Seven Sins Ch. 02: Envy

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Two weeks later the events of that night were still on Jennie’s mind. She wasn’t a lesbian, she knew that for certain; but still, the memory of that cheaply-made television porno and seeing those two women doing those things with each other still caused a strangely pleasant itch which needed to be scratched. In fact it was becoming more than distracting, something her co-workers had started to notice.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” Her colleague Sam said at lunch, “but you really need to get laid.”

Jennie almost choked on her sandwich, coughing and spluttering as Sam kept calming spooning her organic yoghurt into her mouth as if she’d commented on the weather or something.

Finally getting herself under control Jennie stared at her friend in disbelief. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Oh, come on. You’ve been wriggling in your seat for a fortnight. Unless you’re needing to see a doctor you need to get stuffed.” Sam said, as she helped herself to Jennie’s leftover sandwich. “In fact, I have a doctor in mind who could do both, just in case.”

“I do not need to be set up, thank you. I can find myself a… someone.” She wasn’t sure why she stopped herself from saying ‘a man’, or why she kept seeing those two women naked every time she closed her eyes.

“Okay, fine.” Sam said, covering her mouth with her hand as the crumbs from Jennie’s sandwich splattered over her blouse. Jennie didn’t know how Sam managed it, her manners were appalling and most of the time she took everyone and everything for granted, but she was still the best friend Jennie had in the office and somehow they managed to spend almost as much time together out of it. “How about we split the difference? I take you out tonight and you find yourself a man.”

Jennie shook her head as she tidied away the last of her lunch, as well as Sam’s. “Not tonight, I have…”

“You don’t have anything.” Sam interrupted with a tone of casual indifference, darting forwards to snatch the last cookie before Jennie could spirit it away. “And if you don’t I’ll call your mom and tell her you’ll be at home all night.”

That was as bad a threat as any that Sam could’ve made. Jennie’s mom had been retired for years, and all that spare time gave her plenty of opportunity to indulge in her favourite pastime of gathering gossip on people Jennie barely knew and cared about even less. If her mom knew she’d be free for the evening it would be guaranteed Jennie would be trapped on the phone as all the latest tidbits of triviality where reported to her in excruciating detail.

“Alright, you win.” Jennie said with a resigned sigh. “Nowhere too rough though, we both have work tomorrow and I don’t want to be nursing another hangover.”

Sam grinned mischievously. “Of course, you can trust me can’t you?”

Jennie didn’t need to reply, she just gave Sam a steady disbelieving stare until they both broke out giggling.

Several hours later Jennie found herself standing in front of the mirror admiring her going-out clothes. The short dress cut just close enough to her butt to give some guy the hopes of seeing her panties while at the same time being long enough to make sure they didn’t, and an almost invisible bodice which gave her chest the C cups Mother Nature had forgotten.

Whatever anyone else thought, she liked the way she looked. Striking a slutty pose she blew herself a kiss, only to jump as the door buzzer startled her. It was Sam, wearing a similar outfit only with an even shorter skirt and tighter top.

“Wow. Are you really going out dressed like that?” Jennie said, her voice dripping with equal measures of shame and pride.

Sam pouted at her, just like a rebellious teenager. “And who are you, not my mother to be sure.”

The two of them started giggling again as Jennie grabbed her purse and giving herself a final look in the hallway mirror headed out. As they climbed into the taxi Sam had waiting for them Jennie couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of her friend’s thighs, the view unencumbered by any sign of cloth beneath the miniskirt. Leaning in a little closer Jennie whispered in Sam’s ear curiously, “Are you wearing a thong tonight?”

“Nope.” Sam said with a beaming smile. Jennie just stared at her confused for a moment before her friend quickly whipped her skirt aside, flashing her bare crotch for the briefest of moments before covering herself up again.

“Sam!” Jennie exclaimed, darting her gaze towards the driver to make sure he hadn’t seen the shameless display. Grabbing Sam’s arm she pulled her close. “Why aren’t you wearing any panties?”

