Shocked and Surprised Ch. 02

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Main Cast

Mike, 35 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Anne’s husband.
Anne, 34 years old, 5′ 4″, 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Mike’s wife.

From the first chapter

After dinner I tried to think about what to do. I came up with a plan that I thought would help me figure it out. For the first time in my life I was afraid to talk about something openly with my wife. My only choice was to take some time off work on days when she would be out and see where she went. It would not be easy, but I had to know. It was going to kill me not knowing.

I found out that night that she would be at the gym again on Thursday, or so she said. I left work on Thursday morning after a kiss on the cheek, wondering what the day was going to bring.

On Thursday, I got to work and everything was a disaster. I was a project manager for a software project and the customer was upset about something in the database and the way it was working in the application so we had to attack it immediately. I worked with the engineers and we came up with a solution. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the hot fix delivered until about 4pm. That meant that I was too late to see what was going on with my wife.

I cleaned up the day-to-day work emails that I had and didn’t get home until 6pm. I walked in to the smell of something really good cooking. My stomach growled instantly.

“Anne?” I walked thru the kitchen, but there was no sign of her.

“Upstairs! Be down in a minute!”

I put my work stuff down and walked over to the counter. There was something in the crock pot that I didn’t recognize, but it smelled wonderful.

I started to lift the lid, but Anne was coming into the kitchen. “Leave the lid on so that it continues to cook.” I didn’t turn around before she embraced me from behind. “It won’t be ready for about another hour, can you wait that long?”

I loosened her arms and turned around. I was just going to say ‘Sure’, but what I saw before me caused my brain to malfunction. Anne grinned and backed up. She stood there and posed for me. I was mesmerized. She was wearing her hair in a pony-tail and had on make-up that made her look like a hooker, which went with the rest of her outfit. She was wearing clothes like her old Catholic school uniform, but not like they ever wore them in school. Her white shirt was untucked and tied under her small, firm breasts, but that was the only thing holding it together. She had not buttoned it at all and it gaped between her breasts, providing nice glimpses of skin, breasts, and maybe a nipple. She had been working hard on staying in shape and it showed. Her waist was well tapered between her chest and hips and her stomach was flat and sexy as hell. Then there was her skirt, which was definitely the one I saw in her gym bag, barely covering anything below her crotch. She was a walking sex machine and I was still stunned.

She giggled. “Do you like my outfit, Mister Jones?” She twisted back and forth like a nervous teenager might do, using a made up name for me.

“You should be ticketed for indecent exposure, little girl.” I grinned, getting into the game. My god, she was becoming more and more adventurous.

“You don’t think I’m decent?” She put her finger on her lip and pouted. It was sexy as fucking hell and I was getting hard.

“I think your outfit is indecent in public, but your body is definitely a decent one.”

She grinned and started toying with the right side of the shirt, pulling it enough to let her right nipple peek out at me. It was hard. “Thank you, Mister Jones.” She moved to the refrigerator and looked over her shoulder at me. Her ass was just barely covered. “Can I get you something to drink, Mister Jones?”

“Sure, I’ll have a beer.”

She opened the fridge and bent over, revealing her beautiful little bubble butt and the fact that she was not wearing panties. She had left her ataşehir escort bayan feet about two feet apart and that meant that her pussy slit was completely visible. She looked back over her shoulder. “Can I have a beer, too, Mister Jones?”

“Sure, Miss Smith, you can have anything you want.” I was staring at this woman and wondering what the hell had gotten into her. I was hoping it was just me and the fact that she was finding time to relax. I didn’t even want to consider the items that had made me what to follow her today. Of course, my dick now had absconded with the blood I needed to think about anything but sex.

Anne turned around with two beers. “Anything, Mr. Jones?”

“Of course, Miss Smith, anything you want.”

She grinned and turned and put the two beer bottles down. She walked up and stood right in front of me. She stared up and me. “Well, Mr. Jones, what I really want is what my girlfriends have been telling me about.”

I grinned. “And what is that, dear?”

She looked down at my tent and then back up at me and tried to act shy. She put her finger in her mouth and chewed it while she said coyly. “I want a real man.”

“You want a real man for what?”

She rocked back and forth and batted her eyelashes. She leaned closer to me and whispered. “Well, Mr. Jones, I want a real man to fuck me.”

