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Subject: Seduced By My Step-dad Pt 6 Seduced By My Step-dad Pt 6 Please don’t forget to donate to fty to keep these stories going! Part 6 Before the camping day, we went to a sporting goods store and Andrew got me a fishing license. I completed a fishing course online. I was less concerned about fishing. I thought this effort was a waste of money. All I could thing about was the two of us being alone and being able to have sex anytime we felt like it. I was completely preoccupied day and ght with the upcoming trip. I even gave up jacking off in the interim so that I would impress him with a massive cum load. Finally, Saturday morng came and we got up really early that morng. I’d barely had any sleep and soon as I had fallen into a good deep sleep, he busted in my room and turned the light on. I lay naked on my stomach. He pulled the cover off and slapped my ass. “Get up, stud. I wanna be on the highway before the sun is up!” He left the room. I dragged myself up and pulled on a t-shirt and a specific, unwashed pair of shorts that was really funky by now. There wasn’t much to do because I helped him load up the truck on the eveng before. I grabbed my backpack and headed to the garage. I found him there looking inpatient from my slowness. He came up to me and grabbed the backpack from my hands. He rummaged through it. “You don’t need any of this shit–you can leave your purse at home. You only need one shirt and one pair of shorts.” He tossed the backpack on his tool bench. I raced after it and took my phone out of it. “My phone was in there, dude!” “Turn it off and keep it under your seat. I don’t want to see it on.” I opened the truck door and bent over and put my phone under the seat. His hand grabbed my ass. I turned around fast when he pulled my shorts down in the back to expose my ass to anyone who might have been looking outside that early. I pulled the shorts back up in a pac. “That’s how I like you! Easy to strip and fuck.” I hopped up into the cab of the truck and waited for him to fish filling the coolers. He hopped into the cab of the truck and shut the door. He pulled my chin toward him with his hand and slid his tongue in my mouth. My dick immediately woke up. He shoved his hand in my shorts and gripped my dick. “That’s right–stay like that you horny little fucker!” He licked up the side of my face and started the engine. I was so horny, that I would have let him fuck me right there in the garage. He pulled out his hand and left the elastic under my balls with my dick out. After heading out, our only stop was at the grocery store for a bag of ice. Then we drove onward to East Texas to the campground with no stops. When we finally arrived, it was around ten in the morng. I got out to stretch my legs. I had to piss bad. He stepped into the park office to pay for a permit to camp. As he came backout, the park ranger left the office and locked the door. Just beyond the tiny building was his jeep. When he walked past me, he did a double-take. “Well hi there!” he said. I looked up at a very handsome twenty-something guy with short blond hair. His uform was a tight button-down shirt with khaki shorts. He had very ce tanned legs covered in golden hairs. He had pale blue eyes that looked right into mine. He smiled at me and winked. “Come on!” Snapped Andrew. I looked over at Andrew and he looked irritated. I got back into the truck where looked a small paper map. “We’re heading to here…camping lot number 32,” he said pointing to a spot next to a cove on the lake. The other camping lots were mostly farther away from ours and close together. We drove down a dirt and gravel road past several curves. I started to wonder if we were lost. Then we finally began seeing posts with tiny numbered signs designating the camp sites. The posts became less frequent then then we saw ours. “Here it is!” We drove into a small clearing with a tiny since indicating our camping spot. After we parked, I walked around to find a place to piss. Standing behind a really large, old oak tree, I heard the slightest whirring of a faraway boat motor. I walked down a small trail to find a tiny wooden platform surrounded with tall grass on either side. Below the wood planks was the lake water. I listened to the sounds around us: just birds and other amal sounds with the exception of the boats in the distance. I’d never been in such a remote place (in face I’d never been camping). It was very warm and humid already. I wondered if going camping in July was a mistake. “Get over here and help me get this tent up!” “Dammit, hold on. I’m just looking around.” I told him. “Stay out of the bushes. You’ll get chigger bites and there are snakes. You probably have no idea what poison ivy looks like.” Worried about all the hazards he’d just warned me about, I put off my need to pee. He had taken his shirt off. I took mine off and walked up behind him. I put my arms around him and grabbed his dick through his shorts. He turned his head to mine and we kissed. “Let’s get this done…then you can have all the cock you want–you horny little fuck!” I let him go and he slapped me on the ass. He smiled at me sexily and winked. I was so horny. “Okay.” It took just over an hour to set up our campsite. After we were done, he suggested we drink some water. I bent over to open the cooler and he pushed my shorts down. “I don’t want to see clothes on you unless absolutely necessary!” His hand rubbed up and down my sweat-slicked crack. He sffed his fingers. “Mmm, your pussy smells great!” My cock stayed hard just from watching him work. Now it was so hard it felt like it would break. He turned his head to the left and looked off as we heard the sound of a car engine. Seconds later, the park ranger drove up. He turned off the engine and hopped out of his jeep. I managed to pull my shorts up quickly, but I wasn’t sure what he saw. “You guys getting settled in? I stood there gawking at the handsome guy who we had met an hour before. Andrew walked up behind me and put his arm around my neck. His armpit funk was super-strong and I was sure that the ranger could smell it too. He rested the wettest part of his armpit on my neck as if he was wiping it off on me on purpose. “Yeah, we’re all good. My stepson and I are gonna do some fishing and relax. Maybe take a swim.” When he said that he rubbed his hand in my hair to mess it up. Then he put his arm back over my shoulder. He was drenched in sweat, but his skin felt cool to the touch. Andrew slid his hand from my head down to my side just above my hip bone and on the side of my butt. It was not very fatherly embrace. The ranger’s eyes opened wide. “May I see both of your fishing licenses?” “Who said we’re going fishing?” Andrew challenged. The ranger replied, “I can your poles.” “I’m not sure which pole you’ve got your eyes on.” The ranger’s face blushed pink. “Go get the paperwork from the glove box!” Andrew told me without taking his dead stare off of the ranger’s face. I walked over to the trunk feeling self-conscious because every step I took made my dick and butt bounce. It was so obvious that I was free-balling. I opened the truck door and dug around in the glove box until I found the documents. I grabbed them and took them back to the guys. Andrew had his license out. “You have a driver’s license?” “No sir.” “Okay, I’ll go check these. I’ll be right back.” He walked off to the jeep and Andrew sighed. “That Numb-nuts could have asked me for that shit in the office.” After typing something into a screen on a laptop, he came back. “You’re all good to go. Thanks for following the law!” He handed the licenses back to me. “It’s gonna be a scorcher, but there’s some rain coming our way tomorrow. Oh, and don’t forget, if you need the bath house is just a half mile up the road.” Then he looked right into my eyes and spoke. “It’s just in walking distance. Easy to get there!” “Well, I doubt we’ll need it. We don’t want to keep you from your job. You must have a lot of shit to do. We’ll be careful with our poles.” Andrew said sharply. “You guys take it easy!” he said. Then he was off to his jeep. As the ranger pulled out, he looked back at me. Andrew turned around and pressed his chest against me. “Don’t even think about it!” he told me. “And control yourself!” He nodded down at my crotch and walked off. I looked down and my shorts were half-tented with an enormous dark and wet spot where my precum had leaked! “Oh my god!” I thought. I was embarrassed. I still had to take a piss. I walked behind the tent and pushed my shorts down to urinate. They fell to my knees. As I shook the drops of pee from my dick, Andrew’s shoe pushed the shorts down and pressed down on them. I stepped out of them. He pulled me to the single old wooden picc table between the truck and the tent. We were in view of the road if anyone else drove by, but of course he didn’t care. He pushed his shorts off and we both stood there in just tens shoes. He roughly picked me up and plopped my ass on the table. He pulled off my shoes and left my socks on. He pulled my ass to the edge of the table and I lay back on my elbows. He plopped my legs on his shoulders and pushed his dick hard into my hole with only ass sweat for lube. I jumped when he mounted me. I lay back on the wood and stroked my cock. “Your ass is so fucking tight! I don’t know how you do it, but it’s as tight as the first ght I broke you in.” I moaned as he slammed me. He pulled one foot to his face and sffed into my sweaty sock. “You’re like a god damn addiction Christopher. I think about filling you with my meat ght and day. I even think about you when I’m up in your mother’s pussy. The two of you are begging for my cock all the time, but I can’t get enough of you. Your mother is a real catch, but you keep my dick hard all the time!” I used my legs to grip his neck and pulled him downward to me. I tried to sit up. He leaned into me and we kissed hard like amals. His cock dug into me and I groaned loudly. Then he lifted me up without pulling out of me. He walked around with his cock up me and hold me at my waist. I hung onto him and his sweat dripped over me. He dared to walk all the way onto the gravel road and faced the direction the ranger had driven to. With the sun beating down on us, his hands gripped my waist his hips flexed to fuck me. It was like he was showing off or something. Then he took his time walking to the area behind the truck where he leaned me against a humongous tree. Bark pushed into the sensitive skin on my back. I hung onto his neck and we