Sex on the Beach Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you haven’t read it already, Sex in the City is the prequel to this story.


After a bunch of highly satisfying weekend visits, April, Kate and I managed to hammer out the details for a weekend escape to the Jersey shore toward the end of the summer. We decided on a hotel in Wildwood Crest, right on the beach and not too far from the hustle and bustle of Wildwood itself. We all took Friday off and the plan was for me to drive into the city and pick them up around noon, then hit the highway and hope to make it down there in about three hours, given the weekend traffic. We didn’t have a lot to take along for a short weekend trip, and the major stuff like a cooler, chairs and an umbrella I’d brought myself from home, so when I got to Kate’s apartment building, the two of them were standing on the sidewalk already, waiting for me. We loaded their gear into the trunk and jumped into the car, April riding shotgun and Kate in the back.

As I pulled away from the curb, April explained that she had won their competition to ride shotgun for the first hour and she’d be switching with Kate for the second hour but during her hour, she had one specific goal that she wanted to achieve. Keeping in mind the relationship that had developed between the three of us, I had a feeling that I was going to enjoy helping her reach her goal. When I asked her what it was, she stated that she wanted to be swallowing a load of my cum by the time we exited the Lincoln Tunnel into New Jersey. Even with traffic, I wasn’t expecting that to be a very long trip, so I encouraged her to get started and got my shorts down far enough at the next red light. Unfazed by the pedestrians and other drivers, April lowered her head and took my already throbbing tool into her mouth.

As my cock was engulfed in her hot mouth, I wasn’t sure I’d even make it to the west side before I was blowing a load. She was gently pumping the base as she slid her lips up and down while I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair and muttered encouragements. Glancing in the mirror, I could see that Kate was paying close attention, but couldn’t tell if she was doing anything with her hands that I might be interested in seeing. Each time we stopped for a red light, I would take the opportunity to push my cock up into April’s mouth a little deeper while checking to see if anybody was paying attention to us. The combination of April’s oral talent and my arousal had me feeling an orgasm building pretty quickly despite the distraction of driving through Manhattan.

By the time we reached the Lincoln Tunnel, I had a feeling that April would easily achieve her goal when I got a look at the traffic. We didn’t come to a full stop but rolled slowly through the stop-and-go all the way into the tunnel itself. April had no idea how close I was but when she realized by the lighting that we’d entered the tunnel, she redoubled her efforts. Her hot mouth was sliding up and down my shaft while she continued to gently pump the base and I was able to relax a little bit more and enjoy the final build up. My cock was swelling even more in anticipation of cumming but April never let up in her quest and, before we were even halfway through the tunnel, I was blasting into her mouth with a grunt of relief. She nursed me until I was completely spent, then let my cock fall from her mouth and sat up.

I managed to work my shorts back into place by the time we exited the tunnel and traffic started to break up a little bit as we headed for the southbound Turnpike. Once we got into the flow, I looked over at April in her short cotton sundress and asked her to take off her panties so that I could take care of her before her hour was up. She shot me a smile and raised the hem of the dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panties; I felt the blood immediately trying to return to my spent cock. I ran my hand up her smooth inner thigh to her bush where I sought her clit for a few light strokes before burying my finger in her dripping pussy. I pumped it in and out a few times before returning my fingertip to her clit to lightly caress it as we cruised along. Looking in the rearview mirror, I could see that Kate had repositioned herself so that she could observe this, as well.

We passed the airport and Ikea as I steered with one hand and brought April closer and closer to an orgasm with the other. She was moaning and writhing in her seat, her eyes closed and her hands on her tits; the further we got from the kartal escort bayan city, the closer she was to cumming. By the time we were nearing the ramp to get on the Parkway, she was on the verge and seemed to be riding her impending orgasm out for as long as possible. As we got over to take the exit, April let out a passionate cry and began to shake as she came. My finger continued stroking her clit until she let out a long sigh, then I slipped it into my mouth to taste her pungent nectar. She stayed slouched down in her seat, her pussy exposed, as she caught her breath, then she sat up and leaned over to kiss my cheek. She adjusted her skirt and sat up beside me as I stated that I thought we were in for one hell of a weekend.

