Setting myself up to be cuckolded by an Alpha male

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Setting myself up to be cuckolded by an Alpha maleSetting myself up to be cucked by an alpha male.I must admit our love making had taken a hit recently. It was mostly my fault, being to tired after working to much and my growing interest in online porn. Other people seemed to be having so much more interesting sex than me, and I envied them.My wife and I were both 43 and our sexlife had become stale. Sara was hot looking, but quite unadventurous in bed. Often if I brought up ideas during love making just to spice things up she would just turn off, and I learnt not to bring anything up again. I wouldn’t have minded so much but it was never anything to perverted.I really loved my wife, and was scared that I would lose her due to the lack of bedroom fun. Like many men I had thought about watching Sara with other men. Most women think that we men like this fantasy just because we are kinky. But for me, and I guess many others, it is because we feel inadequate in some way. Size or lack of confidance or our performance etc. We worry that we will lose our partner, and just wish her to be able to have the freedom to enjoy good sex once in a while but still come home to us.This is were the cuckold porn started to interest me. It seemed to be just the right thing for someone feeling as I did. But I knew Sara would never go for it. However I suggested it, I felt it would only draw a wedge between us. I needed another way to make it happen.I joined many cuckold sites, and read as much on the forums as I could. One saturday, while Sara was out shopping, I found a post that intrigued me. It was about Alpha males.The post was from a wife who had been working at a company who had employed a new boss. She described him as an Alpha male and how, as soon as he walked in a room he owned it. His manner and the vibes he gave off, made him irresistable to her and all the other women working there. It was as if he could have who he wanted, when he wanted and on his terms.All the women fawned over him, and became competitive to bed him. In this post, this woman won and began an affair. She still loved her husband so she confessed, but made it clear to her hubby she loved him, but needed the Alpha male in her life too. The couple came to an agreement and hubby became a cuckold.This was a revelation to me and appeared to be the answer I was looking for. I researched Alpha males and began to dream and fantasise about my Sara sleeping with such a guy.Because of the porn and my interest in cuckolding, our lovemaking became even less and less often. I could tell Sara was not pleased with this and I needed to act soon. I began to search swinging and other sites for an Alpha male. I was starting to get despondant and thought I would not be able to find a suitable Alpha close enough to us. Then I finally found Paul’s profile. After looking at his pics and reading his profile. As well as testimonies from some of the women he had met up with he seemed to be perfect. The only possible problem was that Paul was a good twelve years older than us. Would Sara go for such an older guy?Over a few days my mind kept coming back to Paul’s profile. I read the testimonies again to get a feel for Paul and to get a little turned on.From Sheila “Meeting Paul has been a revelation. As soon as he walked in the bar I knew I would do anything to please him. No one has filled me like Paul did, I felt lucky to be his slut.”From June and Steve “Paul soon owned us, being in his presence was amazing. We knew immediately that our lives would change for the better, and we would worship him in anyway he wished just so long as he gave June the fucking from his huge cock that she craves.”From Dave “Watching my wife Tara fall for Paul’s charms was such a thrill. He was so skilled, both in her seduction, and in his lovemaking. It was a privilege to watch him making love to my wife and to see how much happier she was when he was around.”It was only one night when Sara was out with a friend that I sat down in front of my laptop drunk, that I got up the nerve to send a message to him. My cock was hardening as I looked at his pics and typed. I pictured his cock, so much bigger than my own cock stretching out Sara’s cunt. I pictured her submissively on her knees with his cock in her mouth. My sweet sexy wife owned by this Alpha male.“Dear Sir” I typed, putting myself in the appropiate submissive mode for this guy. I gave him the outline of my problem with our sex life and told him how I wished him to take control and seduce my darling wife. Not thinking through what I was saying I offered my undying gratitude and obedience to him in return. I sent off the message and went to get another drink. On return to the laptop I was susprised to see a reply.Paul gave me an order to send him some pics of my wife. And I managed to find some pics of her dressed, but looking sexy. I had to explain that Sara was not the type to let me take undressed, naughty photos of her.Paul said he liked her photos and that Sara sounded like she could be a challenge. He told me to bring her to a quiet members club he goes to the next night, and make out he was a potential client of mine. He also told me to make sure she dressed nicely for him.Of course in my drunk state I happily agreed. It was only after logging off I realised how easily he had manipulated me.I woke the next morning sober, and as