continued to make out. He never stopped fucking me. Then he bit the side of my neck hard and moaned. He was cumming! He groaned several times until it was just a whimper. Precum was drooling from my dick which had not squirted a load yet. He eased out of me and I dropped onto my feet. He let go and I pulled off my socks. I was totally naked in the woods! He walked with me to the tent. Once inside, he pulled off his socks and shoes. We plopped down on the air mattress and rested. “Sit on my chest.” Tiredly, I moved over and sat on his upper chest. I pushed my hard pes into his mouth with his neck between my knees. I slowly pushed in and out of his mouth as he fingered my asshole. The cum leaking from my ass made squishy sounds when his fingers dug into my butthole. He bobbed his head slowly and sucked me good. When he shoved his middle three fingers into me hard, I shot my load inside his mouth. Exhausted, I fell to his side. He rolled onto me and covered my mouth with his. He fed cum to me as our tongues dueled. I swallowed it down and then shoved he the three dirty fingers in my mouth. “Suck that cum off! You know you want every drop.” His cum tasted good. I wished I had the full load instead of just the leftovers that leaked out of me. “I don’t think I’ve seen a more cum hungry pup than you!” he laughed. A hot breeze blew into the open ten flap and through the screened windows. Somehow, he was starting to fall asleep despite the heat. I smelled my own underarms, his pits, and our sweaty crotches. I scooted down and rubbed my face in his sweaty bush hair. He was very pungent. I could smell my ass on his dick. I licked his salty balls. “Fuck, you just can’t stay away from it can you?” he laughed. “No!” I said. I pushed my nose under his ball sack and huffed hard. It was intoxicating! I waved a fly away from his bush while I sucked on his balls. “That’s it Chris. Suck on daddy’s sweaty nuts. Ah yeah.” I felt so good when he enjoyed what I was doing. I sucked and licked each testicle lovingly before shoving both into my jaws. I wasn’t satisfied until I had a mouthful. I rubbed his muscular and hairy upper legs. I heard a light snore. I didn’t care if he was sleeping or not. I finally had him all to myself and I was going to take advantage of it! After my jaws began to ache, I fought to open them enough to pry his nuts out of my mouth. They were like two really large eggs. Once released, they slid down along his taint due their weight. My nose detected a strong, now familiar stink. I reached up and pulled the foreskin back from his flaccid pes. There was ring of gunk on the underside of the head. I pressed my nose against it and inhaled deeply. My dick was so hard! It was like I had never cum yet. Slowly, I licked away the smegma from his perfect dick. For the next hour, I simply nursed on it. It got half-hard and leaked precum for me while he dozed. – – – We woke up a couple of hours later. He told me to put my shoes on and follow him. We carefully walked down the path to the water and jumped in and splashed around. The water came up to my waist. Andrew’s dick and ass were visible unless he squatted. The water seemed clean but the bottom felt mucky. I cringed when I walked in it. “Kind of furry down there!” he laughed. He came from behind and put his arms around me. Andrew pressed his dick in my crack between my legs. He made a sound like a wolf growling. “I should fuck you again right here!” “Dude, I can see boats out there. What if someone’s camping right over there?” I pointed to the other side of the cove. “Well maybe they can see…I don’t give a fuck. By the time anyone got to us we’d be gone. I’ve camped here in this same spot with the guys you met on poker ght. Don’t be such a chickenshit, Chris.” “Did you fuck one of them too?” I joked. “Don’t be a smartass. Those are just buddies.” It was awkwardly quiet for a moment, so I tried to ease off and swim a little. It was ce until I felt something hard bump my foot. “What the fuck?” I shouted. I swam fast back to the bank and pulled myself up onto the platform. I told Andrew what happened. He just laughed at me. “You probably bumped a turtle or a large fish. Don’t be such a girl!” I felt embarrassed. I sat up on the platform with my legs crossed covering my pes. Even though no one was nearby us, I began to feel exposed. I pulled on my tens shoes and walked back to the tent. Andrew followed me a few minutes later. Back at the tent, he put his shorts on but I stayed naked. It was cooler with no clothes and I’d started to get used to it. Obviously, I got boned again because it was such a turn-on to be naked outside. Andrew started up the stove and put a couple of steaks on. He tended to them closely adding salt and pepper. He peeled off the wrappers off two cans of pinto beans and opened them. They were placed on the grill too. I stroked my dick watching him cook. He was so fucking masculine. Everything he did was macho and made me horny all over again. I spit on my dick and rubbed it. “You’re gonna whack that thing until it breaks off!” he joked. I let go of it but it didn’t go down. I sat there on the picc bench enjoying being outdoors. After the swim, I wasn’t sweating so much anymore, but Andrew was sweating over the heat of the grill. His slightly caramel skin shined as sweat dripped down his back. When he raised his arm, I admired his wet and curly armpit hairs. I wished to have as much body hair as him one day. His facial stubble shadowed his cheekbones. He caught me staring again. “Don’t worry chief, I’m all yours toght. Just be patient.” He dug around in the cooler and pulled out some ice cubes. He rubbed them over his chest and pples before plopping them into his mouth. “Ready to eat?” he asked. He sat next to me after putting the steak and beans on paper plates. He opened two beers for us. As he sliced his medium rare steak, clear and red juice dripped from it. He hand-fed me a slice. He pushed it in my mouth and I sucked on his finger. When he pulled out his finger, I chewed the tender meat and swallowed. “It’s fuckin’ delicious!” I told him. “Yeah, it’s goddamn good.” He said. He looked over my body and said, “I choose my pieces of meat wisely.” Then he laughed heartily. “Look at your face blush. You don’t even know how fine you are do you? You don’t even notice all the girls looking at you wherever we go. And boys.” His flattery made me feel so good. “I’m never gonna let you go, kid.” I didn’t know what to say. I just ate. Neither of us talked anymore while we ate the rest of the food. I scooped the last of my beans from the can. I hadn’t even noticed that my pes had gone soft. It was a first: to be naked with someone and not be hard. I could really get used to not wearing any clothes. I wondered if I too should start going around the house in just a towel. It was a tempting idea. “I don’t know about you, but I need another nap!” “Okay,” I said. The two of us went back to the tent. The sun would be setting soon, but the temperature had not changed. Andrew carried the coolers into the tent and put them to the side of the air mattress. The mattress was easily big enough to fit the two of us. A single sheet covered it with another lying folded in the corner. However, it was too hot to cover up. Andrew got barefoot and sat on the cooler and stretched out his legs. He wiggled his toes next to my face. “You wanna take care them?” He nodded downward. I got up and moved my head to his feet. I massaged his sweaty feet and sucked on his toes. His feet smelled like dirty socks. I licked the lint from between his toes. His cock came to life as I worshipped his feet. He rubbed my head. My ass rose as I sat on my knees, head down. “You’ve got a perfect ass. Not a single blemish or bump on it. And your pink butthole…such a hot pussy.” I licked up and down his feet as his hand moved down my back. I turned around to give him better access. Andrew’s middle finger wiggled into my hole. I moaned from the attention back there. “Move over, I need to lay down!” he told me. Laying opposite me, he sucked on my toes while I continued. My feet were dirty but he didn’t care. I certainly didn’t! The tent quickly smelled like a locker room. I hated to think we had to go back home. Eventually, we wound up with me rubbing his dick and sucking on is pple. His chest was so perfect. Two meaty I pecs covered in curly black hairs. I rubbed my nose in the sweat pooled between his two round pecs. He put his hands behind his head and exposed those wonderful armpits. With his elbows stretched out, my nose twitched when the funk wafted into my face. “Take care of them, Christopher.” I took a very long time to eat out the first armpit. I licked into the acrid tasting pit and sucked on the hairs. Then I licked them up and down almost totally licking off the stink. I made out with it until he grunted for me to move to the other one. Just as soon as my face was in it, he gripped my head tightly by wrapping his arm around it. My head and neck were trapped in his tight grip. I lay there wiggling to get loose because quickly I was unable to breathe. He mockingly patted my butt with his other hand. I started to pac because he cut my air off. I pulled hard on his bicep. Then he let go enough for me to gasp for air. “All those new muscles you got now, and you don’t even know how to use them…heh heh hen. Someone needs to teach you how to fight.” My eyes were watering. He pulled my face to his. “Now you smell like a man.” He grabbed my pes and stroked it. That was the perverse thing–I was nearly suffocated but I remained rock hard! He shoved my head down to his cock. “The monster has re-charged. Do your job, my handsome little cock fiend! You’re craving my cum again, huh?” “Yes,” I whimpered. “Of course, you are!” He laughed heartily and shoved his cock into my throat. For the next half hour, I was brutally face-fucked in several different positions. I kept thinking that he was supposed to be tired, but he easily held me down in any position he desired. I thought older men could only cum one or two times a day, but his balls re-filled since he fucked me earlier. I supposed that he was taking so long to make his sperm generate again. Every time he moaned hard and I thought he was about to cum, he pulled out his dick made me lick his balls. After another grueling mouthfuck, he pushed my face down further and pulled one leg up. He pushed my downward and I licked his sweaty taint. “Down more!” He wanted his ass licked. I shoved my nose into his hairy crack and was taken aback from the blast of ass funk. Here kütahya