Sex with My Sister: Volume 04 Ch. 01

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Joshua and Andrea set down the boxes just inside the door of their apartment. They had just moved finished moving in officially. It had only been six months since their parents had died, and now that the wills had been executed they had gotten the house on the market officially and sold it.

Andrea was only five foot two. She was a skinny little thing with a nice body. She wore a tank top that showed off her flat stomach and nice cleavage and short shorts that hugged her ass and pussy. Her red hair was pulled into pigtails and she had deep blue eyes. On her lower left leg she had a tattoo of a phoenix rising from some ashes with her parents’ names written within the ashes. She kicked off her flip flops as she entered the apartment. She grabbed the front of her shirt and lifted it to her nose. She had a small figure, which resembled her mother’s a bit, but more over her father’s figure.

Their parents, who had died in a car crash, had been simple people. Their father had worked in a factory as a Certified Public Accountant, and their mother had worked in a local grocery store in the deli. They had both had nice life insurance policies and had set it up so their house had been paid off shortly after Joshua and Andrea had been born.

“Oh god, I’m sweaty.” Andrea said, sniffing her shirt. “I really need a shower.” She said as two younger guys carried a box spring in.

She let go of her shirt letting it drop back down.

“Where do you want this one?” One of them asked.

Joshua looked up. He stood a little taller than his sister and wore an a-shirt, more commonly known as a wife beater in New York, where they lived. He also wore a pair of loose fitting shorts and had his sun glasses sitting on top of his head. He had been checking boxes and been moving them into various rooms of the house. He was a bit relieved to see the box spring as it was the last item on the truck.

“Oh, that’s Andrea’s.” Joshua said, turning to see his sister had already walked off to find the bathroom so she could shower. “Um, yeah, it goes into the larger bedroom.” Joshua said pointing to the larger bedroom.

The two of them had bought new mattresses when they had sold the house, and different box springs. Joshua had gone for one that matched his mattress but Andrea had chosen something a bit different. She had chosen a solid black box spring while their mattresses were red in color. The bedrooms were down a small hallway. The apartment itself wasn’t too large, but it had two bedrooms. The master bedroom was fairly large, and had a bathroom attached; whereas the smaller bedroom didn’t. The walls of the apartment were some off color of white, and the carpet was tan. The guys walked past Joshua and carried it into the bedroom, setting the box spring flat on the floor. They put the mattress that was leaning against the wall on top of it. Joshua walked into the bedroom.

“Thanks guys.” He said pulling out his wallet. “I can handle the rest from here.” He said as he opened it and leafed out a couple of bills. He handed them each a bill and they looked at it and their eyes went wide.

“Are you serious? A hundred bucks each?” They asked in unison.

“Yeah. Just let yourselves out.” Joshua said.

The two guys headed out of the room and left the apartment. Joshua headed for the front door. He closed it and locked it. He shook his head. The tip he had handed them was a mere drop into the bucket now that he and his sister would be living off the life insurance pay outs and the inheritances that they had properly reinvested.

He walked over to a box marked food and tore it open. He pulled out a box of spaghetti and scanned the box for any perishables but found none. He quickly began going through the other boxes and put away what was left of the food.

Most of it had been put away the previous day when his sister had moved the food to the new apartment. He set the box of spaghetti on the counter and walked over to another box marked ‘pots and pans’ and pulled out a small pot. He walked over to the sink and filled it with water from the tap. He set it on the stove and turned on the electric burner.

Joshua turned and walked out of the kitchen towards the bathroom. He checked the handle and found it unlocked. He poked his head in, only to see his sister, Andrea completely nude in the shower with nothing hiding her body. Joshua’s eyes went wide as he looked at the naked body of his sister. Her hair had been let down. It was to the top of her neck in length. His eyes went from her 28c breasts down to her nicely trimmed pussy and back up again. She was looking away, but giving him a full frontal view of her body. His cock instantly became hard and his face went red. He tilted his head and aimed his eyes on the floor. He knocked on the door.

“Hey Andrea, can you check the water on the stove when you get out of the shower and let me know if it’s boiling?” Joshua asked.

Andrea looked over at him, and blushed a bit. She hadn’t expected him to come in while she was getting cleaned up. She fake angels porno couldn’t be sure if he had seen her, but the thought got her excited a little. She saw his head to the ground, and assumed that he hadn’t.

