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Subject: Seth, Part 9 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html Is 2020 over yet? It’s been hard to be in a creative space when the world is sucking so much of your attention. Hope you all are safe. I’m trying to get my head in the right place and write some stories for you guys. Hope this chapter measures up. 7 months ago I didn’t know what to do with the gay hotel in the story. I think I figured it out. Enjoy! I lose interest when you lose interest. Share your ail. My stories never really end but I do take long breaks from them. Writer’s block is an evil thing. But these things usually come to me at night and when I get up in the morning I’ll bang out a chapter to clear it all up. Then I have a quick jerk off session. So don’t worry. I come back to them all eventually. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. I’m not your father. You know the laws in the area you live. You know the chances of STDs. But live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Love. Where we left them:: “You should do whatever it is that makes you happy. But leaving your brother’s house seems like the right first move. You and he have such a different relationship than Riley and I have. I would move heaven and earth for Riley and I think he would do the same for me.” I said. “I know. I’m already jealous of that. Don’t rub it in.” he kidded, “But thanks for listening and not being horrified. I’m never this much of a pussy.” “I’m happy you feel safe with me bro. I feel safe with you too. We were meant to be friends.” I snuggled into him more. He looked back and gave me a warm peck on the lips and then turned around getting comfortable. “Since there’s no secrets I should confess that I’m a slut for ass and cock.” he joked. “Me too buddy, me too.” and soon we were out. Sleeping peacefully still connected. Part 9:: By morning Seth and Pete didn’t have the fun that they had planned to. Something happened before they took that nap the night before. Because when they woke from the nap they stayed in bed for a couple more hours just talking. Seth helped Pete get the courage to move on. Even making the decision, without Riley, to ask Pete to come and live with them until he figured it out. “I think you would love San Antonio dude” Seth said at one point. “You could even find a place to surf on the coast once in a while or we could take a trip to California now and then.” “Once again mate, you’re kinda nuts, we just met. I agree that we will be friends for life but I don’t want to fucking burden you or Riley. I want to stay friends.” Pete said. Although secretly he wanted to just say yes. He had no real ties here and he wanted to sever the toxic relationship with his brother once and for all. Moving halfway across the country would do the trick. “Ok, sleep on it, we will talk about it tomorrow. Now what do you want to do tonight?” Seth asked. “It’s up to you mate. I’ll follow your lead.” Pete said. Even though he was happy where he was at. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’ve seen enough. This isn’t for me, well maybe if I was alone, but not now, and it’s definitely not for Riley. I love Ben for entrusting us with it but I think I’ll ask the lawyer to sell it and put the money in a trust for Cullen. I’m not really into Florida either. If I was to pick a coast it would be California or the Gulf. I’m kinda happy enjoying my new friend.” Seth said. Pete let out a deep breath and whispered, “Thank god”. Seth laughed and said, “So you don’t need to go and be a slut tonight?” “In all honesty Seth, being in a place like this alone has its advantages, but being in a place like this with a friend like you makes it all seem less important. Why would I want to spend time with strangers when I could get what I need from a friend or two?” Pete admitted. “So you’ll think about Texas?” Seth asked hopefully. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Pete said as he snuggled up to Seth. They started to make out again and then things progressed. Soon Seth was bitch to Pete. Once Pete bred Seth, Seth said, “That seals the deal. Life long friends. Equals in everything.” he smiled at Pete. Pete looked at him sadly for a moment while his cock was still in Seth’s ass. Then he looked away. “Hey, hey. What the fuck dude? You ok?” Seth asked. Then he saw a tear running down Pete’s face. The big lug was tearing up. “Dude what’s wrong?” “I’ve been fucking alone ever since I came to this country Seth. Even though I live with my brother and my nephew. We’re strangers. Family by blood. Our only interaction is fucking. It’s a little different with my nephew. At least he talks to me like a human. Unlike my brother. Loneliest I’ve ever been in my life. And I can’t believe I’m telling you all this but, anyway, being a slut is easy and it covers up a lot of emptiness in one’s life. God, I’m a fucking mess” Pete said angry at himself for releasing. “Nope. Not a mess. A fucking stud that I’m lucky enough to be sharing some nice moments with. And my friend. Riley will be on the bandwagon as quickly as I am. He is the kindest soul I’ve ever known. He will welcome you with open arms. I think you have a new family dude. That is if you’ll have us.” Seth looked hopeful. He was a bit emotional too. When you really thought about it he didn’t have a close friend besides Riley either. Javier was the closest thing and he was more Cullen’s friend than Seth or Riley’s. Even though they both knew Javier would go to the mat for either one of them. Seth was being generous as well as selfish. He wanted Pete to be his friend and to be close by in Texas. Well, a friend with benefits, but still. “We’ll talk in the morning mate. This is too much.” Pete said, putting his head on Seth’s shoulder. Seth did notice, however, that Pete was still hard inside of Seth. “Dude, how are you still hard?” Pete lifted his head and smiled shyly, “Who wouldn’t be hard inside of such an incredible man?” and he went for a kiss. It turned into more and Pete fucked Seth again. Slower and deeper than before. Full of emotion, lust and appreciation. Pete knew he would never say no to this man or his family. Logically he thought it was the most naive and stupid thing to do. To go off with a family you just met. To make a new life with strangers but he knew this is where he belonged. He would never be Seth’s lover. That was Riley. But he would be his best friend. He knew that was true already. In the morning they woke up entangled in each other’s arms and legs. Never getting enough of each other. Seth thought of it as only second to waking up to Riley like this. But then there was an abrupt interruption. Seth’s cell phone going off. It was 9:30 in the morning. Seth looked at the phone and it was Riley. “Hey bubba, good morning.” he said as he wrapped his other arm around Pete and pulled him closer. “Hi Seth. Did you have fun?” Riley asked but it was obvious that wasn’t why he called. “We did. But not what you think. I’ll tell you about it later.” he said as he smiled down to Pete. Pete was looking at him with apprehension. Recalling everything they said last night. Hoping it was all still true. He wanted to say yes. “So what’s up? Everything alright?” “Yes Seth. Everything is fine. But I did something without including your input. I hope you won’t be upset. It’s sort of big.” Riley said with trepidation. Seth laughed and said, “Well I sort of did something without including you so now we can’t be mad at each other.” “It’s nothing to do with sex bone head” Riley laughed. “Well mine isn’t either. Sort of.” Seth laughed and then asked, “So what did you do?” “Well Javier called last night. The house next to us. The only other one on our road. A for sale sign went up yesterday.” Riley reported. “Oh really. Fuck. Wonder what kind of rednecks are going to move in. The current owners are bad enough.” Seth said without thinking. “I bought it,” Riley said. “Wait. What?” Seth said sitting up in bed abruptly. Leaving Pete to fall onto a pillow. “Yeah. Don’t be mad. But I figured we now have a place for Pete and for Joel and Ryan if they want.” Riley explained quickly. Seth paused for a moment. Sort of shocked but then not really. Then he just started laughing. “How did you know Riley?”, and then he asked, “Did they accept the offer?” “That you always wanted a big family but never wanted to change your ways? Who knows you better than anyone else? Did you ask him yet?” Riley asked. “And yes they accepted the offer. I offered full boat. Why bother dickering when we can have the whole compound to ourselves. No one else can build on this road. It’s all taken up. It’s perfect.” Seth just laughed again. Sometimes he just couldn’t believe how smart his brother was. And how much he could just see things the way they should be. “Did I ask him what bro?” Seth looked down at Pete with amusement