Sex Game Part 2

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Sex Game Part 2deleted”Feels good doesn’t it.” He said softly in her ear. Poroma responded with a hum of pleasure while pushing her pussy up at Rahuls’s moving hand, her face was flushed and I could see her lower lip caught in her teeth as she tried to hold back against the sensations flooding over her. “It can feel even better,” Rahul carried on, “so much better, all you have to do is say those two little words. You know you want to. Will you say them Poroma?” I don’t think my wife could trust her voice because her response was a slow hesitant shake of her head in the negative, Rahul smiled at her response. Then he sank his fingers into her pussy while his mouth went back to her nipple, I watched him finger fuck her slowly until once again Poroma was right on the point of coming. With a grin Rahul sat up, leant over, kissed my wife then slid off the couch to kneel between her open legs. Poroma was breathing hard and heavy as Rahul leant forward to plant a kiss on her pussy while his hands slid up her body to her boobs. A glance told me that another minute had passed, there was only five minutes remaining and once again I felt a faint hope that my wife might hold out. My wife groaning drew my eyes back to what was happening Rahul was gently blowing on her pussy, his warm breath exciting her, but still not making her climax. Sitting up Rahul reached up to pull Poroma ‘s face down to his and their lips locked in a kiss of pure passion, his body was pressed to her pussy as they kissed and I could see my wife making little humping motions against him. Laughing Rahul parted their lips and leant back. “Oh no,” he grinned down at her while teasing her nipples, “you don’t get to cum that easy. Not until you say the magic words. Will you say them?” Poroma bit her lips and shook her head ‘no’, but her motion was even more hesitant than before and my faint hope faded once more. “We’ll see.” Rahul grinned as he lowered his head. He ran his tongue all the way along Poroma ‘s slit in a slow, tantalizing motion and she groaned in pleasure, her lower body pushing up to try and get her pussy tight to Rahul’s mouth. For a moment he let her push her pussy against his mouth then he moved back so that just the tip of his tongue was touching her flesh. Rahul’s hands were busy teasing, tugging and twisting at Poroma ‘s nipples while he tormented her with his tongue. With almost a feather-light touch Rahul circled his tongue around Poroma’s clitoris then passed it over her sensitive bud. “OHHHHHHH… .. GGGGGGODDDDDDD. ….!” Poroma groaned out at this. Other than a brief ‘no’ these were the first words Poroma had spoken since they had started and I knew it was a sign that her resistance was fast crumbling. As did Rahul, once again he circled her clit with his tongue then licked at it a little more firmly which made my wife groan out again. Her whole body seemed to be trembling as she hovered on the very edge of an orgasm, an orgasm Rahul was denying her with consummate skill. My eyes flickered to the stopwatch then back to the action on the couch as my mind tried to understand how a mere minute could have felt like five times that long. “Mmmm, no, no.” Poroma started to intone through her groans of frustrated pleasure as Rahul teased her clit with his tongue. There was less than four minutes remaining now and Rahul was playing my wife like a musical instrument, a touch here, a stroke there, a lick or a suck and his actions were driving her crazy. So crazy that she was squirming and writhing to his every touch, desperate to climax but being denied that release by Rahul’s careful movements. Even when he let his tongue push into her oozing hole he did it so slowly that it merely added to the sensations flooding over Poroma without pushing her over the edge into climax. Leaning back Rahul let a brief moment pass so that Poroma would edge down the slope of pleasure she was on then slid a hand down to her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her Rahul began to finger fuck Poroma with slow, gentle thrusts that pushed her right to the very edge and each time she trembled on the verge of cumming he would stop moving. “Say it.” Rahul whispered to my wife. Her negative response was barely a single jerk of her head and as she made this response I looked at the stopwatch, there was only two minutes left to go, but could Poroma emulate the character in the story and hold out. Rahul had masterfully kept my wife on the very edge of climaxing for almost five full minutes and I felt sure that Poroma would have to crack soon. As I watched Rahul leant forward again to use his tongue on Poroma ‘s pussy once again part of me was willing her to hold on, to suffer the exquisite torment and deny Rahul his victory, but at the same time part of me was willing her to crack and say the words ‘fuck me’. Mixed thoughts churned around in my head as I watched Rahul playing with my wife’s body; watched the effect his caresses were having on her and listened to her ever louder moan of passion. Time seemed to be standing still as my eyes flickered between the scene on the couch and the stopwatch Sutapa was holding, there were ninety seconds left when Poroma gave a low, guttural shout of sheer frustrated desire. Rahul knelt up, his fingers taking the place of his tongue at Poroma ‘s pussy, looking into her glazed eyes he smiled, finger fucked her firmly for