Sex on the Beach

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Keri Swensen was certainly not ashamed of her sexuality.

Men excited her, plain and simple. The petite, honey-blond teen, could scarcely stop thinking about sex. The thought of a boy’s big, beautiful body above hers, and his impossibly stiff penis plunging into her over-heated pussy was a most favored day-dream; and a like-wise favorite night-time activity.

Just now, at the tree line on the far end of the Montpetitt property, near a patch of volunteer rye, she and Peter Norton were negotiating a tryst; making out. An azure Georgia sky, decorated with twinkling stars and a bare sliver of moon, played mute witness to the building passions of the two horny teenagers.

Peter played Quarterback(second string) for the Moultrie High Mustangs, and Keri was one the Ponys, their locally famous cheerleaders.

The moralistic Christian ethic of the rural South generally frowns upon conjugal relations of any sort, especially among the youth. However, the local high-school jocks, cheerleaders, and artists considered themselves immune to those socially imposed strictures. The Moultrie High cheerleaders in particular had developed a reputation for being “fast” with boys, especially the athletes. Still, some girls might have resisted a boy pawing their pussy on what was essentially a “first date”; but Keri wasn’t that way.

That senior year of high school had seen the common, but no less remarkable, transformation of pretty girls into ripe young women. Every inch of Keri’s body had turned into a sensual curve. A rhythmic sway inhabited her hips, her cute bubble-butt carrying a saucy insouciance. Most of all, the wonderful blossoming of mammary glands was treasured. After cheer practice, or a game, the girls very carefully, but surreptitiously, “checked” each other out. There was an unspoken consensus that Keri’s “tits” were simply spectacular. They sprouted from her narrow chest like large, twin, thrusting mangoes. An exotic fruit whose soft pink tips seemed to yearn for the mouth of a squalling infant; or an attentive sexual partner.

A sort of congenial competition was in play within the cheer-squad, as to who could be the most sought after among the ball players, and who would supply the best, and most, physical comforts to keep a championship squad in top condition. Keri had been perhaps the most eagerly sought after, and she hadn’t disappointed. About half of the forty players had enjoyed her hand or her mouth during sessions after school or later in the evening. Going “all the way” was reserved for the most attractive “sexiest” guys, and Keri had enjoyed intercourse with several of the “first stringers”.

Normally, she wouldn’t have “gone out” with Pete Norton, but the school year was over, and she was horny.

His hand was up between her legs, rubbing into the blue-jean covered crease of her labia as they kissed.

“Do you wanna get in the backseat?” Pete dared, though he knew for sure she liked getting cocked.

“Did you bring a blanket?” Keri whispered conspiratorially.

Meaning she wanted to get out into the field… and, yes of course, he HAD brought a blanket.

It was a BIG score for Pete.

They got out of the car, and found a soft, level spot beneath the willow tree.

For a minute they laid separately, enjoying the musky, Georgia night air.

Pete turned to her.

“Keri, I know you’re leaving…”

He wriggled a finger into the space between buttons of her shirt, lightly tracing the naked flesh of her resilient breast.

“Do you want to?” he said

She didn’t say anything, verbally, but lifted her lush, pouting lips to him.

Pete’ mouth was warm and tender. His tongue delightfully squirmy. His hands were like rambunctious puppies, in constant motion, everywhere at once. Pete was OK though. There was girl-talk that he had a large penis. Keri gently laid her hand in his lap, just to make sure he got the picture; and yes, he did have a nice, big piece of meat. Already bone stiff. Feeling along the rather thick bulge, Keri really “turned on”, sparking a hunger that Pete could feel in her kiss. She squeezed his penile bulk appreciatively.

With little mewls of pleasure, Keri sprinkled kisses around the soft, warm, mushroom-shaped tip of the boy’s erect penis, then suctioned the full spongy knob into her mouth; “cocksucker” she teased herself. It was all so wonderful. She loved the exquisite texture of a guys penis in her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the hose-like length of his stalk, steadily shagging the organ while she licked it, sucking tenderly it’s bulgy crown.

“Mmm…” She let out a contented, feline whine.

Pete was getting down to business too. Keri felt the snap of her jeans loosening, and then the zipper tugging down. Briefly, his large hand smothered over her smooth, panties-clad vulva, a big finger sliding into the groove between her puffy labia, then dipping inside, through her golden pubic hair, curling up into her hot, moist, receptive vaginal opening.

