Sharing the good times of my wife & I pt7

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Sharing the good times of my wife & I pt7Cherry had landed a job she really loved as a property management consultant at a local real estate firm and had been working there for a couple of months. The girls from her office quite often went out for drinks after work on Fridays and had asked her to join them most weeks. This was something else Cherry had been deprived of while living in the small town we were from as well as her religious upbringing which frowned upon such activities.  Cherry would join her friends regularly on these girls nights and on most occasions would arrive home by taxi, more than a little tipsy and to my delight, generally ready for a good fucking which I was always happy to oblige.     I would always ask her if she had had a good time and she always said she did until one particular evening when she was quite drunk she said that she had a great time except for the guys who were hitting on her and her friends at one of the bars they went to. She said that one of her friends had been upset over the attention that her group was getting and that she had a jealous partner who would blame her if he found out about it. This surprised Cherry because she was actually enjoying the attention but she and the other girls decided to leave and go to another bar close by. The thought of my lovely hot wife being hit on by strangers in a bar was actually a turn on for me and as I pushed my cock into Cherry from behind I asked her to tell me what sort of attention she had received. She knew straight away that this was making me horny so she made quite a deal of relaying the events which were quite tame really and only amounted to some casual flirting and asking her to dance etc. When she finished by saying one of the guys was quote cute and she would have danced with him if they had stayed, it was all I needed to think of an idea of how to see Cherry at her sexy best and I quickly came inside her.   Next morning I mentioned to Cherry how much I would like to see her hit on by guys in a club and watch her dance with them. She knew I still wanter to see her fuck other men but it was difficult due to the fact that we didn’t want anyone at our house and Cherry didn’t want the bother of getting to know them, and messing about with all of the how to make it happen stuff. Other than that she shared the fantasy with me. (Or maybe she pretended to, thinking it wouldn’t happen).       After a few more Friday nights out with the girls, Cherry came home one afternoon and said that one of them was having a birthday and had asked us both to join them and their partners for Friday bahis firmaları drinks the following week. I winked at Cherry and said “Sure, might be a fun night” .      The week passed and Friday came around. Cherry had come straight home after work and changed into a little pastel blue crop top that had a drawstring in the front and left her navel exposed. It was a thin shoulder strap piece that she wore without a bra and showed plenty of cleavage as she tightened the drawstring and umped her tits up. She wore tis with a three quarter length pair of white jeans and she looked smoking hot as usual.     We met the others at a quiet little bar in town where we stayed for a couple of hours until some of the couples left as they had to work the following day. We had a couple more drinks with the remaining two couples and then decided to go to a bigger place not too far away. This place was very busy and mostly packed with younger people, hung out there for another hour or so and another of the couples left to go home. It was close to midnight by this stage and we were all getting a bit drunk, I suggested that we move on to a nightclub and check it out so we set off again down the street only to find that there was a line up outside on the path just to get in the door. Cherry’s friend said she wasn’t going to line up and was ready to call it a night anyway so they departed and left us there in the line.    Finally we made it inside and it was packed to the rafters with a mostly young crowd and we  could barely move it was so busy. We squeezed our way through the crowd until we got to the bar where we ordered a well earned drink. A couple of cocktails later I needed to visit the men’s room and left Cherry waiting at the bar. As I made my way back I noticed that Cherry now had full drink in her hand and was talking to a younger looking guy who had obviously spotted her alone and bought her a drink. I stayed back for a bit and when I noticed Cherry looking about for me I motioned for her to go dance and that I would stay where I was. Her and her new friend finished their drinks and I saw Cherry grab the guys hand and move to the dance floor. They stayed on the edge of the floor for a little while but it wasn’t long until they disappeared from site among the heaving mass of bodies. Now. this wasn’t what I had hoped for and I had no idea where they were in he crowd. I finished up the drink I had and decided that I had to join in with the dancing crowd and try to get within sight of them at least. The music was loud, the lights were flashing, and there was copious amounts of spilt kaçak iddaa drinks on the sticky floor, but everyone was having