a few moments then held bahis firmaları his fingers still as Poroma responded with a muttered comment none of us could make out. “What was that?” Rahul asked softly. I glance at the stopwatch, there was a scant minute left to go, my eyes went back to my wife’s face which was a picture of ecstatic torment. “What did you say Poroma?” Rahul asked again. The breath froze in my chest as I waited in dread and excitement for my wife to reply to Rahul, my eyes flickered to the stopwatch to see forty seconds left then back to the tableaux of Rahul and my wife. Rahul moved his fingers in Poroma ‘s pussy once, twice then a third time and my wife moaned out. “Fffffuck me!” she gasped out in a low, trembling voice. “Louder, so we can all hear you.” Rahul chuckled at Poroma. “FUCK ME YOU ARSEHOLE FUCK ME!” Poroma shout out loudly. Rahul own and I lost. Whatever else he was Rahul certainly knew how to keep a woman from cumming, every time Poroma showed signs of going over the edge he would pause in his motions and wait for her to calm a little, then he would press on. That was his main tactics. Poroma went to toilet while everyone was silently congratulating Rahul. Everyone was laughing and discussing about the matter. After few more minutes the party started again and everything seems to be normal. Suddenly I found Rahul was saying something to Sutapa and Sutapa said “ok ok I am arranging” and went to upstairs where there bedroom was. I was thinking about what Rahul was asking to her. More than 15 minutes passed by and Poroma was not coming out from the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom to check for her but bathroom was empty. I was puzzled….where is she. Suddenly I found that there was another staircase after the bathroom for going to the 1st floor of the house. After reaching the 1st floor I started to find her. There ware total 4 rooms in the 1st floor and I found her In the last room. Well…..she was inside the room with Rahul. The door was closed but the window was slightly open. By the time I reached behind the window to see what was going on inside, Rahul already had buried his cock in her to the hilt. Poroma was threshing her head and literally weeping out for release. I understood Rahul is literally taking her trophy and Sutapa went to upstairs for arranging her bedrooms for them. For one moment I thought I will break door of the room, step inside and kick that bustard Rahul in his ass, and put a stop to those events, but a hand on my arm stopped me before I could take the first step. It was Sutopa. “Poroma went into this with her eyes wide open Ranjeet,” She said softly as I looked at her restraining hand then at her face, “she won’t thank you for showing her up by breaking things up.” “Christ Sutapa ,” I gaped at her, “I can’t just stand by and let her be used like some little fuck toy.” “Of course you can,” Sutapa half smiled, “and you will. Look, Rahul is a bastard, but he won’t hurt her, not much anyway.” “Come on Sutapa ,” I protested, “what if it was you there, how do you think Dilip would react?” “He reacted the same way you will. Why don’t you calm down and just enjoy what is happening.” Sutapa said softly. “You …?” I spluttered in surprise. “Yes, me.” Sutapa grinned. “Rahul pulled the same trick on me also, only I didn’t last half as long as Poroma. Ranjeet, believe me, it made sex between Dilip and me much better. It’s only an hour Ranjeet, and an hour you will relish in the future.” “For god shake Sutapa he is fucking my own wife who is the mother our baby” I said looking to her face. It is just a fuck Ranjeet. Think of it like a shake hand. Two unknown people is trying to join there sexual organ together to know each other better. There body is connected to get some pleasure only nothing more. Rahul is not marrying your wife or taking her away from your baby. Let them have some fun together. Don’t you understand Rahul is like a sex god. Poroma is finding that there are men who can fuck her better than you. Her love for you or the responsibility towards your baby will not be decreased by this incident. I knew there is a possibility that this incident may not end here and Rahul may screw her again and again. You have to take it sportingly. Now don’t disturb them and enjoy. After giving me some more lecture she got back to downstairs. “You know,” Rahul commented as he held his cock still inside my wife, “an hour seems hardly enough to really appreciate a bitch like you.” I could not believe my ears, the man was openly angling to increase the time he had with my wife from an hour to God alone knew how long, nor could I believe that I was going to let him do it.Although this had hit me instantly I was not sure that Poroma was really aware of what Rahul was saying, her whole attention seemed desperately focused on achieving a climax. When Poroma gave no response to his comment Rahul slid his cock in her pussy slowly until it was all but out of her pussy, Poroma writhed and struggled in an effort to get his cock back into her, but with no success. With a little sob of frustration Poroma lay still and looked up at Rahul , her eyes pleading with him to finish her off, grinning down at the now subservient woman beneath him Rahul slid his cock all the way back into her yearning depths. “What do you say Poroma,” Rahul spoke softy as his groin pressed to hers, “should we make it longer kaçak iddaa than an hour?” “Yes, anything,” Poroma sobbed softly, “only please