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Sex with madical studentI hear my name being called as soon as I set foot on the sand. It was a vaguely familiar female voice from a distance. I looked towards the direction and saw someone in the water with her head just visible. I walked closer and recognised her instantaneously. She was a medical student whom I have taught a few years ago.”Dr Young, how nice to see you here! It is Fiona, do you remember me?” She said with a genuine warm smile on her unforgettablely attractive face.Of course I remembered her for she was drop dead gorgeous. We had flirted with each other during teaching sessions but that was all. I do not have affairs with my students even though they are all in their early twenties already by the time they get to be taught by me. I do not think it is right. Nurses and female medical colleagues are different categories all together.There was no sign of a bikini strap round her neck or shoulders and I just assumed that she was wearing a strapless bikini bra. I was rather hoping that she was topless though so that I could catch a glimpse of her beautiful breast that I have only seen covered by her blouse or surgical scrubs before.The water was clear and the sun was high up. Through the waves I could only vaguely see her gorgeous torso. It was all of the same fair flesh colour. However, I could not be sure whether she was bare breasted or wearing a sexy bikini top.I did not have to wonder for much longer. She slowly walked towards me, raising her alabaster coloured torso above water. There they were. A pair of peach shaped perfectly formed breast coming out from the sea. Her nipples formed distinct bumps, significantly raised from the rest of her breast. There must be an anatomical or medical term for this type of nipples as opposed to flatter ones, probably in Latin, but they did not teach it to me at my medical school. These light pink lovelies were so pointed that if she had let me kiss them, they would prick my tongue.The top outer parts of her breasts extend out towards her arm pit. I do know the medical term for it – auxillary tail. Not all women have them I find breasts with auxillary tails far more erotic than those without.Fiona continued to walk towards me, either unaware that she was topless or did not mind me seeing them, or even deliberately allowing me to take a good look.As she walked slowly out of the water, she tripped slightly, resulting in the most harmonious sway of her mammary glands, in perfect synchrony with the waves. Then my attention turned lower down. Was she wearing a bikini bottom or was she completely naked? After all, half the other people on the beach were only wearing sun tan lotion. It would be embarrassing for me, and maybe for her as well, as I had been her teacher to see her completely naked. Part of me however, was wishing that she was in the nude so that I could appreciate this perfect anatomical specimen better.Then flashes of red material emerged through the waves. It was the sexiest thong ever! Same colour as a pair of life guard swimming trunks, but only much skimpier. I fantasised instantly being rescued by her in the sea and given mouth to mouth, her breasts swing as she pumps my chest. “Lovely to see you too Fiona.” I said, and it bahis firmaları really was LOVELY.”Come, I want to show you something.” She said. I thought she had shown me plenty already. She took me to where she had put down her beach towel. On top of it was a bag. She reached inside and took out her name badge which says “Dr F. Cowen.” She must have been really proud of her achievement.We sat down and chatted for a while. She had recently started a new job at the local hospital. She had the afternoon off and decided to come down to the beach to relax.”When are are you going to get undressed?” She asked, for I must have been the oddest person there in my suit which I wore for my clinic that morning. I had been wondering that myself too. I had not brought my swimming trunks along as I intended to do some nude sun bathing and skinning dipping on a beach away from the teaching hospital where I work so that I do not see anyone who would recognised me.Am I going to let her see me naked? There is another problem. I had just come back from Greece where I wore nothing for two weeks except my g string on the beach. The white tan mark on my otherwise golden bronze body was a dead giveaway for what I had been wearing.At the end, I plucked up enough courage to get undressed. After all, Fiona was no longer my student and she was sitting next to me semi naked already.I tentatively took my clothes off. She watched me closely, just like a few years ago when I taught her how to perform medical procedures. “That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.” She said with her eyes popping out. I was glad that she was very relaxed about it and even found my body attractive.”You have always told me to overcome my nervousness when presenting a patient to a senior doctor by imagining him naked. I had imagined you naked on numerous occasions and now I get to see it for real. My dream has come true! I must admit that I had, and still have an enormous crush on you. All the girls in my tutor group wanted to have your babies.” Said my very well taught medical student.The fantasy was mutual. I had imagined her naked when she presented patients to me too.Without asking me, she started putting tanning oil on my chest and back. Slowly she worked her way down until she got to my pubic hair where she lingered for a long time, stroking it slowly. Perhaps she was wondering whether it was right for her to touch my penis. Perhaps she was teasing me. By then, my penis was already fully erect. Whose wouldn’t when a gorgeous girl like Fiona in her mid twenties wearing a thong rubbing oil all over you.”Shall I put the tanning oil on your penis?” She asked, like a little girl asking for an ice cream. If I had let her, I surely would have ejaculated all over her face which was by then barely 2cm away from me rock hard and red hot penis.”I can do it myself.” I replied shyly, and proceeded to do so.She laid down on her beach towel with one leg slightly bent. She is very slim and tall. When not in high heels, she is barely 2cm shorter than me. She handed me the tanning oil and expected me to rub it on her. I started from her shoulders. After a while, the whole of her upper body was covered except her lovely peached shaped breasts and nipples kaçak iddaa which I was not sure about touching. “My nipples are going to