With a happy wiggle of her hips, and Niğde Escort a little purr, Keri signaled her approval. Pete had strong hands and nice long, thick middle finger.

Keri worked her own hand into the tight space inside the crotch of his jeans, exploring his genitals, then carefully lifted out his nuts, suckling each walnut-sized testicle in turn into her mouth, first one, then the other.

Pete’s entire body tensed as the electric sensation surged in his loins.

The dialogue of sexual arousal is conducted subtly, with incremental increases of intimacy. Pete slowly scattered kisses along Keri’s vulva and thighs, pulling down her panties, and nuzzled into her pubis; easing his tongue into her coral-pink slit, and covering the bud of her clitoris with the liquid heat of his mouth.

The concerns and stresses of daily life are set aside during the thrill of sexual union. So, the troubling prospect of leaving for the summer was temporarily shunted away from Keri’s sensation saturated brain. For now, all that mattered was the beautifully escalating waves of pleasure that Pete’s tongue created in her pussy; magnified, of course, by the primal fulfillment of a hot cock in her mouth.

She could hardly make her mouth and tongue work together as the sexual thrill overwhelmed her. His penis fell from her mouth, laying a damp smeer along her cheek, as she succumbed to the quickly mounting mind-numbing electric buzz that cascaded through her body in rebounding reverberations of ecstasy.

For several amazing moments, Keri flopped around on the blanket, much like a fish out of water.

“Mm-Mm-Mm…” She peaked in a series of dolphin-like squeals.

The magical, ecstatic rush of orgasm made Keri realize once again that sex was much more than mere physical sensation. It was truly spiritual. Sharing on a “soul” level. The orgasm itself, a connection to the divine.

Laying there, moaning softly in a light delirium, Keri lifted her hips to let Pete skin off her jeans and underwear. Then he was deliciously beside her, cradling her in his arms. She opened her thighs, reaching for his erection as they kissed.

Keri held his beautifully warm, bristling stiff cock meat, poised at her labial entrance, while Pete rolled into her saddle. Then she coddled him into the hot little hole of her sex.

“Uhng…” An achy groan caught-up short in Pete’s throat, as Keri’s sweet, teen-aged pussy closed around the bulging, mushroom cap head of his erection.

Pete knew he wasn’t the only guy on the team getting into Keri’s pants; but he WAS the only one getting into her pants right NOW. With steady pressure, the greater part of his male organ slipped deliciously up into Keri’s nicely oiled slit.

Keri had a spectacular body. She had been on the swim team, but the coach suggested some other athletic pursuit, since her breasts had grown too large for successful competitive swimming.

She was a great fuck.

“God, you have a beautiful pussy” Pete said softly, once again covering her mouth with his.

She was proud of that, but what could she say, “thank you”?

Pete was a nice guy, very well ‘built’ and good-looking too. Keri loved his masculine, hairy chest and big shoulders. Not to mention the way he used his “thing”. He sliced into her with delightfully long, smooth strokes. Each penetrating thrust startled her, sucking the air from her lungs, ’till she was gasping erratically.

A strong, ‘electric’ buzz raced though the young couple as they blissfully mated. Keri’s legs came up of their own volition, wrapping around his driving hips.

Keri’s nipples, like insolent pink beacons of arousal, beckoned, and he suckled there. The marvelously resilient breast meat seemed to melt in his mouth while instantly regenerating itself. An endless ambrosia of mammary succulence.

Pete dropped all the way in, grinding his pubis into hers. Creating a merciless pressure on her bursting clitoris.

Then, drawing his erection nearly all the way out from her clasping vagina, “can you turn over?” Pete whispered.

With a little smile, Keri nodded her head. Pete eased himself from her pussy. His waggling penis glistened obscenely in the silvery moonlight.

Keri turned halfway, her back against his chest, and he stopped her there. His hands covering and squeezing her breasts. Over her shoulder she gathered Pete’s tongue into her mouth. His penis hot and moist, in the cleft at the apex of her thighs.

“Use your hand,” Pete whispered into her ear, and Keri reached down between her legs to angle the long, thick cock-poodle into her pouting slit.

Arching her back, Keri let the full length of Pete’s organ slide deliciously deep into her ripe, young pussy. Feeling a bit like a cat in heat, she wiggled herself at the probing heat of his cock, her ass a lovely soft pillow for his thrusts.

It was wildly exciting and sexual.

