School Detention

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Vicki is a grade A student and very bright and beautiful young lady and with big breasts all the boys hit on her so much She is turning 19y/o tomorrow and is now in science class! She is not doing well this year and the science teacher MR Richard is not happy with her this year she keeps talking in class and in the last test she only got a C in it!

As the lesson is in mid flow! I see her out of the corner of my eye sleeping in class I am not happy and shout “Vicki wake up” you startle and look really embarrassed and look down at your book the hole class is looking at you and smiling they know your in trouble! With a small smile I say to you that you have got an attention after school for an hour!

You go to say something and I say fine make that two hours after school! And any more of your lip and it will be a week’s worth! You look really pissed of and just want to cry you’re so embarrassed! So end of the day comes and your really pissed of but turn up!

I am happy to see that she has turned up in her school uniform! Vicki is wearing a short skirt and shirt and tie! She looks really beautiful but that’s another story! You tell her to help clear up and she just nods and starts picking up the rubbish of the floor and as she bends over! I noticed that you were wearing a thong and I can’t take my eyes of your sexy ass and the glimpse of your thong!

I am standing behind my desk luckily as I am starting to get hard and the bulge in my pants are really showing I cant sit down so I just stand there! And watch you as you are picking up the rubbish and then a thought goes through my head and I smile to myself for a second! Then I tell you I need your help to clean the top of the black board and you have to climb up the ladder to wipe the top of it!

You look at me suspiciously and then say ok with pendik escort a smile I stand at the bottom of the ladder while you climb up and I look up and I can see right up your skirt and see that your wearing not just an ordinary burgundy coloured thong but! It’s a crotchless thong and I can see your pussy lips through it! And that’s turns me on like made I smile to myself and slowly walk to the door and lock it and pull the blind down so no one walking passed could see through the small window! I move back to the bottom of the ladder and move my hand up the inside of your left leg you don’t look down or say anything so I move my hand higher and you take a step down the ladder!

I can feel the heat coming from your crotch and smell that your getting wet by that lovely smell all women give off when they are aroused and horny!

So I move my hand higher and I brush the split of your crotchless thong and you let out a sigh! That’s my sign to continue and I push one finger into your love lips and you are soaking wet that your love juices are dripping off you! I push two fingers into your pussy and do it hard and fast! But when my fingers are inside of you I turn then and wiggle my fingers inside you and massage the inside of your pussy! I am so hard at this point that I can’t take any more and lift your skirt and you don’t say a word just moan a little as I push a third finger inside! It’s a bit tight but you seem to be moaning louder now and I thrust them in and out of your pussy hard and slow to tease you!

I move my mouth over your clit and blow on it with my hot breath and you sigh and moan louder! I then dart my tongue out and just brush your clit! You are enjoying this I can tell, as you haven’t said a word and your eyes are closed slightly and your breathing is getting more rapid and you are so wet! I escort pendik start to lick round your clit just touching it every now and again! Then I start licking your clit and sucking it into my mouth and nibbling it ever so gently, as I don’t want to hurt you! I am still thrusting my fingers into your tight pussy as I continue to lick your clit! Faster and faster harder and harder deeper and deeper!

I open your shirt with my spare hand and pull your tits out and tweak your nipples! I can hear you near cuming! But then I stopped and you look at me with them eyes and I just smile I start to pull all my fingers out and you say please sir not yet I was nearly there please sir let me cum! I just smile and laugh slightly and say we have only just started Vicki we have only just started! You look at me puzzled and wonder what was next I lift you down of the ladder and you look and see my bulge in my pants and lick your lips! And in a very saucy voice you say please sir let me take care of that!

I am amused and say ok my girl go for it if you think you can handle it you just smile and drop to your knees and undo my pants and pull them down and out pops the biggest cock you have seen! You have got a dildo at home and that’s not as big as this one! You lick your lips and slowly lick my head and flick your tongue over the slit on my head I moan ever so slightly and you smile and look up into my eyes! And just keep looking as you slowly go down on my cock, ever so gently and licking the base as you go down! Then you start to suck and lick my cock like a madman I am moaning and you can feel that I am just about to cum and I pull on your hair to stop you but you want the taste of my juicy goodness!

I can’t hold on any longer and start to cum in your mouth and I fill your mouth full of my hot sticky goodness! And some pendik escort bayan starts to leak out and run down your cheek and I rub it into your tits and you keep sucking me until I start to stiffen again! With in seconds I am hard and then you let go of my now every rock hard cock and sit on the edge of the table with your legs spread apart and say come on sir I need my lesson please sir! I smile and just rub my cock up and down your juicy pussy and tease your clit with the head of my fat cock! Then I slowly line my dick up with your pussy and push it in all the way to the hilt in one thrust! And I do it so hard and deep that you yell out in pleasure and rap your legs round my back and lock them together and I start to fuck you harder and harder!

Deeper and deeper! Faster and faster your moaning now really loudly but you don’t care as you enjoying it too much! You are bucking every thrust I take harder and harder! Deeper and deeper! Faster and faster! I start to go even faster even harder I am going so deep inside you I am touching your core! I know your starting to cum as your body starts to shake but I haven’t finished yet so I keep fucking you Deeper and deeper! harder and harder! Faster and faster! I feel the swell inside and you know I am going to cum again and tell me to cum deep inside of your pussy! With one last thrust deeper and deeper! Harder and harder! Faster and faster!

I cum deep inside of you just as you cum again at the same time! We start to kiss as my dick is still twitching deep inside your pussy! I pull my dick out with a faint pop noise and we stand still and just cuddle and kiss! And at the end we get dressed and say are good byes! The next day you have science and you aren’t wearing any underwear!

You sit at the front of the class and open your legs and I can see your tight pussy looking at me! I sit down and you turn and talk to the girl next to you as you do I shout out that’s it Vicki you got another attention see me after school! You just smile and wink at me! But that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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