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Kristin was getting her mail out of the box in the front of the apartment building where she lived when Ken, her gorgeous, married neighbor upstairs came in. Kristin was wearing a black mini skirt without panties, and a pink tank top without a bra. She could feel herself getting wet knowing that Ken was now behind her as he reached around her to get his mail.

“Hello, there, Kristin. I’m glad I ran into you,” he said as his free hand was placed on her hip to keep her from moving. “My wife is out of town, and I was wondering if you would join me for dinner? I was going to make some pasta,” he continued as his hand slid to her ass. He then leaned down to whisper in her ear, “no panties, and no bra makes Kristin a very naughty girl. I think she needs to be punished.” He closed his mail box and guided Kristin to the stairwell.

“Oh, Ken, you’re being a little naughty yourself, flirting with another woman while you’re wife’s away,” she turned to wink at him. “I can’t wait to be naughty together in your apartment.”

Ken unlocked the door to his apartment and pushed Kristin inside. No sooner had he closed and locked the door, he was taking Kristin’s tank top off to play with her 36 DD tits. He was standing behind her and was kissing her neck while he massaged her tits and pinched her nipples. Kristin slipped out of her skirt while Ken massaged her tits. He took one hand and rubbed it between her legs feeling her moisture dripping from her cunt. He had to have her now. He unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pushed them to the floor, then bent Kristin over the couch. He slipped his cock into her tight cunt and pounded away at her.

“Oh, Ken, your cock is so big. It completely fills me up, it feels so good inside me. Fuck me, baby, fuck me!” she taunted.

“Oh yeah, you dirty whore, I want to fuck you so hard, you keep coming back for more. Those tits are so incredible. I love watching them bounce while I ram my cock into you.” He whispered while pumping her hard.

Kristin was so close to cumming, she reached down to play with her clit to push herself over the edge.


Ken couldn’t refuse the hot cunt he was fucking, so he pounded into her harder and harder and he felt his cum building in his balls.

“I’m bahis firmaları about to cum, baby, are you on the pill, or should I pull out?” he asked, not wanting to get her pregnant.

“I’m on the pill,” she lied, wanting to feel him cum inside her and fill her with his seed.

“I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!!!!!! TAKE MY SEED, BABY, TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

After he shot his load deep inside her fertile womb, they collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

“That was amazing. I knew you’d be good, but that was incredible.” Ken whispered wrapping his arms around his lover. “You’re so much better than my wife.”

Kristin reached in between then and stroked his softened cock. She wanted this piece of meat in her again before everything was said and done. After stroking it for a few minutes, she slithered down his body to take his cock in her mouth and work it back to hardness. She first licked up and down his cock, and then took the whole 9 inches into her mouth.

Ken let out a moan, as no one had ever been able to deep throat him before. Kristin was a miracle, and an incredible cocksucker. He grabbed hold of her head and held it still while he pounded his meat down her throat, causing her to gag a little.

“That’s my girl, take my cock down your throat! Oh yeah, work on my balls baby, suck my balls,” Ken encouraged his slut.

Kristin took the cock out of her mouth so she could stuff it with his balls. Her magic hand continued to stroke Ken’s cock while she sucked on his delectable balls. She knew she was doing good when she heard Ken moan above her.

“Incredible baby, keep going, that feels awesome,” he growled to his little slut. “Take my shaft in your mouth again, baby,”

Kristin could feel he was getting ready to cum, so, she climbed up and kissed him in a very passionate, tongue battling kiss. As they were kissing, she guided Ken’s cock to her tight cunt once again.

“I’m going to fuck you ’til the cows come home Ken. Forget about your wife for awhile, and let me fuck you into oblivion”. Kristin started off slow working herself up and down his shaft. She slowly worked herself up to a faster pace.

Ken’s hands went right to her tits to massage them while she bounced up and down on his shaft.

“I want to fuck your tits, baby,” he said as he mauled them with kaçak iddaa his hands.

