Sexual Coaching Ch. 03

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Six weeks later, Shomeer and his wife Swathri arrived at New Delhi airport. They had been invited by Kyrhan on a suggestion from Kira. She was there to welcome them, just arrived from France three days before. She was now nearly five months pregnant from twins, as usual, and thus she looked as if she was about to give birth.

– Oh Kira! You shouldn’t have bothered coming to fetch us. You should rest as much as possible in your state!

– Rubbish as Kyrhan says now frequently : I’m due in four months! With my twins, I’ll be really big then! I’m accustomed to it, now, remember! How was the flight?

– Perfect, just my problems of morning sickness.

– Ah yes, congratulations. I never had thought that I would be again an aunt!

– Why not? I’m still of age to bear babies. Shomeer told me to stop taking contraceptive pills just after your departure. Since your visit, he has become quite horny : we fuck on every occasion we have : morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night and often two times in a row. My mother has nearly stopped visiting us as we are always holding hands or retiring for a quickie. She can’t understand why we are like newlyweds again. She finds it disgusting, pervert and decadent. After she got thirty, she moved to a separate bedroom and she never wanted to have intercourse with my father any more!

– Umphh! No wonder you were so touchy! I pity your poor father.

– Yes, There’s no way I could repay you for what you’ve done for me, for us!

– Knowing that my brother in law and his wife are happy together is a sufficient reward for me!

– I know, but it’s not sufficient in our view. We want to do more. For the coming week, we have decided to strictly follow the indications from you and Kyrhan. Order and we’ll obey!

– Good! For the time being just know that we have a few friends at home : Dan has returned from France with me and my American friends Sunita and her husband John are paying us a visit. Ah, John is younger than his wife, don’t make a mistake!

– Is she another member of the famed Kyrhan’s harem?

– For sure. Sunita is the Indian name Kyrhan has given her. Her official name is Sabrina. She has posted an official demand to have her name changed but it takes a long time.

– Shall I have my name changed too?

– No, yours sounds quite Indian for sure! As a new member of the harem, you’ll have a room with your name on the door. You may have it repainted to your taste. Shomeer will sleep there if he isn’t invited by one of the girls. If Kyrhan is occupied with one of the girls and wants to be alone with her, which is not very frequent, I may end up occasionally there.

They left the airport in Kira’s car. The travel time was roughly two hours given the heavy traffic with so many drivers’ weird ideas on traffic in India. Swathri and her husband had sat on the back bench. Kira after some time heard unusual noises coming from the back of the car. She turned and discovered that Shomeer had his hand pushed very far under his wife’s saree and the other one was toying with her tits under her choli. Swathri’s knickers were lying on the carpet. Her head was bent backward and she was moaning and panting.

– Shomeer! Swathri! If you had asked me, we could have looked for a less public place! Any truck driver could see you!

Her reprieving tone was hiding some excitation : Her sister in law seemed to have changed completely from a frigid uptight bigot to an hot and lusty chick in less than two months. She felt very proud of having been the spark that had reignited the fire between them. But watching them in the rear view mirror had ignited a fire in Kira’s loins too. She had to find a release. She stopped under a mango tree.

– Shomeer! Would you be kind enough to drive the car? You have your driving licence and not Swathri!

– She has decided to learn but it’s OK for me!

So Kira finally was on the back seat with her sister in law who had been about to cum and had been interrupted just before. Kira placed her left hand on Swathri’s knee, above her saree. Her sister in law didn’t try to push her away nor escape her hand. Kira slowly snaked her hand under the filmy saree with still no reaction. She got emboldened and her hand found its way under Swathri’s petticoat until it reached her smooth shaven cunt.

– Good! You’ve kept your pussy devoid of any hair. Kyrhan will be pleased.

– Now it has been laser depilated. It was somewhat painful, like a sun burn but it’ll never grow back!

Kira began to caress Swathri’s undefended cunt. She was basically straight but when a woman and a beautiful one on that occasion allowed her to frig her pretty cunt, she was ready to infringe on Kyrhan’s territory. That didn’t make her strictly speaking a bi as she would never try to seduce another girl on her own in the palace hotel, for example.

– Shomeer, try to watch the road ahead and don’t focus on what we’re doing. When I’ve finished, I’ll try to give you some release too!

grup sex porno Go on, Kira, I’m ready to wait some time!