and affection at the same time. “Oh please. You two şişli travesti are twins. You’re going to be best friends if you get a chance. Is he moving to Texas? He’s miserable here.” Riley summed it all up. “How you know all this is beyond me but yes I asked him. He has yet to give me an answer.” Then he turned to Pete, “Pete, Riley bought the house next door to us. There are only two houses on our road out in the country. It was very private before but now it will be even more so. He was hoping, as much as I was it seems, to expand our family. A guy that works for us, Joel and his son, are living in an apartment and it would be great to have them on the property. I hope they’ll agree. Riley figures you are part of that expansion. I told you he would be on board but how he even knew I was going to ask you is beyond me. So what do you say? Want to be friends and family for life?” Seth asked again. Pete’s eyes were the size of saucers, “You never discussed this with Riley beforehand?” “Nope. But my brother and I know what each other wants. And we usually want the same thing. I never know how he knows what I want but he always does. And I always know what he wants.” Seth reassured him. “So please say yes. I want to wake up every morning knowing that you are part of our lives. It sounds mushy but I’m kind of a mushy guy with family.” “Yeah he is” Riley yelled through the phone. Seth and Pete both chuckled. “I will say yes on one condition.” Pete got serious. “Sex with me and Riley anytime you want? Already a given.” Seth laughed. “No. That I contribute. I’m part owner of the compound with my money. At least part of the new house. We can agree to a price later. But I have plenty of money stashed away to buy my own property. I’m financially independent. This is non-negotiable. I never want to feel like a visitor again. I want a stake in it. I want a home.” Pete’s alpha came out and it turned Seth on a bit. “AGREED!” Riley yelled through the phone again. Seth laughed and then said, “Riley, now that that is settled I’m going to have Pete fuck me again. He’s looking all masculine and determined and shit. Turning me on big time. See you soon bro.” he hung up the phone. “Get back in my ass you fucking stud.” Pete rolled on top of Seth. Lifted himself up as he pushed Seth’s legs back to his chest. “Gladly bitch” and then he went face first into Seth’s crack. “Fucking eat my nasty ass fucker. Fuck! Fucking pig you know I’m rank down there.” Seth demanded. Pete came up from Seth’s ass and went for Seth’s mouth. They tongue fucked each other’s mouths and then Pete lifted off and said, “Taste fucking good to me. What do you think?” he grinned. “We’re too fucking much alike.” Seth said while he still had his knees next to his chest. Pete was lubing his own cock and getting ready to go in. “I could get fucked by you all day though.” “Oh yeah? We only have the room till noon though.” Pete said as he bottomed out. “We’ll figure something out,” Pete said as he put his hand behind Pete’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. They made out as Pete pumped in and out of him. Pete loved to fuck. Anyone. But Seth was one of the few he wanted to get fucked by. But he’d have time for that later now. After Pete’s mouth left Seth’s he moved over to Seth’s pit and chewed on it for a while. It was fucking rank with all the activity between last night and this morning. He savored every bit of it. Then they kissed again. Seth enjoying his own flavors in Pete’s mouth. Soon lust took over and Pete started to power fuck Seth. Seth was moaning like a whore and enjoying every minute of it. With all the friction on his prostate Seth came in between them. Shooting hard. Up to his own chin and painting both their chests. Although Seth got the brunt of it. Pete soon followed. Shooting deep into Seth’s guts. As soon as Seth felt him unload he said, “Stay in me fucker. Stay in as long as possible. Fucking so hot.” Seth pleaded as Pete let go of his legs and let the drop to his side. “I’ll try,” Pete said, putting his head on Seth’s chest as Seth’s arms went around him. “Fucking stud” “You’re the stud buddy.” Seth said, “A very welcome addition to the family. Might have to put a leash on Cullen though” Seth started to laugh which made Pete laugh and fall out of Seth. “Fucker you were supposed to stay in” Seth said, still laughing. “Your fault” was all Pete said as he cuddled into Seth. They slept like that for another