Shannon Ch. 03

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The iron bar was cold against his bare chest as he benched his final rep. His mind was clear, his body was cleansed, and his breathing was deep and steady. As he inhaled deeply and pressed up on the bar, Ted felt okay, even if it was just for a few fleeting moments while his mind was distracted with the rhythmic certainty of his daily workout. As he toweled off the bench in his garage, his eye caught the handlebars of Shannon’s bicycle hanging from the ceiling. No matter how clear his mind had been merely moments before, Ted was sucked back into the chamber of self-torment in his mind that he had created for himself over the past seven months.

Ted gazed at the bicycle, staring at its rainbow tassels dangling down from the handlebars. His mind replayed Shannon’s first ride on it in front of their house on the sidewalk. She had struggled very little and demonstrated her laser willpower to overcome the obstacle of balancing even at the ripe age of seven. She had always been a marvel to Ted, her brilliance in academics, her graceful loving attitude, her endless charm. Where the other two children struggled Shannon persevered. Ted played back all of the hallmark events of her childhood without even realizing he had paused the circle motion of his towel on the bench. As wonderful as those memories were and as happy a child she had been (hell all of them had been,) the train of memories always burst through the wall of that fateful night seven months before.

Before he even realized it, he was replaying her fully-matured form underneath her brother, writhing and panting with pleasure. She had held him so tightly, opening herself up to him to receive his seed. Ted had been paralyzed with shock, fear, and lust simultaneously. Shannon looked like Lucy at age 21. They could have been twins. To see her in that position had fairly well popped some sort of fuse that he had never known he had as it pertained to Shannon.

His mind worked at it yet again, as if replaying the events of that night and the subsequent morning for the ten thousandth time was going render a different result. As parents what had they done wrong? Hadn’t they taught their kids to be responsible young adults? Of course they had, each of the “kids” had grown into amazingly interesting and resourceful adults.

Ted agonized over what had become of his family for hours and hours every single day. If it weren’t for his job at the construction site, Ted was quite sure he’d be institutionalized by now. Work and exercise were the only outlets that distracted him long enough to maintain some sense of sanity. Well almost.

Ted pulled the cord on the the single bulb fixture at the rear of the garage and made a slow ascent up the creaking wooden stairs, towel draped over his shoulder, a million strains of logic whirling through his mind.


Dinner was nearly silent… again. The clinking forks and tinking wine glasses were the only sound save for the monotone drone of the news on the kitchen TV. Ted’s thousand yard stare was aimed well out beyond the TV and went unnoticed as Lucy stared vacantly at her plate, only looking up occasionally to sip her wine.

Ted’s mind continued its endless search for clues. Lucy’s mind on the other hand was reeling from a bit of news she had yet to share with Ted. She had no idea how she was going to manage to tell him either. This wasn’t some run-of-the-mill gossip she had heard on the street, though she was certain it would be in short order. This was the mother fucker of all news, the kind that might just send poor Ted right over the edge he had obviously been teetering on for months.

She had fielded the call from her nurse friend earlier in the afternoon, just after leaving the office mid-day. She had been very concerned as they were all being sent home due to this new virus. After she hung up the phone, she had dumped it mindlessly into her purse and hadn’t thought even once more about that virus.

She worked her fork back and forth between the broccoli and the mashed potatoes, mindlessly stirring her plate into a mush of vegetables and shredded chicken. Ted finally took notice after several minutes of the monotonous plate scraping.

“Lucy?” he queried softly.

She froze, she knew this was it. She had to tell him, but she didn’t know how.

“They’re pregnant” she issued flatly.

Ted paused, his mind seeking for some sort of ground in this new topic of conversation.

“Umm, okay? Who is pregnant?” he asked. Lucy’s chin went to her chest, her eyes closing briefly as she prepared. Ted’s inner repeat movie finally paused as his attention went to Lucy’s body language.

“Both of them” Lucy was in no hurry to race to the punch line. Maybe if she drew it out enough, it wouldn’t be as much of a shock she thought. Or maybe if he figures it out on his own without her having to say it explicitly, his reaction will be less severe.

Ted’s attention was now fully captured. For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out who she was referring to, even though moments before he had been replaying the moment at the root stranded teens porno of it all.

Lucy paused and then slowly looked up to him, folding her napkin and tossing it atop her mashed vegetable slurry. “Both of them Ted, do you understand?”