Sam preened like a prideful cat, fluttering her lashes playfully. “They just get in the way. I wanna make sure if a guy wants to fuck Ankara escort on the dance floor nothing’s gonna stop him.”

Jennie barked out a laugh. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“I sure am.”

The reply left Jennie speechless, she wanted to tell her friend how much of a bad idea it was but at the same time the vision of Sam naked in the middle of a crowd, her body moving in time to some hidden beat as some stranger’s hands traced their way over her curves left Jennie’s mouth dry.

By the time Jennie could pull herself out of her fugue the taxi was already pulling up outside the club. A long queue stretched down the sidewalk as far as the pale streetlight reached but Sam ignored it, heading straight towards the large, muscular bouncer standing by the door.

“Hey Mike, is he in tonight?” She asked in a casual manner which showed her not only to be a regular but also a well-connected one.

“Not tonight, but he left your name on the list so he may be in later on.” The bouncer answered as he plucked the silk cord from its pole and stepped aside to let the girls pass.

“Thanks.” Sam smiled at him, letting her hand rest on his chest for a moment longer than it should have. “Drop by when you’re on break and I’ll get you a drink.”

“Sure thing.” The bouncer replied with a smile, the kind that left Jennie wondering if that drink might include a dance.

Inside the club the party was in full swing, loud music pounding the air as the throng of people flowed together in a single mass. Jennie felt a little awkward, she hadn’t really been out on the town since her separation and she wasn’t even sure if she was ready to be looking for someone new. Plus the thoughts she’d been having lately left her wondering just who she should be looking for anyway, and until she worked that out for herself she didn’t really feel like placing herself on the market.

Sam on the other hand looked right at home, moving through the crowd like a fish moving through water. Occasionally she’d wave to someone or stop to exchange a few words in greeting as she slowly made her way over to the VIP section, where the hostess waved her through without a second glance. As they settled into a booth overlooking the main dance floor Jennie couldn’t help but notice the two girls sitting below who seemed less interested about their surroundings than they were with each other.

From the way they looked the girls must’ve been in their early twenties, or at least very well dressed up late teens. The redhead had pale skin and a pierced upper lip to go with a nose-stud which complimented her complexion perfectly. Her companion had very deep, dark skin, almost a solid mahogany colour which clashed with her bleached hair in a way which drew attention to her wide, beautiful eyes.

Jennie’s eyes lingered as the two girls snuggled close together, neither of them doing anything but the air between them heavy with anticipation. After a few moments of rapt attention Jennie realised Sam had been saying something to her, looking around in bewilderment she refocused herself back to her friend, “Sorry, what was that?”

Sam’s eyes took on a sharp look as she studied her friend’s face for a second. “I was asking if you wanted something to drink, but if you’d prefer a taste of whoever you’ve been watching I’m sure I could arrange that instead.”

Jennie blushed as she looked away, playing with her hair as she tried to control herself. “No, it’s nothing. I just thought I saw someone I used to know.”

“Sure you did.” Sam sneered, “Let’s just get you a drink and then we can go hunting.”

With a wave of her hand Sam called over a waitress and before Jennie could even decide what she wanted a cocktail had already appeared in front of her. Taking a cautious sip Jennie was taken aback by the flavour, stronger than she was used to but with a light, fruity taste which was smooth on her palate. A deeper sip left a pleasant burning in her throat with left her gasping with delight. Across the table Sam smiled with satisfaction, “I thought you’d enjoy that.”

“What is it?” Jennie asked before taking another heavy sip.

“It’s called a fizzing cherry, and I bet that’s not the only fizzing cherry round here at the moment.” Under the table Jennie felt something moving up her thigh. Glancing down she saw Sam’s foot as it nuzzled at her panties.

“Sam! Stop it!” She hissed between clenched teeth, eyes darting from side to side to make sure no-one had seen what was happening.