hour. Pete woke first. He got out his phone and sent out an email. Then he shook Seth a bit and said, “Let’s get up Seth. Have to get you back to your family.” Seth opened his eyes and very directly said, “Our family. Besides you’ve bred me and Riley now. We have your DNA.” he laughed. Then said, “Uggh, you’re right though. Can’t wait till you’re at our home.” Pete smirked at Seth and then said, “I already sent my resignation by email to the Captain while you were asleep. Gave him the proper two weeks. I haven’t heard back yet.” Seth looked a bit shocked and then happy, “You did that? I’m so glad. I really really am glad.” he pulled Pete back into him and hugged and kissed him repeatedly. “That makes me so happy.” “Then I’m glad too.” Pete said, “But I’m not sure what I’ll do for a job.” “We’ll get you home and then worry about shit like that. What did you tell your Captain?” Seth asked. “That I was going to move to Texas with some friends. Sorry for the short notice but it all came about suddenly. He knows I’m miserable here.” Pete answered. Seth and Pete then got up and grabbed a couple of towels. They made their way out to the pool and jumped in. It sounded better than a shower. Seth actually walked out with the cum still drying on his chest. Hardly anyone around to notice as it was near lunchtime. When they got back to the room to collect their things Pete saw a notification on his phone. It was from his Captain. He was sorry to see him go but understood. If he wanted to use his vacation for his two weeks it was fine with him. He also offered to put in a good word if Pete applied to law enforcement in Texas. After Pete read it to Seth, Seth said, “He’s just letting you go?” Seth thought it might be a bad thing. Pete laughed, “He knows everything Seth. He and I hit a bar one night and I got sloppy drunk and confessed everything. He’s gay. But we never were very close until then. And no we never tricked. But he knew from that point on that I was miserable and he tried to help me work through it. I think he’s been expecting this for a long time.” “So, you’re free now? Like free to leave anytime?” Seth asked hopefully. “I guess so. I got some stuff to tie up but nothing should take very long. Need to return my badge, gun and ID to the station. etc…” Pete said as he looked at Seth suspiciously. “What are you thinking Seth?” “Well I guess I’m thinking that I’ll fly back with Cullen tomorrow and that Riley will ride to Texas with you. Or we could all fly together and have that land yacht you own shipped.” Seth was walking around like a puppy. Fucking excited as hell. “What do you think?” Pete laughed, “I don’t know if I’m ready to leave that quick.” then he saw Seth’s expression change to sad puppy., “Fuck Seth. I mean…..what do you want me to do?” Seth walked up to him and said, “Fucking leave with us. Just leave it all behind and leave with us.” he put his hand on Pete’s side and rubbed up to his chest and then back down. “You deserve to be happy. We will make you happy.” Pete looked at Seth for a second and then sighed heavily. “My brother’s not home till tomorrow. My nephew is away with his friends. Let’s take an Uber back to the hotel and get my truck. We’ll go to my brother’s and I’ll pack my shit. Then we’ll go by the precinct and drop off my badge and gun. Stop at the bank and set up a transfer or something. Whatever they do. I’ll stay with you guys tonight and leave with you tomorrow. Will that do?” Pete said, not believing his own words. But he knew if it didn’t work out he could just leave for California or something. “Fuck yes!” Seth said before he hugged Pete. “Finally the right decision! Do you fly and ship or do you drive?” “I fly and ship. Might as well find out how long we can all stand each other.” Pete laughed. They left the hotel/motel and never looked back. Seth thought he wouldn’t mind visiting a place like this someday but he had no desire to own it. He just hoped Riley agreed. It was the one thing they hadn’t talked about yet. But he realized that the fact Riley didn’t bring it up with everything else was that he wasn’t that interested either. Guess they would never know why Ben owned it. But it was his business. No need for prying. When they got to the hotel they went up to the room to let the guys know the plan. When Seth went into the room first he found Cullen and Riley in bed, under the covers, facing each other and crying. Their clothes on the side of the bed on