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((This is my first straight sex i’ve written, i normally do gay. Don’t be too mean =D ))

As Emily slowly stripped of her short red skirt and pink low cut tank top, showing her slim and model like figure, she cast a grin behind her to her boyfriend Mark. She had told him he could shower with her and she was rather hoping that he would, after having been teased all night at the club they had gone to Emily could honestly say she was soaking wet and in need of some attention. Letting her Double D breasts free and letting her white thong slip to the tiled floor she stepped slowly into the walk in shower, looking up to let the spray of hot water batter on her neck to slide down her chest and over her full breasts. Hearing Mark get undressed, Emily grinned to herself and looked out to her hot boyfriend. She could have done worse with finding a partner but as she looked over Mark’s powerful thighs, his thick cock and 6 pack, she realized she really could have done much worse. Loads of women wanted him and swooned over him at work, Emily then would make a show of walking over and draping herself around him and then proceed to kiss him in front of anyone haramidere escort who cared to watch.

Feeling him put his hand on her hip, Emily moved her hips back to him as she turned her head to see him behind her, grateful that her hunk had taken her up on her offer and would start to pleasure her. He always did when they showered together which made it all the fun for them both. Emily let him move his hand from her hip to her shaved pussy, she even opened her legs for him and moaned gently as his index finger found her swollen and throbbing clitoris. She had forgotten about the water as she stood there, circling her hips so her arse rubbed against his growing hardon. She herself was wetter than she was before and she just wanted to feel Mark’s cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, slamming into her hard and filling and stretching her, even the thought of it made her moan loudly. “Fuck me Mark, I’m ready for your thick cock.” She moaned to him, as she lay her palms against the shower wall, she wanted to be taken and she wanted it now.

Feeling his finger move from içerenköy escort her clit, Emily gave a small moan of dissatisfaction at the loss of it. She had just started feeling the fire build within her pussy, letting her know she was near to orgasm. But she needed Mark’s cock more right now and she would happily give up one quick orgasm to get it. As he put a hand on her hip, Emily could feel him rubbing his cock head against her entrance then down to rub over her clit and then back again. She loved how he would tease her, making her nerves spark and her pussy ache with want for him. However feeling his thick member suddenly enter her pussy made her gasp and moan, throwing her head back she bit her lip as he stretched her tight pussy to it’s limits, she herself tightened around him, grasping his cock with her pussy as her hips automatically moved in a small circle.

As Mark slipped his cock out until only the head was left inside her, she felt him slam himself back in, the sound of his balls smacking off her bare skin sounded strangely too loud over the roar of the water raining innovia escort down on them, the sound when he thrust inside of her, each time she could hear how wet she was each time he trust back in. “Fuck me harder.” She moaned to him as she moved one of her own hands to her throbbing clit, rubbing it hard and fast she arched slightly and moved back on Mark’s cock and he slammed again and again, his grunts of pleasure turning her on even more, making her pussy grip his cock tighter, bringing him closer to his own sweet realise. Emily gave a slightly gasp when she felt her lovers finger rubbing at her arsehole, threatening to enter it as it had done the last time they had fucked in the shower, she wanted it again. She wanted to be fucked in both her holes and for Mark to release his load into it.

The feeling of him slipping not one, but two fingers inside her arse at once was almost enough to knock Emily over the edge, which she was only just balancing on. She knew, as she felt the wave threatening to crash through her body, to knock her mind senseless that any moment now she would cum, and she wanted to take Mark along with her, to share in the wave of pleasure that would take her over and make her scream for her lover. As Mark gripped her hip tighter, his thrusts becoming more erratic, Emily knew he was going to cum. So as she bit her lip in the wake of her orgasm, Emily slammed her hips back hard onto his thrusting member, enough to make him slam in deeper and to take them both over the edge of pleasure.

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