I stared at my wife. She was really into this little scenario and we had never even discussed something like this. However, I was not one to let a chance like this go to waste. I grabbed her by the arm roughly and led her into the den. “Miss Smith, that is completely inappropriate. I think you might have to be punished for this.” I wondered what my wife was going to think about this turn of events. I’m not sure a spanking was what she had in mind.

“Oh, please, Mr. Jones, I will do anything you want. Please don’t spank me.” She knew where I was taking this little scenario as soon as I led her into the den. She said words of resistance, but she didn’t really put up any kind of a fight, so I led her over to the couch and sat down without letting go of her arm.

I pulled her down over my lap. “We’ll see about that after I tan your cute little bubble butt.” She squirmed, but didn’t really fight hard, so I continued. I flipped her skirt up and ran my hand over her ass. “You will have to also be punished for not wearing the proper undergarments, you slut!” I ran my hand down across her pussy and she moaned. She was definitely into this scenario and was not resisting the way this was going.

“Please, Mr. Jones, don’t hurt me. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Yes, I know you will.” I then gave her left cheek a healthy smack. It wasn’t that hard and it made more noise than it probably hurt. “Do you promise that you will not throw yourself at men like a shameless slut anymore?”

“Yes, Mr. Jones, I promise.”

I smacked her again on the right cheek. I was so fucking hot now my dick was uncomfortable trapped in my pants and under her body. I then spanked her several more times, not saying anything and just listening to her pleading and moaning. When I was done with that, I ran my hand down between her legs and she was very wet. Fuck, my wife was getting off on this as much as I was.

“Stand up!” I commanded her as I pushed her to the floor. She stood quickly and looked at me, trying to appear ashamed at her actions and having been spanked. “Lift up your skirt and look at your pussy.” She pulled up her skirt and arched her back so that she could try to look at her own pussy. “Feel it with your fingers and tell me what you feel.”

She ran her fingers over and thru her gash and looked up at me. She held up the fingers so we could both see the wetness there. “I’m very wet, Mr. Jones.”

“Yes, you are. That means that you are ready to be fucked.” I stood up and took her by the arm again and led her over to the side escort kadıöy of the couch. “And since you want to be fucked, fucked you shall be.” I pushed on her back and bent her over the arm of the couch. She bent over willingly. I flipped her skirt up and looked at Anne. My wife was bent over the arm of the couch in a makeshift schoolgirl outfit, soaking wet, and with my handprints on her ass. We had never even had sex like this, much less when acting out a scene like this.

“Don’t move.” I took off my pants and boxers and she stayed there. I walked up behind her and leaned over, resting my dick along her ass crack. “Now, Miss Smith, you will learn what it’s like to be fucked by a real man.”

I moved back and ran my dickhead over her lips. She moaned. Anne was so worked up she trembled when my dick came close to her clit. I slid my dick slowly into her cunt and it went all the way to the bottom. She had me so worked up I was going to fuck the hell out of my wife.

Anne groaned when I reached bottom. “On, Mr. Jones, your dick is so big. It feels like it completely fills me up!”

Wow! She was really playing this up. I started thrusting into her hard, my hips slapping up against that pert ass. “You are such a little slut, aren’t you, Miss Smith? You like me fucking you with my big hard dick!”

“Yes, sir, I love you fucking me with your big hard dick. Please fuck me, sir. Fuck me hard!”

If we hadn’t already been fucking I would have been shocked at the way she was reacting. As it was I just started pounding her as hard as I could.

“Oh, Mr. Jones, you are going to make me cum.”

I smiled and kept up my assault on her. “Cum for me, little girl, and I’ll fill your cunt full of spunk.”

“Yes… sir… fuck!” And she came. Anne had a body-shaking, mind-numbing, once-in-a-lifetime orgasm. Her body shook and she groaned and I was in awe of her at that moment.

“Oh, yeah, here I cum!” Now it was my turn and I unloaded, unleashing spunk and thrusting into her until I could barely stand up. I realized that I had my eyes closed and I opened them and looked down. I had a death grip on her hips and I relaxed my hands. I then slowly pulled out of her, bringing with me spunk that ran down her legs.

“Fuck me! That was intense!” I sat back against the arm of the side chair and expected Anne relax and come out of character, but she didn’t.

She stood up and held her hand under her pussy, trapping the cum in there. She gave me a quick kiss. “Thank you, Mr. Jones. I loved being fucked by a real man with a big, hard cock.” And then she ran off upstairs.