Ted looked like a deer in headlights, his eyes were open and his mouth was moving, but nobody was home.

“I… don’t…” he started, but then the whirling motion of his mind collided that endlessly looping family porn segment with the reality that was issuing from Lucy’s firmly pressed lips. “Wait… You mean our…?”

Lucy was nodding slowly watching carefully for the first signs of a heart attack or a stroke on his face. ‘God please don’t let him leave this world like this.’ she thought.

“You mean Shannon and Megan?” his voice was shifting from it’s normal dull mid-tone to a shockingly high register as his mouth lay agape, awaiting her response.

“Yeah Ted, I mean Shannon and Megan” her voice was softening in response. ‘Poor guy hadn’t caught a break in months.’

Ted’s mind was now racing to put things together. He knew they had all been living in a cabin out by lake Wilson. He knew they all had jobs and had quit school. Each of these events had come to him by means of friends at work or from Lucy herself. He had this new information, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t connect. It made no sense.

“How did they get?” he started again. Lucy saw the light in his eyes change after laborious seconds of intent observation had passed. She was mostly sure he wasn’t going to fall over, but the jury was still out.

“Oh…” Lucy nodded in commiseration. “They’re his?” he asked, his voice as soft as a kitten.

“If you mean our wonderful son Adam, then yes, they are his babies.”

Ted’s jaw went slack, his fork tumbling out of his hand onto the half-eaten plate of food.

“What the fuck…” he more stated than asked, trailing off into a whisper.

“It’s a lot to take in sweetheart, do you want a drink?” she asked.

Ted merely nodded as his gaze went back out through the back of the TV into the neighboring county.

“We’re going to be grandparents” he muttered under his breath.

Lucy stood up, more and more content that she had done a decent job at delivering the news. The chair screeched across the floor at a volume that was shockingly loud given the tone of the room.

“How about a scotch?” Lucy stated more than asked as she put her plate in the sink.

“And our grandchildren are going to be our kid’s kids…” he stammered on…

“Yep! So much for in-laws I guess…?” Lucy blurted flippantly.

“Did they call you?” Ted was starting to return to mother earth.

“Oh! No… Get this shit” Lucy’s anger was magma under a volcano and the first explosion was due any second. “Our children had the audacity to go to Dr. Feller’s office to get tested today. Then I get the call from Susan, you know Eddie’s wife that works as a nurse practitioner there? She’s all like Congratulations!” Lucy’s arms flailed in over-exaggeration.

“They got tested today? How far along are they?” Ted’s mind was back in action.

“Oh there’s more! They didn’t get tested for pregnancy, they got tested for this Covid virus that’s going around. Susan said the girls look like they are at least SIX MONTHS along!” Lucy’s cool was rapidly dissolving. “SIX MONTHS!!” she screamed.

Ted was up on his feet, it was his turn to watch out for an impending stroke.

“Can you FATHOM the BALLS of these kids!!?” Lucy was in full rant mode now, there was no putting this genie back in the bottle. “They start FUCKING in OUR HOUSE! Then they LEAVE US with not so much as a phone call, or a Thanks Mom, or NOTHIN! They SHACK up in the woods with their friends… And NOW I have to explain to every idiot in this FUCKING town that… Holy Shit I can’t even SAY IT TED!”

Lucy had planned to stay cool as she had contemplated this conversation throughout the afternoon, but now that the chain of events stacked up in her mind, she was raw fury. Ted was making a b-line to the vitamin cabinet where in an old vitamin C bottle he kept a few xanax for just such an occasion.

“I can’t fathom any of it Lucy, from the very start to THIS! I simply can’t think of a single thing we did wrong to deserve this… Here, one for you and two for me”

“Well we were young once too!” Lucy shot him an evil smile. “Nothing here is new except their unprecedented rudeness Ted” Lucy quipped.

Ted was performing at maximum restraint as he doled out the pills.

“Fuck that, give me two…” she demanded. There was no arguing with Lucy on that, the bottle of wine certainly wasn’t cutting it and the scotch was way too slow.

The conversation had gone on for another hour as they explored all of the facts, rumors, and guesses they each had. In the end they ended up in the living room on the couch, staring at the news anchor, defeated by the unseen hand of fate.

