Second Ride

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The bike tour and camping with Tracy (and of course everything else that happened) was fantastic, but all good things end and Monday morning I was back at work. I was kind of hoping she might want to connect again, and emailed her on Tuesday about getting together over the next weekend. Wednesday came and went with no response and I was let down. Finally Friday I got a short note from her saying she’d been swamped at work, and that she was going to visit her parents over the weekend so it wouldn’t work this time, but maybe the next weekend? I replied that the following weekend out be fine. I was patient, and emailed her again that Wednesday, and this time getting a quick response – “How about a mountain bike ride in the hills?” We set up that she would drive to my place Saturday morning, then ride to Briones Park and then through it.

Saturday I woke early and made coffee. After my first cup and a bowl of cereal I decided to shower and shave (which I usually don’t do before a ride), then pulled on my riding shorts and jersey. I gathered my other gear, grabbed a couple of powerbars and two bottles of water since it looked like it would be warm. Tracy showed up right on time, we both had a quick cup of coffee then we took off for the park, which is about a 45 min ride from my place. She looked great in her tight riding shorts, that accentuated her ass, and the riding jersey that was part way unzipped. Both from glimpses down her jersey, and the way her nipples poked out I was pretty sure she didn’t have a bra on. As we rode we talked, but the camping trip didn’t come up and I was hesitant to mention it. We turned into the entrance to the park, rode through the parking area and stopped briefly at the trailhead to decide our route. There is one trail that goes out to the edge of the park and loops up over the hills in the center before returning on the other side. It has many hills, but Tracy said that was the one she wanted to ride so off we went.

We rode at a good clip and were soon well out from the parking area. Hikers rarely went on that trail because of the length, and there were few bikers out yet that morning so we had the park to ourselves. After a steep climb up one of the hills my bladder let me know it needed to be emptied of the morning coffee. At the top of the hill there was a place where a very short side trail took off that had a nice view. When we got to the split I stopped, and told Tracy I was going to make a quick pit stop. I leaned my bike against a tree and walked down the side trail a short way. At a spot where the trail fell off steeply and there were no bushes I stopped, and pulled down the front of my shorts. I realized I really had to go and it took a few seconds to get the stream of urine flowing to relieve the pressure, and then I pointed my penis up a bit to create a long arch of piss going down the hillside. I suddenly realized that Tracy was standing beside me.

“I have to go too” she said. And with that pulled down her cycling shorts, stepping out with one foot. She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy, leaned back and let out a big stream of pee also arching down the hillside. I had never seen a woman pee like that and stared at her as I continued my stream of pee.

She actually finished before I did, and was looking at me as I let out the last, clenching my pubic muscles and giving a couple of final squirts as I did. Seeing her pee and having her still standing in front of me with her shorts down had the effect of making my cock swell up. Tracy turned more toward me, and reached out her hand to grasp my cock. I had noticed as I watched her pee that there were a couple of white strings hanging down from her pussy, which I had guessed meant that she had a tampon in.

As she took my now rather stiff cock in her hand she said “Too bad it’s the wrong time of the month or I would make you take me right here.” Her hand was moving slowly up and down my fully erect cock. “I don’t think this will fit back in your shorts like this” she said smiling bostancı escort bayan at me, and rubbing a bit faster.

“Oh my” I replied, “what ever will I do?”

“I think I can relieve the tension” she said as she stroked a little faster.

I tried to reach down to play with her pussy, but she stopped my hand, saying “That could get messy … but I’ll take care of you.”

As she continued jacking me off she lifted my riding jersey and started playing with my nipples, pulling on them and pinching gently. I encouraged her by holding it up, and she bent over slightly and sucked on one nipple. I had done this to women, but had not had them reciprocate though I sometimes play with them myself when I masturbate. If felt really nice as her hand kept up a nice rhythm on my cock. Some precum oozed out and she spread it over the tip of my cock and resume her steady motion. She alternately sucked and licked my nipple, and gradually sped up her hand motion.

I moaned softly, and she sped up a little more. Soon I could not hold back, and muttered “Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum”.

“Yeah, yeah, do it – shoot for me” she responded as she intently stared at my cock as she stroked it.

I let out a gasp as I spurted out the first big shot of cum, followed by another and another. She kept rubbing me as I ejaculated forcefully, and then gently milked out the last drops of cum as I finished. Some had fallen dripped onto her hand, and she licked it off. She raised up and gave me a quick kiss, saying “Now maybe you can get that thing back into your shorts.”

