Shy Girl’s Sexual Awakening Pt. 04

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Gillian was happy as the last of the guests left shortly after 2.30am.

She joined Marta in collecting the wine glasses, taking them inside, after which both girls picked up the beer bottles from around the poolside, drunkenly tipping them into the large black rubbish bag out at the back.

The guys took the extra chairs back in to finish the tidy up..

She had so much fun, even with a lot of them speaking in Italian, but they had all been nice. Mario had even got her up to dance again, as they played music on Andoni’s laptop.

It had been a funny day, tiring, but emotional and intense.

As Marta disappeared inside, she flirted with Mario, and they contemplated going in for a late night swim.

Despite the heat, they decided to follow Andoni and Marta into the villa and poured a couple of large glasses of water to take into Gillian’s room.

Once they were inside, Mario gently moved behind her, tenderly nuzzling at the base of her right ear as she smiled. He held her by the waist as she relaxed into his strong arms. It felt lovely.

He slid his right hand under the rim of her trousers finding the lining of her panties.

She was horny again and wanted him, despite feeling tender from the afternoon’s sex in his apartment. She raised her arms, letting him pull her grey vest top off, sliding her bra straps over her shoulders as he pinged the clasp at the back, freeing her big breasts.

Within a couple of minutes they were both naked, him pulling her onto the bed.

Slowly they began making love, gently at first, speeding up as they could hear Andoni and Marta were already fucking really loudly down the hallway.

Mario came quickly, as he filled her with his cum, bareback and dirty, the new box of a dozen condoms, unused in her bag.

They lolled in the happiness of post lovemaking glow, but it was not long before she wanted him again, this time with her on top.

Mario rubbed the head of his cock down beneath her vagina and in-between her legs, pulling it up and sliding the bulbous head into her.

She pushed her vagina forward to feel it slide against the roof, stretching her labia so wide, as it went in.

He toyed with it a bit as she positioned herself on top, letting him guide it in and out of her with his hand around the base.

It tickled her, and she gasped as he boldly took it out of her pussy and dragged the head under her vagina pressing the head against the entrance to her anus, tickling it.

She said “yeah,” again as he looked up at her sitting on top of him.

Did he want to put it in her bum? She wondered if he was suggesting it, but perhaps he was just being escort izmir playful and naughty.

She giggled as she looked down at him. laughing “what?” , as she saw the look on his face.

Mario looked intently up at her and whispered “I want to fuck you in the ass.”

She was a little bit shocked, but given the last couple of days intensity, not as much as she normally would have been.

In the moment she immediately wanted him to fuck her there, even though it worried her a bit, and scared her too. She wanted to please him and not come across as uptight and inhibited.

It seemed the most daring thing to her at that moment, but she was worried it would be dirty and uncomfortable; if not downright painful, especially with his size.

She whispered, “Is it not too big?”

Adding, “I haven’t done that…ever., Mario.”

He held her by the waist, and re-assured her, asking if she had lube. She hadn’t even thought about that, betraying some of her naivety of things beyond vanilla sex.

She awkwardly giggled, and said no. It hadn’t occurred to her that they would need anything like that.

They had stupidly left the tube he had bought for her sore vagina at his flat in the town. She sheepishly apologized that she had none there.

Mario seemed completely unfazed as she straddled him.

“Is ok” he smiled, as she giggled to cover her embarrassment. He gestured for her to get off him, and she swung her leg over as he sat up.

They smiled at each other, and he stood up, his cock returning to a semi-erect state.

“Momento,” he mouthed, as he astonished her by walking out the door into the hallway, still echoing loudly with her friends’ intense lovemaking.

She was taken aback when she clearly heard Mario walk into Marta and Andoni’s room and them pause in their fucking. She heard them all laugh and exchange some words.

It seemed unreal that he could just walk in on them, and they not even seem to be bothered.

A minute later he came back into their room carrying a clear tube of lube.

He had brazenly asked Marta for her lube. Gill was taken aback as Mario laughed it was ok, “we all love sex.” She was scared, but excited.

It took a little persuasion but he soothed her anxiety. She was also worried she might be unclean, and Mario urged her to use the toilet.

Her heart was beating hard in the bathroom. All she could hear were Andoni and Marta’s passionate grunts and cries as she tried cluelessly to make sure she was clean, trying the bidet to wash her bum.

Eventually she gave up and wandered back naked to her room, coming in to the sight of Mario’s huge erection izmir escort bayan as he lay on his back on her bed.

