Seduction of Brandi

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*Before you start reading just know that I wrote this for my girlfriend and she has encouraged me to put myself on here again as a writer, since after her reading this she jumped me on the couch.

Let me start at the beginning of how I first met Brandi. Like a fair few people in their mid twenties I went online to search for someone to call my own. From the start I was sceptical of people, especially when every first sentence or question if you will was the same from others. Until Brandi, she was different new and exciting from that moment I knew there was just something special about her, how special she would be to me I wouldn’t know until it literally smacked me in the face one day a couple weeks after initial contact.

In the following few weeks we talked constantly to the point of distraction. Nothing was off limits, I felt I could be myself when talking with her and she the same. It was only after a week we agreed to date each other and not even a month before we admitted our feelings of love. Even though we only live a suburb apart it has been difficult trying to meet officially it’s coming close to two month mark. It sometimes felt we were in a long distance relationship but lived in the same city. I’d like to say I was always patient and level headed with waiting but that wasn’t always the case a few times I lost my cool due to frustration and unintentionally made her feel bad thus hurting her. Those couple of times as soon as I realised what I’d done I felt ill. It was like hurting myself when making her feel bad. I knew in those moments how much I felt for her, loved her and cherished her.

Due to work commitments it was impossible to meet on Christmas like we had planned but it couldn’t have been helped. Fires had broken out in parts of Victoria causing devastation and heartache everywhere it reached. We made up for us not meeting by sexting and exchanging very arousing clips of each other pleasuring ourselves, what I would have been willing to give to be there with her. Everything we talked about that night and next just further built up a burning passionate desire to pleasure her, it rose up within like a inferno.

Finally New Years Eve was almost upon us and I vowed I would not be denied one day longer of feeling my arms wrapped around her and my lips upon hers. I was to be working that day but my plan was already in motion for the seduction of Brandi. Among other things I picked up rose oil and bath salts so we could soak in her tub after we had a meal of nuggets and other stuff (as nuggets are her favourite thing to eat). Planned to arrive at her home around 3:30 in the afternoon after cleaning up after my day in gardens.

New Years Eve

Today is the day I finally get to see her, my Brandi. At work I did my best to keep focused on tasks at Ankara bayan escort hand, it was hard but I managed to work till 2. Driving home felt like longest hour of my life. Finally getting home after being stuck in traffic I raced up flight of stairs to apartment, stripping off clothing once entered heading straight for a quick shower. Jumping out of shower water droplets moving down my body. The cool air hitting my body causing my nipples to harden as I walk to clothes laid out early in the morning. I briefly give myself a once over in the mirror thinking again how I could be so lucky as to have a woman as gorgeous as Brandi to call my own. Dressing with care choosing black butterfly panties and black bra to go underneath hip/ass hugging jeans and cotton button up top. I finish off with my traditional converse shoes and putting my hair up in a bun. Grab presents and other stuff I needed to take with me to Brandis house.

Driving over butterflies decided to sneak off my panties and into my stomach, I was nervous seeing her, I couldn’t help it. Arriving at her nice house I got out of car grabbed the stuff and walked up to her door. I’m so glad I placed stuff down cause not a half a minute went by after I knocked before the door was flung open and she was jumping into my arms. As lips were smashing together as her legs and arms wrapped around my body butterflies were no more. Back of my mind we were cheering for a few reasons 1 we didn’t fall, 2 really glad we didn’t drop our baby, 3 wowsa she was a good kisser and 4 omg she just feels so good against me. Finally coming up for air, I rest my forehead against hers and say “Well hello to you too baby.” Brandi replies “I did give you fair warning when we met I couldn’t resist jumping you babe.”

I found it incredibly cute that she had a slight blush to her cheeks. I slowly let her legs down one by one still keeping arms around her lower back hands resting on her ass.

Turning around whilst grabbing my shirt pulling me into the house behind her, I’m just thankful I was quick enough to dash back to door to bring in the stuff I’d brought.

Leading me to the couch we sit down, well more Brandi sits on my lap snuggling close. We both start talking at same time. Chuckling she allows me to go first. I ask if she would like to open the few little gifts I got her for Christmas, she’s nodding as I finish asking her. Glad they were right beside me I place gift bag in her lap. As she starts opening each one I’m nervous again cause I don’t know if she would. I told her to leave card and little envelope till last. As she opens both the card and the little envelope she gets a little emotional so I wrap arms around her a little tighter. As she finishes reading both things she places everything to the side and turns to straddle me. Brandi Escort bayan Ankara gives me pecks between each word of her telling me I am the most caring, honest and loving person she’s ever met. I reply ” It’s not much but I felt, no I needed to show you in some way that you are always on my mind”.