I was still leaning there, catching my breath and wondering what had come over my wife when she came back down in her robe. She saw me and laughed. She came over and looked at my wilted and dripping cock. “I think someone liked that little game.”

“Holy shit!” I reached for my boxers and pants. “I don’t know what got into you, but that was fucking hot!”

Anne grinned. “Thank you.” She kissed me on the lips. “I loved it, too.” She went into the kitchen to check on the crock pot.

I finished redressing and walked back in. “You want to tell me what brought that on?” Now that I had blood back in my brain, I was wondering what this was all about. At least she had soothed some of my concerns by wearing one of the items I found her hiding. I actually felt a little bad about even thinking that of my wife. Anne had always said she had no respect for people that could take a vow and then break it.

“I just felt like shaking up our love life a little. We had never talked about the schoolgirl scenario, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man say he didn’t like it. Since I’ve been writing, I’ve been reading a lot as well. I’ve read everything from science fiction to fantasy to some erotica. Some of it was very interesting and exciting and one mentioned the schoolgirl fantasy, so I figured, maltepe escort what the hell?”

“What the hell is right! Wow! That was pure sexual lust there. What about the spanking part?”

She looked over at me. “Well, I hadn’t thought about that. I would not have been happy if you had done it hard, but you didn’t hurt me, just played a little, so it was okay. I just loved the way you played the older authority figure to a young girl. It was fun.”

“Fun? How about fucking fantastic!”

She grinned and put down the spatula she was using to stir the pot. She walked over to me. “It was fucking fantastic to me, too. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in… well, never! I think maybe we need to talk about our fantasies some more. There may be some things in there we can work on.” She turned back toward the counter.

That stopped me in my tracks. Where exactly was this going? Was this a cover for something else? She had never mentioned or seemed to consider these kinds of scenarios before, but suddenly she’s open and interested in them? Was there still something I was missing? Maybe I should follow her after all and see if something else has brought out this interest in her. Fuck! Just say something. She was being open and honest and I should be, too. We have never had secrets, just bring it up.

“Anne, can I ask you something?”

“Mmm-hmm.” She turned around, smiling at me, but it faded when she saw my look and seriousness. “What is it?”

“I’m, ummmm.” How could I bring this up? “Well, you see….” Fuck! I squirmed and stopped talking for a second.

Anne walked over and hugged me. “Honey, you can ask me anything and say anything to me. You know that, right?” She leaned back and looked up at me.

“Yeah.” Now I felt bad. “Well, you see, on Tuesday when you came home and I was already home, we had sex.”

“Good sex, if I remember correctly.” She interrupted me with a sexy grin and poked me in the chest.

“Yes, well, I went into the bathroom and noticed some things in your gym bag.” I watched her closely to see her reaction to this.

Her eyes stared back at me for a second. “Okay. So you saw something you were afraid to bring up to me? You’ve been afraid to bring this up since Tuesday? Why?”

I looked at her. She didn’t seem fazed by this at all. “I thought that maybe you were hiding something from me and I was… well… concerned.” I looked away from her stare.

She put her hand under my chin and pulled my face back so that I was looking into her eyes again. “Honey, you never have to be afraid to bring up something like that. We always said no secrets, right? Well, there are no secrets between us.” She leaned up and kissed me. “However, in this case, can I just say that it’s a surprise and get you to wait until next week?”

I stared at her. It was still a secret then. “Isn’t that a secret?”

She looked at me. “No, it’s a surprise, and believe me when I tell you that you want to wait on this one, big guy.” She smiled that disarming smile that she always used. “Please, trust me. I love you and there is nothing going on that will change that.”

I smiled. I hoped that I was convincing. “Okay, honey. I love you, too.” In the back of my mind there was still some doubt.

Anne turned to me and looked at me. She could hear the doubt and see it in my face. She came over and stood directly in front of me, staring up at me. “I love you and always will. You have nothing to be afraid of. Next Tuesday is your birthday, remember?” I nodded. “You usually take the afternoon off. When you do, you are going to come with me to my gym class and I will show you that you have nothing to worry about, okay?”

I leaned over and kissed her. “Okay.” I felt better. She and I had a great relationship and I should never have entertained any other thoughts. Her sincerity actually shamed me a little for even considering it. “What time on Tuesday?”

She smiled. “2pm. We leave about 20 minutes before and you can ride with me.”

“Okay.” We hugged for a minute and then she attended to the crock pot. I felt much better and was not intrigued by my birthday ‘visit’ to her gym class.

To be continued…

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