I lay in bed my conversation with the Alpha bahis firmaları leapt to the front of my mind. My cock hardened as I thought about it, and convinced myself to go through with it. My wife stirred next to me and I found myself begging her to meet my new client Paul for a drink. She was not keen on going out for a boring business meeting with me, so I offered to finish work early, and take her shopping for a new outfit.After a big hit to my credit card, we arrived home laden with packages and Sara went to shower and change. While I got ready I received a text from Paul checking that we were coming and asking if I still wanted him to seduce, and fuck my wife if so. I was to text back begging him to do so.Just then Sara entered the bedroom in the figure hugging black lycra dress we had bought that afternoon. She look so elegant but so sexy with the black patent leather heels that went with the dress so well. “Wow you look amazing” I said to her then made a typically stupid husband remark. “The only thing is your panties are showing through the dress.“Do you really think I am going to go pantyless to some stupid business meeting of yours.” she shouted at me.I calmed her down, telling her I meant well and just wanted her to feel good in her new dress. She stormed out to finish her make up and my hands trembling I texted Paul back.“Dear Sir. Yes please carry on with your plan and seduce Sara. Please give her the best fucking of her life, make her crave your Alpha cock. Let her know there is better sex out there for her. Yours sincerely Carl.”Finally we were ready to go. Sara looked stunning beside me still angry with me and giving me the silent treatment. We were soon outside the private members club Paul used. We signed in and were shown into one of the bars. Paul was stood at the bar, and it was obvious that everyone in the room gravitated to him and hung on his every word. He spied us coming in and motioned for us to join him at a table in a discrete corner of the bar.I could feel the eyes of all those there following us, no doubt already knowing Sara would soon be one of Pauls conquests. I felt a sense of pride as Paul gave me an approving smile as we sat down.As soon as we were sat Paul told me to go to the bar and fetch a round of drinks. Of course I followed his order like a meek little puppy. The barman seemed to serve everybody else first and when I eventually got back to the table I noticed Sara had edged herself closer to Paul. We exchanged small talk, and a little so called business talk, before Paul sent me on an errand to get a form to join the club, as he was sure we would want to join him here again.I noticed Sara’s eyes light up at that and a small smile appear on her lips. Once I had tracked down the manager and he had taken his time to find the form I returned to the table. Paul and Sara were sat even closer to each other and whispering conspiratorialy together. It was then I understood Paul had sent me away to give him time with Sara.We had another round of drinks before Paul made his excuses and said he had other business to attend to. I felt disappointed and thought something must have gone wrong. We drove home deep in our own thoughts.However once we were home, Sara asked if we would be meeting Paul again and she seemed excited at the thought. I replied that I had no plans to meet him. But she pressed on and suggested that we invite Paul over for a drink the next night.I was hugely surprised and excited that Sara was making the suggestion, and felt my cock stir. I decided to play it cool and said that I wasn’t sure about it. Sara went into one of her sulks and I eventually gave in.Sara sent Paul a text so they must have exchanged numbers at some point. She beamed when she said that Paul had accepted her invite, and that he would join us the next evening.That night we made love with the most passion that we had done so in a long, long time. Sara seamed fired up and for it, for myself, it was the idea of Paul fucking my wife.I missed Sara the next morning as I had to work early, but I received a text from her during the day to say Paul would be at our house for drinks at seven that evening. I got home about six thirty, and was surprised to see Sara’s new outfit. I had never seen her looking so sexy. She had bought a short black leather skirt, which had a gold zip running up the side, and was short enough to show her stocking tops. And a sheer white blouse that if you looked carefully, showed the red satin basque underneath.She came up to me and hugged me, “do you think Paul will like my new outfit?” she asked. I assured her that she looked amazing. and rushed off to have a quick shower. I sent a text to Paul asking if Sara had been in contact since she invited him the previous evening, as I had never seen her in such a slutty outfit. I thought maybe it had been his idea. He assured me that they had not been in contact, but was looking forward to the evening to come.Once I finished my shower I dressed and returned to the lounge just as Paul rang the doorbell. To be a tease, I sat on the sofa leaving the two single chairs, or next to me on the sofa for Sara and Paul to sit on. Sara let Paul in, and brought him into the lounge. I saw a look of disappointment on Sara’s face when she noticed the seating choices. I just knew she would want to be next to Paul. I welcomed Paul and he sat in one of the single armchairs. kaçak iddaa Sara sat next to myself.Sara asked Paul what he would like to drink. Paul