escort he was sweatier and more pungent. It smelled like concentrated pubic odor, underarm stink, and ass. “Don’t just smell it little perv, use your talented mouth!” My tongue went to work licking the sweat and lint from his steaming hole for several minutes. He slapped his pes on my forehead to signal me to return to his cock. Two hands gripped my head while he mercilessly fucked my mouth so hard that my lips felt numb. My jaws hurt bad as his cumload finally was deposited in my throat. I didn’t even taste it–I only felt his cock spasming in my mouth as another load was provided. “Don’t go anywhere!” I protested and tried to move. Seconds later a gusher of hot piss filled my mouth and I guzzled it down like a trooper. I fell over when he was done and let me go. “I’m beat. I’m gonna snooze again!” he told me. HE was beat? What about me? I felt thoroughly used. His back was to me as he fell asleep. I opened the cooler and took out a Coke. I popped the top and drank it down. I felt the liquids in my stomach slosh around when I lay down beside him. He turned over in his sleep and flung his arm over me. – – – We woke up after sundown to loud thunder. “So much for the rain coming tomorrow. Dumbass ranger.” Andrew commented. “Get up and dig around in my duffle bag. Bring me the bottle.” When I got up, he pulled both pillows together and pushed them under his head. When I moved back, I handed him the bottle of whisky and he patted to the space next to him. Cool, refreshing air blew into the tent. He flopped his dick around and I moved my face to it. I lay down against his legs and sucked on his dick. He took off the cap and swallowed several times. I played with dick and stroked his balls. He moved my head to his cock again. I started bobbing up and down. “Don’t wear your mouth out–slow down. I’m in no hurry to cum. I just want your warm mouth on me. Keep sucking and relax the jaws.” I concentrated on licking up and down his cock. He went through another gulp of whiskey. The rain fell harder over us. He handed the bottle to me. “Just one gulp, chief…don’t drink it down like it’s jizz!” I drank the large gulp of whisky down. It had a smoky taste. I handed the bottle back to him and he gulped more down. He waved his cock with the other hand to signal for me to return to it. I sucked on the end of it. “Pull down the skin all the way. Ahhh, that feels good.” He wasn’t even fully hard, but he was enjoying it. Besides, the soft cock gave my sore jaws a break. I lightly sucked and pressed my nose into his dank bush. “You’re a grade-A cocksucker, Chris. You should teach your mom how to do it. She could learn a few tricks, but she tries. She’d rather have it up her pussy than down her throat–and never her ass. You should see how she begs for it when you’re not home. Walks around with no panties. Doesn’t wear a bra. The two of you bitches are really competing for it. It drives her nuts when I make her wait a couple of days for it!” His rough hand stroked my face. “Get up here!” He patted next to him and I scooted up and snuggled next to his chest. I lay in his open armpit. His free hand reached out and stroked my smooth chest. “You feel so good next to me.” We stayed quiet. He was getting drunker. I rubbed my sore neck. His hands had nearly choked me when he fucked my mouth earlier. I worried I was going to bruise. By coincidence, massaging my neck and shoulders. I closed my eyes. “So, you’re mostly straight? Or are you half bi?” I asked. “What the fuck are you talking about?” he said with slurred speech. “When did you have sex with a guy for the first time? Have there been many?” “You’re such a nosey little fucker!” He burped nastily into my face. It was extremely loud and stunk of Jack Daels. “Only one other guy, Chris. My tio.” I struggled to remember it from my 9th grade Spash class. “Your uncle?” I gasped. “He turned my life around. I’d be in jail today–maybe prison–if it weren’t for him. He was a fucking hard worker, but not a businessman. He couldn’t keep track of his god damn money. When I started working for him, we lived in his shithole apartment. We slept in the same bed. We got fuckin’ close. Like a dad to me–but a friend too. We were tight–you know what I mean?” I nodded. “I could tell he was so into me. I idolized the man. One ght, I just kissed him. I was getting vibes from him and all that shit. He was a good lookin’ man.” Andrew reached for the bottle and drank again. “We got naked. I was no virgin with the girls. I’d been fuckin’ chicks since I was thirteen. I’d never fooled around with a man. It was so different. Then Tio…poor Tio…got it in his head to try to fuck me in the ass! That was the last person who tried that shit! We wrestled around on the floor and when all said and done–I fucked him. Was that simple. He drank again and handed me the bottle. I drank more than I should have. “I fucked him dozens of times after that. I loved the man–we was blood you know. When he lost the apartment, we were out on the street. We moved in with my mother, bless her soul.” He burped nastily again in my face. “Ha-ha–you know, we fucked like rabbits under her nose. He was always after me. You know, like you can’t get enough of me either. One ght, we almost got busted. Tio was a mess. He was freakin’ out. The next morng, we found him dead in his bed. He overdosed on pills.” I tried to hug him and he pushed me off. “Get away!” I lay there uneasy after that. He didn’t talk anymore. His bottle lay between his legs and I sat up uneasily. Rain pattered on the tent. I reached under his arm and pried the bottle from his grip. I put the cap on it and moved it off the mattress. A pressure grew in my stomach and I knew I couldn’t hold it. I needed used the bathroom. I got up and put my shoes on. I felt around for my shorts. When I unzipped the tent openg, he turned over. “Where the fuck you going?” he slurred. “To that bath house. I gotta shit bad…and piss.” “You ain’t going anywhere in the rain in the dark. We’re camping dammit. Find a place outside way from the tent.” “I gotta shit though!” I protested. “Don’t be such a fucking girl.” I knew I couldn’t stand to wait until morng. I unzipped the tent all the way and stepped out into the cool drizzle. My head swam from the alcohol, I felt dizzy as I walked into the rain. I wasn’t about to go into the bushes, so I ventured to the edge of the clearing and did my business. Being drunk from the equivalent of two shots of whisky, I laughed to no one at the absurdity of squatting to shit in the woods naked in the rain. When I was done, I was sure if I was dirty back there, so I reached out for some leaves and rubbed my crack with them. I had to piss again and let loose against a tree. With the deed done, I felt more relaxed and unhibited. I felt liberated to have just walked out naked to do my thing. Now I kind of wanted to stay naked in the rain for a few more minutes. I walked to the picc table and sat on the wet bench. My dick sprang up. I sat there smiling as the rain dropped over me. “Chris!” yelled Andrew. “You fall in our what?” I walked back to the tent and zipped it up. I lay wet next to his body. As his body warmed me up, I fell asleep finally. – – – We woke to sunlight and birds singing. He stretched out and plopped his leg over me. He stank of a days-worth of body odor and sex. He shoved his face into my armpit. “Now you smell like a man for once!” He exaggeratedly sffed in my armpit. The he rubbed his hand all over my cheek. “And look, somebody needs to shave! Haha!” he said in a mocking tone. I shirked away as he laughed tauntingly. “Shut up!” I said. “Don’t be a baby!” he said. “I’m hungry!” I said. “Go fix breakfast!” he said laughing. He really though he was funny. He got up and was about to step outside naked. Then we heard the jeep driving by. “Fuck, not again.” He stayed in the tent as the jeep stopped for a moment. After we didn’t go outside, it took off again. He pulled on his shorts and tossed mine onto my face. “You might as well get dressed. Looks like that annoying asshole is runng around already.” I didn’t want to put clothes on. I pulled the soiled shorts on and we went outside. He dug out six eggs from the food cooler and made us some scrambled eggs. By now, his khakis were stretched and sagged enough to show the crack of his ass. Wisps of hair peeked out under his exposed tailbone. After we ate, we walked down the path to the wooden platform and attempted to fish for a few hours. Neither of us had any luck. He blamed it on the rain. I had no idea why that mattered. Asking about it just made him irritable. “You in a bad mood?” I asked. “I got a bit of a hangover. I must have drunk a lot.” “You drank half a bottle of booze!” I told him. “Well fuck.” “Well,” I suggested, we can go back to the tent and fuck.” “Hell kid, you’re always begging for it. You never get tired of me slamming my cock up your bottomless hole, do you?” “No,” I said. “I don’t know you do it, but you make me cum like a seventeen-year-old. Once I’m up your ass or down your throat, you make me blast like a cannon! I mean, I’ve always produced large loads, but you get me hard over and over again like a miracle drug!” I smiled and pushed my hand in my shorts. I rubbed my dick. He turned around and shook his head. I felt proud about what he said. “Good god kid. Okay, let’s head back and have one for the road.” I got up happily and walked fast to the tent. As soon as we were back in the clearing, I pulled off my shorts. I kicked off my shoes and jacked off in the open. “Let’s pack up everything and then I’ll give you a refill of my juice. I fear when I get done with you that I’m gonna be too tired to do anything else. Stay naked!” “Okay!” We took about half an hour to carefully put everything back into the back of the truck. I was very motivated to hurry. When we were done, I moved to get into the truck for our fuck. “Get your ass back here!” he said. I walked back to him at the rear of the truck. He lifted me up and plopped my bare ass on the tailgate. “Lay back!” I lay back against the tent bundle and felt him pull my legs onto his shoulders. He spit several times onto his dick and into my crack. I looked up at the huge tree branches swaying over us. Slowly, clouds were moving overhead and blocked the sun. Andrew pushed deep into my bowels and began to fuck me. He rubbed his hands over my pecs and massaged them. I moaned. I loved the feeling of my ass filled with his fat cock. He used his fingertips and squeezed the fuck out of my pples. I groaned and let him do it. “Open your mouth!” I opened my mouth and he