Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

A glimpse of the good times.

I started getting used to Chennai and Shivu / my father in law’s brother and their sexual exploits.

First time in years realized that I was being used and was not in control of my life. The marriage to Sridhar and the return to native land were not working out for me.

Slowly – I influenced myself that I need not live with this problem – this was a sentimental blackmail and both my brother in law and father in law were taking undue advantage of my simplicity around emotions – which they were not aware – was a very short-lived line item in my caricature.

I began to scheme and in the process – decided to make a visit to Bangalore and live in my lover Ratan’s house for some days – that way – it will give an organized signal to my in laws.

Sridhar Shivu and others were very upset with my plans – but could not stop me and with practically the saree I was wearing and a few more clothes – made my way to the bus stand and returned to Bangalore.

The house was in a major bad shape – and with the entire neighborhood being new and full of strangers – I found it difficult to cleanup and get the house back in order.

Ratan’s parents were still living in their place where as the entire compound had been put up on the rent excepting the portion where I was staying – they did not like me but because of my parents who were very close to them allowed me their blessings and provided me help through Pandu – a semi paraplegic uncle of Ratan – who was yet unmarried – lived with Ratan’ parents – Ratan himself was now in Cuddalore – bordering TN working in the Indian Railways.

The house became a home and with some money that I had saved on my return from Goa that was still with me – I brought things to shape and in the afternoon and after 8 hours of hectic cleanup activity – got a chance to take a nap.

Days went by and Shivu came couple of times but was not able to convince me to return, I also was not very keen to arouse my sexual heat any more – was tired of all the past affairs with my in laws and it was becoming increasingly difficult to digest the role Sridhar and Shivu had played upon my return from Goa – though they lost a son in Ashok – it seemed my body was more important to them than the grief.

After a couple of months with Ratan’s parents and stating on my own – life started to pick up and I started to realize the follies of the past and resolved with lot of help and coaxing from Ratan’s mommy to start working – and do things for myself – they even offered to get me married to some one they knew.

I was not very keen but knowing that life cannot continue in this manner for long, reluctantly gave them the nod.

They called my sister Chitra who was overjoyed seeing me in Bangalore – it had been years now that we had seen each other and she just wept.

I was not aware who was the boy and it did not matter to me – I felt it was important to go through that ritual. With both my parents having passed away a few years ago – the responsibility was on Chitra – I did not want to get Shivu and his clan involved in this – it was not going to work.

Chitra and Laxman (my brother in law) were not very happy with the proposal from Ratan’s folks – the boy was none other than my childhood flame – Varma now – 32 years – he was a widower and was living in Madurai and had a child who was in the custody of his in – laws.

He was aware of my state – and wanted to marry me. I was surprised – he practically knew everything about me and wanted to marry me – this was a bloomer of sorts and really did not make sense to me – but well life is all about twists and turns.

The marriage was fixed and was made a bride again. Everyone came – Shivu was there along with Lavanya and my son – Kamesh and Ratan were there and so were people like my Uncle (still alive) and Chitra and the surprise pack was Kamesh’s father – Srinivasan. He was visiting his sister (Ratan’s mommy), so attended the wedding.

Kamesh was very apologetic and offered all help – he told me that finally his fiancée had agreed to forego her job and they were going to settle down soon – she was a Mauritian and that meant – Kamesh was going to settle down in Port Loius.

That was another reason for me to get married – I knew that Kamesh had become a part of my life and I was becoming possessive of him – he was aware of the bonding – both knew that will not work and with the gory stuff we both did together – it was impossible to get into an alliance of that sort – he wanted to speak to me before we left for Madurai and after all the guests had gone – he came to me and gave me couple of things which make me feel really proud as a human being.

He gave me all the evidence of the erase he had done to my past life with him including all the Cam recorder cassettes and photographs, which were shot and taken – during the 26 months of my living with him, they included most of his friends from Dhanbad and some of them also had his father. This is not known to many that Kamesh made me fuck his father to get bahis firmaları even with the old man – using which he got the family approval to marry the chick from Port Louis.

I still remember that day in Dhanbad – he had taken me home and his family obviously did not approve – they knew me too well.

