Shower With Mom

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Shower With MomShe bent over soaping her legs. She had forgotten that though they were forced to shower together and he was her son …. he was still a man … and in the current position he could see her entire womanhood open up like he had never seen before. Not even just seconds earlier. He started to get hard. What was he to do? Here he was with a hard on for his mother. He just kept staring at her open labia and her anus, both seeming to beg him to be filled to the hilt. With his rock hand penis showing him the direction, it seemed he was pulled over, like an inescapable gravity. He hesitated. His dick was but a couple of inches from his mother’s labia, his hand feeling the warm that seemed to radiate from her butt. She was still preoccupied by her legs and had proceeded to work on her feet with her knees perfectly straight, almost showing off her flexibility. It served to open herself more to him and to his delight. It seemed she was calling to him in some hidden way. Yet this was forbidden. Something that even if she wanted it, she would never let happen. But putting his penis in her vagina against his mother’s wishes and possibly shooting his load quick enough (after all she was liable to fight him off) so that any resistance would be slowed by first surprise and a few more seconds of confusion. He figured if he did it right (since he thought that he could probably blow his load right now), he could get off in maybe ten to fifteen seconds. Maybe three seconds of surprise, then three to four more of confusion. At which point she might try to get him to stop for a couple of seconds before trying to physically remove herself from him. He could probably hold on to her for a few seconds before she mersin escort fought violently, he might even be able to talk her into inaction for a couple more seconds. All told he figure out this fairly quickly in his head that if he was quick to the draw then he can shoot his load on/in her. He was suddenly distracted by her sudden shift backwards, which brought her labia to his dick, grazing him sending pleasant shivers down his spine. He couldn’t take it and he saw his opportunity slipping … did she feel that? Then grabbing her hips and rump suddenly and gently he pushed his penis into her vagina with a quick thrust. A gasp caught her throat as she heard a moan. What was going on? She could feel someone inside her and he was quickly and roughly, yet with a touch of gentleness pleasing her. It felt good. But her husband was not here. Only her son. Her son. Her son! As she started to turn, she felt the hands release her rump and grab for her wrist. Oh, it felt so good. But she needed to stop, even if she didn’t want to. Before she could muster anything her hands were being forced against the wall. They were rocking slowly and more gently now. This felt soo good, why did it need to stop. Because she loved her husband that why. But her … its her …! She needed to stop this, use her legs, something. She was definitely fighting him, but he realized, not very hard. It seemed to make his mom feel good what he was doing … if not whom it was from. He was lasting much longer though. And he wasn’t getting the immediate results he had initially hoped for. However, his mom’s pussy felt even better that he had hoped for. If he was to continue he needed better control, which ment pinning her body. Using escort mersin his hips to make small circle so he wouldn’t have to stop screwing his mother, he pulled her hands away from the wall. He brought her upright from the bent over position and pushed her against his body with her arms pinned against her warm breasts. What was he doing? He was man handling her, his own … she didn’t want to think about it. She felt small compared to his size. She seemed unable (unwilling?) to stop his actions. She felt him grab both her wrists with one hand. Her arms were being raised above her head with one arm while the other seemed to lift her towards the wall. Her nipples were hard the cold tile seemed to tell her. They felt hot as well. He was crushing her with his body now, in effect pinning her. Both his hands were once again holding her wrists. She could feel her breathing now as his weight strained those muscles, and she was breathing heavily. The coldness of the tiles on her front, contrasted with the very warm body holding her. This felt deliciously too good. His mouth was at her ear. He was defiantly enjoying her body. The gentle rocking was no longer gentle, but it felt even better. She hadn’t wanted this, but she wanted to finish now. She felt fingers reaching and stroking her clit. She felt another reaching across her chest to her right breast as she was pulled away from the wall. Her hands were still on the wall but she no longer cared to fight it off. Her knees buckled as the pleasant wall of sensations hit her, but she didn’t fall. He was pulling out of her hole further and further, seeming to want more sensation all over it. He wasn’t getting enough, it just made him want it more. mersin escort bayan She was wiggling and shaking now from what appeared to be a whole lot of pleasure. Who would have thought that his mom would have felt this good, or responded this way? Not even she could have thought of being mutually sexually pleased by her son. And he loved every second of it. He was getting close he could feel it. His breathing was picking up, so was their rocking. She felt so good in his arms. She was small, yet tight, certainly very athletic, and like most former marathon runners, she a very little chest to speak of. But what she did have was very solid. “Pregnancy.” she moaned, “Use … uuh … thighs…”He ignored her.”Please … anything … else … will … do…”Even now he could see the possibilities of the proposal. She wasn’t fighting him; she wanted this, just not pregnancy. Pulling out, he brought his legs outside of her and clamped them shut. He would use her thighs but that wasn’t all. * * * * *He was starting on her legs. Her son’s penis popping in and out of her thighs, with the water, soap and her overflow of juices providing the lubrication. There was no gentleness in his rocking now. He just wanted satisfaction. His moans were aphrodisiacs to her. Then with a sudden exhalation of his voice she felt him pull away from her thighs. He was using the crack of her butt as a cushion as her exploded all over what she felt was her lower back to her crack. She was ever so close to an orgasm. His semen was running down her crack to her anus. Just as suddenly she felt the semen being smeared on her anus and a couple of fingers suddenly inside.It sent her over the top again. She was screaming this time, violently shaking at the stimulation. The wall hit her full force. The fingers were no longer there. She was no longer standing or being supported. The water was running over her breasts, as she lay there calming down. She was alone. Where was her son?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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