I hadn’t kept track of when April’s hour started, but Kate obviously had because about twenty minutes later she let April know that it was time to switch. April climbed into the backseat while I tried to keep my eyes on the road with the curve of her ass covered only by a thin sundress right beside me. Once she was in the back, Kate moved up, wearing a tropical print dress with thin straps that hugged her very nicely and, as she squeezed between the seats, nearly spilled out her luscious tits. Again, I was having trouble keeping my focus on the road even though I’d seen her tits, held her tits and fucked her tits on several occasions before. Once she was seated comfortably, she asked if I was ready for another blowjob but I wasn’t quite fully recovered yet, so I offered to take care of her first the way I’d taken care of April. She was fine with that and slid the hem of her skirt up to reveal that she wasn’t wearing panties, either.

Glancing over for as long as I felt was safe, I could see that she’d trimmed her blond bush in a bit on the sides, I assumed to narrow it up for her swimsuit. Returning my focus to the road, I ran my hand up her smooth inner thigh to her bush, then slipped a finger over her clit and into her juicy pussy. As I was fingering her, the blood was definitely heading south again so I was sure I’d be ready for her to suck me off by the time I’d made her cum. I took a quick look in the rearview mirror to see that April was as attentive as Kate had been and wondered if she’d be ready to go again for the third hour. I slipped my finger back up to Kate’s clit and gently stroked it as she moaned and writhed on her seat. She’d been watching April and me, on top of doing who knows how much thinking about the weekend, so she was incredibly worked up and I wasn’t expecting it to take as long for her to cum as it had for April. I, on the other hand, was expecting to last longer, having already blown a load, and so expected to really enjoy Kate’s blowjob without the distractions of stop-and-go traffic.

Kate had her eyes closed and was gyrating her hips as I stroked her clit, letting out a soft moan every now and again. My focus was on the road, keeping us between the lines, but my finger was consistent and steady as it drew her closer and closer to an orgasm. The miles passed by and Kate got gradually louder as she squirmed more and more in her seat, coming ever closer to her orgasm while enjoying the slow build up. When I felt her tense up, I chanced a glance over and saw her face screwed up just before she went limp on the seat and her face registered pleasure and relief. She shuddered and moaned through her orgasm then let out a long sigh and sat there catching her breath. As she recovered, I sucked her juices off of my finger.

After a few minutes, she asked me if I was ready and, although I was, I told her that I would be after she showed me her tits. She slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, then pulled the top down to reveal her freckled globes as I felt another surge of blood into my throbbing cock. With the cruise control set, I was able to lift my ass off the seat as Kate worked my shorts down and freed my tool. Without bothering to put her tits away, she lowered her head into my lap and wrapped her lips around my rigid member, sliding them down as far as she could. She had her right hand around the base and started to gently pump it as her mouth moved up and down, prompting me to let out a moan. We had reached the section of the Parkway that was much more open with fewer exits so the traffic was moving pretty well and I was able to relax and enjoy Kate’s blowjob.

Since I had a free hand now, needing only one on the steering wheel, I cupped Kate’s left breast as it hung down, feeling her hard nipple against my palm. I was so glad that we had left the days of me ogling her covered tits behind us and I could essentially see, touch or fuck them whenever I got the urge. Though I was immensely enjoying the sensation of Kate’s mouth sliding up and down my tool, I was looking forward to getting her, and April as well, naked once we’d reached our destination. I definitely planned to have my cock between Kate’s tits at least a few times before we were heading north on the Parkway on Sunday. In the meantime, though, she was doing a fine job of bringing on my second orgasm with her hot and talented mouth. I could feel my orgasm escort maltepe slowly building and was relishing her abilities, as always.