We end up making out on the couch, one minute we were fully clothed next second we were both topless. Don’t ask me where the shirts and bras went. I’m laying on my back as she is draped over me kissing down my neck. Before we get to much farther she slides off the couch and guides us to her bedroom. Once there she slides her hands to my jeans unbuttoning and pulling zip down, then pushing jeans down my legs. As she comes back up she grazes her fingers along the front of panties. “Mmm Alicia did you wear these ones for me?”. I reply ” Yes Brandi as I know how much you liked seeing me in them from that pic I sent you”.

Brandi talking back as she slides down to knees says ” I really did love seeing you in them” she pauses as she licks crutch of panties making me shiver ” but not as much as I love seeing you out of them”. Brandi pulls down my panties drawing a hand up my leg till she reaches pubic mound stroking the soft curly hair there, she moves her face to just in front of slit, her tongue slowly licking from bottom to top. I moan as I bite my lip from sensations she’s creating with her mouth and hand.

She uses hand to pull apart pussy lips and starts giving me slow licks, thrusting her tongue inside, occasionally sucking clit into her mouth. I try to speak but it’s difficult cause my mouth is dried out from breathing hard. Finally I get out ” Baby my knees are weak I think we need to move this to the bed”. She starts shuffling me back till back of my knees hit the bed making me fall onto the mattress. In this new position half on half off the bed Brandi spreads my legs wider diving back in, she moves her tongue over my clit as she thrusts two fingers inside my soaked pussy making me moan. As Brandi looks up at me I’m gazing down at her for a moment till something she did with her tongue has me tipping my head back moaning and hands gripping the quilt tightly between my fingers. One last thrust of her fingers and sucking hard on my clit has me going over the climax cliff juices going into Brandis waiting mouth.

After that she lays down beside me drawing patterns on my quivering stomach whilst I’m trying to catch my breath. From side draw Brandi pulls out her rabbit for us to use, I take it off her and put it to the side to use soon. Not yet though. I position her on her back and move down between her legs draping them over my shoulders. I start out unsure of what exactly to do. I start stroking her hair with one hand as I’m placing kisses up her thigh drawing close to her Bayan escort Ankara pussy. Using other hand I pull lips apart using tongue I lick from rosebud to clit circling around it. Licking quicker now using thumb of one finger to stroke her clit and other hand pushing two fingers into her tightness, I hear her moan. Her hands are now tangled in my hair repositioning me to where she wants me the most I don’t mind that.

Once I got her all nice and gushing, I wanted to try something more. I kept my tongue action going on while I moved my body slightly, reaching for the rabbit. Repositioning, I rose up on my knees, her ass and thighs resting against top of my thighs. Whilst I kept up stroking actions onto her clit. I rubbed the rabbit around her entrance not yet turning it on. Once it was nice and wet I slowly pushed it into her till it was all the way in. I switched it on t highest vibration setting making her moan. She made a great display of thrusting her hips up every time I thrust the rabbit down into her. I leaned forward kissing her lips moaning as we each tasted each other essence in the others mouth. Kissing my way down her neck till I reached her hard dark nipples. Drawing one into my mouth sucking and flicking it with my tongue.

At this stage she was ready to go off. I repositioned rabbit. “Arch your back Brandi,” I said as I inhaled could smell her intoxicating aroma. She did so willingly. I let my arm go into over drive thrusting rabbit into her and just at the precipice I push one finger int her tight rosebud causing my sweet Brandi to squirt all over my hand and thighs.

I pull out rabbit turning it off, placing it to the side and laying down next to her as she catches her breath. “I guess I’ll have to make it a point to take time off work and enjoy more time and naked time with you some more then,” Brandi said between breaths. With last of her energy she laid herself half on top of me, kissing each softly till we both fell asleep in each others arms.

The Next Morning

“Hey,” Brandi asked softly, “can I join?”

I was halfway thru my clean up when she’d opened the shower stall door. “Sure. I’ll wash your back if you wash mine,” I offered.

She gave me a sly grin as she stepped in and closed the door behind her. I signalled her to turn with her back to me, poured some liquid soap in my hands and began lathering her up.

“Did you think you could leave me with only a kiss,” she said as she backed up against me.

“I thought you were asleep when I kissed you,” I whispered into her ear.

“I was. You are such a romantic – I assumed you kissed me because that’s what you always said you would do when messaging me scenarios. Mmmm baby you have a light touch.”

“We were up late,” I teased.

“You are up early,” she let her left hand travel down between us until she ran her fingers along my slit. “Mmm yes I’m up early gotta go to work today just for a few hours then I’ll be racing back to your arms babe” I say as I’m kissing along her neck…

To be continued…

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