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Sex with my exOn Saturday afternoon while I was relaxing at home, there was a knock at my door. I answered it, naked like always, and to my surprise, there was my ex-husband. “Wow, you are looking good.” He said.”What do you want?” I replied.“Can I come in?” he asked.“Yes, I guess so.” I said as I let him come inside.”I was hoping you had some of my old photos on your computer. My hard drive died, and there’s some I want for sentimental reasons.” He answered.”I don’t know. There might be some in there. Look in the My Pictures folder. I’m going to go take a shower.” I told him.I took a fairly long shower, expecting Ian to be done and gone by the time I finished, so I went downstairs still naked. There I found Ian sitting at my computer desk with his pants down as he masturbated to my nude photos.”What the hell?” I said in a raised voice.”Oh, hey. I found your photos while looking for mine and bartın escort couldn’t help myself.” He said while continuing to stroke his cock.”Do you mind if I take a copy of your nudes too? You know, for my spank bank.” He said.”No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I said as I stared at his hand stroking up and down on his cock.I could see the pre-cum oozing from the tip, and all I wanted to do was lick it off.”Are you sure I can’t get a copy?” He said as he swiveled his chair so that he was facing me. My eyes were glued to his cock. I remember that cock quite well, and I really wanted to feel it again.”Shayla? Did you hear me? Can I have a copy?” Ian asked.”Um, yeah. Okay. Whatever.” I answered, still transfixed on Ian’s erection.I kneeled at his feet and said “but I’m getting something in return,” and I started sucking his cock before he could respond. He grabbed batman escort me by the hair and rammed his cock into my throat. I think we both wanted it more than either of us would admit.I wanted more than just to give him head though. So before he could cum in my mouth, I stood up and bent over my desk and said “shove it in my ass, for old times’ sake.”Ian obliged my request and rammed his cock into my rectum hard and fast. As he started to jack hammer my asshole with his cock, he grabbed and squeezed my breasts really hard, and then he took hold of my nipples and squeezed tight and then started pulling. He pulled my tits to their limit and held them there, stretched as far as they could go. I started rubbing my big clit and said “harder. Fuck me harder.”He did as I said, and in a minute replaced my hand with his own on my clit, but not to stimulate it; he intended escort bayan to abuse it like he had my breasts. Ian squeezed my clit tightly, sending me into an intense orgasm. I couldn’t see as he squeezed and tugged on my big clit. All I could see was stars as I enjoyed a long continuous orgasm. Ian just kept pounding in and out of my butt while tormenting the rest of me. If he had fucked me like this when we were still married, I probably wouldn’t have gotten divorced. Ian fucked me hard and raw for nearly an hour and when he finally neared the end, he pulled out and forced me to my knees, and then wrapped my hair around his cock and jerked himself until he ejaculated all over in my hair.”Great, now I have to shower again.” I said.I’m going to get cleaned up. Finish up here please.” I told him as I headed upstairs. I decided on a long bath instead so that I could lay back and relax for a while.I went back downstairs about a half hour later, and Ian was gone. He did however leave me something. Apparently he jerked off again after I went upstairs. I found his sperm load splattered on my computer monitor. “Way to stay classy asshole.” I said to myself.

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