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Shower Room Sex…It was in the fall of my junior year, I had made the track team and was also the favorite cum receptacle for Bruce, Charlie Daniel and a host of their friends and compatriots…I had just run three miles on the schools quarter mule track. Tired exhausted and barely able to stand, I entered the shower. It was late on a Wednesday even and no one was in the gym at this time of day. The janitors and maids were all in the other wing of the school and would only come through to lock up.I stripped out of my running attire and made my way to the shower area, as I turned on a shower head I thought I heard the slamming of a door. Giving it no more thought, I lost my self in the art of showering, the warm water cascading over my aching, sweaty hot body gave me reason to relax…That is till two strong hands engulfed my upper chest and pulled me violently back to press against an enormously huge penis.I tried to turn around and break free, to no avail, fingers and thumbs found my nipples and roughly twisted and pinched them. I tried to pull the hands away when I heard a low terrifying voice whisper…’just how I want my pussy to react…’I froze in horror as I recognized the voice to belong to Daniel, I gripped his hands tightly and quickly whispered…’you can’t get caught in here, they will send to jail this time for sure…’ Daniel answered in a low whisper’…to get in this ass hole again I’ll try it…’Fearing what would happen to me and knowing that Daniel would surely go to prison, I whispered dejectedly’…fuck you, you bastard all you want to do is take advantage of me. Go ahead and hurry up before we get caught…’Daniel sorta growled’…that’s my bitch, you want this dick again too…’ Daniel kissed my neck and sucked my ear as he reached between us and guided his massively rigid penis into my buttcrack and against my bung hole. Before I could ümraniye escort say use some lubricant, Daniel pressed strongly against my bung hole.The soap and water I had applied was enough lubricant to allow Daniel to press his giant head into my small anal opening. I grimaced and clenched my teeth, trying not to cry out loud. Daniel hunched and seated his huge penile between my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and my inner anal sphincter muscle ring.Daniel sighed saying’…see the heads already in, you took it like a man…’ I was now standing on my tip toes as Daniel slid his hands down my torso till he reached my hips. Taking them in his hands, Daniel, pushed me forward a little and pulled me back to him.His massive male member tortured my inner anal muscle ring, whimpering I tried to relax and receive his monstrously huge sex organ. Daniel grunted saying ‘…this ass pussy still tight as hell, just like it ain’t never had a dick in it…’I was now pressed against the shower wall on my very tip toes, tears streaming down my cheeks as I braced for the agonizing pain that I new was coming. Daniel pulled his midsection back just enough to get mine off the wall.With a powerful thrust, Daniel’s gigantic tool burst past my gallant inner anal sphincter ring, involuntarily I cried out in pain and agony as Daniel quickly pulled back and slammed forward again and again.I couldn’t help it, I needed some type of relief from the excruciating pain in my rectum, I reached back and embraced Daniel’s head as IO tried to lift my self up higher. Daniel just panted ‘…that’s my bitch, you want this dick bad, don’t you…’ I said nothing as Daniel continued to ram his extremely large penis deeper into my helpless bung hole.For fifteen to twenty minutes Daniel rammed and grind his massive member into me till I felt him enlarge and his penis erupt deep inside my butt. kadıköy escort Daniel grind into me, as he emptied hie testicles of his bay seed all the time whispering ‘…that’;s my pussy, let me breed you like a real bitch, just like a real bitch…’Daniel pulled his twelve to f******n inches of big black penis from my anus, I felt every inch, every vein and every ridge as he slowly extracted his member from my anus. Once he was out of my rectum, IO slid to the floor beneath him as he stepped back and let the shower clean his spunk and my anal juices from his flaccid member.As I sat there, my head against the wall sobbing from the pain, I glanced up at Daniel’s penis and shivered as I saw it was nearly as long as my arm, from my elbow to my finger tip and as large around as my arm just below my elbow.The thought crossed my mind (how could something so big enter my little butt hole and not kill me…). It was at this time I saw movement behind Daniel, I tried to quickly get to my feet but fell back to my butt. Panicking I tried to push Daniel aside to see who was behind him, to my horror it was Harold, one of the janitorial crew.Harold was removing his clothes as he starred at me intently, Daniel looked back and casually said ‘…Oh, hi Harold, want a piece of some good pussy…’ Harold kept his eyes on me as he answered ‘…I’m not getting my clothes wet, make that bitch get on his knees or should I say her knees…’Daniel laughed saying ‘…what ever you want to calling it. You heard the man get your ass on your knees and let my friend get some of that ass…Harold you want need any lube, I just bust two loads in that ass for you. See you around…’Harold answered ‘…turn off the lights and lock the doors behind you when you leave…’ Daniel walked past Harold as Harold stepped over to where I was cringing. Harold’s penis was not as thick as Daniel, tuzla escort but hung almost to his knees.I was shaking and trembling as Harold stood over me and said ‘…here suck my dick some, let me see if you suck as good as you fuck…’ I shook my head “no” only to have Harold grab my jaws and pinch them till my mouth open and Harold pulled me to his crotch and demanded ‘…suck my dick, bitch, and do a damn good job…’With no choice I engulfed the head of his penis as Harold took hold of my head. For a few minutes Harold, had sex with my face till he was satisfied he was hard enough. Harold then said ‘… get on your knees and be glad I’m not as thick as Daniel. gonna fuck this ass so turn around…’Helplessly like a dog looking for a place to lay down, I turned my bung to Harold. Squatting over my bung with his feet on each side of my body, Harold gripped my buttocks and exclaimed ‘…that damn boy done stretched your ass hole wide open, I ain’t gonna have no problem getting all my dick down here…’Before I could scurry away, Harold lowered his body down and his elongated rigid penis entered my bung and slid all the way till his pubic hair was nestled in my butt crack. Harold wasted no time in pulling his long penis back and forth into my gap open bung.The sounds of Daniel’s spunk that had pooled in my anal canal made obscene sounds as Harold worked his tool patiently back and forth. I whimpered and whine each time Harold’s penis struck the bottom of my rectum and threatened to bust through into my colon.I begged and pleaded for hi to stop and to pull out all he would say is ‘…not till I bust my nutt too, not till I bust my nutt…’ Harold was literally holding my midsection up as he rammed back and forth into my bung. Finally Harold grunted and I felt him explode in my rectum as if he was using a small water hose.Harold let my hips go and I fell to the shower floor, as I turned Harold was still shooting globs of his substance over me and huge splotches smashed into my face as he ejaculated. Harold walked away saying ‘…better hurry and get out of here, lock the door behind you…’

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