asked for a brandy and I knew we had a good bottle and went to the kitchen for a glass. However when I opened the cupboard the bottle was missing as was my whisky. Confused I went back into the lounge and apologised for being out of the drinks.Paul spoke in his commanding way “Well Carl I am sure you can find a shop that sells a good bottle. I will keep Sara good company until you return. Oh and buy a bottle of champagne while your at it.”I agreed and left to drive to the nearest shop, which would mean I would be away for at least twenty minutes. I just hoped I would not miss anything. As I passed the dustbin on my way to the car I took a look in it, and as I expected there lay the two missing bottles, emptied. I had to hand it to Sara for the deception. She obviously wanted a little time alone with Paul. I soon returned, and nervously entered my home unsure of what I was to find. As I expected Paul had taken the opportunity to sit on the sofa with Sara. I poured out the drinks and sat on the chair opposite. Paul had a cocky smile on his face as the small talk flowed.Suddenly Paul put his hand on Sara’s thigh, just below her skirt. Sara looked at me seaking my approval, making no effort to brush his hand away. I gave a faint nod to her and noticed how Paul’s cock had hardened along his own thigh, and was showing clearly through his trousers. Sara noticed me looking and followed my gaze.I saw Sara’s eyes widen and her lick her lips. She looked at me again, and mouthed a silent “may I.” It was my very last chance to stop this madness but I just couldn’t. I felt myself nod and watched as Sara, still looking me in the eyes, move her hand to lie on the top of Pauls cock. Still looking me in the eye Sara began to stroke it’s impressive length. Paul’s cocky smile grew bigger.“I think your wife is enjoying the evening Carl, I think she is finding it quite stimulating don’t you think?”I swallowed. “Yes indeed Paul, and I hope you are finding it equally stimulating.”“Well let us see, shall we Carl.”With that Paul took hold of the zip on Sara’s skirt and pulled it up a little. With the extra room, he slid his hand further up Sara’s leg and began to stroke her thigh. Sara leant backwards, and gave out a low gasp as Paul moved his hand onto Sara’s inner thigh.Paul took hold of Sara’s chin and guided her face towards his. “Oh yes please kiss me Paul, I need this so much.”I watched mesmerized as my timid wife kissed this stranger with a real passion. Paul was really living up to his Alpha male persona, and did not seak any permission from me or Sara as he caressed and stroked my wife in front of me.Sara stroked Paul’s cock faster and gave it a good squeeze. Her breathing was getting harder and faster and there was a real look of lust on her flushed face.“Carl, I don’t think I can stop myself, I need to go all the way with Paul. I need him inside me, I am so sorry, but I really need Paul to fuck me.”“Oh I don’t think Carl will mind Sara. He can see that you need and deserve, a real man to fuck you. Look at him Sara, how can he unlock your body and needs? He sits there letting a real man kiss and touch his wife. Does he complain? No, he watches, like a lost puppy. Hoping to get to see you get the fucking you deserve.” Sara looked across at me, and I could read her face as she looked at me with pity,and as she understood the truth of Paul’s words. The realisation as she knew that compared to Paul, I was a wimp. And that she was free to fuck Paul or whoever she chose, when ever she wanted. Sara went down on her knees in front of Paul and it was plain to see she desired to suck his cock. It had been a long, long time since Sara had given me a blow job. I was intrigued to know if she would swallow his load as she had never swallowed mine.“Carl, come and kneel beside your wife.” Paul said as he stood up, his cock tenting out his trousers. Once he was stood I knelt beside Sara. And we both looked up at this man who was becoming like a god to us. “Carl take out and put my cock to your wifes lips.”I had never touched another mans cock before and was not sure that I wanted to now. I saw my hands go up to undo Paul’s trousers and I hesitated.“Just fucking do it you wimp, give me his cock.” Sara hissed at me.I undid Paul’s trousers, and pulled down his boxer shorts. Paul’s long, thick and heavy cock fell down onto my wrist. Sara and I both gasped at the impressive cock, and we both stared at it.“What are you waiting for Carl? Feed my cock to your wife.”With a trembling hand, I took hold of Paul’s cock, feeling it’s heat and weight and lifted it to Sara’s waiting lips. I watched as she kissed it, almost in reverance. Then she opened her mouth and slid her lips over the large cockhead. I could see her jaw stretching to accept the girth of Paul’s cock as she tried to slide her mouth down the length of pulsing meat. Sara gave off gasps of pleasure as she tasted Paul’s cock, and inhaled his manly aroma. Sara was clearly enjoying serving and pleasuring this Alpha male cock.Sara slid her hands onto Paul’s ass cheaks and pulled him towards her, forcing even more cock into her mouth. She began to carress his buttocks and slid a finger on to his asshole which made his cock twitch and harden further.“Are you ready to watch me take your kaçak bahis wife Carl? Ready to see me fill her pussy, stretch her out, and fuck the living daylights out of her?”Blindly I nodded I was, so stunned by the situation I had got us into. Paul pulled his cock out of Sara’s mouth and took hold of her hand.