her own pleasure that that of her partner. Her single-minded focus throughout the evening on fondling Ian’s manhood were solely designed to make Lucia green with envy, using the Gianna’s knowledge of Lucias secret lust for big dicks against her.

Lucia kept her eyes closed as she heard Ian’s zipper being lowered, hoping to arrive at her apartment soon so that she could rush upstairs to her bedroom and press her hand against her swollen clit, rubbing and fingering it until she came to glorious climax. Despite her efforts to ignore the sounds of Ian’s package being unveiled, she couldn’t resist turning to look at the sound of her sister’s voice.

“Lucia… look at this!” Gianna said with genuine awe in her voice.

Lucia turned to face her sister, catching the driver look up into his mirror from the corner of her eye as she did. She immediately forgot all about the driver however; and had to suppress a gasp of delight as she saw her sister leaning low over Ian’s lap, her left hand holding aloft one of the largest cocks Lucia had ever seen. Ian was truly huge like a porn star; not just in length, but in immense girth as well. Gianna’s finger tips, gripping him at the base of his member, were over an inch away from touching her thumb. Even more amazingly, Ian’s shaft maintained this thickness along the entire length, the perfectly straight cylinder of flesh topped with a broad, purple, uncircumcised head.

Lucia thought it was one of the most gorgeous dicks she had ever seen. Unable to speak, she merely sat mute, eyes and mouth wide open as she stared.

“I know, right?” Gianna gloated, absentmindedly stroking it up and down. “And its all for ME tonight.” she added, glancing at Lucia as Ian’s groaned with pleasure.

Lucia gritted her teeth, not wanting to let Gianna goad her into responding, but unable to hide her obvious jealousy as she watched her sister jerk off Ian’s enormous cock. Lucia felt her panties dampen as her arousal grew to nearly unbearable heights. She wanted to look away, and avoid giving Gianna the satisfaction of seeing her envy, but she was unable to tear her gaze away from Ian’s engorged and twitching meat. Lucia’s mouth watered, and she bit her lip involuntarily.

“You want it, don’t you?” Gianna purred in a sultry tone to her sister. “I’ll bet you wish you could taste it.”

Lucia blushed as Ian opened his eyes and looked at her. She thought her ill-disguised lust must be poorly hidden, as Ian seemed to notice Lucia’s firm curves for the first time. He made eye contact with her, and Lucia felt a shiver run down her spine as she felt the nearly unstoppable urge to drop to her knees in front of him and worship his manhood. The moment lasted only seconds before Ian’s head lolled back once again, as Gianna lowered her mouth over the crown of his cock.

Lucia gasped as she watched her sister slowly bob her mouth up and down the first few inches of Ian’s tip, her drool running down his length in small rivulets. Gianna’s eyes never left her sister’s as she sucked the huge throbbing tool, and she elevated the gloating meet suck and fuck porno with a lascivious wink. Lucia felt her nipples stiffen, and glanced in the rear view mirror to see that the cab driver was watching the show intently. She was about to warn her sister, when Gianna suddenly starting taking Ian deeper, stealing all of Lucia’s attention.

Lucia watched as Gianna sank her lips down Ian’s shaft, all while still staring up at her sister. Gianna’s eyes seemed to widen in surprise as Ian’s tip hit the back of her throat when she was only half way down his length, and Lucia had to stifle a chuckle as she saw Gianna struggle. Sensing her sister’s amusement, Gianna closed her eyes, and set her face with determination before pushing her throat against him harder. She gagged almost immediately, and came up gasping for air as Lucia covered her mouth and smiled behind her hand. Undaunted, Gianna took a deep breath and drove her head forward, this time succeeding, just barely, in getting his head into her throat. Ian moaned for an instant before she coughed and nearly threw up as she pulled back gasping for air yet again. This time Lucia could not restrain her laughter, and her heart-felt belly laugh caused Ian to open his eyes and look at her once more.