fuck me properly!” “Oh I will, I will. You will be well fucked by the time I’m finished with you.” Rahul laughed. “But first let’s talk time. Perhaps we ought to make it 2 hours.” Poroma nodded a wild yes, her lower lip caught in between her teeth as she struggled to climax. “I didn’t hear you.” Rahul said. “Yes, two hours, yes.” Poroma half gasped and half sobbed. “Hmmm, well I’m not sure,” Rahul mused while making a slow withdrawal of his cock, “can I do everything I want in two hours? I don’t think so. Let’s make it three shall we?” “Yes, anything, only please fuck me!” Poroma pleaded with him. “Anything?” Rahul grinned while pushing his cock slowly back into Poroma’s yearning pussy. “In that case how about this. The time is almost twelve thirty; you do whatever I want until seven in the morning, that’s a little over six hours. Still not enough in my view, but I don’t think you could stand any longer. So Poroma, what do you say, will you be my wife until seven?” I held my breath as I waited for my wife to answer, though deep down I already knew what she would say. “Yes!” she wailed and I let the air sigh from my chest. “Yes what?”Rahul asked firmly. “What you said,” Poroma gasped out, “I’ll do whatever you want until seven in the morning.” “That’s like a good girl.” Rahul crowed. “And now for your reward.” With that Rahul began to fuck Poroma in earnest, his cock started sliding in and out slowly, but in a few heart pulsate he had picked up the pace and that was all it took to make Poroma climax. Climax was too mild an expression for what hit Poroma as all the pent up excitement crashed over her, it started with a shudder that became violent jerks of her body, at the same time she was almost screaming out the bliss she was feeling. This orgasmic explosion just seemed to go on and on, throughout all this Rahul continued fucking her with hard, heavy strokes that just seemed to make her ecstasy increase even more. Rahul was clearly enjoying the sensation of fucking my wife and seemed to be doing everything he could to draw out that pleasure, but despite himself his thrusts became ever harder and faster until their bodies were virtually crashing together. With a groan Rahul pushed hard into my wife and I watched his buttocks clenching as he came deep inside her, by this time Poroma’s movements had become weak and almost listless but when Rahul ’s seed filled her she gave a yelping shout then shook violently again. “Oh am I going to enjoy this.” Rahul puffed as he leant back on his heels, his cock slithering wetly from Poroma’s pussy. My wife’s pussy was oozing sperm. Rahul took some liquid from there and spread over her face. Now his thick sperm coated in her lips and chin, and some even glistened on her throat and boobs. Panting and shivering in post orgasmic pleasure Poroma lay on the bed taking Rahul in her top. After laying 10 minutes over there, Rahul , once again sporting an erection, stood over Poroma, he seemed pleased at the well used look she wore and as she looked up at him questioningly. He gave a little laugh. “You’re not done yet my darling.” Rahul spoke meaningfully. “There’s one hole that hasn’t been used yet.” Poroma’s eyes widened as she realized which hole he was referring to, but though we didn’t do it more than 4-5 times in our entire married life my wife was not an anal virgin. As the realisation reached her eyes Rahul grinned even more and nodded down at her as though confirming her thought. “Assume the position like a good little bitch.” Rahul chuckled. Poroma sighed then moved onto her hands and knees, her bum facing Rahul as she looked over her shoulder awaiting his pleasure. “Damn you’ve got your wife well trained Ranjeet.” Rahul laughed as he moved closer to my wife. He stuck his cock in her pussy to gather the juices there then withdrew it, a moment later Rahul was pressing his cock to Poroma’s small puckered anus. As he applied pressure Poroma hung her head between her shoulders and gave a small groan of pain, then she yelped and I saw Rahul ’s cock surging all the way into her back passage. There was nothing gentle about the way Rahul fucked her arse, his thrusts were fast and almost drove her to the floor with their power. Despite this Poroma managed to hold her position and, to my surprise, was soon moaning in pleasure which made Rahul laugh then thrust even harder. “You like it hard don’t you my little bitch.” Rahul commented breathlessly. “Yes.” Poroma gasped back even though his words had not been a question. “I bet you never let your husband fuck you hard and mercilessly.” Rahul grunted as he picked up the pace even more. “No.” My wife responded breathlessly. I blushed at her reply, even though it was true that I had always treated her lovingly her admission was humiliating and Rahul ’s response even more so. “Well you sure love having a real man fucking you,” He laughed. “it takes a real man to handle a woman like you. Perhaps we’ll get together again after this just to keep you satisfied.” Thankfully Poroma made no response, but that may have been simply because she was too busy climaxing to talk. While I thought about his comment that they get together again Rahul began to groan, moments later his cock was thrust deep inside Poroma as he kaçak bahis filled her bowels with his cum. For a few moments after cumming Poroma remained still, clearly savouring the sensations of my wife’s arse around his cock, then, after a few idle thrust “Okay,” he sighed moving away from Poroma. I understood they may get out right now. So I came out from the window and entered another room. I hard Rahul saying “let’s go get cleaned up.” I wasn’t too happy to see Poroma and Rahul leaving the room together, but I had little choice in the matter. A few minutes later Rahul returned without Poroma, grabbing his discarded clothing he quickly dressed then headed to the telephone. I again went behind the window. I made an attempt to hear his phone conversation. Although I couldn’t make it all out I got enough to realize that Rahul was making arrangements for a two day trip near a seaside area, But I couldn’t make out the location. As he finished his call I found some one is coming so I again took shelter in the next room. Oh my god….it was Poroma, still naked, reappeared. Seeing Poroma Rahul grinned and instructed her to put on her dress. Puzzled Poroma did as instructed then stood there waiting for whatever was to come next and when Rahul spoke I felt my face go white. “Okay my baby,” Rahul grinned, “We’re going for a little ride to my apartment, we will spend the night over there and tomorrow we are going to a seaside for a two day trip.” I came down to the ground floor of the house where the party was going on. After few minutes I found they ware coming down together. They came and went outside without saying me or anyone anything. I was so surprised that I could not stop them. When I herd the sound of Rahul’s car I realized that they were really going. I could not understand what was going. I returned back to my home.I have tried to call her in her mobile. But her mobile was switched off. But I got one sms in my mobile where she said “going for a trip with Rahul, I will explain to you everything when I will return.” That was a Sunday evening when Rahul ’s car stopped outside the house, a tired and disheveled Paromita got out and as the car moved away she turned to face the house. Moving away from the window I waited for my wife to come in. “Ranjeet!” Paroma gasped in surprise as she saw me waiting for her in the middle of the living room. “Have a good time?” I asked cruelly. “Do you want to start a fight right now………look I am very tired as well as hungry. I need to take a shower also. I will discuss about it later” She answered. After the dinner I was waiting for her in my bedroom. She sat in the bed quietly and then asked “are you angry”? I said “yes”. “Why” She asked again. I said because my wife fucked the man I hated most. She suddenly became very angry and said “Rangeet you were there in the party all the time. You saw how I got stuck in the situation. Rahul tricked me and you know I have tried my best to resist him. I lost because he is not an ordinary man……. he is like a sex god. He can seduce and take any woman in his bed. I was completely taken by his charm. I was doing what he wanted me to do.” “But you went for a 2 day trip with him without giving me any information…how could you do that” I told her loudly. “Yes I did but……..don’t you understand I was acting like his slave that day”. “So what is your plan now” I asked her quietly. Look Rangeet I am requesting you to take the matter sportingly. You know how much I love you and care for you. Give me some time to recover from the effect of his charm, I am promising you that you will get full control of your wife very soon”.“You mean it is not over yet. You are going to meet him again” I asked my wife being completely surprised. “Look Rangeet our affair has just started…….It is not possible for me to stop seeing him right now.” “So you will again let him fuck you” I asked her looking it to her eyes. “Yes …….I will definitely get screwed by him many more times in your absence. But don’t loose faith. I love my husband and my baby. I will be completely yours very soon. Please give your wife few more months dear.” I was stunned and I could not answer. “We are just fucking each other and having fun……..there is no love or any kind of bond between us other than sex…….I promise you, the attraction I am feeling about him will not last long” She confirmed me again. I was completely helpless. I could not do anything other than allowing my wife to fuck him. I knew that in my absence Rahul was coming in my house and regularly fucking her in my bed. But she did stop seeing him. It took eight months and I got complete control of her just like she said. I was very happy getting my wife back. But in those eight months our sex life was improved tremendously, just like Sutapa said. Every time I imagined that my wife getting screwed by Rahul in my absence and my wife screaming in pleasure, I became very very horny and we had wild sex. One year passed by. One day she went to the supermarket to buy some garments. When she returned I found that she was very very excited as well as horny. That night when I asked her about that she said she met someone in the supermarket. That guy was very very sexy and he took her in a nearby coffee shop. Later he dropped her in front of our house in his car. He also took her mob no. She asked me “if you give permission then I can go ahead”. I asked her “what is in your mind”. She came to me and hugged me tightly and taking her mouth in my ear she said in a husky voice “mere mann me sirf ek hi bat hai” I asked again “what” she answered “wahi ….heaven in10 minutes”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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