Kira closed the curtains, isolating the back seat from outside view but letting Shomeer follow what occurred in the back of the car. She covered Swathri’s lips with her own. She pinched her sister in law’s right nipple, eliciting a scream of pain. The bra was hampering her moves, so she calmly unhooked it and pushed it back, offering Swathri’s breasts to her avid mouth. She plunged immediately when they were in range. Her sister in law took her breasts in her hands and made them pointing forward, offering them to Kira’s mouth.

– Bunch your saree and petticoat up to your waist. Do not sit on your saree. I want your ass directly on the bench and push it forward so that your cunt is just at the edge of the seat. I want to eat you.

Swathri complied hastily and parted her knees as wide as she could to open herself to Kira. The princess unhooked her security belt and slid down to the floor on her knees. Her mouth covered Swathri’s twat and her tongue formed into a cone that penetrated her pussy. Her sister in law moaned in delight. From time to time, Kira pulled out of her pussy to deliciously lick her clit. Swathri then groaned and screamed to encourage her. She then lifted her ass from the bench. After a prolonged lick that sent her almost standing for a couple of minutes, she had the surprise of feeling something probing around her ass hole. She bent down and discovered Kira’s left fist with the thumb pointing up already fully inserted into her arse. Having simultaneously her cunt, clit and ass stimulated, deliciously rubbed and deeply penetrated by a hard unyielding shaft was just too much for her. She cummed exquisitely in Kira’s arms and fainted.

Kira sat back at her place and told Shomeer.

– Your wife tastes delicious and the love juices flow out of her cunt like rivulets. She is very, very hot, now. Congratulations! Now try to find some place quiet. You must be very hard and excited. I’ll take care of you unless you would have rather your wife relieve you or both of us? Who are you choosing?

– Presented that way, any man would reply that he prefers to be serviced by two of the prettiest women he knows.

– Flatterer! Your wishes will be fulfilled. Look to the left! That no through road up the hill to a communication tower seems deserted! It may be just what we were looking for!

Shomeer stopped the car and opened the rear door. He grabbed Kira and positioned her on her belly on the back bench with her back toward him. He freed rapidly his cock and presented it to her pussy lips.

– Fuck me, Shomeer! Ohhh yes! Arghhh uhhh oh Ganesh uhhh ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes, harder, I beg you!

Kira climaxed and her brother in law screamed as he skewered her deeply and forcibly, his cock throbbing within her. It felt like a searing white-hot iron bar inside her. Kira’s buttocks danced and writhed desperately trying to keep him in her deliquescent cunt. She sank back on her bench, angling her back impossibly and making her buttocks still more prominent. She cummed with a roaring scream. Shomeer quietly slid out of her cunt.

– Now, it’s your turn, my lovely wife. I’ll use your little ass, bitch!

– Oh yes, yes, my Lord and Master. I’m your servant!

Kira left them the car back bench. Swathri reached back to part her buttocks and offer him the way to her ass hole. When he saw her already gaping hole, Shomeer laughed. He had a passing thought that three months before, he would never have imagined being about to bugger Swathri in the open on the back seat of his car with someone (and even less the proud princess Kira) watching them very closely. Life can have such unexpected U turns!

Her ass hole was beaconing to him but he wanted his wife to surrender more completely, to beg for being ass fucked.

– Open your ass wide for my cock!

Swathri smiled and obeyed, her shoulders still on the ground, her face turned toward Kira just a few inches afar. Her arms were desperately pulling her buttocks open and shamelessly offering him her anus.

– Kira, use your saliva to moisten her arse. Otherwise, it will be too painful for her!

Kira spit several times on the offered puckered hole and used her finger to ease some of the gooey inside her.

– Now I’ll stuff your asshole with my prick, like a thanksgiving turkey!

Swathri’s hips squirmed in delirious anticipation under his hand. He grinned, forced forward and thrust his cock between her buttocks. She screamed loudly as her ass hole yielded to her husband’s relentless strokes. She was still holding her buttocks open with her hands. Shomeer was pressing the tip of his cock just aninch inside her anal opening.

– There, push it there, bugger me, at last!

Kira turned on the bench, put her legs on both sides of Swathri’s body. Her saree was bunched quite high and her cunt was totally available, just two inches from latina fuck tour porno Swathri’s mouth. She slid her twat toward her sister in law.