leaned over and spit a long rope of spit into my mouth. I sucked it down. I wanted anything that came out of him. I secretly wished he would pull his dick out and piss all over me. I wanted to be his total slut. I propped myself up on my hands and we kissed passionately. Sweat dripped off the stubble of his shaved head and dripped into my eyes. I used one hand to reach to his head and pulled him downward. He understood what I wanted. I licked all over his head. The salty sweat was delicious. He fucked me hard and fast. As soon as I touched my dick, I started cumming. I squeezed my dick head and had an intense orgasm. This did nothing to hurry him up. He pulled out and grabbed me. I stumbled to my feet and he pushed me over on the tailgate on my stomach. He pulled my cheeks apart and rammed me hard. The backwards stab hurt. I just bit down and closed my eyes. He pumped and I took the pain like a champ. A new pressure built that I hadn’t experienced before. Sprinkles of rain started to randomly fall on us. The cool air blew over my sweaty body and I sighed as cum drooled hands-free from my pes. His giant balls slapped mine angrily. He gripped my waist so hard it hurt. He was cumming! “AHHHHH, GOD. FUUCKKKK!” he groaned. After four hard thrusts, he was done. “Holy shit,” he sighed. He pulled out and pushed my shoulders down to clean him off. As I sucked my ass slime off his cock, he stretched out and yawned. “Damn kid, you’re a real wonder. I don’t know how you take it.” He put his mouth to my ear and whispered, “You better watch out. I think daddy got you pregnant this weekend!” Cum leaked down my leg while I stood there dazed and dizzy. I felt him wiping my crack and legs with my shorts. “Get inside kid and crank up the AC. I’ll make sure it’s secured back here. Looks like more rain again.” I grabbed my shorts and put them on the seat and hopped inside naked. I had no idea where my shirt was. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the cold air. In the rear-view mirror, I saw my hot as fuck stepdad’s muscular arms flexing as he worked. After this weekend, how was I going to go a day without his cock inside me? I woke up a several minutes later when the truck door opened. He stayed shirtless and I stayed nude. I felt no reason to get dressed. Our bodies funked up the cab despite the AC blowing in fresh air. We drove out down the road until we reached the camp office. The ranger’s jeep was backing out as we passed. Once fully out of its parking space, it stopped beside us and the ranger rolled down the window. Andrew rolled his window down only halfway. “You guys need to be more discreet. I saw you in the water!” the ranger called out. Andrew rolled his window down all the way. I had no time to cover up. The man saw me totally naked. “Fuck you. I bet you were whacking off in the bushes asshole!” Andrew pulled my head down roughly into his lap! As I was pushed down, I saw the ranger’s eyes bugging out. “See you, chump!” He rolled up the window and drove out of there fast. Dust rose all around the truck as we drove onto the main road. I pulled my head up. “No one told you to stop.” I leaned down to suck him. “What if he calls the cops or something?” I asked with mouth half full of dick. “Just suck and be quiet.” It was a long ride home… – – – When I woke up Monday, my legs were sore. We had rolled around and fucked and sucked in dozens of positions and it gave my body a workout. Luckily, I had no bruising from his near-choking moves on me. When I shaved Monday morng, I counted the times we shot loads in those two days. It had been an incredible experience. On the way home (and after the last blowjob), we chatted and he told me to take Friday off so I could go to work with him. He explained to me that I’d be going just to watch and see what he did on a daily basis and maybe he’d let me do some of the work. I was excited with the thought of spending an entire day with him again. Monday morng, I got up and washed my dirty uforms and all my other clothes. I napped for a while after that. When I got up, I was so sore in my legs that I didn’t want to ride a bicycle to work. I called Jason and asked if he could drive me to work. He didn’t work that day, but he offered to do so. When he picked me up, I offered him some cash for the trouble. “No man, I’m doing it as a favor. I don’t mind giving cute boys rides–even if they won’t fool around anymore.” He joked. “Your boyfriend not able to take you? Or is there a chance you’re single now?” “Well, he’s gotta work. I’ll just get my stepdad to pick me up toght. I really appreciate this.” While we rode, I remembered the ght he and I had sex. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, but I felt I didn’t have to worry about things anymore. After that camping trip, I hoped to go camping again or for us to find some other outing alone. On my lunch break, I called Andrew and asked for him to give me a ride home. He didn’t answer, so I texted him. He didn’t call back until after dark. “What’s the deal Chris, can’t you take your bike home? I’m tired as fuck. I had a rough day at work.” I was very put off by the way he talked to me. After our weekend, I thought he was always going to be glad to see me and do anything that meant we had a few minutes alone. “No, don’t worry. I’ll ride my bike home.” “Okay.” Then he hung up. I asked around at work and no one was getting off early. So, at ten o’clock, I clocked out and walked home. Halfway home, my ankle started hurting. I pulled off my work shirt and tucked it in my waist. I wasn’t a pussy. I could walk or ride a bike for miles, but the stifling humidity didn’t help. It had never rained here at home to lower the temperatures like it did at the campsite. I persevered and moved on. When I reached the end our street, I noticed the garage doors were open and the lights were on. AS I walked up the driveway, I heard Spash. I stopped when I got close and saw Andrew and Richie working on a big metal frame. They were pulling off a metal fan blade. I heard laughter and more Spash. My face flushed hot and I got angry. I wondered why the fuck Andrew had lied to me. Right in the middle of the garage was my bicycle. I’d forgotten to hide it. I tried to divert my route to the front door but just then I was seen. “Oh, hey Chris. How’s it going?” Richie called out. I wanted to say, “None of your business asshole.” “Just working,” I said. From that point, I went on through the garage and into the house. When Andrew looked at me, I just gave him a “go to hell” stare and said nothing. I closed the door and then put my ear against it to eavesdrop. More Spash. “Fuck them!” I said under my breath. I went inside and took a shower. I was covered in sweat and food grease. I wanted out of the work uform so that I didn’t smell like tacos. I scrubbed off the grime and then shaved. I felt so much better. I looked down at my laundry basket full of clean clothes. I’d washed Andrew’s sleeveless t-shirt that I wore back from Garrett’s house. I pulled it on. Like before, it totally covered my butt, dick, and balls with some inches to spare. I thought about Andrew hanging outside with Richie again. In a moment of anger, I spontaneously left my room in just the baggy shirt. If he was going to flirt with another man, I was going to parade my ass around and drive him crazy. I strolled into the kitchen and started making me a sandwich. Mom was watching TV, so I didn’t have to worry about getting an erection. When I arrived, I was very nervous. She didn’t bat an eye. Why would she even think I’d be walking around with no underwear? It was obvious that she assumed I had underwear underneath. I had seen her walk around in his shirts with panties on–what was the difference? “How was work babe?” She said over the couch. “Long and repetitive,” I answered. “Sorry babe. You won’t work there forever–but it’s a good start. My first job was at McDonald’s. There were fun times and sometimes it was the pits.” “I suppose,” I told her. I stood at the counter spreading mustard on slices of bread when Andrew came back inside. He stopped in his tracks and didn’t say anything. I ignored him. I put the bread on top of the other half of the sandwich and picked up my Coke. I headed to the living room and sat on the corner chair like a lady in a short dress would do. Carefully, I sat with legs pressed together and started to eat my food. He moved behind the couch and stared. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen me in it before. This time he wasn’t drinking. He sat on the recliner and kept looking over at me. Mom didn’t notice, but he continued to stare. My chair had been there for decorative reasons. It was an old 1970’s chair that was a tacky gold color. It was comfortable, but no one ever used it. Yet that ght, I used the chair and sat there diagonally to his right. The couch lay behind him to his right. In the manner I sat, nothing was exposed, but my state of near-nudity affected him. He was sweating when he came in from the hot garage earlier. However, now he was still sweating despite the house being cooled by the air conditioner. He pulled off his shirt and wiped his chest and forehead with it. After I fished eating, I got up to put away my plate. At that moment he chose to get up for a beer. I stood behind the bar and put my plate in the dishwasher. Out of mom’s view, I lifted up the shirt to scratch my ass and exposed my butt to him. The bottom of the shirt stayed flipped up. He snuck up behind me and grabbed my ass with both hands. “What’s going on?” he asked. “What are you up to?” I pushed him off and went back to the living room and I sat down in his recliner! Mom was laid out on the couch reading a romance novel. He had to put her feet in his lap as he sat on the end. He wasn’t happy on the couch. He wanted be sitting in “his” chair. When anyone sat on the recliner, their back was hidden by the big chair from the couch. While mom continued to read, he got up again and looked for the remote. “Here it is!” I told him. He looked down and it was under my balls and asshole. He reached down and shoved his hand under me to pull it out. He looked into my eyes with burng stare. He took the remote and sat down again. Mom had no view of me from behind the recliner. Once he sat down again, I boldly pulled the shirt up and exposed my dick. I felt bold and exhibitiostic. “Darn it, I left my glass of wine on the table,” mom said. “Hey chief, you’re the young lara escort one. Go grab your mom’s wine glass and get me another beer!” I thought, “Damn him!” I couldn’t get up