the floor. “What’s this? What’s wrong?” Seth asked. Riley looked up and beylikdüzü travesti smiled through his tears at Seth and Pete behind him. “Cullen remembered some stuff from the accident. We’re working it out.” Seth tore off his clothes and got in the bed behind Cullen. Scooted right up to him and put his arms around him. Pete was still at the door looking uncomfortable, “I can wait in the lobby.” he said turning away. “Get in this bed and comfort the boys with me. You’re family now. Non-negotiable” he used the term Pete had just used about living with them. It seemed to have worked as Pete shed his clothes and got behind Riley. “Do you mind?” he asked Riley as he scooted right up behind him. Riley took his hand back to Pete’s face and then reached back and gave Pete a peck on the lips, “What Seth said” and then he turned his attention back to Cullen. Cullen retold everyone what he remembered and it was bad. Well bad enough. He didn’t actually see them die. He didn’t see them at all until he was taken from the SUV by the officer that was at the scene. Then as he was being walked away he looked back and saw them wedged into the front seats lifeless. It was enough. Thankfully he didn’t see any blood or anything gory. Just their lifeless bodies where they had just been full of life minutes before. Seth, with his arm under Cullen, pulled him closer. His other arm, on top, went across Cullen and Riley with his hand landing on Pete’s hip. He pulled them all as close as he could. Riley had his lower arm around Cullen too and his upper arm around him and Seth. Pete shyly reached out his hand to Cullen’s face and caressed his cheek and then ran his fingers through Cullen’s hair. It was the most intimate family moment he had ever been a part of. A tear ran down his own cheek. Cullen, when he realized it was Pete’s hand, said, “Uncle Ry said you’re going to live with us. Is that true?” Pete smiled as Seth looked up at him waiting for an answer. Hoping Pete was still on board. “Yes it’s true. If you’ll have me.” Cullen brightened up a bit and said, “I’ll have you anyway you want me.” and for the first time in an hour laughed a bit. “Cullen!” both Riley and Seth said at the same time, “Sorry Pete, my son is…” Seth started. “incorrigible” Pete finished for him. Everyone chuckled a bit. Then Seth said in seriousness, “Cullen, son, Pete and I were going to go do some errands to get stuff done so he can leave with us tomorrow. Would you rather we stay here? We can put it off if you need us.” Pete noticed the way he said ‘if you need US’ and was still amazed at how easily he has been taken in by this unusual family. “I want to go home dad. I don’t want anything to delay that. I want to see Javier and Baker. So go get everything done so we can go home on time tomorrow. I’ll be fine. Uncle Ry helped me work it out. But having you guys here really helped. But I’m good. Really. I love you.” Cullen said as he reached back and gave his dad a ‘longer than a peck’ kiss. “Baker?” Pete asked, wondering if there was another bloke he didn’t know about. It was going to be hard enough getting to know two more strange men and one other son. Javier, Joel and Ryan. From what Seth told him Javier lives in the guest house but visits their beds often. Joel and Ryan have their own apartment and only Joel has been to the house and played. Ryan and Cullen have met at the auto shop. Seth wasn’t sure if Joel and Ryan would want to move to the newly christened compound but he was going to make a strong case for it. Pete just hoped he would be forgiven when he salivates over the boys as well as the men. It all sounds too perfect to be true. “His dog” Riley and Seth said at the same time. Pete said, “Oh” shyly. After saying goodbye to Cullen and Riley, and both getting groped by Cullen, Seth and Pete put on their shorts and flips, threw their shirts over their shoulders, and went out the door. Riley observed how they left and thought, “Twins, they are twins, in their mannerisms. How hot is that.”