– Maybe you could eat me while your husband is buggering you, dear!

– Swathri was quite keen to help her sister in law. After all, she had promised to obey her every orders, hadn’t she?

Meanwhile, Shomeer was pushing forward to enter Swathri’s ass hole. Kira’s saliva helped a lot. The young woman opened her mouth wide with a grin of pain, pleasure and joy intimately mixed. She finally screamed quite loud. Shomeer pushed her face back on Kira’s cunt to remind her of her actual duties and silence her. He let her a few seconds discover how far she had been stretched out.

– Come on, darling, I want you to take it all. Remember that in an hour, you’ll be in Kyrhan’s arms and he has a crush on pretty girls’ bottoms. I’ll be forbidden to use your ass hole for our whole stay!

Swathri didn’t answer but she arched her back, gripped her buttocks and pulled them even wider apart. She moaned softly and she thrusted back to impale herself faster and deeper. Her anal sphincter was giving way slowly. It had been quite sufficiently reamed by Kyrhan and then by Shomeer and he could have accommodated quite easily the huge cock of her husband but she was doing her best to give him the most pleasant sensations she could. It felt as if he was taking her anal cherry once more and it was delightful for both of them. She had discovered when she had experimented with him that she had complete control over her sphincters. Shomeer enjoyed now every day being massaged and milked either by her cunt or ass muscles. She couldn’t wait to show Kyrhan this new ability.

The process was also very enjoyable for her. She was moaning and writhing under his ministrations. His cock was gaining inch after inch until it was buried to the hilt in her back passage. Her anal sphincter spasmed repeatedly around his cock. He began to move in her ass, gathering progressively speed, slowly withdrawing until only the tip of his cock remained inside her and immediately plunging straight into her ass hole. Swathri was screaming in delight at each inward stroke and moaning in frustration each time he withdrew. She never stopped pushing her tongue deep inside Kira’s twat while her husband was ramming his cock into her.

Kyrhan had taught him that a good lover should see that his partner cummed as much as possible, each time she was fucked. A good ass fucking was very entertaining for both of them but some vaginal and clit stimulation would certainly help his wife a lot. He slid two fingers into her cunt and pushed his thumb forward to massage her clit in the same movement. She gasped from these new sensations. He climaxed deep in her bowels. Instinctively, he grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them very hard. The pain associated with his convulsive jerks and thrusts were sufficient to push her over the edge. She cummed as violently as he had, a second before. His fingers still embedded into her cunt were covered with rich, fragrant dew while the last spurts of his jizzm spurted into her ass hole.

When they left the parking place, Kira and Swathri were back on the back seat but they were in an undignified pose as they had not put on any undies or petticoat. There was just a thread around their waists to hold the sarees. Their petticoats had been laid on the seats under their buttocks to absorb the cum oozing from their cunts and ass holes. Kira didn’t want to soil the white leather upholstery of her new car!

The three of them had black rings around their eyes, revealing their sexual activities in the afternoon. Kira discreetly put on dark sun glasses to conceal them to the hotel staff. Kyrhan was waiting for them. She took off her sun glasses to kiss him on the lips as soon as they were alone. Watching them indulging in such openly physical contact would have been frowned upon in India, if not in Western countries. It was one of the reasons why Kyrhan often accompanied Kira when she went to France, England or USA. In Paris, nobody would care if he put his arms around his wife’s waist, French kissed her on the Champs Elysees avenue at noon or just make her sit on his knee in a dancing hall. At the worst, spectators would get jealous that such a pretty woman was cuddled by a much older man. They would have loved to benefit from the same advantages, nothing more!

Kyrhan presented them to his guests : Dan had already seen them at Kira’s wedding but they had never met Sunita nor her husband John.

– My dear friends, please do not overstress my young brother Shomeer and his wife Swathri! They still aren’t accustomed to our current way of life. I think that I should let you discover one another. I’ll pair you with them. Kira had had the honors with them both.

– OK, Prince!

– So for dinner and the early evening, I propose that Sunita’ll take care of Shomeer while I renew my acquaintance with Swathri. Dan lezbiyen porno and John, you won’t mind keeping company to my beloved Kira, I’m pretty sure of it!