“Um, Sure, Josh.” Andrea said.

“Thanks.” Joshua said, keeping his eyes to the ground.

He slowly pulled his head out of the room making her wonder even further if he had seen anything but she quickly shook it off as she heard the door click shut.

Joshua fumbled for a moment to free his seven and a half inch cock from his shorts. He stroked it a couple times, to calm himself down. He had seen women naked in R-rated flicks and in porno mags but he had never seen one in the nude before and he couldn’t get the sight out of his head.

Joshua headed for his bedroom which was the smaller of the two and opened the door. There were several boxes in it, and the mattress laid on the box spring on the floor. He shut the door behind him and walked to the far corner of the room and laid down on his bed with his cock still in his hand. He began to slowly jerk his manhood, and began to imagine that his sister’s lips were around it. He didn’t care that he was thinking about his own twin sister, and he didn’t care if it was wrong at that point. He wanted to get off and the thought of her making love to him was starting to get him there.

Andrea got out of the shower, shutting the water off. She was dripping wet, and looked for a towel but couldn’t seem to find the box marked towels. She poked her head out the bathroom door and didn’t see Joshua. She guessed that he was in his bedroom and headed for the larger of the two. She had insisted on getting it as her room, and Joshua had finally caved even though he was the older of the two of them.

She stepped into her room and closed the door behind her, heading straight for a box with the label of ‘Andrea’s clothing’. She tore it open and found a shirt that she pulled on. It was just long enough to cover her ass, and pussy. She walked back out of the room and headed for the kitchen to check the water as she promised.

The water was almost boiling at this point. She sighed and walked back towards Joshua’s room. She opened his door a crack and poked her head into his room.

Her eyes went wide when she saw her brother jerking himself off. She wanted to touch it, to feel it, and to taste it. She had never seen a guy’s cock before, and it intrigued her. She felt herself getting wet at the site of it. She stopped and thought for a moment. She was getting horny at the sight of her own brother’s cock. It was wrong, and she knew it, but she couldn’t help how her body was reacting to just the sight of him. She pulled her head back out the door and allowed her hand to trail down to her pussy. She slowly slipped a finger into her virgin hole and felt how hot and wet it was. She was going to have to masturbate herself, if she planned on controlling her urge to run into his room and just start fucking him. She reached for his door handle with her free hand and slowly and quietly closed the door. She knocked on the door twice.

“Josh! The water is boiling!” She called before turning and walking towards her room. She wanted to keep herself in control of her body, but since they had thrown away most of their stuff for their new life, she didn’t exactly have any lube or a dildo to get off. She walked into her room and shut her door most of the way, leaving it open a crack. She hoped her brother might walk in on her masturbation and offer to join her. She knew thoughts like that were wrong, but she couldn’t help it. She pulled off the long t-shirt and laid down on the bed and began rubbing her clit.

Joshua got up from his bed and grabbed his shorts and his t-shirt and put them back on. His erection was still throbbing, and he hadn’t gotten off yet. He knew thinking about his own sister in this manner was wrong, but he couldn’t help wanting her sexually. It was a complete turn on that this was his twin sister, and that she could walk in on him masturbating. He tried to push the thought out of his head and walked out to the kitchen.

He added the spaghetti to the water and sat down at the table in the room next to the kitchen. He waited for a moment then got up. He walked to his sister’s room and slowly opened her door, peaking inside. His eyes went wide again as he watched her playing with her clit. She moaned out what he could of sworn was his name and his cock began throbbing hard. He wanted to go into her room and just take her right there, but knew that it was wrong. He couldn’t help how he was attracted to her now. He had never thought of his sister like this before. His eyes stayed on her swollen pussy lips. Her head was thrown back on the pillows, and wasn’t even looking towards him. Her knees were bent and she had one hand on her breast and was massaging it.

Joshua stepped back, closing her door, and letting his cock throb in anger at him as he took a logical move instead of a horny one.

“Andrea, fake cop porno the dinner should be ready in a little bit.” He called into her room.

Joshua turned and started walking back towards the kitchen.