“Next time sweetie, next time. You’ll have lots of opportunities,” Kristin responded. “I’m getting ready to cum, baby, make me cum. Pound your cock up into me. Give it to me.” Kristin growled as she reached down to play with her clit.

“Oh yeah, honey, cum for me sweetheart, cum for me.” He pushed his hips up into her harder and deeper. He kept pounding away at her until he felt himself getting ready to cum. “OKAY, HONEY, I’M CUMMING WITH YOU . . . I’M CUMMMINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!! UNNNHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

“AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Kristin replied. Her orgasm hitting maximum levels.

Kristin collapsed on top of Ken, catching her breath, and keeping him inside of her. His hands went to caress her back as they both fell asleep.

A couple hours, the ringing phone woke them both up. Ken went to answer it and Kristin crawled behind him.

“Hello?” He answered. Kristin’s hands started working on his cock. “Hi honey, did you get there okay?” He gasped as Kristin’s mouth slowly enveloped him. “No, I’m fine, honey, I just got a shiver. I’m going to go turn the heat up. Have a great meeting, and I’ll see you when you get home” he said to his wife trying to hold back a moan as Kristin’s mouth went all the way to the base of his cock.

After his wife said her good-bye’s, he hung up the phone and pulled Kristin off of his cock, picked her up and flung her over his shoulder.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” he said giving her ass a smack. “A very bad girl” he said giving her a few more smack’s. He threw her onto his bed, and went to get some toys that he had bought to use with his wife, but she never liked to use. He first put a blindfold on his slut, then used rope to tie her wrists to the headboard. Then he slipped between her legs, and started licking up and down her slit. He then took a little butt plug and inserted it into her pussy to lubricate it before putting it into her ass. He worked it in and out of her ass while his mouth worked on her slit, clit and plunged into her cunt. He pushed the plug in and out of her to stretch her backdoor. He wanted his cock in there, and wanted to open it up a little before he even tried to put his cock in there.

He grabbed a bigger butt plug, and worked that kaçak bahis in her pussy to lubricate it, and then replaced the smaller butt plug and worked that in and out of her. He continued sticking his tongue into her cunt to keep her juices flowing.

Kristin was writhing on the bed wanting more before long. “Oh, this is an incredible feeling,” she hissed. “Oh yeah, keep it up, baby, don’t stop”

Ken had no intention of stopping. He decided it was time to try his cock in her ass. He positioned himself between her legs, and pushed his cock in her cunt a few times while the large butt plug was still in her ass. Once his cock was nice and lubricated, he removed the butt plug and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. He had just gotten the head in, and he heard her breath catch, and he saw on her face that she was in pain. He reached down, and played with her clit to relax her.

“It’s okay, baby, it’s okay. You’ll get used to the feeling. My wife can take me in her ass.” He lied. His wife would never let him do this, but he wanted to do this with Kristin. He knew if he coaxed her a little she would be fine.

He was right. She relaxed and he was able to work more of his cock into her. He slowly started to move his cock in and out of her very tight ass.

“Oh, baby, your ass is so tight. It feels so good around my cock.” He continued working his cock in and out, and soon she was pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts. He knew he had her. When he started ramming his cock into her ass, he pulled out a large dildo, and started working it into her cunt. As soon as it entered her cunt, Kristin lost it.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” she screamed as she had a mind blowing orgasm that was so strong she nearly passed out.

Ken wasn’t far behind. “I’m about to come baby. Where do you want it?”

“In my cunt, Ken, cum in my cunt.” Ken pulled out of her ass, pulled the dildo out of her cunt and switched. His cock went in her cunt, and the dildo went into her ass. Ken picked up one of the butt plugs, and put it into her mouth. He watched her mouth start sucking and licking it like it was his cock. Watching the little vixen sucking on the butt plug while the dildo was in her ass and he was pummeling her cunt was too much for him.

“HERE’S MY CREAM, BABY, TAKE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He collapsed on top of her and when he did, he took the blindfold off of her, and untied her wrists.

“How long is your wife gone?” Kristin asked.

To Be Continued . . .

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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