Short Story 01: Mom Son Lust

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All Characters In this Story are Older than 18 years…and As So You all Know, that This is My Universe, So there is Lot’s of Sex.


I am Charlie… and I am here with a New Shot Story Format…You Ready All..

First Let me Not Bore you with all the non Erotic Details or any Boring Info about me or my family…

Let’s Just Come to Main part Hope you all Enjoy it..


I am a 21-year-old CS student studying in a university in the USA but currently in India due to this recent pandemic.

About me! I am an exercise freak, I run a lot, lift weights, and have a good body. You can compare my body to Wrestler superstar Edge. Legends will know who he is. 🙂 I also have a decent-sized dick.

Anyways, this story is about how I finally had sex or intercourse with my mother. She is currently in her early 40’s and has a very good body. She has everything a man could want — long legs, long hair, plush lips. I don’t know how the size system of women works but I could say those things are good and firm because of her regular exercise. About my Father, He’s a Businessman and He roamed the USA a lot!

Enough, let’s get to the sex part. This story is with her consent, I wanted to add pictures but she refused. Sorry guys.

I have always been interested in MILF’s because tipobet365 yeni giriş of my attraction to my mother. You can say I have been a very bad boy from an early age. I used to find excuses to see my mom naked, or used to spy on her using secret cameras. Hell, I even used to smell my mom’s panties, bra and masturbate.

Once while my father was out on a business trip, I used ‘saving electricity as an excuse to sleep in the same bed as my mother. My mom was wearing a sexy red dress that night.

I knowingly pulled out my hard dick as an accident while sleeping and poked her with it as pretending to be asleep. She thinking it was my knee held it in her hand and immediately removed it!

My mom got up, turned on the lights to see the dick. She woke me up and I pretending to be asleep turned causing it to stand up straight in front of her. I always wanted to fuck my mother, fill up the hole where I came from.

(You guys might think that I am making this shit up. Well, I am not. I had this amazing night with my mother. It is easy you just have to be flirting enough, good body and decent dick.)

After my mom saw my dick, she kept the lights on (later I came to know that she liked it that way.) She came back on the bed and slowly rubbed my dick with her hand and then stopped and then started rubbing again. I woke up and acted surprised. She was speechless and horny, I could see from her eyes.

Without saying anything, I kissed my mom and she kissed back. I started pinching her nipples while she tipobet365 giriş rubbed my dick. It was so hot.

I tore away her t-shirt. I always wanted to do that and I hungrily started licking my mother’s boobs and nipples which were already very hard. She was moaning and my name. Oh, that feeling, your mother moaning your name! I could have cum right there but I controlled myself.

Her boobs were very wet and sticky, we made sure to cover all the curtains because we kept the lights on as I wanted to see her. My mom bent on her knees and took my cock in her hand, spat on it and took the tip in her mouth. The feeling was out of this world.

My mom was quite skilled at blowjobs. She would lick the whole dick in one go and her small tongue roaming on my dick is a feeling that still gets me hard. I wanted to fuck her, that was my main goal.

I always imaged us in missionary position, me seeing into my mom’s eyes and pushing my dick inside of her while she moans of pain and pleasure. And we did that. She laid on her back, I came on top of her, close together and body-rubbing on each other.

We kissed and while doing that, I slowly pushed the tip inside her. My mom moaned inside my mouth. I slowly pushed the rest inside. My mother’s pussy was a bit tight which increased the please a thousand times.

I started fucking my mom slowly in rhythm. She followed, she would push her hips to make my dick do even deeper. We were so good together. I would have wanted to take a picture.

My mom was moaning tipobet365 güvenilirmi my name louder and louder as I started going faster and faster. Since the bed was old, it was creaking as I pushed and I liked it. As I was about to cum, I stopped and changed positions.

We were doing doggy style now. I was pushing myself deep and hard and was licking my mom’s asshole while she would move her head up and down in pleasure. Suddenly, I felt her pussy tighten from inside, she was about to cum. I quickly removed my dick and drank all the juices coming out.

I then kissed her and started fucking again. After a few minutes of fucking, my mom was about to cum and me too. I started going even faster and then we both came together — all the thick white cum filling her up and going around her uterus looking for the egg to fertilize but she had her pills, no tension.

We just laid there cuddling and kissing and then slept. The following morning, I woke up but my mother was not there. I went over to her and she was all normal but then she said, “Don’t tell anyone about last night” and then, I confirmed it actually happened and that it was not a dream. I happily obliged and wrapped my arms around her.

I wasn’t in any college at that time and therefore was free the whole day.

Well, that’s when I took the camera I had hidden near the dressing table, recording our whole session. The moment I reached the part where I and mom fucked, my dick was hard seeing the two of us like a puzzle exactly fitting together.

After that, I convinced my mom to take bath with me. We both undressed, threw our clothes away and slipped into the tub. She was sitting on top of me and fondling my biceps and using her ass to rub my dick, while I used the soap and covered her whole body.

the Doorbell rang…


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