a ball as I danced my way among the many bodies. I looked for about 10 minutes and at last I spotted Cherry in the crowd. She was still with her new friend and they were jumping around having a great time. I watched them for a little while before making my way closer until eventually I was dancing directly behind Cherry. I deliberately bumped into her backside and as she turned to see who she had bumped I quickly put my hands up to apologise and leaned forward saying to her “You don’t know me, keep dancing” She laughed and nodded and turned back to her dancing partner while I stayed behind her dancing with another group. We bumped again and this time se turned to face me and danced with me briefly before motioning me to join her and her friend. The young guy was seemingly happy with this and since Cherry had welcomed me to join them there wasn’t much he could do about it anyway. We were in very close confines on the dance floor and when Cherry turned and danced quite to close me I put my hands on her hips only to find that the guy who was now positioned behind her, also had his hands on her hips. I removed my hands and danced a half step back and watched them as Cherry leaned back into him and gyrated slowly against him. I moved back in front of Cherry who now had her eyes closed as she swayed with the music. I got as close to her as I could and slowly untied the drawstring on the front of her top, being careful to be very discreet. Cherry felt what I was doing and opened her eyes and looked at me and then her top to ensure everything was still in order. She was still covered up and effectively all I had done was loosen the fabric that was holding her tits up. No one noticed so we were all good. Again I stepped back a little and noticed that the guys hands were still on her hips. When I moved forward again, I deliberately put my own hands on her hips but below under where his were. He was till behind Cherry blissfully unaware that her top and been undone and her d cup breasts were now freed from their restraint and were swinging unhindered beneath the fabric which was hanging loosely around her waist. I moved my hands in an upward direction until they contacted his which made him move his up and away from mine. His hands were now on the skin of her exposed midriff and Cherry didn’t flinch as he moved them off her hips to be more around her waist. We continued like this for another 30 seconds or so and when I moved in again I placed my hands on her hips kaçak bahis which were now just below his forearms. His right arm was hidden from view beneath the bottom of her top ad his left arm remained in sight around her midriff. I took the opportunity now to gently push against the bottom of his right arm, again causing him to move it upwards. When he suddenly froze his arm, I knew that the top of his hand had come into contact with the bottom of Cherry’s bare tit and he didn’t move a muscle until he had gauged what reaction he might receive. When Cherry continued her gyrating he took it as a green light and I felt his arm move again in an upwards direction. I followed his movement with mine until I knew that he had cupped her entire breast in his hand. We staying in this position for quite some time with him getting a good kneading of her firm tit, I had continued dancing closely in front and took Cherry’s wrist and moved it around behind her back until it came into contact  with the guys side. Cherry took the hint and I saw her elbow bend and then go further back as she slid her hand down the front of the guys pants to feel what was almost certainly a raging hard on. After a couple of minutes of this groping of each other, Cherry moved slowly away and motioned towards the ladies room. We both watched her walk away and than I said goodbye to the guy and also made my way to the toilets where I waited for her to reappear. When she came out she had done her top up again and said that she was really horny and just wanted to go home. This was fine by me so we left and made our way to the taxi stand nearby and again took our place in the line. Eventually we were next In the queue and jumped into a cab that was driven by a middle aged fat guy who drove us the 10 minutes home. I was still turned on by he events in the club and when we got out of the cab and I reached for my wallet I asked the fat man if he would waive the fee if Cherry got her tits out for him. She slapped my arm in surprise and started to apologise to the fat man for me being drunk but he cut her off and said he absolutely would trade the fare for a look at her tits. Cherry hesitated a few seconds and must of thought “Ah what the heck” as the drawstring was untied again and she lifted the front of her top up to give the fat guy and full frontal of her dangling big tits. She held the pose for a good 10 seconds and then covered up again. The fat guy thanked us and gave us his card in case we needed a lift anywhere in the future ha-ha.    Once inside we fucked like newlyweds again and once Cherry had climaxed she told me that she had indeed had a hard cock in her hands out on the dance floor, I emptied my balls deep inside her wet pussy. What a hot night we had just had and this was the perfect setting for what was to follow.

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