His father made his life miserable and finally – I was forced to stay in a hotel. That was well before our Goa days and the other escapades – it was a time – when we both were terribly infatuated and really thought we loved each other – and though he was sure of his fiancée – he wanted to play on a different card and make his family approve my.

I was totally in the dark and only later – it dawned on me that he had done it to gain his family’s acceptance for Shireen.

Kamesh told me exactly how to what to do in the seduction game and there started the next chapter in my sex life with another older man.

The dawn broke quietly over the city. A cool breeze flowed across my printed cotton sari.

I just paused and straightened, and lifted my hand to pull the *pallu* of my *sari* over the head. I walked across the dew lawn to the penthouse to look for Kamesh’s father, as I neared it, heard a sharp, high cry, a sound I know well, and, smiling to myself, I quickened my steps.

The windows to the master bedroom were flung wide, the curtains drawn back.

I did not know that this is a house without secrets hence took some caution and habituation to enter – never been there, my feet sink into the deep pile of the carpet that covers the floor.

My lover is within. He is naked, and he is in bed with me, the mistress of the house for the moment.

Kamesh’s father did not lose a moment praising my sexy body – he was an avid porn watcher and told me I looked like the East European Nikki Anderson – only thing that I was duskier.

I knew that I am astoundingly beautiful, tall and fair with an impossibly vivacious and sexy face and all these years, my complexion has remained flawless, like creamy vanilla, with not an inch of surplus flesh on me.

I was on my back on the bed – when he entered, 50 years of age but impeccable skin and fitness, just with the towel on him – he was not prepared to receive me, he was shocked and asked me to leave immediately.

I smiled coquettishly at him and let my sari’s pallu grind between the boobs- the globes from within the blouse were easily visible, no bra – you see. On my back now, I slowly started un-hooking my blouse – he sucked his breath as the hooks started to come off, and just on the last one- his towel fell off and lo-behold was his gigantic penis.

He knelt across my face, his legs spread wide, his hands gripping the wrought-iron bedstead, encircling his cock and balls with the fingers of one hand, he rocked it in front of my face asking me to start working on it, I knew that this was going to only make me a one night whore and that was not my plan, I wanted him to be my slave as my other lovers are, so just rubbed my forefinger across my upper lip below the nose raising his erection and turned my head rapidly towards him and dipped my finger into my sexy mouth and gingerly applied the saliva on the forehead where there once upon a time – he must have had his foreskin- which was all but a rubble at the base of the cock.

He twitched between his thighs, sucking air quickly and fast, his cock is long and thick and hard and dark and it glistened and shined with my manual finger’s ministrations, he wanted me to suck it and started in gasps and moans and began pumping his hips as he fucked in the air trying to push the cock into my mouth and hitting it on my face, with his buttocks flexing and unrelenting.

His head was bent to watch me start to suck him off.

“Give me the towel!” I told him suddenly. “Tuvalu esta ra!”

Without pausing in his behavior, Kamesh’s father gave me the towel still expecting me to start on the cock-sucking, but I was not to be what he wanted from me, fumbled for a bottle of Baby Oil in my handbag, and taking a handful, applied it to the underside of his pricks, balls and licking it off my lips, re-applied the mixture of saliva and the gunk back on the dick.

He was with his eyes closed, savoring the pleasure, I slowly got up from the bed and with the towel went to the bathroom and asked him to wait for me. I took a long time – it was important for me to make him desire the inevitable – even if it meant – to get him disgruntled.

I stripped and got into the bathtub – rubbed lotion on my pussy and parted the lips to let the lotion reach the insides, it was going to be difficult for the old man to resist sucking my guava. He was going to just eat it without a single cut.

After a long bath- I draped the towel around my svelte body and came out -Relief registered clearly in his face, once again, desire kindled in his eyes.

“You bet, sweetheart,” I purred throatily and ran my slim fingertips lightly and teasingly down the front of his body, suddenly impatient with the wastefulness of mere conversation, kaçak iddaa he rose hastily from the bed and began to pull at the towel.

“My big old cock has just been waiting for the feel of your sweet lips around it, baby, and it doesn’t want to wait any longer.”

