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SemenalsHave you even heard of this phenomenon??? I sure hadn’t, until last week, when my son Eric and daughter Bev told me about it, but, apparently, it’s a growing activity in our high schools, both senior and junior.The word Semenal is based on “urinal.” Now, gentlemen, what do we do with urinals? Piss in them, natch. But, when you think about it, we mostly piss ON their porcelain interiors, don’t we? Well, substitute a schoolgirl’s face for that porcelain, and you’ve got the concept! As Derek explained to me:What it is, dad, is that you gather in a classroom or other part of the school after the staff has gone home (which isn’t that hard if you bribe a janitor). There’s usually a couple of girls and a group of guys. The rule is that the chicks have to get totally naked and kneel. Squatting isn’t allowed: their kneecaps have to be touching the floor. So do the tops of their feet, nice and smooth, like the models do, you know, cheesecake, except the other way around because the soles of their feet are facing upward bahis siteleri now.Last time I participated was Monday. Delia and Valerie were the two semenals, though there were several other girls there. Danny stepped up to Delia, took out his cock, aimed it at her face, and started jacking off. I did the same with Val. Now, rules are, no part of you, especially your dick, can make contact with the chick. You’re basically using her as a cum receptacle, just like a urinal is a piss receptacle, get it? The female has no role except being a jizz drain. Talk about degradation! Hell yeah!So I’m jacking off to Val, who is required to look up at whomever is using her. “Not so prissy now, are you, cunt?” I sneered. Naturally, semenals aren’t allowed to speak, but all the other girls and the guys are, and we all shout demeaning insults at the designated whores.”Yeah you fucking stay there and take it, slut!” yelled Zoe, who had already served twice as a semenal. *That’s why you were put on this Earth!””That’s what canlı bahis siteleri ALL females were put on this Earth!” chimed in Evelyn. “Taking cum, whatever way a guy wants to give it to us!””Fuckin’ A!” thundered Danny as he kept stroking, the tip of his dong just a few inches from Delia’s tear-stained face. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, semenals can’t talk but they ARE allowed to cry. Dad, there’s nothing as beautiful as a female, naked, abject, all her dignity taken away, sobbing as she kneels helplessly, waiting for the liquid humiliation that tells her exactly what she is! It didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous to begin with: Deep blue eyes, alabaster skin, large and taut breasts, wavy auburn hair cascading halfway down her back, and long, smooth, perfect legs. Val, on the other hand, had straight black hair falling just past her shoulders, brown eyes, slightly darker (but still Caucasoid) flesh, shorter legs, but even bigger tits. And I could see the her nipples were completely erect: she was a LOT canlı bahis more into this than Delia!Speaking of such, I turned my head when I heard Danny grunting, just in time to see him pump a ridiculously-large amount of cum onto Delia’s thoroughly-degraded, powerless face. All of the girls gasped in admiring awe as he shot one, two, three, then four jets of semen into her unwillingly-still-upturned eyes, cheeks, and mouth, which was now SCREAMING in useless protest. Having emptied his balls, completing the young girl’s absolute debasement, he was now permitted to touch her, a right he exercised by grabbing her her and throwing her to the floor, whereupon she curled up into the fetal position, just whimpering now, a defeated, humiliated, dehumanized cunt.Witnessing this aroused me past the point of no return, and I proceeded to shoot my somewhat smaller wad onto Valerie’s smiling, enthusiastic face and tongue, which she had thrust out in eager anticipation of receiving my hot, sticky. bitch-taming fuckjuice. What a fucking whore! After he’d finished his explanation, Eric went to the basement, where his video games and console were located leaving me asking ONE question in my head. . .Where the hell were girls like these when I was in school??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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