. But he kept it to himself until Cullen said, “Pete is almost as hot as dad. Our house is going to be awesome.” Riley laughed and said, “I have to agree with you Cullen.” and hugged Cullen close again. Then he said, “How about we get up and have lunch. Then maybe walk on the beach.” Cullen looked up at Riley and gave him a kiss, then another, then pushed his lips open and started to make out with him. Riley couldn’t help how his hands traveled to the boy’s ass. He was getting hard. Riley pulled back for a moment, knowing where this was going, and said, “Cullen, are you sure?” “I want you inside me before Pete gets a chance. It wouldn’t be right for him to go before you.” was all Cullen said and went for a kiss again. As young as he was he had more passion in him than most men that Riley has observed. Although Riley has only been with a handful. Seth, Javier, Joel and Jake. All of a sudden Riley felt lube on his cock. He didn’t even realize how hard he was. Where did the lube come from? Cullen turned around and pushed back on him. “Oh Cullen” he said as his cock entered the tight hole. “Oh baby, are you sure? This changes everything.” “Thank goodness Uncle. I’ve been wanting this for years. Ever since my first time I wanted you. Please fuck me. Make love to me. Whatever feels good.” Cullen said, sounding much older than his years. Riley put his hand on Cullen’s hip and sunk in deeper. All he could think about was he was molesting his hot nephew. Not that you could molest Cullen. Thankfully he waited till high school to come on to Riley. Riley doesn’t think he could have done it before. But now seemed right. And Cullen was right. Javier had him numerous times. Seth’s had him once or twice. He was sure Joel and Cullen had done something. Just wasn’t sure when. Had to be at the garage though. Jake had stopped by a couple of times when Cullen was visiting. But there was never an opportunity for Cullen to seduce him. As he settled into his nephew’s ass he concluded that it was probably time. Time to complete the family before someone new came in. His nephew, the young stud he was becoming, was already a heartbreaker. He had already watched girls follow him. Boys wanting to hang out with him. A jock like his father. Almost as charming but smarter. He couldn’t get his mind to stop as they fucked. He held on to Cullen tight as he unloaded in his ass. “Oh fuck Cullen. So fucking hot. I’ll help you cum.” “I already did Unc. You pushed it out of me.” Cullen said. “I did?” He had been so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t know how intense the fuck had gotten. “Thank you Cullen.” He added quickly. “Thank you Unc for not rejecting me. I needed you. You most of all. As much as I love dad and could never live without him you are the one I have the biggest connection with. I see you when I’m with dad. You are too kind to ever let yourself show how you miss our closeness. But it’s still there. Dad and I are making up for a lot of lost time but you are the one I will always go to. For help and advice. Dad some too but you are who dad and I need the most. We couldn’t do anything without you.” Cullen said softly. Tears ran down my face as Cullen finished, “How are you so grown up?” I asked. “You helped with that. You always treated me as an equal instead of a kid. That’s how.” Cullen said as he cuddled in with Riley. They both slept for an hour or so and then cleaned up and went to lunch. Meanwhile. Seth and Pete made it to Pete’s brother’s house. When they pulled up Seth noticed that it was an expensive patio home. Something you’d see back in the day that Sinatra or Dean Martin would have lived in. Beautiful landscaping. Lots of windows. Sharp edges. Big pool that you could see from the front picture window, through the house, to the back sliding glass doors. “Wow” was all Seth said. “Yeah, it’s beautiful. My brother is rich and he’s an asshole. Can’t wait to leave.” Pete said with a tinge of anger. Pete led him to the bedroom behind the kitchen. It was small and had its own bathroom. Seth looked around for a second and then asked, “maids quarters?” Pete stood straight up and sighed, “Yep. And before you asked, yes, it was exactly what my brother thought of me.” Pete got out two large suitcases and a backpack. Filled them up quickly. “The backpack is for the plane. I’ll just leave the suitcases in the truck. Hopefully we can find a transport today for it. Nothing here is mind except clothes. I barely have any trinkets that most people have. I left all that back in Australia at my parents house. At the bank I have my paperwork. Passport and such. Next stop, eh?” Seth nodded his head observing how tense Pete was in this house. He really did hate it here. He was happy to help him move on. He was packed in no time. Checked all the drawers again. Seth took one suitcase and Pete took the other with his backpack. Before they