His lust-bright eyes fastened greedily on my naked, tantalizing body as he pulled down skin of his suddenly hardening cock from the confinement of his hands, and roved them over the dusky wheat like, cream-like contours, displayed nakedly before him.

His gaze rested hotly on the sight of my plush, full breasts, the narrowest of valleys running between the magnificent firmness of the twin globes.

His thick heavy cock jerked higher as his eyes dropped lower to take in the milky, voluptuous hips that led down to the delicious sweep of long slender legs.

Between the shapely, breath-taking thighs that draped enticingly over the edge of the bed, Srinivasan could see clearly through the soft pubic hair covering my ripe loins to the fleshy pinkness of my vaginal slit glistening wetly in the morning light filtering through the tinted glass window, “Now, baby,” he suddenly groaned, hoarse with mounting need.

“Come over here and give me some of those sweet lips, the way I have been desiring from you.”

With a soft moan of pleasure, I wiggled across the room, then leaned on one elbow until my beautiful face was poised directly in front of him, within inches of his now hard, pulsing shaft of flesh rising menacingly up from the front of his torso, ‘You really want me Srinivasan, you were full of spite a while ago, you were red-eyed when Kamesh brought me to your house the other day’, saying -, my long, red-lacquered fingernails scratched lightly over the heavily-veined surface of the rock-hard prick, causing it to jerk convulsively as the hot air of my breath blew softly on it .

“I could not stand your attractive figure, my cock was darting its lips all over my crotch every moment it sensed your sensuous presence around, I never thought the dream will be fulfilled’, he grunted and his breath quickened even more as I began to expertly massage the massive cock, lovingly, up and down until one glistening drop of pearly viscous fluid seeped out from the broad, mushroom-shaped head.

I then moved my slender fingers down lower to his sperm-bloated balls, cradling their softness in my palm.

He groaned and gritted his teeth at my expertly tender ministrations of his stiff cock and large drooping testicles.

“Do you like it, then, my lover – you are not the first one, all my lovers start with spiting me giving an impression as if even my very presence is ill-omen but given an opportunity – they will sink every part of their body and self respect into my sexy pussy, am I right, Srinivasan?” I asked coquettishly, fully aware of the heated effect that my naked female body and the teasing touch of my fingertips was having on him. “Does it make you forget all about those nasty moments when you misbehaved with me?”

“You know damn well I want you in whichever you are you and don’t tease me, suck my cock, you know it how much men like it, bitch,” he growled, irritated by the mention of the annoyances that he was trying so hard to forget.

“Don’t tease me, goddammit. You are my dream come true fuck, have been wanting to fuck from those good old days when Suhas laid his hands on you few years ago, that was the time, when I was courting your mother, she must have been 36 years at that time, Oh…what a fuck Geeta used to be, she used to add honey to milk and lave it on my cock while taking it in her mouth, she once fucked me with your father just in the other room with both you and your sister, she just loved to suck my cock!”

I learnt later that – Suhas was encouraged to pick on me only because of Srinivasan, who gave him voyeur lessons and taught him how to ensnare me. I felt cheated, it was not known to me that this old man had such a illicit history with my family.

“Are you still in touch with Suhas?” – I asked him.

“He is suffering or couple of years now, since his wife died. He needs a companion both in and out of bed, why don’t you visit him, or I can get him to visit you’? – he proposed.

“No – not now’, I did not want to tell him that Suhas and I spent a whole week naked in each other’s arms dirty and sweaty a few months ago – where he spiked my ass multiple times and then we were separated at that time.

Suddenly, he moaned and jerked his anxious loins forward involuntarily as the delicious wet warmth of my parted lips closed over the sensitive, blood-swollen glans of his penis.

He moaned louder and reached down to tangle his fingers tightly in my dark wavy hair, guiding the rhythm of my now-bobbing head below. Only a woman knows how to get a man under her pants, God how he had needed this!

He looked down to watch my penis-filled face, my soft lips stretched wide with the thickness of his aching cock buried at least halfway up in my sucking mouth.

I sensed his increasing excitement and began kaçak bahis to suck harder, twirling my smooth red tongue titillating around the moist stickiness of the bulbous head.

