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SEX lifeI drive to university, not particularly keen for the day ahead, with the week about to grind into a start. I grit my teeth and bare it as I arrive at the campus, thankful that I’m able to find a park before piles of cars invade the car parks. I double check to make sure my parking permit is visible on the front dash, grab my bag and shut the door, looking around at the car park.I lock my car and slip the remote into my jacket, turning to head to the library for some study before my first lecture of the day. Looking up, I notice a woman walking across the car park, through isles of cars a few metres ahead of me. She’s slim, not particularly tall, but small and light on her feet as she moves. She wears a dark jacket and as she moves between a gap of cars, I see she’s wearing dark jeans and shoes. I don’t really know what makes me notice her, as all I can see is the back of her as she walks away from me. All I can determine is a pale shapely neck and short, dark hair shaped into a softer style than mine. Just as I wonder what her face adıyaman escort looks like, she looks over her shoulder, a pair of light blue eyes scanning her surroundings and falling on me for a brief moment. She looks like she’s in her early thirties, slightly past the fresh stage of adulthood and closer to the more mature side. Her features reveal nothing directly, in the way of emotions, but perhaps I can see the faintest of smiles rising from the corner of rich, red lips. Then she turns, moving just as swiftly into the grounds. I suck in a slight breath, feeling slightly dizzy. I’m confused at the feeling, but I figure it’s probably just the cool air and the heaviness of the laptop in my bag, or something along those lines. The woman disappears into the main campus building ahead of me as I continue on my way to the library, a nearby, albeit separate building.In the library I get to work with finding some source material for a current essay. After fifteen minutes I’m deeply engrossed in reading afyonkarahisar escort through a chapter for some content worthy of using within my essay when I notice muffled footsteps nearby. Thinking nothing of it, I begin slip the book back into place in the isle when I freeze, noticing a pair of blue eyes directly in front of me. I feel my own widen in surprise, as I almost drop the book, the cover opening with pages springing outwards. I fumble and make sure I haven’t creased any pages, and by the time I look up again, it seems that in that moment the eyes have gone. I slip the book back in its place, hands suddenly clammy, heart racing with awkwardness. I take a deep breath and wander to the end of the walkway, but when I take a look down the aisle where someone had been, all I see is a deserted space. I scratch a sudden, eerie tingle at the back of my neck, scanning the rows of books before me. There’s not a sound to be heard and not a single person to be seen. I sigh and glance at balıkesir escort my watch, before hurrying to my lecture, not wanting to be late. During the lecture I’m restless, not entirely sure why, although I have my suspicion that I know why I’m uncomfortable.That night I dream of bright blue eyes and red lips and when I wake with the memory of the dreams, I’m not drenched in sweat with fear. Instead, I wake with a nervous tremor in my hands and the dull throbbing of desire roaring through me. I blink away the visions, but the feeling’s still there as I recall the woman I saw the day before. Slim, graceful and fleeting, like an apparition borne from imagination. I lie there, very still, in the middle of my bed, reliving the moment I saw her in my mind’s eye. With my eyes shut, I give myself over to the feelings of lust circling through me, letting my self-restraint slip away. My fingers trail along my skin, through the singlet I wear, down and along my abdomen, until they find the band of my underwear. Slipping down and into the fabric, I explore the wetness, surprised by the sheer amount of it dripping out of my pussy. The dream really got me going, it seems. My fingertips are drenched before they enter me, and as I push two fingers of one hand up and along my depths, I groan, air hissing through my teeth. Instantly my fingers are coated in slick juice.

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