As my cock started to swell and I knew I’d be cumming soon, I released her breast and gripped steering wheel tightly. Traffic was slowing down a bit as we were approaching another toll booth and I briefly considered pulling up to a manned toll booth even though I had exact change, but decided against it in case the worker, rather than being amused or titillated by the head in my lap, decided it was a hazard and called the state patrol. Once we got through the slowdown and were moving steadily again, I blew my load down Kate’s throat with a grunt. She continued to suck my cock until I was completely spent and starting to soften, then sat up and pulled her top back into place, hiding her luscious tits. She helped me get my shorts back up, then sat back in her seat and looked around to see about where we were.

As we continued south, we talked about how much fun the weekend was going to be and what we all wanted to do, aside from getting naked and getting off. After I’d been driving for a while longer, we passed a sign for a rest area and Kate suggested we make a pit stop. I pulled in and parked, then we all headed inside to use the facilities. As I stood at a urinal, holding my spent cock, I was thinking how the two of them could just go into their respective stalls and raise their skirts since neither was wearing panties. It didn’t surprise me that the vision made the blood want to head back to my resting soldier, but I couldn’t accomplish more than a stirring, not that I wanted to in a rest area bathroom.

Back at the car, Kate asked me for the keys. When I asked why, she replied that we still had about an hour to go and that there was no sense in not using the time, so I ought to spend that time in the backseat with April. I didn’t question why April and not Kate, but figured that Kate would know how to get to our destination better than April would so it made sense. I handed her the keys and climbed into the backseat with April as Kate started the car and got us back out onto the Parkway. The stirring in my shorts had turned into a revival of my well-used tool so, while Kate was getting us into the flow of southbound traffic, I asked April to show me what was under her sundress. She sat back against the door with one foot up on the seat between us and raised the hem up to reveal her trim black bush followed by her flat stomach and her perky tits topped with hard nipples. Taking that all in was enough to get me sufficiently hard, so this time I just took my shorts and underwear completely off.

Since it was my car, I knew the most comfortable way to have sex in the backseat, which was to have April straddle me as I sat in the middle of the seat. I encouraged her to remove her sundress, which she did, then had her position herself over me. My cock still wasn’t completely hard, but as slick as her pussy was, I still had no trouble slipping into her. We started making out as she rode my cock and I played with her tits, gently massaging her hard nipples. I’d gotten laid in my backseat plenty of times, but this was the first time it had happened while the car was moving and it occurred to me that, with April being buck naked, at least her tits were visible to anyone passing by. Based on the way she was moving and how passionately she was kissing me, I really doubted that she cared at that precise moment.

Frankly, I was surprised by how hard April was riding me, given that she’d already cum once on this trip. I suspected that she’d gotten herself all worked up again by watching as I diddled Kate and as Kate blew me. I wasn’t complaining, though, because having her snug, slippery pussy sliding up and down my shaft was heavenly and I knew I’d be enjoying it for longer than I had her or Kate’s blowjob just because I’d already spewed twice. When she had to pull her mouth from mine to let the building moans escape, I sat back and just enjoyed where I was and what I was in the middle of while watching her riding me hard with a look of determination on her face. I have to admit, though, that I did look around to see if any of the passing motorists were noticing her bouncing tits but, sadly, most of them were completely oblivious.

I was just holding April’s waist as she bounced up and down, steadying her as she pursued her orgasm, but wasn’t pushing up into her as she was coming down. I figured once she’d cum, I’d take over and give her a good, hard fucking until I came. As such, I didn’t suspect Kate was going to be getting any more out of me until after we’d checked into the hotel. She was pretty focused on the road, but I know that she was fully aware of what was going on behind her and that it would be having an effect on her. I had an idea of how to get her more involved but I was planning to wait until April had cum, which wouldn’t be much longer. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter and more engorged, which was a sure indication that she was about to go over the edge.

Sure enough, mere moments later, she let out a wail as she came pendik escort while seeming to ride me in slow motion, her body vibrating almost as if an electric charge had passed through it. She relaxed onto my lap and let out a sigh once she’d finished cumming, then smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss. I suggested that she turn around and lodge herself between the front seats to check out the view so I could take her from behind. She dismounted me and turned around, saying hello to Kate, as I admired her sweet ass before guiding myself back into her. As I started fucking her hard, my hips smacking into her ass cheeks, I couldn’t imagine the effect it must be having on Kate. Thinking about how wet Kate’s pussy probably was and how hard her nipples likely were at that moment only encouraged my building orgasm, but fucking April’s sweet pussy didn’t hurt it, either.