“Whats the use of having a big cock to play with if you don’t have the skill to treat it properly?” Lucia taunted with playful venom in her voice. She blushed as she said it, unused to being so lewd in front of her sister.

“Oh fuck you, Lucia!” Gianna said with genuine anger borne of embarrassment and frustration. “Like you could do any better.”

“I certainly could.” Lucia said with sober certainty. And then, just to piss Gianna off even more, she looked into Ian’s eyes and added “I would show that big cock the proper respect and worship it deserves.”

Lucia was pleased to see Ian’s large tool pulse in her sister’s hand in response to her words. Gianna must have felt it as well, and she looked with outrage at Ian before slapping his cock lightly.

“She’s all talk.” Gianna assured him.

“Try me.” Lucia replied with dead seriousness.

Ian appeared suddenly to be fully awake and sober, scarcely daring to breath as he glanced between the two sisters with poorly disguised excitement. Gianna stared her sister down, clearly contemplating how to come out ahead in the situation after failing to deep throat Ian’s cock.

“You think you can get it all the way down? Is that what you’re saying?” Gianna demanded.

“I can.” Lucia replied with a false confidence she didn’t entirely feel. Ian really was huge.

Gianna scoffed. “Impossible.”

“Try me.” Lucia challenged again, her eyes flashing.

Gianna hesitated, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to see her sister humiliated; after all there was no possible way anyone could take every inch of Ian’s dick down their throat.

“Go ahead. Embarrass yourself.” Gianna said, pushing Ian’s dick towards her sister.

Lucia reached out her hand gingerly, for the first time fully realizing Ian’s girth as her hand wrapped around his warm shaft. Ian took a sharp breath as she tugged him up and down, watching as his foreskin slid back and forth over the glistening head. Ian watched her like a hawk as Lucia leaned over, and glancing up at her sister worked the thick spit from the back of her mouth up and spit it audibly onto the head of the thick cock in her hand.

“It won’t make a difference.” Gianna taunted. “He’s too thick.”

“We’ll see about that.” Lucia replied, using her hands to spread the lubricant along his entire length.

Still stroking with her hand in the middle of his shaft, Lucia leaned in and engulfed his cock in her mouth, letting her saliva run freely. She bobbed her head twice, letting his tip hit the entrance to her throat, where it brought the thick saliva from deep in her mouth cascading down its length. Knowing her sister was watching, Lucia steeled her nerve for her first attempt. Seeming to sense she was about to take the plunge, Ian reached out, and cupped the back of her head, his hands entwined in her hair.

“Hey! No helping!” Gianna exclaimed, slapping his hand away.

Lucia rolled her eyes in exasperation, and slowly began her descent on him, feeling his wide head hit the entrance to her throat a little over half way down his length. Her lips stretched out, gripping his shaft like a suction cup as if they could climb to the bottom on their own. Lucia paused for a moment, and then began to work her head from side to side slightly as she attempted to force his head into her throat. She worked slowly, but methodically, relaxing her throat while simultaneously flexing her neck muscles, forcing her head downwards. She felt her muscles loosen, but was not rewarded with the pop of his tip into her throat. She felt Ian throb in her mouth, and heard him groan with pleasure.

As she came back up for air, Gianna cooed with glee. “See I told you, mobil porno bitch! Its too thick!”

Lucia did not dignify Gianna’s claim with a response, but merely took a deep breath and descended yet again. With grim determination, Lucia sank her lips over half way down his shaft until his head met the tight entrance to her throat once again. Ian shuddered and groaned as Lucia slowly ground her head in small circles, working her throat around his cock head. Finally, with a loud gagging swallow, Lucia felt his head enter her throat, and Ian moaned again as her muscles convulsed involuntarily around the tip of his shaft.

Pausing for a moment, but knowing she had to press on before she passed out, Lucia slowly eased her way down his length, feeling his meat fill her oesophagus. S she reaches his wide base, her lips stretched out, reaching to cover the last half inch of him as her nostrils flared for oxygen. Gianna gasped helplessly as her sister succeeded in taking Ian to the hilt, and held him there for a moment of triumph before pulling back off his manhood. She came up gasping for air, thick and sticky lines of saliva running from her lips and down Ian’s length like spider webs.