Andrea sat up on the bed with a disappointed look on her face. She would’ve given anything for him to come in and make love to her. She didn’t care that he was her brother, or that incest was wrong. She wanted him in every possible fashion now and would’ve given anything for them to be together. It was at that moment she decided, She would have her brother make love to her. She would have him as her first, and they both would be happy together.

She grabbed her t-shirt and pulled it over her head again. She grabbed a couple hair bands and put them around her wrist. She got up and walked out to the kitchen where Joshua was stirring the spaghetti. She began putting her hair back up in pigtails as she looked down at his cock. He still had a hard on that was obvious from the tent in his shorts.

“How’s it coming?” She asked as she finished putting her hair up and raised her eyes to look at him.

“Just about ready to be drained.” Joshua said. “Here, let me get it!” Andrea said, showing her usual bubbly attitude.

She grabbed at the handle but immediately dropped it on the ground, splashing boiling water all over the two of them.

“OW!” She cried out.

The pot’s metal handle had burned her hand and the water that splashed all over their clothing hadn’t done much to help. The spaghetti had stayed in the pot for the most part but the two of them were now covered in hot water. She let her attention stay on her hand at first until she was sure that she hadn’t gotten burned too badly.

Then she moved to her attention to the rest of her body. Without thinking she pulled off her t-shirt exposing her naked body to her brother.

“Andrea!” Joshua said in shock.

“What’re you doing? You don’t wanna get burned do you?” She said. “Take off your clothing too.”

“But you’re my sister!” Joshua said, looking away.

“Oh come on! That doesn’t matter right now!” She said with more concern for his well-being and less for the actual act of them both being nude.

She grabbed at his shirt and pulled it off, then grabbed at his shorts as his eyes went back to her. She knelt down as she tugged them down, and his fully erect cock bounced back into place, almost hitting her in the face.

Her eyes went wide at the monster in front of her. It was bigger up close. She reached up, taking it into her hand. It throbbed as she touched it gently.

“Wow. It’s so big.” She gasped.

“I’m sorry.” Joshua said.

“Why?” Andrea asked.

“I sorta saw you in the shower and it was like this immediately, I haven’t been able to get it to calm down yet.” Joshua said as he blushed brightly.

“Really? You got this big from looking at me that long ago?” Andrea asked looking up at him.

“And it didn’t help when I saw you masturbating.” Joshua said.

He wasn’t sure why he was telling his sister he saw her, but telling her the truth just felt right.

“I have a confession.” Andrea started. “I was only masturbating because I saw you jerking off, and it got me unbelievably horny.” She confessed. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began stroking it.

“Joshua, I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else.” She confessed.

“I feel the same about you, Andrea.” Joshua said.

Andrea didn’t take a second to allow him to object as she plunged his cock into her mouth. Joshua moaned loudly as she began sucking his cock. She forced more and more into her mouth, and he placed his hand on the back of her head. He was in ecstasy as she sucked him off, but then came back to his senses.

“We can’t do this, Andrea.” Joshua said. “We’re brother and sister.”

She pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Josh, we’re both adults, the rest doesn’t matter.” She said as she looked up at him.

Technically she was right, they lived in upstate New York and incest wasn’t against the law where they lived. It was only against the law if they had been married to other people and in that case it would be considered adultery.

“Well let’s wait at least until after dinner. I think I can salvage the spaghetti.” Joshua said.

“Alright.” She said. “But let’s stay nude.” She said as she let go of his cock and stood up.

“Fine with me.” He said smiling at her.

Joshua bent down and picked up the pot. He brought it over to the sink and began salvaging the spaghetti. Not much of the spaghetti had been ruined at all, and Joshua was able to serve them both plenty of food at the table, covered in sauce. They ate nude, and both of them found it freeing as they ate. When they finished eating, Andrea cleared the table and washed the dishes. Joshua never took his eyes off of her naked body, and his cock throbbed as he watched her.

After washing the dishes, Andrea walked back over to him and sat on his lap, facing him fake hospital porno and pressing his cock between their bodies. She put her arms around his neck.

“So you’re really okay with doing this?” Andrea asked.

“Yeah. I can’t say no to you anyways. You always talk me into doing things your way.” Joshua said.

“What about Amy?” Andrea asked.