locked up Pete left his key on the foyer table with a small note that said, “I’m istanbul travesti moving out of state. Thanks.” Then he looked up at Seth and said, “I’ll call my nephew later. Maybe from Texas. I still have a bit of a warm place for him.” At the bank Pete emptied his safe deposit box. Then he talked to the manager. The manager said that their bank had a good relationship with Texas Capital Bank and that they could handle transfers and such. It was the same bank Seth and Riley used and Seth said so. Pete asked for some cash for the next few weeks though and then the manager said, “Here are your balances Mr. Daniels.” Seth started to look away. “Oh no you don’t. We agreed on no secrets.” Pete said as he took the paper. He then handed it to Seth. Seth’s eyes almost popped out of his head. The bank manager was looking at these two men thinking, ‘these two strapping studs can’t be a couple, can they? Stranger things have happened’. Seth looked at Pete and said, “You’re, um, you’re,…..” couldn’t get out the words. “Yeah, rich, I know. So what.” Pete said with that tinge of anger, or maybe disgust. He thanked the manager and assured him he would leave some money in his bank. They’ve been good to him and he wanted to let them know it. “To the precinct then?” Pete obviously wanted to get all of this over with. Get on with his life. When they got there Pete said, as he gathered his gun, badge and ID,”This should only take a minute. Mind waiting here?” “Nope” was all Seth said. He couldn’t wait for all this to be over so Pete would relax. He hadn’t seen this side of him but he knew it had nothing to do with him and all to do with the life he was leaving behind. Pete came out a few minutes later with a paper in his hand. Seth found out later that it was a receipt for the items he had turned in. Pete looked a bit lighter but still tense. He got into the truck and started it up. “I guess that is it. I’m done.” he started the truck and headed to the hotel. When they got in the lobby Pete headed for the elevators but Seth stopped him. “Beer, now” Seth said as he turned to the lobby bar. Pete let out another sigh but then followed him. “We still have to arrange a transport for the truck Seth.” Pete said. “Beer, now” was all Seth said and continued walking to the bar. Pete reluctantly sat down next to Seth at the bar as Seth ordered. When the beers came Seth said, “Drink”. They didn’t talk till they were on the second round. “Better?” Seth asked. “Yes,” Pete said, sheepishly. “Good. When you want to talk and let it all out you come to me. No one else. I love you. You are my friend. But you need to get this all out someday.” Seth said. “You really are something. Telling me you love me after two or three days. How can someone say that so fast?” Pete asked, “I mean I know you mean it as family and we have a connection. But how can you say it so easily?” “I’ll answer that with a question of my own. How do you feel?” Seth asked knowing the answer. But also seeing that Pete had a very hard time letting go. Letting his emotions out. If something was in Seth’s heart he let it be seen and heard. With Pete he would have to help him pull back the layers. The family he came from, his DNA family, must really be emotionally damaged. He silently was thankful for the relationship he always had with Riley. They could always tell each other that they loved one another. Pete took another long pull of his beer and finished it. Indicated to the bartender another round. Then he looked at Seth unsure of himself. Not knowing what to say. “I’ve got all day,” Seth said. He wasn’t going to let him off easy. The bartender returned with the third round and then went back to whatever he was doing. Quietly, Pete said, “Before. In bed, with the family, you Cullen and Riley. I didn’t know family could feel that way. It was overwhelming. The love in that bed. Don’t get me wrong. There was lust under the skin. But the love was on the surface. I’ve never had that. I’ve wanted it but I’ve never had it.” “You have it now. Don’t you?” Seth asked. “It doesn’t roll off my tongue as easily as it does yours.” Pete said, “I’m damaged I guess.” “We all are. One way or the other. But, I’ll repeat. I love you Pete. Besides Riley I’ve never met anyone that makes me feel like you do. Especially since we’re so much alike. You are going to be my best friend whether you like it or not.” Seth was firm. Pete chuckled a bit and then under