“Holy shit.” groaned Ian.

“Holy shit!” whispered the cab driver.

“Shit.” muttered Gianna.

Lucia, her sister, the driver, and the challenge momentarily forgotten, stared up into Ian’s eyes, revelling in his awe at her talents. She licked her lips, eyes gleaming as she planted a sticky kiss on the slimy and wide head of this cock. In a sudden fit of jealous rage, Gianna reached across, and tangling her hands into Lucia’s hair, thrust her sister’s head back down onto Ian’s rod. Lucia gagged as his cock bumped into her throat’s entrance again, unable to penetrate due to her surprise. Ian looked shocked but made now move to help Luica as her sister forced her head down onto him.

“Take it all again you show-off. Come on! I thought you loved deepthroating big dicks!” Gianna taunted. “Fuck her mouth.” she said to Ian. “Force it down her throat!”

Ian, looking down into Lucia’s eyes for signs of distress, correctly identified lust-fuelled determination instead, and following Gianna’s order he began to slowly thrust his hips upwards into Lucia’s face. Lucia gagged and sputtered loudly, spit spewing out around the edges of Ian’s thick shaft. Finally, with a grunt, Ian succeeded in forcing his tip into her throat one more, and Lucia felt her airway fill with cock as he fucked her throat while her sister held her in place. Gianna was relentless, not allowing Lucia to pull back for air for nearly a full minute. Ian never paused, but merely watched Lucia’s eyes for signs of consciousness as he pistoned her gagging maw. Lucia, fought to keep eye contact with Ian as her eyes involuntarily squinted with successive gags. Unable to hold back, Lucia jammed her right hand into her jeans, and brought herself to immediate orgasm by pressing against her clit. Her moaning seemed to bring Ian close to his own climax, and he fucked her face briskly.

Suddenly, as quickly as she had forced Lucia’s head down onto Ian’s meat, Gianna yanked her sister off by the hair.

“Not so fast!” Gianna said with a laugh. “I still need this big dick inside me tonight.”

Ian, chest heaving, stared forlornly at Lucia’s mouth, his giant shaft glistening with spit, thick blue veins throbbing along its length. Lucia, gasping for air in post orgasmic bliss, stared at his dick with wanton desire, and tugged against Gianna’s tight grip on her hair, wanting nothing more than to bury him into her throat again and coax him into dumping his load into her stomach.

“We’re here.” said the cab driver. The car had not moved for several minutes as he watched the show, but with the chances of a mess being made in his back seat increasing, he seemed eager to rid himself of his passengers.

“Time to go!” Gianna said, laughing at her sister’s discomfiture. “You’re coming up stairs with me.” she said, gripping Ian’s shaft like a handle and dragging him after her out of the cab. With on last shake of his manhood in Lucia’s direction as she closed the door behind her, Gianna strode off to her apartment building, Ian trailing behind like the lust-drunk man that he was.

Lucia, still drooling and catching her breath, watched them leave with ill-disguised lust and disappointment.

“Fuck!” she swore. “Shit! Fuck! Shit!”

The cab driver cleared his throat, and immediately Lucia blushed bright red as she remembered he could see and hear her. She looked in the mirror and met his gaze, and idea lodging in her sex-addled mind.

“Where do you want to go?” the driver asked.

Lucia, unable to push the new idea from her mind, responded with confusion. “I need…” she began, before faltering.

“What do you need?” he asked, staring into her eyes in the mirror, willing her to admit her deepest desires.

“I need…” Lucia began again, and then hesitated. The driver watched her in silence as she made up her mind, then prompted her.

“Say it.”

“I need cum.” she blurted, feeling instantly ashamed.

“Say it again.” he ordered, turning around in his seat to look directly at her.

“I need cum!” she insisted, meeting his gaze. “Please, I need it now.”

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