“She broke it off with me shortly after Mom and Dad died. She didn’t want to deal with the drama, but she wanted to be around me if I was happy. Frankly, I don’t think she really cared for me.” Joshua said.

“She wasn’t worth your time anyways.” Andrea said. “And now you have me.”

Joshua’s cock throbbed at those words, and Andrea looked down at it.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your fun.” Andrea told it.

Joshua laughed.

“Are you seriously having a conversation with my penis?” Joshua asked.

“Yep, is there a problem with that?” Andrea asked looking into his eyes.

“Nope, not at all.” Joshua said. “But I do have to warn you, I’m still a virgin.”

“Me too, so you’ll have to be gentle.” Andrea said.

“What about Mark? I thought he and you…” Joshua asked.

“Not even close, He tried going up my shirt once or twice, but that’s as far as he ended up getting before I broke it off.” Andrea said. “No one else has even gotten close to that.” She said.

“So I’m the first to even see you naked?” Joshua asked.

Joshua’s cock throbbed again.

“You were always the first. We took baths together as kids.” Andrea said.

“You know what I mean though.” Joshua said.

“Yes. You’re the first to see me, as an adult, naked.” Andrea said.

Joshua couldn’t help but give her a passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined as they kissed, massaging each other. He raised his hands up from her hips and began massaging her breasts as they kissed, gently teasing her small nipples. She reached down and began fondling his cock.

“We should do this in the bedroom.” Andrea said when they broke the kiss.

“Which one?” Joshua asked.

“Does it matter?” Andrea asked.

“I guess not.” Joshua said.

“Josh, I want us to share a room after this.” Andrea said. “I don’t want this to be some fling, or some one-night-stand.”

“I totally agree.” Joshua said. “I want to be with you, and I do love you Andrea.” Joshua said.

“Good.” Andrea said as she got off of his lap. She kept a hold of his cock and he stood up. She led him by the cock to her bedroom.

“Lay down. I wanna be on top.” She said.

“Are you sure? I mean this is our first time.” Joshua said. “I heard it’s more comfortable on your back when you lose your virginity if you’re a girl.”

“No. I’ve decided.” Andrea said a bit more forcefully this time.

Andrea let go of his cock and Joshua laid on his back on the bed. Andrea got down between his legs and began licking his shaft. Joshua moaned at this new attention to his cock. She gently stroked and licked his cock causing it to throb again.

“Please, Andrea, don’t tease me.” Joshua moaned at her.

Andrea ignored him. She was getting more aroused by the second. The smell, and the taste of his cock was perfect. She loved it. She stroked his balls right before plunging his member back into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down as she sucked his hard member.

Joshua had masturbated plenty of times, but this was definitely a first for him. He looked down at his little sister as she sucked him off. He had expected her to just mount him and the two of them to fuck right there, but she was definitely intent on having some foreplay. She was sucking him off with such skill; he thought for a second that she had to of had some experience but the thought quickly vanished as she began deep throating him. He let out a long moan, calling her name. She pulled his cock from her mouth and began sucking the sides of his cock.

“Andrea.” Joshua started looking down at her, with his eyes full of lust. “I need to be inside you.”

“Relax, my dear brother, you’ll get it soon enough. I just want to make sure you’re nice and hard.” She said.

Joshua took her hand and pulled her to be face to face with him.

“I am ready for you, right now. But you’re teasing me, and if we were to have sex right at this second, I’d be cumming without any more stimulation.” Joshua told her.

Andrea reached back and began jerking his cock again.

“Well, I can’t help wanting you to last a while with me.” Andrea said. “I heard if the guy cums first before intercourse then they last longer.” “I understand.” Joshua said. “I had been holding back but I see you’re determined to make me cum now.”

“Good. Now, let me get back to it.” She said. Andrea moved back down to his throbbing member and plunged it into her mouth and began sucking again. She stroked his cock as she bobbed her head up and down. He moaned as she sucked and teased. Within a few minutes of this treatment, he felt himself about to cum.

“Andrea,” he panted. “I’m gonna….” He tried to warn her, but it was too late.

His cock erupted, and his hot sticky cum hit the back of her throat. It was so sudden; all she could do was swallow it down as he kept cumming. When she was sure he was done she pulled the cock out of her mouth and pumped it a few times.

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