“The Federal Government in 17 states declared a state of emergency student sex parties porno today…” the anchor reported dryly. It only partially registered with Ted that the world outside his door was rapidly spinning into chaos.

“Whatever happens Lucy… We’ll get through this okay? I’m not going to let this destroy our family” Ted was mostly convincing.

“I know, we’ll figure it out” Lucy stated dryly, not really sure if it could be believed.


Two weeks had gone by as Ted returned from the job site. Things had gone from the frying pan into the fire since they’d received the news. This virus had the whole world by the balls it seemed as the funding for the construction contract he was working had just collapsed, putting the work on indefinite hold.

Lucy took the news well, she’d expected as much. Her hours had been cut in half the week before. Working from home half-time wasn’t nearly the adventure it had always promised to be. Sure the morning routine was easier, but the isolation was a bitch. Lucy was longing for company after only a couple of days.

Lucy was preparing her weekly grocery run. She had lucked out and found an eight pack of toilet paper at the drug store while picking up prescriptions, but getting all of the items on the list was hit or miss. Ted had come home, relayed the news about the contract and had gone straight to the basement.

As Lucy jotted down the ingredients for each night’s meal, she heard a noise in the living room.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she decided to make her way from the kitchen table to get a look. As she passed through the doorway, she found a startling surprise.

There in the middle of her living room was Adam, standing every bit of six foot tall.

“Hi Mom” his face was a mix of anxiety and anguish.

“OH MY GOD!” Lucy said stunned, her arms dropping to her sides like two pieces of dead timber. She didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what to say, but her eyes betrayed her and welled up with tears. “I can’t believe you’re here!” she squeeled.

Adam stepped forward tentatively, not sure of what to expect. Lucy felt an overwhelming rush of emotion and longed to hold her son in her arms. It didn’t matter what had happened or what had been said now, only that he was here.

She marched forward stretching her arms out wide. He stepped forward into her embrace. There was no pretense, there was no anger, there was only the pure love of a mother and her son. Lucy couldn’t help but to begin crying into his thin cotton t-shirt. They remained there for what seemed to Adam like an eternity, his mother gently weeping against his chest and him not knowing anything more to do other than hold her close.

After some untold time expired, they simultaneously released.

“Have a seat son” she motioned to the couch.

Adam had a sudden flashback of Shannon sitting with him on that couch and moved over one pillow in a subconscious token of respect. Lucy sat right next to him, maybe even closer than Shannon did.

“So… I hear you have some news for us” Lucy said drying her eyes, her sobriety returning to her after the drunken indulgence of their embrace.

“Ummm yes, but it sounds like you may already know” his voice was small and frail.

“I know some things that I’ve been told by other people, but I need to hear the whole story from you Adam” her voice was teetering between quivering and stern.

“Okay, I understand” Adam worked to craft his words carefully. “So, Megan, Shannon and I are starting a family.”

“Okay?” Lucy looked down at her wringing hands.

“We didn’t know that we could have feelings like this for each other when we started out, but we are exploring them together, like adults.”

Lucy’s eyebrows went up. “Like adults huh?” she questioned, the sarcasm ever-present.

“Well we are trying, but it’s a difficult situation” Adam explained.

“Oh you mean the situation you’ve created for yourselves AND our family is difficult you say?” Lucy’s voice was increasing in intensity.

Adam just knew this was the calm before the storm and braced himself for the mother of all tongue lashings. Lucy felt the temperature rising in the room and took three deep breaths to calm herself before she flew into a rage. It would do no good at this point.

After another eternity of silence between them, Lucy emerged composed. “So, you’ve impregnated your sisters to start this family I hear?”

“Yes” his answer was flat and measured.

“And you intend to raise these children in a cabin in the woods on your own?” Lucy looked up at Adam.

He returned her gaze, the beauty of her shiny, tearful hazel eyes caught him off guard. “I… Umm… We aren’t going to be staying in the cabin any longer.”

“I see” Lucy was doing her best to hold her cards to her chest.

“Well, you see this Covid virus has the owner of the cabin we’re renting scared and he’s decided to move in himself.”

“Ahh, I see, and you’re not planning on adding submissive cuckolds him to the family I gather?” her question was partly aimed at humor and partly aimed to humiliate.

“Uhhhh… Right, well no, he’s kickin us out” Adam was getting really nervous, why hadn’t she started yelling yet?