As he felt the tips of my teeth digging gently into the rubbery, resisting skin, he turned his head to gaze sideways into the huge mirror that filled the wall beside his desk for a better view of his gorgeous, willing mistress’s face as his turgid, hard rod began to saw rhythmically in and out of my wetly oval mouth.

Just the sight alone was enough to drive him insane, causing his loins to tense more and jerk up into my laboring face until the reflected image he saw looked as though he were ramming his long, hard prick more than halfway down my slender throat.

Practically all of his thick fleshy penis now seemed to disappear with each new powerful thrust he made until finally only a short stretch of it showed shining wet and white, protruding from my distended lips.

I was gorged with his fiery blood-filled flesh, his pulsating length like a savage creature with its own existence and needs that had taken control over his body and mind.

He swore to himself, the bitch could really suck cock, as though I had been born with one in my mouth and had learned to treat it as part of myself.

Sure, Kamesh had told me that this old man of his often desired other women–the younger and more innocent the better–but for now he could always depend upon me to deliver the kind of pure satisfaction he wanted … like this … and without any bothersome preliminaries.

My experienced tongue worked with a nerve-tingling swipe of its tip on each out-stroke and was making his cock-head throb and lurch as if a live electric wire were being touched against it.

The impassioned middle-aged Oil manager was completely mesmerized by the lewd spectacle in the mirror, watching the pink moist flesh of my tightly compressed lips being focused on the labor of giving him this obscene pleasure.

My full, heavy breasts bobbed and swayed against my rocking torso, and the very sight of it incited him to increasing heights of brain-reeling passion.

“Keep on, keep on sucking my cock,” Srinivasan hissed through tightly clenched teeth, soft brown hair, driving my face down viciously into his thrusting loins.

“Suck harder, suck faster, goddammit,” he snarled down at me slaving between his widespread, trembling legs.

My ripe body was beginning to gleam from the light beading of sweat forming on my ivory skin, and he was gloating and enjoying the sight of my lying subserviently on the edge of the bed, my lipstick-oval lips wrapped tightly around the thick roundness of his limp-hard cock as he stood over my, lunging his hips furiously into my lovely twisted face.

He could feel a powerful pressure building relentlessly up to a fever pitch in his painfully full balls, and he knew it would not be long now.

His middle-aged cock felt like it was ready to explode and spew the creamy sperm in his bloated testicles in all directions, everywhere in the room.

He drove his pelvis heartlessly into my face, even more cruelly now, and heard with delight the mumbled cry of protest that came from my as his long hefty prick drubbed deeper and deeper into my tortured, warm wet mouth, driving far down into my yearning throat.

But he heeded nothing in his quest to end this exquisite agony, the ecstasy that was building, building, and building to the peak of spectacular relief in his burning loins and within his balls.

Suddenly he felt a great upheaval in his lust-swollen testicles as the boiling white sperm began to race in a hot stream up the length of his thrusting cock.

His own lips pulled back over his teeth in an ecstatic grimace and he gasped hoarsely as though in excruciating pain.

His thick fleshy penis began a sudden wild jerking that, without warning, flooded my hungry sucking mouth with burst after burst of heatedly sticky cum, bloating my smooth cheeks outward with each bullet-like spurt, so that I had to swallow quickly to keep from spilling, yet still lapping and caressing at his phallus.

“Don’t stop, Shanti, suck it, suck it!” he rasped as he tightened his hands in my tawny hair and convulsively slammed his pulsating cock farther and farther into my lipsticked mouth and deep down into my distended throat.

I, the naked woman obeyed and continued to suck insanely as he shot his lewd sperm into me, filling my mouth, almost drowning me, until at last he gave a shuddering sigh and pulled himself back and out of my lips for one final thrust.

But he missed my still eagerly sucking mouth by a fraction of an inch when he lunged forward again.

The blunt inflamed head rammed against the side of my face by mistake, leaving a long sticky trail of hot cum smeared lewdly along my upper lip and my right cheek.

Undaunted, I twisted my head and maneuvered my voracious mouth to seize the base of his hard- throbbing staff of flesh between my teeth, like a dog with a stick, then, grasping his scrotum with my fingers, I lifted my head to guide the glistening tip back into the warmth of my open mouth, squeezing up on the cock with my fingers to milk out and devour every last drop of the delicious white fluid.

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