with a rock-hard dick with no underwear on! I tried to think of other things. I pretended to not hear. He said it again and then I slowly stood up with my back to them and walked almost sideways to not be seen. I went to the kitchen mad. I got a beer from the refrigerator and then picked up her wine glass. My erection was going down fast to my relief. I walked to her and handed her the glass. Andrew reached out for the beer can. When he pulled it away, he intentionally gripped part of my baggy shirt with his finger next to the can. When he pulled the beer away, the hem of the shirt lifted up to expose my lower butt and my entire crotch was totally exposed to my mom! “Chris!” mom gasped. “Jesus, babe!” “Sorry mom!” I packed. I tried to think fast. I was mortified! “I am just trying to be comfortable! I mean it’s no different than him sitting around in a towel for hours!” I shouted. I pulled it downward as tight as I could and stomped off to my bedroom. I slammed the door hard. I pulled on the dirty camping shorts and plopped down on the bed. I covered my head with my pillow and felt sick to my stomach. I could hear them chuckling in the living room! “You idiot!” I said aloud to myself. I lay there for two hours wondering how I was going to go back out there again. All I could think of over and over was them laughing. I jumped when the door opened. Andrew came and stepped inside the room. I got up angrily. “Fuck you!” I said. “Now I can’t show my face out there again.” He started laughing and tried to talk but laughed even more. “I wouldn’t worry about showing your face buddy, you already showed everything else! Ha-ha!” “It ain’t funny!” He put his arms around me and I pushed him off me. Then he tripped me and tackled me on the bed. I struggled to get out from his grip as we wrestled around. “Stop it!” “Come on buddy, I’m just roughin’ you up a bit!” He started tickling me all over my ribs. I wrestled with him. I was angry with him, but I didn’t mean to do it: my fist backhanded his cheek hard and bumped his mouth! I froze in fear I was about to get my ass seriously beaten. He pulled up a corner of my sheet and wiped blood from his mouth. I’d busted the inside of his lip, yet he remained calm. “Seriously Chris?” “I’m sorry man! I’m–so sorry!” I stammered. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna punch you back in this flawless, white face of yours.” He put his left hand around my neck and pushed all his weight onto my body. The fingers on his free hand opened my mouth and he drooled a long rope of spit into my lips. He pressed his mouth next to my ear and huffed hot, steamy beer breath in my face. “Since you enjoy parading your ass around the house…what you’re gonna do, Chris, is announce to your mother that you’re a nudist. You’re gonna tell her that you don’t want to wear clothes anymore at home. You tell her that if she really loves you, then she’ll accept this!” “Are your out of your fucking mind?” I gasped. His thumb pushed slightly more into my throat. “Do you want to live here or do you want me to toss your ass out on the street? I want to see you naked around here from now on!” “How am I going to keep from getting a hard on?” “That’s your problem, chief. You go back out there with anything more than that shirt and your time here is over. You know you don’t want to leave. You know how great we are together. You’re the perfect fuck!” Silent tears ran down my face. I hoped he was just drunk and not really serious about kicking me out. I had to pacify him in the meantime. “Okay.” I said. “Okay what?” “I’ll come out to my mom that I’m…a nudist.” He rolled me over. He reached for the lube that was always stored on the far side of the mattress. I felt the cold lube squirt into my crack. Andrew slid his dick up and down my ass to spread the lube before pressing his cock inside me. He pushed all the way in and stayed there for a moment. He shoved his hands under my arms and around me. While in a tight bearhug and nearly suffocating me with his weight, he fucked me hard. My erect dick pressed into the mattress. I felt his teeth gently biting just above the end of my hairline. He sffed deeply into my hair and fucked harder and faster. “Ughhhhh!” He grunted. We heard mom calling. He continued to cum even though she was looking for him. After he fished, he sat up and wiped his dirty dick in my hair and pulled his shorts up. “Thanks kid. And don’t forget what you’re going to tell your mom. Hear me?” When I didn’t answer, I felt his smooth foot push down on the back of my neck. “Yes sir!” “Well then.” – – – After he was gone, I wiped my face off on the pillow. For the rest of the ght, I lay there with a tight stomach and slept little. When I got up in the morng, I hoped that his directive was only a result of his drunkenness. I got up in the now notorious baggy shirt and walked to the kitchen. Mom had left already. I smelled Andrew’s aftershave and heard him moving around in his bedroom. He came out and found me pouring cereal in a bowl. He reached under the shirt and felt my balls. “That’s a good start, buddy. Toght’s the ght. Don’t forget. You can come out in the shirt, but after you spill your guts to your mother, I want you totally naked. Don’t fuck it up! I’m off. See you toght!” My heart sank again. After he was gone, I paced around the kitchen and no longer felt hungry. I considered calling in sick to work, but then I’d only sit around and worry all day about how the eveng would go. Finally, I got my shit together and got ready for work. In the end, I spent the entire day at work preoccupied and sulking about my pending conversation with my mother. – – – By the time I left work, I had formulated a speech in my mind. Worse case scenario, mom was accepting about it. Best case scenario, she said “hell no” and he lost out. I don’t remember anything about the ride home. When I arrived at our garage, I felt numb. Coming out as gay would have to be much easier than telling my mother I wanted to go around naked all the time at home! When I walked inside, I didn’t see Andrew anywhere. Mom was in her gown watching TV. I decided to get right to it. “Mom, where’s Andrew?” “Oh, hey babe. He’s next door. They’re having some plumbing problems. That house has so many issues.” My face flushed hot with the thought of Andrew alone with Richie next door! I felt a sheen of sweat growing over me. “Yeah, that sweet little lady came over and asked if we had a plunger. I think Andrew took over that roto-rooter thing over to their house.” I felt relieved. It wasn’t just Richie over there. “Mom, I need to talk to you about something. It’s serious to me and if you have a problem with it, I will TOTALLY understand. I really, really will. She put her novel on the end table and took off her reading glasses. “What is it baby? You can tell me anything. I’m your mother.” “Well, it’s just that…well.” She patiently listened to me flounder. “Well the other ght when you saw I had just a t-shirt on. Well, mom. I WANNA BE A NUDIST! I don’t like wearing clothes. I’ll understand if this freaks you out. Just say the word and I’ll never bring it up again.” My mom chuckled. “Honey, I’m not such a prude. I’ve seen you naked all your life, well until you turned 13. If you feel so strongly about this, I’m okay with it. How long have you had this on your mind? “Well, whenever you weren’t at home…since I was 13…I’ve enjoyed being nude.” Now I really laid on the bullshit. “It just feels more natural to me.” Andrew walked into the house from the garage door. He was sweaty and had dirty gunk all over his hands. “Come here hon, Christopher has something important to ask of us.” Just then a devilish grin sneered across Andrew’s face. Mom began to recount our entire conversation. I felt humiliated and embarrassed. I noticed his sausage shifted in his dirty khaki shorts. “Wow, Chris…that’s a bombshell!” he lied. “I guess it could be a little awkward at first, but we’re both men. I guess I can handle it. But please tell me when we have poker ght here again, you’re not gonna be streaking around the house!” I felt my face blush again. Fuck him! “NO sir, nothing like that.” “Well, we can give it a try then.” The house phone rang. Mom walked to bar to answer it. She looked at the caller ID. “It’s mom! I cool with this if you are.” She said to Andrew. Mom took the cordless phone to the living room and sat down on the couch and started talking to my grandma. Andrew had a smug look on his face and walked off to their room. I followed him. He was taking his clothes off in their bathroom when I found him. “Are you happy now?” I said. “Looks you got off on the whole conversation!” He was naked now and I pointed at his hard dick. “Fuck Chris, why you still got clothes on? Go shower. When I fish showering and come back in there, I want to see you totally fuckin’ naked. No baggy shirt.” I stomped mad to my room. He really wanted me to go through with this! Before showering, I nervously and wondered how I was going to pull this off. I had an idea to help keep me from springing a boner in front of my mom. I dug under my mattress and pulled out a pair of Andrew’s dirty work socks. I lubed my cock and jacked off. My nerves kept me from coming fast, even though it felt good. I dug out a pair of his underwear I’d saved after he mowed the lawn. Within minutes, I squirted a load of cum onto the carpet. I took my time showering and I was sure that I couldn’t get an erection now. After I dried off, I took a deep breath and took a walk straight to the kitchen for a late dinner snack. I walked right past mom and Andrew. “Damn him!” I said to myself. He was wearing just a towel as he usually did. I didn’t need that. Mom said nothing about my nudity. She was doing her best to accept my desire to go naked. I felt bad. It was a ruse done to satisfy Andrew. While I heated up a plate of meatloaf, my hands were shaking. I looked back toward the two of them and Andrew turned his head back and winked. I sat at the table and ate. I had to admit to myself that it felt really good! Yes, being naked was sexual, but I really felt so much more comfortable. I ate the rest of my food and listened to the TV from the living room. During the meal, I acquired and lost an erection several times. After I was done eating, I rinsed my plate and put it in the dishwasher. I swallowed hard and knew I could simply go to my room and be done with it. I could also go watch TV and try this out to see how it worked. I walked into the living room and boldly lay on the floor on my belly just under the large TV on the wall. I