– That perfectly suits us, Kyrhan!

– Wait, John, I hadn’t finished! Around midnight, the girls will switch rooms : Swathri, you’ll go to Dan’s bedroom for the rest of the night, Kira, you’ll go to John’s place and, my dear brother and myself will have the pleasure to share our beautiful Sunita in the master bedroom.

– Aye aye, sir!

– A last reminder : from this moment, the ass holes of our three fine girls hereby are strictly preempted for my own and only use : the Prince’s privilege! You may use at will their cunts and mouths. Dan, would you be kind enough to show the newbies the way to their quarters and the bedrooms I have assigned to them? You’ll find cold food served in your rooms. Have a good night!

Half an hour later, Shomeer had changed to a clean leangha silk shirt when someone knocked at the door. It was as he had expected the beautiful Sunita following Kyrhan’s orders. She was wearing a yellow silk saree with beautiful gold embroideries. It must have cost one year of wages for a member of his staff but what surprised Shomeer was that she wore it as if she had been born into it : very sexily, very low on her waist with her navel in full display and a very small choli to show herself as much as she could. She had a red bindi on her forehead and a whole set of traditional jewels on her forehead and toes with heavy matching ear pendant. She was also wearing very high heels stilettos that greatly enhanced her figure.

Clad as she was, she would have been the center of attraction in a commercial mall or any of the receptions and feasts in Shomeer’s city. He couldn’t realize that this woman was a white American woman and not an Indian girl! He just could wish that Swathri would soon become as sexy in Indian clothes. Maybe he could organize a fashion show in Mumbai with Sunita, Kira and Swathri modeling for some of the best local dress designers. It would boost significantly his company!

Sunita was wearing a scarf covering her head as befitted a woman in presence of elder or important people.

– Am I that important that you cover your head in my presence?

– You’re the brother of Kyrhan, my Master. That’s sufficient for me!

– Well, you’re extremely beautiful. You could easily pretend you’re Indian!

– What makes you know that I’m not Indian? I have learned your language : Daal do poora meri choot ke ander mere raja, saheeb! (Please insert fully your cock inside me, sir).

– I was just thinking to organize a fashion show in Mumbai and ask Kira and you to model for it. You’d have your photographs in the local newspapers and if you speak hindi, I could organize an interview on the TV!

– It would be a pleasure but your wife should model, too.

– Oh I would like but she doesn’t walk as sexily as you. You seem to float on a cloud!

– Ask Kyrhan to send you Rajeev. In four weeks, your wife will speak, walk and fuck so much better that you won’t recognize her! I was walking on flat heels before, somewhat like a boxer. After my training period, I began to walk placing my feet on a straight line and swiveling my hips in circles to catch anybody’s attention.

– Isn’t it too much for you?

– I went shopping in the nearby commercial center this morning and maybe ten or more men were constantly on my trail, leering after me and as many women were ready to murder me. I really felt the scorn of their eyes on my back! At the beginning, it made me extremely shameful then but, now, I must confess that it excites me. I love to be followed and desired by Indian men and women and those who dislike my outfit or my way of walking may go to hell!

– I’ll follow your very wise advice. Please keep the second and third weeks of November available. The three of you may have to present ten different dresses.

– Ok but you have to enlist Kira. You may also ask her to propose to Preeti and Leena. They are always extremely elegant in sarees, ghagras or other Indian dresses. Don’t forget to invite a few handsome men. A French dress designer said many years ago that he designed very elegant dresses to make women want to put them on but also to make men want to take them off their bodies. If the show is a real success, your models will most probably be extremely horny and you can’t cope alone!

– I don’t know whether the show this evening is a success but I definitively want to peel the beautiful clothes you’re wearing from your body. I may not be able to wait too long before I rape you against the entrance door.

– Raping me would be very difficult as I’m fully consenting already. You may shred my saree or just bunch it up to fuck me faster as you want!

Shomeer unwrapped the saree by pulling up on her pallu. He threw it aside, leaving her in high heeld, elegant petticoat and choli. The knot holding the petticoat was untied in a whiff, letting it glide too the ground. The hooks closing the choli gave way in the next instant and her choli finished somewhere on the chandelier. They would need a ladder to get it unless Shomeer wanted to keep it as a reminder of his encounter with Sunita. He asked her to lie down on the floor.

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