I wasn’t trying to draw out my orgasm since I knew I’d be enjoying April’s pussy, as well as Kate’s and both of their mouths, countless times over the weekend. Instead, I was fucking April as deeply as I could, enjoying her snug, wet pussy on the full length of my shaft. April was moaning with each thrust and Kate was trying hard to remain focused on the road. The longer I fucked her, the more pleasure I was feeling and the closer I was getting to yet another orgasm, though I wasn’t really in a rush to be finished. The way her pussy felt sliding up and down my shaft, I’d have been happy to experience that for the rest of the afternoon. As it turned out, though, my orgasm continued to slowly build, providing extreme levels of pleasure, until I exploded into her sweet pussy. I continued to thrust until I was completely spent, then sat back on the seat as she extracted herself from between the front seats and sat next to me.

Looking around, I could see that we weren’t too far from our exit off the Parkway. I asked Kate how it was going and she replied that I owed her, big time. I acknowledged that I knew that and promised to take care of her once we were in our hotel room. As I thought about getting her naked, and glanced over at April who was still naked, I didn’t think I’d have any trouble being ready to go again when the time came. Once we finally reached our exit, we didn’t have much further to go so I started pulling my clothes back on and suggested that April do the same. We headed east toward the ocean, then south toward “the Crest” until we found ourselves in the parking lot of our hotel. Since Kate had made the arrangements, she went in to check us in then came out and we moved the car to our assigned spot. Gathering up what we’d need in the room and leaving the beach stuff behind, we headed for the elevator.

We were pleased to see that we had a pretty high up room with a great view and a small balcony overlooking the beach. We were also pleased that, as promised, we had one big king-sized bed that was not only going to see a lot of action, but looked as though it would fit us all comfortably should we get any sleep. Since there was still plenty of daylight left to enjoy the beach, we planned to slip into our swimsuits and head down there, but there was still something that needed taking care of. I stepped up behind Kate and slid down the zipper on the back of her dress, then reached in and around to fondle her mammoth breasts. She stopped what she’d been doing and just let me feel her up before I started working the whole dress down over her waist. As soon as I could, I let gravity take over and she was standing naked in front of me. I eyeballed her ass before she turned around and gave me her tits and trim blonde pussy to stare at instead.

She went to work removing my shorts as I shed my shirt, then gripped my nearly rigid cock and gave it a few strokes as we briefly made out. I was thinking that I could take her from behind while she ate April or missionary and have April sit on her face, but I assumed that, since they had been sharing Kate’s apartment all summer, she’d probably tasted April’s pussy plenty while I had much less frequently. I suggested that she ride me as I lay on my back in the middle of the bed, then asked April if she wanted to straddle my head. April’s sundress was gone in a flash and, as soon as Kate was kneeling over my cock, guiding it into her pussy as I admired her freckly tits and blonde bush, April’s pussy was suddenly overhead, but in such a position that she was facing Kate as Kate fucked me.

As I felt Kate’s dripping wet pussy start sliding up and down my shaft, I started licking April’s slit, tasting her juices that were flowing once again. I wished I could see whether the two of them were making out and fondling each other’s tits, but all I could see was April’s smooth thighs and round ass. I started running my hands over April’s soft cheeks as I licked her pussy, slurping up her nectar before bringing a hand around so that I could slip a finger into her snug pussy. I heard her moan as I started licking and sucking her clit, which always pleased me, but I was more concerned about Kate cumming since she was an orgasm behind. I could feel her riding me hard, not so much bouncing up and down on my tool as sliding forward and back. I was okay with whatever would work to get her there, regardless of whether it was the best feeling for me. Not that it felt bad, mind you; I couldn’t imagine anything involving my cock buried in Kate’s pussy could feel bad.

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