With a burst of laughter Sam moved her foot away. “Don’t worry girl, I’m just making sure you’re nice and ready for Mr. Right Now, when he turns up.” Sam rose from her seat, her gaze moving passed Jennie towards the club entrance. “Speaking Ankara escort bayan of which, I have someone to meet. Will you be okay here for a while?”

Before Jennie could answer Sam had vanished into the crowd. Looking down onto the dance floor she saw a well-dressed man surrounded by an entourage making his way across the floor with Sam heading towards him as quickly as the crowd would allow. Jennie watched for a moment before being distracted by the couple below.

She didn’t mean to stare, but the two girls had moved on from shared whispers to something a little more aggressive. The redhead was laid back in her seat, head tilted back and eyes closed as her dark friend nuzzled her neck with slow, powerful kisses. As Jennie watched she saw the dark girl’s hand move up along her friend’s arm, gently cupping her breast for a moment before slowly sliding down under the table between the redhead’s legs.

The brazenness of the act shocked Jennie more than the act itself, she couldn’t believe these two women were getting to third base only a few feet away from her. Perhaps it was the drink, or the pounding beat of the music, but Jennie could feel her heartbeat rising in her chest, along with other places, as she watched. The throbbing was spreading through her body and it was all she could do not to try and touch her, just to relieve the pressure. Sam’s idea of not wearing panties was suddenly beginning to sound a whole lot more sensible.

Glancing around to make sure she wasn’t being watched Jennie slowly slid her hand beneath the table, sliding it along her thigh until she found the damp patch of cloth covering her crotch. Through the fabric, she gently traced her fingertips over the swelling lips hidden beneath. The sensation sent shivers up her spine and for a moment Jennie forgot where she was, or that crowds of people were around her as she reveled in the feeling.

Shifting her gaze back to the booth below Jennie was disappointed to see the girls gone. A quick glance across the floor later and Jennie spotted the couple moving along the wall, heading towards a side entrance. She could guess what they were planning, or at least she could fantasise, and she was too worked up to miss out.

Shuffling out of her seat Jennie hurried down to the dance floor, but by the time she made it there the couple had vanished. Making her way to the side door Jennie quickly slipped through and found herself in a back alley filled with empty crates and barrels. It was dark, with only a single weak bulb hanging high for light, and Jennie had to be careful making her way between the crates to make sure she didn’t make a sound as she hunted for the girls.

It wasn’t too difficult to find them, once you knew what to look for. The heavy panting and muffled moans echoed between the tight walls and only the isolation protected the couple from discovery. Peering around the crates Jennie could see them silhouetted against the back wall, one girl pinned against the wall by the other as they moved together obviously enjoying each other’s company.

Moving closer Jennie peered through the darkness, trying to make out details in the gloom. A passing car’s headlights provided a flash of light, a moment of clarity which revealed the two girls’ naked bodies pressed against each other, their clothes abandoned on the ground around them in their passionate haste. The details burnt themselves into Jennie’s brain; the redhead’s bright pink nipples between her friend’s lips, the dark girl’s rich caramel fingers working up between the light frizz of hair between her friend’s thighs.

Even as the light faded and the shadows rolled in Jennie couldn’t pull her eyes away, and as she watched she could feel her hands moving over her own body. Before she realised it she felt her fingers sliding up her thigh, pressing themselves against her moistening panties. Carefully, so as not to disturb the crates of empty bottles, Jennie braced herself against the wall so she could watch the two girls while at the same time do a little scratching she so desperately needed.

As she watched the girls kissing, licking and exploring each other’s bodies in the dim light her fingers seemed to know exactly what to do. The fabric of her panties was damp and moved easily over her labia as she began to rhythmically stroke her folds, keeping her movements in time with these of the lesbians.

The dark girl slowly broke away from her friend’s breast and brought her fingers up to the redhead’s mouth. He companion reached out her tongue to lick her juices before sucking the fingers between her lips. Almost as if under a spell Jennie copied them, lifting her own fingers to her mouth to taste herself. In that moment nothing had every tasted as good Escort Ankara as the tangy sweetness of her own cunt and closing her eyes Jennie reveled in the flavour for a moment before quickly turning her attention back to her muses.

