Shortest actual date….with sex

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Shortest actual date….with sexI met Kimberly through an online dating site in my final year of college. Like most online dating, we emailed for a couple days and agreed to meet. Surprisingly, she didn’t mind having me pick her up at her apartment. So I showed up at her door just after 5pm on a Saturday night. She opened the door and motioned me inside…since she was on the phone with someone. I stood there awkwardly for several minutes as she walked around her small apartment just talking loudly and laughing. I got the impression she was checking me out and relaying the information in codes with a good friend. She smiled, I smiled back. Kimberly was a very cute, curvy girl. She had long brown curly hair, big brown eyes behind even bigger glasses, a big nose and huge smile with amazing puffy lips. Her red lipstick made her very white teeth shine bright in contrast to her Caramel color skin. She had on a flowing yellow sun dress with no bra. Her breasts were good sized and hung naturally firm up on her chest. Her belly was round, the dress seemed to be holding it in…barely. She walked bare foot, her toe nails matched her red lips and fingernails. I waited somewhat patiently, until I decided to say something witty…”Would you like me to talk to your friend?”Kimberly froze, her mouth opened wide, a shocked look on her face…as if I caught her doing something bad. She quickly recovered her composure and stating in a smart assy tone, “sure!” She handed me the phone and I began conversing with her friend. I answered a barrage of quick questions and seemed to be passing the test as Kimberly looked at me with big eyes. She was checking me out as was I with her. I was feeling very full of myself as I told her friend my plans for how the evening was going to go. At the end of the conversation with the faceless friend, I finished with a very cocky good statement….”We could just skip the whole thing and have sex right now!” I was feeling flush as a surge of heat coursed kaçak iddaa through my entire body. Kimberly yanked the phone away from me blushing as I had successfully turned her friend into a mute on the phone.”I’ll call you back.”, Kimberly hung up the phone. Her chest was heaving or at least her breasts seemed to be moving up and down much more. Her nipples protruding through the thin layer of yellow fabric. She took my hand and led me into her tiny bedroom. “You want a blow job?” She helped me out of my shorts and yanked down my underwear around my ankles. Kimberly kept her glasses on as she wrapped those huge soft lips around my growing flesh rod. She took long slow slurps. Looking up at me from behind the glasses. I fell back onto her bed. She pulled my clothes off my feet with her mouth on my cock. This was insanely hot. I took my shirt off and was completely naked as she attacked me fully clothed. My mind was racing as to what I wanted to do first to her on the small twin bed. She sucked harder, slurpy sounds echoed off the walls. Sweat was forming on her forehead, her hair became curlier. Kimberly was on her knees, her one hand on my shaft going up and down with her face..the other fondling my balls and lightly touching my anus. She must of known what she was doing. Rubbing it, then inserting a finger up into me. The intense feeling caused a chain reaction ….I burst!My cum exploded out hard, it shot right into Kimberly’s unsuspecting mouth. She coughed hard, cum shot out of nose. Her glasses fell off as she keeled over hacking my fluid out of the wrong holes. Tears streamed down her face as I watched in horror to the sound of her trying to throw up. She rushed over to the toilet and buried her face down into it. More than just my cum came out of her. It sounded chunky, just like her jiggly ass in that dress. She looked so sexy from behind. Her curvy backside would look so good as I took it from behind. I moved over her and held her hair back while she convulsed kaçak bahis into the porcelain bowl. My cum still oozing out my tip. I didn’t say anything as it fell onto her backless skin. Once she finished, Kimberly stumbled to her feet. Her makeup was ruined, she had looked as if she had come in from a rainstorm. Her hair matter against her face, black mascara was smeared down her cheeks, her lip stick was faded. Sweat was pouring down forehead, her body had broken out in a feverish state. But that look she gave me, was one that made me shiver. “Ever heard of a warning!?!?” She was pissed.My reaction only made it worse….I laughed.Sure she was a mess, sure she must of hated my guts….but damn, she looked so sexy and cute to me.Kimberly picked up my clothes, shiver them into my chest hard and yelled at me to get out. She bullied me to the door. I slammed into it and couldn’t help myself from smiling. In all her anger, she looked so adorable. I laughed as she started punching me. It was so playful and then….She too began to laugh. We both fell over. I started crying, I couldn’t stop laughing. She was on the floor rolling around. We’d stop laughing only to continue uncontrollably when we made eye contact. Then I noticed something….she didn’t have any panties on. Her dress was up over her chubby knees. I made a move. I jumped up on her, moving my hand up under her yellow sundress and pulled it up. Kimberly immediately stopped laughing as I rubbed her and was already warm and moist. I rubbed some more, then inserted fingers. Her body had been tense then relaxed as her legs opened up more inviting me in. I sucked a tit under her dress then made my face down into her. I buried myself into her hairy wet vagina. Kimberly ran her fingers through my hair and grunted softly in approval. I plunged my tongue as deep as could down into her sweet spot while rubbing her clit. Kimberly squealed as her body shook with delight, her legs were very twitchy as she lost control. I continued illegal bahis my oral assault until she pulled me up on top of her. She reached down and guided me in. Her brown eyes were so big. I could see the questioning look in her eyes as my bare cock slid easily inside her body. She had never felt a fleshy hard cock before. It was an exciting sensation, I started moving slowly in and out of Kimberly, and also a nervous one. She finally mustered the courage to ask me something….” Should we use a condom?” As I plunged deeply into her. Kimberly closed her nervous eyes and moaned. She knew it felt good as I did too. I answered her question with a question…”Do you?””It feels so good,” Kimberly said as if all the oxygen was leaving her body. I help pull off her yellow sundress over her head. Her naked body felt so good to mine. I could see more questions in her eyes but we both remained silent as I pumped in and out. Only our heavy breathing and light moaning was heard …..then I felt the urge. I was getting close.This time, I warned her. She asked if I had ever done it inside before…..I lied no. Kimberly gave me a sheepish smiled and then pleaded, half-heartedly, for me to stay in. I held out as long as I could until my body jerked hard as I expunged my seeds inside. I grunted and moaned as injected a few loads into Kimberly’s body. She squeezed me hard and held me in close. We kissed passionately. Then she told me ….”I love you!” In the most sincere voice possible. I felt good in that moment but didn’t share it to the same extent as Kimberly. Just that short moment where I didn’t say anything and the look in my eyes was enough.Kimberly pushed me off, she quickly got up and went to the bathroom. She slammed the door. I heard crying as I tried to say something. She yelled for me to get out her apartment. I attempted to plead my case. It fell on deaf ears… Then the door burst open. She had a towel wrapped tightly around her body and a knife in her hand. She made a poking gesture in my direction, I never moved faster. She would of stabbed me if I stayed. I didn’t try to get dressed. I picked up most of my clothes and bolted.I never heard nor saw Kimberly again….

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