“What an asshole” Lucy said devoid of emotion.

“Yeah, and also…” Adam knew this would evoke her reprise “We all lost our day jobs and can’t find a rental that will take us.”

Lucy paused as she finally comprehended the real reason for this visit, taking two more lengthy breaths. “I see… So, I assume you’re here to ask if you all can stay here and make this new family?”

“Yes Mom…” Adam’s gaze dropped to his lap.

“And you think that your father is going to be okay with this?” Lucy wanted to see just how stupid these kids really were.

“No, not at all” Adam’s tone was as somber as a funeral.

“And when do you have to be out of your cabin?” Lucy was building the plan in her head already.

“Uhhh…” Adam was really not handling the suspense of this conversation well at all. In fact, even though he and his mother had always had a very close relationship, he was freezing up. Thankfully, an angel came to his rescue.

“Today Mom” a voice issued from the open doorway, the sun silhouetting Shannon’s voluptuous frame. Lucy looked up, a smile of relief betraying her pursed lips.


Many hours of conversation were had that evening. Lucy went with Adam to the store to gather the ingredients for dinner and additional supplies (sans toilet paper.)

Back at the house, it had been Megan that had finally convinced their father to forgive them for their arrogant stupidity in quitting school and the months of subsequent silence. She ended up breaking down and explaining how she had felt like an outsider in the family for years and that she realized how disrespectful they had been to their undeserving parents. Adam actually felt like she was mostly telling the truth, though he was certain the tears were added for dramatic effect.

Ted was surprisingly accepting of their apology and agreed to a temporary stay of execution after Megan’s emotional spell. At his core he was simply overjoyed to have his children back in his home. He knew things weren’t resolved, but there was little choice in the matter. He wanted his family back and they would have to work through the rest over time.

In the end, many tears were shed. Many hugs shared.

The three siblings moved in upstairs, sharing the tiny double bunk room the girls had previously occupied, anticipating Adam’s old room to be the nursery. They shoved the two twins together to one side of the room and put a pillow topper across them for a make-shift cal-king.

They all slept hard that night, a family reunited, all of their grudges and issues resolved for the time being.

The next morning Lucy knocked on the door to their room quietly, peeking her head in when no one answered. It was quite the sight, the three of her babies all piled in a single bed again under her roof. Megan was on the left, her bare belly sticking out from her far-too-tight t-shirt, her swollen breasts threatening to free themselves from the inadequate fabric.

On the right Adam spooned Shannon, her night gown in disarray about her waist, the sheets in a ball at the foot of the bed. The light was dim with the shades drawn, but as Lucy’s eyes adjusted, she realized that neither Adam nor Shannon were wearing underwear. In fact it appeared that Adam was in the buff.

As she stared on, (her mid-forties vision slowly adapting,) she noticed the motion of Adam’s hips. At first his motion was too liquid to detect in the morning shadows, but as she watched on, the lines of his muscular hips and rigid cock became apparent. His engorged cock was slowly but surely sliding in and out of his older sister’s back-side.

Lucy gasped quietly, her hand going to her mouth. Adam blinked and lifted his head slightly. Their eyes met, his mouth slightly agape as he continued to slide his dick forward into Shannon’s outstretched ass.

Lucy froze, what was she supposed to do? She had knocked too quietly it seemed… Or had Adam heard her? As they stared at each other, Lucy couldn’t help but think how similar Adam and Shannon looked to Ted and herself when they were that age. Her own nether regions flushed warm as Adam withdrew slowly, their juices shimmering on his rock hard member. Adam looked back down at Shannon’s ass as he pressed back into her. Shannon moaned almost too quietly to hear into her pillow as he reoccupied her insides. As he slid in, he looked back at Lucy. Lucy was biting her bottom lip and trying not to make any sounds as her breathing increased.

As the shock of the surprise wore off, it was replaced with a deep ache in her womb. As she watched Adam pleasure his sister out of her sleep, Shannon’s breathing got louder and more rhythmic. Lucy felt her nipples go hard against her thin night wrap.

There was a stir downstairs and Lucy had to make a decision, to stay or go. She struggled temporarily as she weighed her sudden lustful feelings against her own mental logic. Her logic was telling her to get out, that this didn’t end well the last time. Her loins were telling her to stick around for the show, this might be the excitement she had been lacking for years.

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