In that moment of inattention the girls had switched positions and in the darkness Jennie couldn’t make out what they were doing. Their bodies seemed blended together in a shape her mind couldn’t comprehend and it wasn’t until another flash of headlights shone into the alley that she got a clear view.

The redhead was pinned up against the wall with her head tilted back and legs held high. Between her thighs the dark girl had her face pressed against her friend’s crotch, her hands supporting the raised legs but with most of the redhead’s bodyweight pressing her lover’s cunt down onto her mouth.

Whatever she was doing down there had the redhead going wild, her hands clawing at her friend’s hair as she moaned and wailed in pleasure, at times almost purring and others screaming loud enough to have Jennie checking over her shoulder to make sure no-one came running to the rescue.

With her eyes riveted on the scene Jennie slipped both of her hands into her underwear, working her fingers over her lips and using both thumbs at once to stroke her throbbing clit. It was almost too much and as she slipped deeper into the pleasure her mind started to race, wondering how it would feel to have another woman between her thighs, her tongue inside her.

As a vaguely familiar face brushed through her thoughts Jennie came, the passion breaking inside her as juices flowed out of her. The already sodden panties did little to stanch the flow, the juices dribbling down Jennie’s thighs as her head fell back and her mouth hung open. It wasn’t until a moment later she realised how loudly she’d cried out.

Quickly pulling her hands up to her face she smothered her mouth with them, hoping to pull back the sound she’d made as she hunkered down behind the crates. Few what seemed like an eternity she sat there, her sticky hands smearing her pussy juices over her face, waiting to be discovered and she began to hope.

‘Perhaps they didn’t hear me?’ Jennie wondered. ‘If I sneak away now they’d never know it was me.’

Bracing herself to move Jennie’s thighs were just beginning to flex as the redhead stepped past, moving back down towards the club’s alley entrance. Jennie almost swore with surprise, but instead froze where she was, her hands still clamped over her mouth to stop herself from making a sound.

A moment later the dark-skinned girl moved passed, glancing around her as she did in an idly curious manner. At least Jennie’s hoped it was idly curious as she curled herself into an even tighter ball of shame and embarrassment and tried to melt into the piles of crates around her. The girl didn’t stop though instead continuing on own the dark alley to meet her friend at the doorway.

Few several minutes Jennie simply sat there, along in the darkness, her heart racing from fear and excitement. Finally she managed to build up the courage to move and, after straightening up her clothes as best she could, made her way back into the club. As she wove her way through the crowd Jennie was acutely aware of the juices drying on her thighs, their trails reaching far below her hemline, but with the press of bodies around her she was sure no-one would notice. At least she hoped they wouldn’t.

Stepping into the washroom Jennie had to wait a few minutes more before one of the cubicles was empty, and she quickly stepped inside and locked the door behind her before leaning on it with a relieved sigh. For some reason the hollow plywood walls made her feel safe once more, something she hadn’t felt since crying out in the alley.

Lifting her skirt and peeling off her panties Jennie examined the mess between her legs. Her crotch was a matted web of hair and the congealing juices were sticking to her thighs in a very curious pattern. After checking the toilet water was clean Jennie reached down with her panties, soaking them and wringing them out a few times before wiping them over her thighs to clean up the worst of the mess.

Once she’d done the best she could, given the circumstances, Jennie stepped back into the main washroom and made her way to the sinks. Looking into the mirror she was appalled to see how much of a mess her face was. Her make-up had been ruined by her pussy juices, lipstick smeared all over her chin and cheeks.

As she stared at herself a friendly hand suddenly appeared in front of her, a tissue held out. “Looks like you could use a hand,” a warm voice said politely.

“Thank you,” Jennie replied as she took the tissue and smiled at the good samaritan.

And suddenly the fear returned. Smiling back at her was the dark-skinned girl who not so long ago had had her lips pressed against another girl’s crotch in the alleyway, lips that now widened into a smile. “I think we need to talk.”

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