I pulled my riding shorts up, but was not fully soft yet so there was a big ridge running up the front of my shorts where the spandex wrapped tightly around my cock. She ran her hand up and down the ridge and said “Well I guess it’s better than it was, the tip might have been sticking out the top the way you were.”

As she started to pull up her shorts I couldn’t help commenting “I have never seen a woman pee like that. I thought it was always done squatting.”

Tracy laughed, and replied “The key is really spreading the lips of the pussy so the hole is really exposed. You kinda need both hands, but if you do that then it’s just like a man. I don’t know why but most girls don’t learn to do it, for a situation like this its so easy, you don’t even need to wipe off if you do it right.” She finished pulling up her shorts, and we went back to the bikes and rode on.

We had a great ride, and a couple of hours later arrived back at my place somewhat tireder and dustier than when we had left. Tracy loaded her bike onto the back of her car and locked it. I invited her up for a snack, which she accepted and grabbed a small backpack from her car before we headed in. I had made some lemonade and we each had a large glass which we drank, with bagels and cream cheese to snack on, and talked about the trail we had been on and spots she had found challenging.

As we finished the lemonade I said “That hit the spot.”

“Indeed” Tracy agreed, then asked “Can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course” I replied, “it’s down here” and guided her down the hallway. The bathroom is right across from the bedroom, and as she headed into it I stepped into the bedroom. The sweaty riding clothes weren’t very comfortable, so I decide to change into shorts and a T-shirt. I shed the jersey, and pulled on the T-shirt and heard the toilet flush at that point. I peeled off the shorts, and went to the closet to grab my shorts.

I heard the bathroom door open, and Tracy called out “Doug, can you come here and help me for a second?”

I thought maybe the toilet paper had run out or something, grabbed some shorts and pulled them on sans underwear, and threw on a T-shirt. I pushed open the bathroom door, asking “What do you need?” As I turned toward Tracy two things struck me, first that Tracy was standing completely naked, and second that there was a towel on the floor that seemed to be on top of a bath mat.

Tracy ümraniye escort stepped over to me as she said “I have been so horny since I played with you this morning I can’t stand it.” She grabbed the bottom of the T-shirt and pulled up, so I raised my arms so she could get it over my head. Next her hands moved to the shorts, unbuttoning them, then lowering the zipper. They dropped to the floor.

“Mmmm, commando I see.” She reached toward my rapidly inflating cock, grabbed it and pulled me over to the center of the towel. “Lay down” she commanded.

I was not about to argue with her, and laid down on my back at the center of the towel. She knelt between my legs and stoked my cock, which was already fully erect.

“This could be a little messy” she said, “is that ok?” I noted she had chosen a dark red-orange towel, and also that she no longer had the strings hanging from her pussy.

“I like messy” I answered, and laid down on my back in the center of the towel. She quickly moved over so she was kneeling over my stomach then grabbed my cock and positioned it to slide up into her as she leaned back slowly.

“That feels so nice” she said as she started moving up and down on me. “I usually get horny near the end of my period, and then jacking you off and seeing you shoot really got me going. Oh fuck this is so good.”

She slowly moved up and down on my cock. From the second I had entered her she had been incredibly wet and slick. She leaned back a little, and I reached up and took one breast in each hand. I moved my palms over the hard nipples, and stroked the sides. I moved my fingers together, moving them down over the hard nipples, squeezing them and eliciting a moan from her. I played more with the nipples, squeezing and pulling on them. Tracy had her head back and was moaning softly as she bounced up and down, sliding my cock in and out.

Gradually she bounced a little faster, and I pinched a little harder on her nipples. Suddenly she moved her head forward and started thrusting against me, more back and forth than the up and down she had been doing and groaned “Oh god oh god ohhh fuck” and her whole body spasmed as she orgasmed. I kept playing with her breasts as she fucked me.

Gradually she slowed down a little bit and looked down at me, leaning over to kiss me. She had a big smile on her face as she still slowly was moving slightly back and forth, my cock still very, very hard caressing the inside of her pussy. I took charge a little more and slid my hands down her back and grabbed her ass pulling as I moved back and forth to make the strokes of my cock deeper. She leaned over further making my motion more vertical up into her. We kept fucking like this for some time, with small moans coming from Tracy periodically.