figured laying on my stomach would allow me to avoid flashing a hard-on if I got one. No one said anything as I lay on my side with my back to both of them. We just watched TV. Eventually, mom asked how my day was at work, but nothing was mentioned about me being nude in front of them. I was able to answer her by turng my head back and keeping by body aimed at the TV. Eventually, mom got up to use the bathroom and went to their room. “Fuck, what a ce change of scenery, stud. From now on when I’m not getting a piece of your ass, I can see it struttin’ around the house in all its glory.” Now I started getting hard. I rolled over and pushed under me with my hand. He laughed heartily and slapped his leg. “God this is god damn hoot! You fuckin’ little naked horndog!” “Shut up!” I protested. We heard mom coming back into kitchen to pour herself a glass of iced tea. Out of her view, Andrew opened his towel and rubbed his soft dick and pulled back his foreskin and exposed his gleaming head. “Stop it man!” I said lowly through my teeth. He chuckled again. After she sat down and he shifted around on the recliner, the towel rode upward and he tried to arrange it in an over-exaggerated way. He got irritated and tossed the towel in the floor! “What’s wrong babe?” she asked him. “Screw it! If you’re gonna be comfortable buddy, I’m gonna do the same!” Andrew lifted up and pulled his towel free. He pulled it off and tossed it in the floor beside him. Mom giggled like a schoolgirl. He looked over at her and winked. She giggled again. Hearing the two of them laughing like giggling lovers disgusted me. Mom yawned loud and said she was going to bed. After she was gone, he got up and walked to me. He squatted on one knee and pushed his dick in my mouth. He gripped my head when I tried to pull away. “Have a taste of daddy’s dick before goes and screws the hell out of your mama’s pussy. Looks like two cocks swinging around the house sent her over the edge. I’ll bet she’s on her hands and knees now waiting for the monster!” I had to swallow or choke, but he let go of my head and walked off with an arrogant, cocky strut. I immediately spit in my hand and started jacking off like lightng! I didn’t care that I was in the middle of the living room and the lights were on. I jacked so fast, but when I heard my mom moang from his cock plowing her, I shot a load all over the floor. When it was over, I was still very horny. I walked within two feet of their door (which was open) and listened. I couldn’t see without stepping in more, so I just listened. “God, don’t stop!” she cried. I used the cum remaing on my hand to jack off for a third time that eveng. When I came this time, my knees buckled and I nearly fell into their room. I gripped onto the door frame and pulled up. I walked calmly back to my room and lay naked on the mattress. I looked over and saw I left the door open. “What does it matter now?” I thought. I fell asleep naked and exposed. When I woke up the next morng, I packed for a moment when I realized I had been splayed out naked with the door wide open. Then I remembered the ght before–I could go naked now in the house. I sat up and heard mom telling Andrew goodbye. I hesitated to go into the kitchen before he left. I didn’t need to. He showed up at my room as I sat up. “You god damn sexy motherfucker! I’m gonna enjoy you never wearing a fuckin’ stitch in this house anymore. Now you’ll be ready for my dick any time we have a moment alone. Hell, I’ll be leakin’ all the time watching your smooth and sexy white butt prancing around. You know I caught your mother staring your ass!” “Shut up, that’s gross!” “She’s always ready to get laid…now with an 18-year-old stud naked in the house, her pussy’s never gonna stop dripping.” “Ugh!” I said. “I don’t want to hear it!” He pressed his black sock covered foot on my pes. “Looks like your dick doesn’t mind hearing about it. You’re the horest dude I’ve ever seen. You never go down. Let’s see if you can stay down when I’m strutting around naked too in front of you and your mom!” “You’re gonna do that again?” I said. “When the mood strikes, maybe. I gotta get to work. Don’t forget buddy, you’re going to work with me soon. Open your mouth.” He lowered down to me. I thought he wanted to kiss me, so I closed my eyes and waited for his hot, full lips to pressed against mine. Instead he spit a huge glob of spit in my mouth! “Fooled you! Ha-ha!” I wiped off the excess spit off my chin with the back of my hand as he left to fish getting ready. I felt a mix of emotions–helplessness, frustration, flattery, hornes, and humiliation. I lubed up my dick and walked to the living room. He was slipping his shoes on. I jacked off in front of him. “Come over puppy, come here.” He patted on the couch next to him. He looked so hot in his work uform, head freshly shaven and goatee trimmed. “Give daddy a good start to his day!” He unzipped his fly and pulled out a soft cock. I stretched out on the ouch with my head in his lap. Once it was in my mouth, it fully hardened to its full girth and length. His fat pples poked through his skin-tight shirt. I jacked off while I lay there sucking his cock. He put his hands behind his head, elbows out, and closed his eyes. The room grew dark as thunder rumbled outside. I slow-sucked all the way down on his cock taking it all in–no gagging! “You’re a grade-A cocksucker now, chief. Sometimes I wish it was just you and me only here so I could come home from work, get my feet rubbed, cock sucked, dinner made. You wouldn’t have to work at all. I’d keep you barefoot and pregnant. You could be naked all the time and whenever I was in the mood, I could just bend you over and fuck your brains out. And as must as you like to suck me, your butt would always be full of my cum!” “MMMMMM!” I groaned with cock in mouth. His sexy talk made me shoot my load before he came. But this excited him and he pushed down hard on my head and fucked my mouth without mercy. He squeezed my head tight and choked me on his dick! “Ughhhhh! FUCK!” he shouted. I got my morng dose of his cum. “Swallow it down, you little cum vacuum!” He pulled out shook his dick over my face and splatted me with the residual jizz. He zipped up and patted my head. “Good boy! I gotta run. He stood up and zipped his pants. I turned to watch him grab his lunch bag and thermos. I lay there in a stupor. Now the body’s natural chemicals had been released after my orgasm and I got sleepy. I struggled to stand up. I felt tired but happy. I decided to nap, but first I had to wash my clothes. I gathered up the stuff in my bedroom and took them to the washing machine. I remembered to grab Andrew’s dirty things I had temporarily stolen and tossed them in with mine. The washing machine started its cycle, I went to his dirty clothes hamper in their bathroom for a refill of jackoff material. Right on top was a ripe tank top worn by Andrew in the last 24 hours. I took that and some dirty socks and sffed them on the way back to my room. I put the tank and sock on me and lay there until I fell asleep. I dreamt of Andrew and me driving on a road trip. Midway through it, he stops to get gas. I went to go take a shit, but when I came out, he wasn’t there. Instead of being on an urban highway, now I was in a southwestern desert locale. Later I am at a police station asking for help and no one will listen to me. Then my alarm went off. I got up to take my clothes from the washing machine. When I put my clothes in the dryer, I found a white pair of briefs that weren’t mine nor Andrew’s. I wore only boxers and these were way too small for Andrew’s larger body. Inside the elastic I saw the itials R.G. I thought to myself. Then I remembered the new family next door’s last name of Gutierrez! Richie’s underwear? I got so angry I grabbed my clothes basket and rammed it against the washing machines and busted it in two. In a rage, I pulled on a pair of shorts and went out to the garage. I went so far as to stomp halfway to Richie’s front door with the pair of underwear in my hand. When the mailman walked up and I was standing there looking a fool, I walked fast back through my garage and hit the button to close it. Back in the house, I tried to think of a thousand reasons to justify Richie’s underwear to be in the house. I imagined Andrew pulling them off to wipe the cum off his dick after screwing Richie good. I paced around and stressed out. I did this until I heard the dryer’s buzzer. It was time to go to work, so I shoved the underwear in my backpack with my uform. I put on my tens shoes and got ready to ride my bicycle to work. – – – Work was immediately busy. As soon as I got there, two buses full of college students pulled in and we were crazy busy for an hour. It took another hour to clean up and stock up after they left. The underwear issue escaped my mind. Then around dinnertime, two thugs came into the Taco Bell and attempted to rob us! An off-duty cop happened to be in the restroom and came out during the holdup. He pointed his gun at the two goofs who dropped their guns on the floor. The cops came and talked to all of us. It turned out the robbers were guys I used to go to school with and they had held us up with toy guns that looked real! While the cops interviewed us, two news trucks pulled up outside. After the cops were done talking to us, we stepped outside to leave. My manger drove us all home individually, but she let us talk to the reporters before we got in his SUV. When I arrived home unexpectedly, I found mom and Andrew watching the very same news story. “Look, oh my god, it’s my baby! Oh shit!” mom was exclaiming to Andrew. “He’s right behind you too!” he told her. He was on the recliner in a towel that was bare covering his crotch. He closed it and tucked the corner in at the waist. Mom hugged me and started asking a million questions. Then she bitched at me for not calling after it was all over. After yelling at me, she went to fix me a special dinner. I went to shower. As I was drying off, I reached for my shorts and then remembered that I didn’t have to put anything on! I got hard thinking about it. I tried think of something to turn me off. When my dick was mostly down, I opened the door and left the room. I quickly headed to the table naked. Andrew leered all pervy at me and licked his chops when lara eve gelen escort I passed. I sat down fast. Under the table I got fully hard. However, after mom put the bowl of hot macaro and cheese on the table in front of me, I started to deflate. After I date dinner, I put the dishes away and joined them