“Take me to the marital bed Sara, it is time I took my rightful place in this household. I take it you have a spare room Carl can move into?”“We do. And Carl can move his stuff into it tomorrow.”Sara led Paul up the stairs towards what used to be our bedroom. I had not expected to be kicked out from there, but understood the new dynamic being played out. I really had not thought things through enough, but accepted the situation meekly, after all I had wanted Sara to be happy, and she certainly looked happy now.Once they arrived in the bedroom, Sara turned towards Paul and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. I was shocked to see after her outburst the previous day that she was not wearing her panties. Her pussy glistened with her juices as she took off her blouse. Her tits looked wonderful as the red basque pushed up her milky white globes. Sara lay on the bed and opened her legs wide invitingly. Paul moved to kneel between her legs. Drops of precum dripped from the end of his cock. Sara had a wild look in her eyes as she knew she was about to get the best fucking of her life.“Carl, get over here. You can have the privilege of opening up Sara’s pussy, and guiding my cock into your wife.”With one hand I opened up Sara’s pussy, spreading her lips wide open with my fingers. Reluctantly I held Paul’s cock and rubbed it up and down Sara’s pussy. Paul pushed forward and his cock began to enter my wifes waiting cunt.“Fucking hell! Wow that is wide” Sara gasped.Paul pushed further into Sara. her eyes widened as she took in his length and girth. “Yes, Yes.” She gasped. I sat in a chair close to the bed. My mind in turmoil. In one way I was so turned on watching Sara with another man. But on the other hand I knew she would never be mine alone again. She would always crave an alpha male, with a cock as big as Paul’s.I watched as Paul managed to get his full length into Sara’s pussy. Sweat was pouring out of Sara’s forehead, matting her hair as their pace of fucking grew. Sara’s head moved from side to side thrashing in pleaure. She put her stockinged legs behind Paul’s back, pulling him to her. Her hips bucked as her orgasm grew, and profanities flew from her mouth.Sara swore as she came hard, her whole body trembling with an orgasm like I had never seen her have before. Paul looked across at me with a smirk on his face, knowing he had conquered my wife and she was now his.Once she had come down from her orgasm, Paul began to slowly pull out of Sara. Leaving a reddened, swollen pussy, oozing a copious amount of paul’s cum. “Get over here, Carl you have some cleaning to do.” Paul said, chuckling. This was something else I had not planned on, although I had seen creampie eating as part of cuckold videos. I did not plan on doing it myself.Sara saw my reluctance and glared at me. “Do it you fucking wimp. Mess up what I have with Paul and you might as well move out for good. Get to it I’m leaking like fuck here.”I knew I had no choice and as I put my mouth close to her pussy I could smell the strong smell of Paul’s superior cum. Jesus I thought, they had not used any protection! Even now he could be making my wife pregnant. My tongue touched Sara’s pussy and I felt the first bit of Paul’s slimy cum touch my tongue. Strangely I liked the taste of the warm salty cum. And with the sound of Sara’s approving voice in my ears, I grew into my task as I licked Sara’s pussy.Without being told to I pushed my tongue in deeper, scooping out the cum deep in her pussy. As my tongue probed inside her, Sara began to cum again in a much smaller version of her previous orgasm.I sat up pleased at my efforts and pleased I had managed to have been of some use to Sara in her new lifestyle. I thought I had got away with it, but just as I went to wash out my mouth Paul called me back.“You have missed a bit.” He said pointing at the cum and pussy juices coating his cock.I got back on my knees in front of him and began to lick his cock clean. I heard the humiliating laughter of my wife and her lover as I did this demeaning task.Once I was finished, Paul ordered me to get him and Sara a drink of the champagne I had bought earlier. I carried a glass each for them, back to the bedroom. Where Sara was lying in Paul’s arms. I handed them their drinks, and saw how happy Sara looked, and how right she looked in Paul’s arms.“Now Carl, I thank you for introducing me to Sara but I have another task for you. You see I think Sara would enjoy a good fucking in that sexy ass of hers.”“Oh yeah, you think.” I thought to myself there is no way Sara will have anything up her ass. She had always said it was disgusting and must be so uncomfortable.I was dumbfounded when Sara said “Oh god yes Paul, take my anal virginity. I know it will hurt, but I just need you inside me any way you want.”“Now the task.” Paul continued “We will need plenty of lube, so I want you to go to the supermarket. And go to the chemist counter and say this. “My wifes lover wants some ky jelly please.” to prove you have done this you are to video it with your phone. We will have a good laugh on your return, now on you go.”I had no choice, and left the two lovers alone. And once again left humiliated and turned on. I had just seen my wife fucked and was eager to see her give up her ass for Paul. My cock hardened at the thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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