She was so incredibly slick there was not much friction, making easier for me to hold off cumming. We sped up a little, with my hands still on her ass controlling how she moved. As I slipped my hand further behind, and down, the fingers on my right hand came against the point where my cock was entering her pussy. They became slick immediately, and I moved my hand up and made contact with her exposed ass. I pressed my middle finger against her hole and felt her move back against me, seeming to spread herself even more and letting out a groan. I moved my hand back down and slickened it more, then back up and pressed my finger against her, slipping it into her ass to the second knuckle. Tracy let out a gasping “Yesssss”. As I pushed my finger in she kept fucking me hard. I could feel my cock moving against my finger through the span of the tissue separating her pussy and ass.

There was another groan and I could feel Tracy spasm against me again, her pussy clenching my cock and her ass grabbing at the finger buried in her hole. It felt incredibly erotic and almost before realizing I was cumming I started to spew my sperm up into her pussy. I added my groans to Tracy’s as we orgasmed together, gradually slowing as we came escort kartal back to earth and the incredible feeling dissipated. We finally stopped moving as she lay against my chest, my finger still embedded in her ass. After a minute she lifted her head and kissed me.

“God that was good” she said. I slid my finger out, and then she lifted her body a little, looking down at me. “I think we did make a mess” she giggled. I lifted my head to look down, seeing the whole region of my hips and pubic area smeared with red, the mixture of her cum, my cum and some of her menstrual blood.

“Good choice of towel” I said, standing up and giving it to her to wipe off. I wiped some of the juices off of me with the other end, then added “I think we could use a shower.”

“Perfect” Tracy said, and I pulled back the shower curtain and turned on the water. When it was warm we stepped into the warm spray. I couldn’t resist and reached out, moving my hands over her skin. One hand moved down over her belly, gently wiping away our mixed juices. The other went to the other side, sliding up and down over her lovely ass cheeks.

“Need to get all the nooks and crannies” I said as I slipped a finger up into her slit, and over the nub of her clit. The middle finger of the other hand slid between her ass cheeks and fingered the outside of her puckered hole in which it had been buried earlier.

“You are a dirty boy” she laughed, then she reached over and moved her hand over my cock, balls and pubic hair washing off the remains of our encounter.

I grabbed a bar of soap, and slid it over her back, following with a soft sponge. She stood under the water with her legs slightly spread, and I slowly worked my way over her whole body, even her feet, but spending extra time down between her thighs. When I finished I rubbed my hands over her body to rinse away the soap, ending with my hands moving up the sides of her body and then up over her breasts. I pinched the nipples and leaned over and kissed her. She pulled herself against me, our wet naked bodies in close contact and I felt a swelling down below again.

“Your turn” she said, taking the bar of soap and sponge. I stood and she started washing my body, starting at the neck and working down. When she got to waist level she soaped her hands well and then rubbed my cock and balls washing them thoroughly. She used more soap to wash my lower legs and feet, then moved around to my side and took the bar again and soaped her hand and slid her hand up and down my cock, which was pretty near fully erect again. I put my hand on her breast, feeling the nipple standing out hard. She was actively rubbing my cock at that point. We kissed once more, then she turned and put her hands up against the wall of the shower, leaned forward and spread her legs.

“You look like you’re ready for one more round” she said as she looked back at me and wiggled her beautiful tight ass at me.

I wasn’t about to turn her down, and moved up behind her putting my cock at the entrance to her hot wet slit and then sliding it in deep. She let out a long low groan, and pushed back against me. At first I slid slowly in and out, but before long was fucking her with a fast steady rhythm. She had moved one hand down between her legs and was rubbing her clit.

She groaned again “Oh yeah, fuck me hard”, which of course I did. After about six more hard thrusts she started to cum, uttering gutteral grunts and “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuuuuck”. Her pussy felt great but I wasn’t sure I could cum again, but she bent over further and changed position a little so that the underside of my cock was rubbing against her pubic bone or something. That provided extra stimulation, and it wasn’t long before I was the one moaning again and erupting to fill her pussy with another load. I gave a few last trusts, then slid my then deflating cock out. We rinsed each other off again, then got out of the shower and dried off.

We got dressed, and Tracy said she had to head home. As I saw her out to the car she mentioned that there are lots of secluded places in the park and that we should do some more rides and exploring. I seconded that and told her I would call to arrange. I often sleep well after a day of riding, and did that night with some extra nice dreams.

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