to watch TV so that I could see myself on the news again. This time mom had the DVR on and recorded it. I only said three words to the camera. The reporter talked more this time and they cut the story off sooner. For the rest of the news, I sat there relishing in the idea I was sitting there naked in front of my mother and my hot-as-hell stepfather. My dick threatened to rise again when I relished knowing that I was sitting beside the man who couldn’t get enough of me. “Get some rest tomorrow toght–we’re gonna be busy the day after.” He said and yawned stretching his arms. “Yeah, okay.” I replied. I stood up from the floor and with mom sitting there facing the TV and passed him as I left the room. He boldly squeezed my left ass cheek just out of her view! I looked at him and he winked. When I got to the hallway, just around the corner from both of them, I spit on my cock and started wanking like crazy. I heard Andrew complaing out loud when they announced another Rangers loss on the sports section of the news. I loved listeng to his deep voice talking with the slightest bit of a Spash accent. I felt so exhibitiostic. I quickly blew my load into an arc that landed in the hall carpet. I fell a major rush from the risky act. I stood there in hallway licking drop of cum that landed on the back of my hand. Then I walked to my room. I laughed as I felt my foot step on the wet cum in the carpet as I walked away. – – – The next day I worked an early shift, so I was home before dinnertime. I had ridden home shirtless to stay cool. When I opened my backpack by the washing machine to toss in my dirty work clothes, the pair of underwear with Richie’s itials fell out on the floor. Just then, my mom walked past me. “Oh, that must be some of their laundry next door. Their dryer went out, so I let them dry some clothes over here. That looks too small for Andrew and you don’t wear this kind.” It was a logical explanation. I was relieved to know they weren’t in the wash because Andrew and Richie had sex. “Damn, they sure have a lot of problems over there.” “Yes honey,” said. “We’re so lucky to have appliances that work.” After she left, I stripped off all my other clothes and put them in the washer. It felt ce to just get naked like that. I went to my bathroom and showered. Feeling tired, I took a long nap. I dreamt of Andrew and the park ranger double-fucking me and then having a fight over me. I woke up sweaty but cold. I glanced at the clock and it was after ten o’clock. My stomach growled, so I headed to the kitchen. The living room was dark and no one was up. I’d slept through the entire eveng. When I got back to my room with a bag of chips and a Coke, I decided to watch some movies on Netflix. The last time I looked at the clock before dozing off, it displayed 4:38am. – – – Two hours later, my door opened noisily and I felt a bare foot on my ass. “Wake up Chris. Get your ass out of bed!” He turned the light on the light and left. I felt so tired. I didn’t want to get up. I wandered naked to the kitchen. I didn’t hear mom. I went to Andrew’s room and found him at the sink getting ready to shave. I swear it was like watching a porn video. He was naked and his strong back blended perfectly to his butt. The familiar wisps of black hair peeked from his crack. More black hairs covered his upper, muscled legs. The hair stopped at his smooth and huge feet. When he lifted his arm to put on shaving cream, his bicep twitched. The slight “spare tire” in the middle did nothing to dimish his studly image. His pples were erect on round wide pecs. He looked back at me jacking my dick in the mirror without turng around. “Fuck kid, you’re horny 24/7!” I walked up to him and put my arms around him. “Tie a knot in it for now Chris. I don’t have time to pound your ass. We gotta get out of here at 8:30 sharp.” “Alright,” I replied disappointedly. “Don’t shower and don’t wear any deodorant! I want you to smell like a man today.” “Alright!” I went to eat a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. My dick stayed hard. I’d really wanted to mess around. I wondered why mom had left so early. I put the bowl in the dishwasher and went to go brush my teeth. I got my hair wet in the sink and rubbed in some gel. When I was ready to get dressed, I walked back to his room. “Dude, what am I supposed to wear. I thought we were going to Walmart to pick up some clothes for this.” I told him. “Don’t worry about its Chris. I took care of it during the week. Go get the bag on my back seat.” I stood there curiously. “Well, go get it! We’re gonna leave on time.” I grabbed his keys from his dresser and walked out to the garage as I was told. In the back seat I found a bag from a store I didn’t know. I took the bag to the exercise room to put them on. I saw a pair of pants and a shirt inside the bag. The polo-style shirt Andrew had bought me fitted me very tightly. I sat on the weight bench in front of the large wall mirror to pull on the pants. I glanced at myself in the mirror. The shirt was tighter than any shirt I’d buy for myself, but it showed off my arms and was tapered well around my back and waist. Then I pulled on the pants and was confused. The pants would not even go all the way up to where my other pants reached. The length was right, but the pants were too snug in the upper legs and butt. When I snapped them, I found nearly two inches of my waist was exposed. With the shirt pulled up, I could see the top of my pubic hair! He’d bought me a very-low cut pair of pants! I turned around and pulled up my shirt. The tip of my ass crack was showing! It felt like I need to pull up my pants, but there was nothing to pull up. Now zipped, my crotch bulged and made my average sized piece look bigger than it was. Pulled down, the shirt barely covered the exposed pubes and tailbone. I walked out to find him. He was buttering a piece of toast. “What the fuck dude?” I said. “What?” he said and chewed the bread. “THIS!” I pulled off the shirt and spun around. “Looks better than I imagined. Fuck! You got a sexy body, kid!” He rubbed his crotch and looked me up and down. “Put your shirt back on and quit crying like a baby. You like showing off your ass around here, I thought you’d love being on display all day!” “I’m okay with the shirt over it, but I can’t raise my arms or anyone will see my pubes or butt crack!” “You better watch out, there’s a bunch hens in those offices. You might get your ass grabbed a few times!” “What?” I said. He laughed at me. “Put your shoes on. We gotta go. Don’t be such a pussy.” I got mad from being made fun of again. I stomped to my room and pulled on my work shoes. I went back to the exercise one more room to see me in these crazy clothes. I took a few selfies. “Chris!” Yelled Andrew from the living room. “Coming dammit!” – – – For the first half of the day, we made multiple stops. With Andrew in his toolbelt, freshly shaved and smelling good, I kept getting hard. Every time he bent over, I my dick bulged and the tight pants made it hard to hide it. Every stop included going through a front desk with a secretary. I got embarrassed when the women flirted with us. I felt even more self-conscious around the obvious gay men in the offices looking me over. At our one of our later stops, the man who signed off for a repair was very outrageous. “Oh, here’s that big and handsome dude that always comes to fix this damn machine. It screwed me out of my Doritos again. You can see them hanging right there!” “Hello Sam,” Andrew laughed. “And who is THIS you brought with you?” “This is my stepson, Christopher.” I got chills when I heard that. I’d never heard him say that out loud before. “Nice to meet you!” The queee guy fluttered about and Andrew just laughed. That experience prepared me for our next visit to a hair salon. There were men and women working there. The male hair stylists were very fine. I got checked out there bigtime. This time, Andrew told me what to do to check inside the drink machine. I unscrewed parts and checked wires while squatting one knee. I felt my phone sliding out of my back pocket. “Will you hold this?” I told him. Andrew took my phone and continued telling me what to do. The two hair guys walked back a couple of more times slowly. Then a third dude came and asked if the machine would be working today. “Hopefully,” Andrew said. “Well take your time…do it right,” the guy said. Finally, I’d switched out a tiny motor and then put the pieces and wires back like they were. After that, we left and drove to a park to eat lunch. Andrew got out sandwiches and two bottles of apple juice from his lunch box. We chatted while we ate. “Those dudes were really cruisy back there!” I laughed. “Well, you should know why. Take a look at your phone!” I swallowed the rest of my food and drank all of my juice. I clicked the side button of my phone and the screen showed the last photos taken. It was me squatting in front of the machine with two inches of my ass crack exposed–and the two inches of my ass! “OH my god! You knew my ass was showing and you didn’t tell me?” I shouted. He started laughing hard. “It’s not fucking funny! Damn you!” He laughed even more and was slapping his leg. “You looked so hot on your knees, buddy. All those `girlfriends’ (said with a gay inflection) were stopping by to check your butt out! Who could blame them? Your cum-suckin’ bubble butt is better than anything they’ll ever fuck. Even if your crack wasn’t showing, I bet those guys would have been looking your butt over.” I sat there angry with my arms crossed. “You gotta admit, the attention is ce right? You know how many times those old broads slip me their phone numbers? You made those cougar pussies all wet today stud!” I felt my underarms sweating. “And YOU! I recall looking up a few times and seeing you with a chub. I know you’re starving my cock, but show some restraint for god sake!” I felt humiliated. That’s why he dressed me like this! He wanted to show me off and at the same time make it obvious when I was boned. “Hey boss, I’m gonna go toss our trash in the big can over there.” He fished his sandwich and then collected our trash. He got out of the Truck and then I glanced down at the car next to us. The dude had his dick out! Andrew got back inside and put the truck in drive and pulled out. “That dude next to us had his dick out!” “Duh, married men always come to parks like this on the down-low. Guys come here to get or give a blowjob. Some go in the bushes up yonder–probably to fuck.” We drove on through the park exit. “Is this where you came cruising