Senior Year Ch. 02

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It was two days after I had first fucked Alexia, and I was feeling great but pissed because semester exams were coming up. I was not doing too well in any of my classes with my best grade being a C-. And I know what you’re thinking, how did he not pass gym? Well gym class at a private school is like a regular class, we don’t get the privilege of just showing up and getting an A. No we had to buy books, do testing and all the other shit. Anyways, I really needed to study. So on this day, after school I was in the library, and I happened to notice that the hottest girl in my gym class, Stephanie, was sitting at a table not too far from me.

Now, at 18 years old, Stephanie was about 5’3″ with an ok body, she had perky B cup breasts, a thin figure, and ass that was so tight, I swear you could turn coal into diamonds inside that thing. But her best feature was her face. She had perfect wavy brown hair, stunning blue eyes, and the cutest face; you couldn’t look at her without wanting to kiss her. Today she was wearing a black tank top and some very well fitting jeans.

So, she was sitting maybe 10 feet away from me, and since no one else was in the library, I walked over to her.

“Hey,” I said.

She looked up from her textbook and smiled, “Hey yourself.”

“Mind if I sit down?” I asked.

“Not at all, actually I really need help with this computer class, mind helping a girl out?” she responded.

“No problem, I’d do anything bahçeşehir escort for such a beautiful girl,” I said.

She blushed but said nothing. For the next 20 minutes or so we figured out how to write computer code, how to make a computer program, and a bunch of other technological shit.

Eventually I asked, “Do you really like this stuff?”

“No,” she said, “But, it looks good on a college application.”

“I don’t worry about that too much, I’ll get by on what stuff I do outside of school”, I said.

“Oh, I heard all about your extracurricular activities,” she said, giving me a sly look.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“Well, all the girls know by now, but Alexia told us all about how good you are in bed,” she winked at me.

“Is that so?” I winked back, “Do you want to find out first hand?”

She looked at me with her amazing eyes and said,” Hell yes!”

So we packed up our books, and hopped in my car. We drove to my house because my parents were never home until very late at night, because they both had full time jobs. I unlocked the door and as soon as we were inside, she jumped on me and I caught her. We were instantly making out, tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. I put her down on the couch and she sat up and unzipped my jeans while I took off my shirt. Soon I was in just my boxers, which quickly came bakırköy escort off to reveal my stiff 7 1/2 member.

“Wow,” she said, “Alexia wasn’t lying! This thing is huge!”

She then started to stroke my shaft making me moan in response. She then licked it from my balls to my tip, and when she got there she started sucking me amazingly.

She took most of me in her mouth and just kept bobbing her head up and down on my cock. When I felt myself about to cum, I pulled my stiff cock out of her mouth and made her stand up and take off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra so I got a good look at her perky tits. I gave them each a quick licking. I flicked my tongue on her nipples causing her to moan in appreciation.

Next, I undid her jeans and pulled them off and was not surprised to see that she was wearing no panties. I looked longingly at that shaved pussy. I gave my cock a few quick strokes to keep it hard and then told her to lie on the couch.

When she was in position I climbed on top of her and inserted my cock into her pussy. She was so warm and tight, but not a virgin I could tell. Her hot wet cunt squeezed my cock as I steadily pumped in and out of her.

“Oh yes, Patrick!” she moaned loudly, “Fuck me hard! Ravage me like you did to Alexia!”

So I increased my speed until I was fucking her brains out.

“Fuck yes! That’s amazing!” she screamed.

I başakşehir escort kept thrusting harder and deeper into her, with each pump going just a bit farther, until I heard…

“Shit, Patrick! I’m cumming!” she yelled, and I felt her juices flow on my cock. After she was done, I pulled out of her because I wasn’t finished.

I stuck my dick in her mouth and told her to suck until I came. She gladly obliged and she bobbed her head up and down so fast, this time taking my whole cock in her mouth and down her throat, she kept licking my shaft as she took it in her hot little mouth.

“Fuck that’s great, Stephanie!” I moaned loudly.

Then I felt my balls tighten up and I knew I was about to release, but I wanted to do something she would never forget so I pulled my cock out of her mouth, gave it a couple stokes and came all over her chest and face. She had expected it so she closed her eyes. After the last glob had hit her, she opened her eyes and sexily used two fingers to tale some off her chest and licks her fingers clean.

“Oh,” she moaned.

After that I led her to the shower and we both cleaned off. While us in the shower though, we kept making out and we brought each other to another release. She stroked my cock, and I fingered her pussy and ass.

After the shower, we got back in our clothes and I drove her home. When got to her house, she leaned over and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“Thanks for the great time, Patrick,” she said.

I smiled and said, “My pleasure.”

She smiled, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then got our and walked to her front door. When she got there, she turned and gave me a sexy little wave and smile. I waved back and drove away. On the ride home, I couldn’t help but wonder if Stephanie would tell anyone else about this.

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