With Pete’s hot panting breath in her ear, Keri felt his penis growing inside her. It was another timeless period of Niğde Escort Bayan sublime pleasure. Absolutely filled with the life-giving phallus, she surrendered herself to his building orgasm, and found her own. His gushing flood of warm semen cemented the hydraulic seal within her vaginal glove and tugged at the tissues of her clitoris, igniting an orgasmic release that fired through every centimeter of her flesh in crashing waves of indescribable ecstasy.

For Pete, his ejaculation was like a hammer in the nuts. She was just that good.

The drive home was a little somber. Their kiss was deep and very long lasting. Keri felt herself lubricating; her body responding again.

“I’ll call you,” Pete blurted awkwardly, just as Keri was stepping out of the car. Little tears filled her eyes. The past week had been a series of “good bye” fucks… and now she was leaving.

Each summer Keri went to live with her Dad in Panama City, Florida. This year would be the same, but different. She was 18 now and wouldn’t have to work at the silly ice-cream stand down on the beach. Maybe now she could get a ‘real’ job.

But jobs were a little scarce that summer.

Keri tried the tourist restaurants, but she wasn’t old enough to serve alcohol. A bookstore right in the neighborhood would have hired her, but that would have been way too boring. As a last resort she went down to the beach and was surprised to see a “HIRING” notice in the window of the lifeguard shack.

She wasn’t really dressed for the beach, wearing a white muslin shift, very loosely gathered, a macrame belt and low, corked wedgies. She ascended the long, narrow wooden stairway and knocked on the glass-pane door. From behind a desk inside, a smiling, dark-haired woman waved her in. The slender woman, somewhere in her twenties, had a gorgeous smile and a cute-cute pageboy cut. She wore a bright red one-piece swimsuit, obviously a lifeguard. She appraised Keri with quick scan.

“Here about the job?” she smiled agreeably.

“Um-hm” Keri nodded hopefully.

“I’m Kat” the woman said, extending a thin, finely articulated hand.

She invited Keri to sit down and fill in the simple application.

“You local?”

“No, but my dad is.”

It was only then that Keri noticed someone else in the small room, sitting near a window, watching her. From the corner of her eye, Keri could detect a nicely toned and tanned male, a hunky guy with muscled shoulders, and shaggy blonde hair. He was barefoot and wore the bright red brief of a lifeguard.

Keri handed her completed application back to Kat and waited while the svelte, dark-haired woman scanned it.

“By the way, that’s Buck.” Kat said casually, indicating the other lifeguard with a small gesture.

Looking at him directly,Keri was a bit stunned, he had the deepest dark, sparkling blue eyes.

“Uh, Hi,” she smiled and brightened, recovering quickly.

Buck lifted himself athletically up from his chair, and with one giant step closed the distance between them.

“Nice to meet you” he smiled and bowed slightly.

His hand was large and muscular, but Keri shook it bravely, just blushing slightly.

Kat smiled up at her from behind the desk, “Can you come back here around 9am Saturday, to run through the qualifying drills?”

“Sure!” Keri reacted happily.

“Alright, see you then.” Kat dismissed her, putting the application into a wire basket on her desk.

With a nod at Kat, and a quick glance at Buck, Keri let herself out.

“WOW” she thought.

Saturday morning, Keri immediately saw her first mistake. There were about 5 other women there; she was the only one wearing a ‘bikini’. Kat was leading the session and caught her eye, just enough to be sure she understood the situation. There were about 10 men also, all of them looked very athletic. Keri knew she was attractive to men, but, like many larger breasted women, didn’t understand just how attractive she was. She had her long, blonde hair pulled back in a french braid. The men were more or less staring at her, but she was somewhat accustomed to that. Her bikini showed quite a bit of her breasts. Perhaps more than she realized.

Buck was there, and three other lifeguards she didn’t know, 2 guys and another blonde that Keri was immediately somewhat envious of. She was a petite ‘pixie’ type, short-short blonde hair, high-waist, with a curvy spine and a cute, little bubble-butt. They were all wearing the red “lifeguard” suits, a little white cross emblazoned at the hem line.

Kat split the recruits into 4 groups, each led by one of the lifeguards.

Keri was in Deke’s group. Deke was an older, 30-something, ‘well-seasoned’ type with curly brown hair and a broad hairy chest.

The first part of the program was an ocean swim, and Keri did very well. Next, they did a mile run along the beach. She actually finished in front of the two guys she was ‘testing’ with. Last was a series of written instructions they were to follow precisely, regarding Escort Niğde procedural parameters. Keri aced it. At the end of the day, Kat invited Keri and 2 of the guys back for ‘training’ the next day.