Joining him on the bed she let him kiss her tenderly on her mouth and breasts. Soon she straddled him, the sweat lashing down her back.

Recognising her tension, he let her control it. She pushed down slightly and then stopped as she felt his cock prod against her sphincter which felt odd, and not so great.

Again she pushed and stopped, not sure if she wanted to carry on. Mario sensed her reluctance and took control saying “no” then moving his cock up, slid it easily into her vagina again, as she leaned forward gasping out “sorry,” to him before moaning in pleasure.

He gripped her ass and moved his fingers down the crack, rubbing some cold lube on it with his fingertips, as she rode him on top. He touched her anus with his forefingers and pushed one in causing her to draw breath as they continued fucking. He grinned as he worked a second finger into her ass making her wince.

He whispered “no, no, hanno bisogno di lubrificante” as he removed his fingers. He looked at her as she stopped and raised herself up off his cock putting her left hand down to grab it and move it down between her legs again.

He held his two fingers up as she sat astride him as she got the head of his cock and pulled it out from between her legs.

She smiled and with her right hand grasping out for the plastic tube quickly rubbed a lot more lubricant on his fingers so that they glistened in the moonlight, now streaming through the open window.

She put his big cock between her labia again crying out as it penetrated her and slid inside. She started moving again, moaning and gasping as her juices squelched loudly.

After a minute, he parted her bumcheeks again, and worked one, then two fingers in, pushing them deep into her anus, this time helped more by the generous application of lube.

She moaned louder and he began moving them around inside her ass feeling his cock inside her pussy through her thin wall. It felt pleasant to her now and tingly, as he kept up the manual stimulation in her bum.

“I’m gonna fuck your bum now Gill,” whispered Mario.

‘Yes,” she indicated by grabbing for the lube, squeezing it on his cock and running her hands down the thick shaft, whilst breathing out loudly to get her breath.

After 20 seconds she laughed and bit her lip then took his cock and placed it down between her legs moving forward so it was behind her.

She moved her ass up and down letting the feel of his cock between her bumcheeks give her pleasure. She wanted to feel this, but was a bit scared as izmir escortlar well, as she let the head of his cock press against the opening to her anus.

Tensing her thigh and stomach muscles she took a breath and pushed down hard on his cock feeling a powerful stab of pain as he finally entered her anus. She cried out, but pushed down, taking a good bit of his length.

Stopping, she tried to get her breath, as she felt his size fill her entire anus. She held that position for about 30 seconds as she looked down and re-assured him “it’s ok.” Very slowly she raised herself up a couple of inches feeling his cock slide out a little against her entrance.

Another stab of pain went up through her hips as she felt her muscles contract and then loosen giving her the disconcerting feeling that she wanted to go. She tried to hold her sphincter muscles tight, clenching her teeth, then let out a huge gasp, part pleasure, part pain.

She wasn’t sure how it felt, good or bad. Marco lay there and asked her if she wanted to stop. She kind of did, but shook her head and carried on moving herself up and down determined to overcome the pain and trepidation to enjoy the sensation of his cock in her ass.

Marco held her bony hips firmly as she began to get a slow rhythm going, feeling an amazing tingle inside her bum. “It feels good,” she laughed, as the pain began to recede a bit, and a more pleasant sensation took over.

However, every few thrusts, it got pretty painful again, especially with his size, and she was really worried she would soil or hurt herself too.

Marco only thrust about half his length in or it was a bit too sore for her. It was a strange and confusing mixture of pleasure and pain.

He sensed her anxiety and pulled out and held her by the shoulders. She had tears in her eyes and said “sorry, sorry, sorry” with trembling whispers. He was having none of it and kissed her neck and reassured her it was ok and there was nothing for her to be sorry about.

Her bum felt sore but it was ok, and he was so lovely to her. He seemed worried too, that he had taken it too far, pushed her into something not right for her.

“I do want you to,” she said, meaning it but feeling bad she had made it stop. “In time,” he said, and kissed her on the forehead lightly.

He had to get up and clean his cock which embarrassed her a little, but he was nice about it, and came back quickly.

Soon they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, and she felt safe in the world.

Gillian woke early, thirsty and dehydrated after the night before’s party. Mario was still sleeping at her side. Remembering the night before, she clenched her bumcheeks. There was no residual pain, so that was a relief.

She had tried hard and failed him there. It had taken her out of her comfort zone, but she had enjoyed some of it. She had wanted to please him so much.

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