before I was around?” There was a loud screech as the truck tires skidded to a stop. I nearly hit my head on the dash! “What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t go fuck at parks and shit! You got a lot of nerve!” he shouted. “I’m sorry!” “I done told you already you what I want you to know about me. Unless I tell you, it ain’t none of your business! You hear?” “Yeah, okay!” I snapped. “Say it right!” “Yes sir…I understand.” He paused for a moment. I noticed that sweat had broken out on his head and shined in the daylight. He put the truck back and drive after the car behind us honked. “Okay then.” He said. My heart was racing. – – – The rest of the day we stayed really busy. I hardly had time to notice others around us. We went to a factory that was loud and busy. The breakroom was loud and men and women were going in and out in dirty uforms. The breakroom stank like oons and people were rude. Andrew didn’t sweat any of it. He was cool and calm. The last stop entailed taking the machine apart and removing several parts. After he found the problem, it took forever to put the machine back as it was before fixing it. Finally, at 4pm, we were done and headed for the last stop. One the ride home he made a phone call over the speakerphone. “Please don’t talk for a moment Chris. No offense, but I need to call my mother. It’s her birthday.” He pressed buttons on his phone and it connected to the truck’s speakers. There was a phone ring sound and then a woman with an accent answered. “Mami, soy Andrew.” For several minutes, they talked amatedly in Spash. When she hung up, the phone went quiet. He turned the radio on. I was gonna say something, but he wiped his eye with the back of his hand. “She said I sound like Uncle Chuck now.” His phone rang. He answered in English. It was a work call. “Uh uh…yes…okay. Alright.” He clicked the phone off and placed it between his legs. “Our last stop canceled. We’re going home.” “Okay,” I said. “I did my job all day. When are you going to do yours?” “What?” I asked. “Take it out. I’ll stay in the far lane. I could use a good beer right now, but I’ll settle for a good blow. Get your head in my lap. You know you want it–you been looking at me with a hungry look all day.” “Dude, I’m tired!” “Dude,” he mocked, “Take it out!” I unbuckled my seatbelt and reached over to unzip his pants. I dug in and lugged out his cock. Once free it started to grow. The foreskin remained on its head. “Pull it back, stud. There’s a treat in there for you!” I peeled down his foreskin and there was a nasty ring of gunk around the rim of it. I rubbed my nose against it. By now I had learned to crave the smell of his cock. It was the one thing that could stay dirty even if he showered. “You like huffin’ that cheese around my rod, don’t you?” “Yeah!” “Then show it some love!” I licked the smeg from his dick. His dick grew to its full hardness. He ran his fingers though my hair. “All the way, buddy. Nurse my cock.” I tasted a flood of pre-cum oozing from the gaping piss slit. It turned me on to be sucking his dick in the truck while during the daytime. His right hand moved from my head to my back. He rubbed my back and slid his hand down the exposed crack of my ass. He pushed his middle finger into my crack and left it there. I bobbed my head up and down and controlled my breathing on the upstroke. When I went totally down to the root and paused, he moaned in a sexy hoarse way. His middle finger dove down more until it touched my sweaty asshole. I don’t know how long I sucked cock. The drive home was probably half an hour, but I was lost in lust. The smell of his pubes started to waft out of the open zipper and underwear slit. I shoved my nose down harder to get a whiff. Suddenly, I felt us driving upward and slowing down. I heard the garage door openg. “That felt good Chris. Now pry your mouth off my cock.” “You’re not gonna cum?” I asked. I was mad because I spent thirty minutes sucking him to build up to a good cum and he just zipped up! “Thanks for the dick massage with your mouth. I need to fuck your mother good toght. Every time I fuck you, I don’t have the energy or spunk saved pound the piston for your mother. Just like you, she can’t get enough of daddy’s big rod. When I make her wait a couple of days–fuck she’s beggin’ for it by then! My jaw ached from the unfished blowjob. I glared out of the window. He reached over in my lap. “That’s not saying you can’t rub one out now. Take it out and I’ll help you out!” I was mad at him, but so horny. I still had the smell of his bush all over my nose. He hawked a huge loogie of spit on his hand. I quickly pulled my dick out and he started jacking me. “Take your shirt off!” Now I had only the skimpy pants on besides my shoes. I was so turned on getting jacked off while clueless drivers buzzed around us. Now and then, an SUV buzzed by us, but Andrew slowed down to let them go beyond our truck. “You’re such a showoff! What are you thinking about?” I was fantasizing about showing off in a different and crazy way. Andrew pressed my shirt to his nose and sffed deeply. “I’m thinking of what it would be like to have mom bust you fucking me as you cum inside me—” My cum started flying onto the dash! “AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” After I came, we turned into our neighborhood. Andrew lifted his hand to my mouth. “Eat your cum!” I licked my jizz off the back of his hand. I felt weak and drained. Before I could react, he used my shirt to wipe up all the cum I sprayed on the panel under the dashboard. When we drove into the garage, mom’s car was home. I had to get out shirtless or put the cum-stained shirt on. I carried it and tossed it into the washing machine as we entered the house. Mom was already in her robe. It was the silky one that matched her ghtie. It was only six o’clock. I smelled pork chops and gravy. It was the recipe that grandma taught her when she stayed with us and Andrew loved it. I saw two wine glasses on the table. Mom was acting flirty with him. He had been right–they were going to fuck that ght it seemed. He went to go shower, but instead of showering I stripped in the living room while mom set the table. He came out in the usual towel and went to sit in his recliner until dinner was done. I was lewdly laid out on the couch with one leg draped over the arm of the couch and the other foot on the coffee table with my knees spread. I left my socks, shoes, and pants in the floor under me. It was thrilling to just strip right there in the family room instead of going to my room and reappearing nude. Andrew gave me a double-take. I leaned back to relax and my half-hard dick shifted against my let. “Ok guys, dinner is ready!” “Don’t leave your shit on the floor!” he grumbled. I picked up my stuff and walked to my room and flung it all on the floor. Then I came back to the kitchen. I looked down and saw a dried cum in my pubes when I fixed my plate at the stove. My underarms were ripe with no deodorant on. When he moved to the stove after me, I reached over him to pretend I forgot to get a dinner roll. I made sure my sticky armpit rubbed down his forearm when I reached over so I could leave my scent on him. Instead of sitting opposite of him, I sat on his left and mom was on his right. As we started eating, I took advantage of the solid table and long tablecloth. I placed my bare foot on top of his and rubbed against it while I ate. When I look up from my food, he was giving me a mad look. I felt satisfied. It was bothering him that I was coming onto him when he had to do the duty of screwing my mom. After dinner, they sat down to watch TV. I was surprised they didn’t immediately go to bed. Mom wanted to see an episode of Blue Bloods. I splayed out on the carpet on my stomach with my knees bent and feet in the air. My butt faced Andrew. Mom only had a side view if she looked down. My dick lay between my legs under my balls. I made sure my crack was exposed. When I heard a beer can open, I peeped over my shoulder so that I could see up his towel. I silently grunted to push my hole out when I faked coughed. I did this a few times. With my dick flat on the carpet pointing backwards, I got an erection knowing he was behind me watching. I continued to flip by feet back and forth in the air. I scratched my ass to pull it open a little more. Andrew crushed a beer can loudly in his hand. Finally, the TV show ended and I heard my mom yawn all fake-like. “I’m beat. I’m heading to bed early.” Mom said. She got up and headed to their bedroom. Andrew told her he was going to lock the front door and would right there. I felt Andrew jump on my back. He crushed me with his full weight. It took my breath away. “God damn you! Sitting there with your pussy up in the air. If you mother wasn’t so fuckin’ horny right now I’d be in your room rapin’ your hole!” He got up carrying his towel and stomped away from me. I wasn’t done yet though! I sat there for about ten minutes playing with my dick in the floor until I heard my mother moang. I decided to see for myself what was going on, so I quietly walked through the kitchen and down the small hall to their room. The door was open and only a lamp lit the room. My mother was on her back, legs up, with her head at the far end of their bed. Facing the bedroom door, Andrew was sucking her tit and banging the hell out of her. I wondered if this was his normal roughness. Either way, my mom wasn’t stopping him. The he glanced up and saw me. She had no idea I was standing there at the foot of their bed! The short wooden railing blocked her head. Normally, I would have freaked seeing her naked and him insider her. I was focused only on Andrew. I turned to the small stool next to the dresser and turned around with my foot on top of it. I lewdly spread my butt cheeks and shoved a finger in my ass. I used my middle finger and fucked my hole with it. Andrew moved closer to me and reached over my mom. He held onto the bed rail with both hands and fucked her faster. With his chest over her face, I stuck my middle finger under his nose. He sffed hard and groaned. I stepped back into the doorway. He was cumming inside my mom. When she squealed, I supposed that she was cumming too. With my mission accomplished, I went back to my room and rolled onto my bed. I rubbed my hole again and wished I had his cock inside me instead my mother. I suspected he would try to get me back after that episode. I guess I asked for it–and payback would cum the next day! – – – To be continued

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