The training consisted of watching several videos about lifesaving techniques, handling various situations in the water, and essential safety guidelines.

Kat sent them down to the Surf Shop, which provided suits for all the lifeguards, and they got their “official” lifeguard suits and gear. Keri found out the guys names were Tom and Tim, nearly identical twins.

Circumstances began to gel in Keri’s mind; a new group of eligible men were in her life, and she was taking notice.

Keri was the youngest of the Panama City Beach Lifeguards, but everyone was really cool. Deke was almost a father figure, always watching out for her, while the other guys flirted steadily. It was great fun.

Once a week they had a night-time ‘bon-fire’ party down the beach. Kat was the Chief, Deke, Buck, Andre, Tim and Tom were the men; plus Keri, and Jenna(the pixie).

At the second week of bonfire, Buck made a move.

“So, Keri…” he didn’t say anything else, just smiled at her with his dark blue eyes.

“Yes?” she said innocently.

Buck invited her to walk with him down the beach.

“Okay,” she chirped breezily.

At that time of day the sand is cool underfoot. The tide had gone out, leaving a smooth, relatively firm surface to walk on. Small waves lapped at the shoreline, their foamy tops sparkling in the moonlight.

They got down to a big rock called “Pilots Knob” and paused there under it’s shadow, just watching the stars.

“Wonder why they call it Pilot’s Knob?” Keri asked.

Buck didn’t answer, but just gazed at her for a moment.

“You certainly are a beautiful woman,” he said. The words flowing smoothly from his smiling face. “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

He leaned in and gently placed his lips on hers.

So much had changed in the past few weeks. Keri was feeling a little shy, and found herself lowering her head, blushing demurely.

But Buck forced up her chin with his finger, and kissed her again.

This time he slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Keri let her tongue twirl eagerly with his, before pulling away in embarrassment.

Keri’s nostrils had flared slightly as her breathing quickened. Buck read her perfectly.

“It’s okay,” he soothed her, meaning nothing.

He bent his head low and kissed her again, letting his hands settle at her waist.

Whatever pretense or hesitation Keri may have felt, melted away.

She found herself matching his tongue, and set her hands lightly on his chest.

It was only the last vestiges of decorum that restrained Keri from pressing herself into his body. If he made a move, she wouldn’t resist.

Buck did ease her body closer to his, until her breasts were crushed against his torso as they kissed. She detected the lump of his penis, low against her belly.

“Buck…” she said, breaking their kiss, “maybe we should get back.”

“Maybe, but we don’t have to,” he answered.

He kissed her again, lifting her hand from his chest and guiding it down to the bulge of his tumescent erection.

Keri played it smoothly. Squeezing his penis gently, before removing her hand.

“Buck…” she started.

“Here, let me show you,” he said.

Buck stretched open the elastic band of his swim trunks and let the thick core of his burgeoning erection swing out. It loomed in the moonlight, long and hard.

“Oh my god,” breathed Keri, “you…”

He kissed her again and let his naked penis rub against her belly.

Keri was proud of her “success” with men. She instinctively found his erection with her hand, and let it slide it back and forth across her palm.

Buck got his hands inside her loose shirt and squeezed the meat of her breasts beneath her swim suit.

“God, i wanna get you naked.” He breathed into her mouth, kissing her deeply.

Keri promised everything with her hand. She squeezed and pulled at the erection and licked into his mouth while he massaged her chest.

“But…” What she was trying to express, in her mumbling way, was the fact that her swim suit was a such a close fit. It wasn’t easy getting into, or out of. Besides, she didn’t want to be completely “easy” on what might be called a “first date”.

Buck sensed her conflicting emotions, and stepped back to kiss the exposed tops of her breasts. She was reluctant to let go of his penis, but she did. It waggled there between them, in the moonlit shadow of Pilot’s Knob, an invitation to the pleasure every woman wants.

Buck wedged his fingers inside the tight bodice of her suit, reaching in to skim and tease the stiff, filbert-sized nipple of a single breast.

For Keri, like many women, any attention to her nipples went right to her clitoris. Her vagina oozed with lubricant and her womb inflated like a balloon. The pussy-hunger, the need to be filled, invaded her senses.

She leaned into him, her face to his naked chest and bit lightly into the flesh of his pectoral, holding the meat for a couple seconds between her teeth.

She again held his penis and let herself slide down his body, till her knees hit the sand.

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