get burnt if you do not put tanning oil on them and they will hurt when you kiss them later.”We have flirted with each other before, but not as overtly sexual like this. Is this an invitation to have sex with her? I did what she said. Very soon her two mounts had oil rubbed in really well. I approached it initially like how I would examine breasts clinically. She seemed to be loving it. Her long slender legs moving slightly apart and her lip pouting gently as I did so. Her nipples received a lot of attention too. They were harder than my penis. I am sure that I heard her moan quietly while breathing heavily at the same time, lifting her lovely pair of breast up and down. The contour of all her ribs were clearly displayed as there was not a spare ounce of fat on this woman.I then moved on to her legs, starting from the feet end working my way up. She parted her legs slightly more when I reached her inner thighs. I put my hand under the waist strap either side of her “life guard” thongs to oil and without asking her, slipped my whole hand onto her pubic region, lifting the triangular piece of red thong up with my other hand to drizzle more oil onto her lush bush. I stroked it gently. It was like stroking a kitten. I am sure that she was purring quietly. By this time, I had an irresistible urge to see her entire body. I pulled down her tiny thong. By then, she was in an ecstatic world of her own with her eyes closed, savoring every stroke of my hand on her crouch. I do not know whether she realised what I was doing, but she lifted her pelvis up slightly to make it easier for me. Her pubic hair was thick and covered a large triangular area. As my hand moved down her flat well toned abdomen, its contour raised towards the lower end over her sympysis pubis (anatomical term for the middle part of the pelvic bone at the front). I have always found this incredibly sexy as you can only see it in slim women who has little fat over the bony prominence. I wave of muscular contractions spread through her well oiled body. Was she having an orgasm?She then opened her eyes and said “Lets go into the water.” We held hands and ran into the sea. I am sure that others on the beach saw my erect penis swaying as we ran. It was attracting more attention than this tall slim athletic young woman I was with.I was hoping that the refreshing water would dampen my erection, but it did nothing of the sort. As soon as we were in the water, she laid on her back partly submerged. Only her face, nipples and occasionally her brown bush was visibly. I am sure that she wanted to arouse me even more. After a while, she stood up, put her slender arms round my waist and pressed her firm pair of breast against my chest. I feel something on my penis. It must be the opening of her vagina riding on top of the shaft of my penis. She kissed me gently. A giant wave suddenly knocked us over. Our bodies rubbed against each other while we fell, trying to hold on to each other. My body have never had such a sensuous feeling before. I wished she would turn into a mermaid and we would frolic in the sea forever.We kaçak bahis swam towards a secluded cove to the side of the beach. She was an incredible swimmer and got there before me. She walked out of the water with her back facing me, displaying her dimples of Venus. I also have a fetish for these. The dimple of Venus is an anatomical region in the lower back, referring to the indentations either side of the spine in the lower back.She laid on her back. “Make love to me.” She said. “Not yet.” I replied. What was I thinking? Why did I say that? Have I gone insane? Something in me said that I did not want meaningless sex with this gorgeous young lady. When it eventually happens, it should be something special.Perhaps I have not got over the fact that she was one of my students. She smiled gently and started masturbating in front of me.She ran her slender fingers up and down her wet body, playing with her own nipples, purring and moaning. She then grap hold of my hand and put it on her vulva which was wet with love juice by then, much thicker than the sea water. I gently caress her clitoris and eventually inserted two fingers into her warm moist and deliciousely smooth vagina. She must have had an orgasm straight away as the loudest screem came out. We looked at each other with deep affection. The look in her eyes was full of respect. Perhaps for not having full sex with her. Afterall, at least I was still not fully over this teacher student thing. She may have respected me for it, I was hating myself for being so stupid.We sat on the soft sand for a while and went back to the sea. My penis had been erect for nearly an hour by now. Entirely due to this naked woman next to me. Once in the water, I could not hold back anymore. Without saying a word, I swam towards her, held her with both arms and penetrated her with my very patience penis. As I entered her, her eyes were full of love and admiration. Rays of happiness exploded from her face, like she has just passed her medical school finals and became a real doctor.I have not made love in the sea before. My thrusting action into her generated waves of water which washed against both our bodies. Her breasts half floated in the water, complementing the waves. She must have had two or three orgasms before I ejaculated.I took my penis which by now had been working overtime out of her vigana. A warm sense of heat flowed all over my body and we embraced, kissing each other. We swam back to the main beach, frolicking with each other on the way back. I carried her out of the water and laid her down on her towel. We spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing in the nude, admiring each other’s body.Since then, we would arrange to meet up whenever she was off duty. We would go to the beach together and bath in the nude again, or make love in her hospital on call room. I think I have got over the teacher student barrier now.I’m just need sex. I’m tired of screwing inside.someone please pound my tight wet pussy in my backyard?? I just need some dirty, hot, steamy fucking.I like To Share More Video/Picture With You : These topics are interesting for meKeep in Touch to me…If you like me?? and if you interested my proposal,If u Never mind Something Juicy or Wet then come to my FREE secret chatroom then i will show you what can i Really do 😉 ;*As your wish i will do,Join Just with your Email: http://sweetsex.clubAfter signup must info me here i will approve u…………

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