his breath he said, “I love you too” so quietly that Seth barely heard it. But he did hear it and smiled with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. “Thank goodness that’s over with. Now let’s go arrange the transport of your truck.” he slapped Pete on his back and got up and led him to the elevators with his beer still in his hand. On the elevator Seth grabbed Pete’s ass and said, “No matter what you do or where ever you go, you will always have a home waiting for you with us.” A tear went down Pete’s cheek, “The crazy thing is that I can’t doubt what you say at all. I know you mean it.” Seth kissed the tear on Pete’s cheek and said, “Yup. Always.” In the next hour the transport was arranged. It was expensive but after seeing Pete’s bank accounts he wasn’t worried about the man’s ability to take care of himself. He doesn’t know where the money came from and would never ask. It was up to Pete to tell him if he wanted to. “Nap?” Seth asked after they were done. “Probably a good idea. Then I can treat us all to a nice dinner for our last night here. Something expensive to thank you all for including me in your lives.” Pete said. Seth let his shorts fall and climbed into bed. “Not necessary but I could use a steak” he laughed, then he felt something wet, “hmm, there is a wet spot. Feels like cum. I know it wasn’t us. Fucking Cullen. Bet you he seduced Riley.” Pete turned around shocked before he got into bed. “You think so? They fucked?” “I would bet everything they did. Cullen doesn’t take no for an answer very well. And he’s hot so who can resist him? Like his daddy.” Seth laughed. “Yeah he is. But daddy sometimes makes me want to cum just by looking at him.” Pete said sliding in next Seth. “Oh yeah? I do that to you?” Seth got all cocky. “Yeah you do. Just don’t get a big head. Now you have three of us that adore you.” Pete said going in for a kiss. As they started to make out the door opened and Cullen came bounding in with Riley right behind. Cullen saw what was happening and stopped in his tracks. Then he smiled and started stripping off his clothes while Riley closed the door. “Is he ours now?” Cullen asked, stepping out of his shorts now naked. “He’s not a dog Cullen,” Seth said laughing. Pete was embarrassed. “You know what I mean. Is he done. Free to be part of our family?” Cullen corrected himself. Pete answered, “Until you get sick of me I am.” Seth turned and smiled at him. Riley smiled from across the room as well. Pete was still overwhelmed by how happy they were to have him. “Awesome. Were you going to nap or fuck?” Cullen asked. “Cullen!” Seth and Riley said at the same time. “It’s fine” Pete laughed, “We were going to nap so I could take you all out to dinner tonight. Is that alright?” “Fine with me. I could use a steak.” Cullen said getting into Pete’s side of the bed. “Funny, that’s what your dad said,” Pete said amused. “Cullen, did you ask if you could join them?” Riley asked. “Why, would you rather be on Pete’s side. I’ll get on dad’s. Doesn’t matter to me.” Cullen said as a matter of fact. “Well I think we should all nap together. So what side do you want Ry?” Seth said. Riley gave up. Stripped down and got next to Seth. “We’re all going to hell you know,” Riley said. “No other three people on earth I’d rather be with for that ride.” Seth said snuggling between Riley and Pete. “I’ve got everything I need right here.” “Except for Baker and Javier!” Cullen said. Everyone laughed and Seth said, “Yeah, them too. We may have to put two beds together. That damn dog is growing fast.” For the next hour and a half they all actually slept. Tangled arms and legs. Sweating from the body heat. But they were all together. Stay tuned for Part 10…. I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Hopefully out of my writer’s block funk. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/my-uncles-trailer/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-family-hogan/ https://www.//gay/incest/buck/ https://www.//gay/incest/college-break https://www.//gay/incest/enough/ https://www.//gay/incest/salisbury-to-san-diego/ https://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ https://www.//gay/incest/trailer-park-heat/ https://www.//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-carrigans-meet-the-hogans/ https://www.//gay/incest/lexington/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html

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