Saving Each Other Ch. 04

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Finally two weeks had gone by. We had celebrated a nice New Years quietly at home, just the two of us. Angie had still been picking me up from work, Jimmy staying with me as usual. I couldn’t wait to see the doctor.

Thursday afternoon, Angie walked into the room with me, holding my hand as they sawed off the cast. The doctor had me move it every which way, poking and prodding to check for any pain. I was finally free and clear. I told Angie we should celebrate, and to call Emma to get her butt down here tomorrow as soon as possible. Finally, I could reveal my big surprise.

Emma showed up at the house Friday afternoon after taking a half day. I took my girls out for dinner to celebrate the use of both hands, thrilled to be cutting my own food. Arriving back at the house, I let them know I would be in charge for the next few hours. Without Ben there, we were back to our norm of ditching all clothing the minute we walked in.

“Care for a drink first? It’s been weeks since I’ve gotten to see Emma like this, and longer since we’ve played together. I’m enjoying it.”

“Please girlie, I’m dying to know what you have planned!”

“Mmm, it’s going to be fun, but you’ll wait. Go sit on the couch. We can relax for another little bit.”

I hand both my girls their beverage, and go grab two sets of the padded cuffs and two blindfolds. I set them down on the coffee table, Emma smiling at them as she sips her drink. I sit on a chair nearby.

“Why don’t you two open your legs for me? Show me what I’ve been missing.”

Both oblige. I stare into their moist pink centers, sipping my drink with a smile. I study their bodies hungrily, as though it’s the last time I’ll see them. The longer they wait, the more they start to fidget. I decide it’s been long enough. Grabbing the hidden key, I unlock the door before returning to them.

“Stand. Hands in front.”

Placing a blindfold over each of them, cuffing their hands in front, I look them over one more time.

“Emma? Has Ben been taking good care of you?”

“Yes, very.”

“You can have a choice. Since it’s been so long, you can either work with me, or you can be a good little slut like Angie.”

“Whichever pleases you most.”

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you decide in a moment. For safety reasons, I’m going to have to guide you one at a time.”

I tug on Emma’s cuffs, guiding her to the doorway. Letting her know there are stairs, I stand in front of her as she steps down. Once we reach the middle of the room, I tell her to stay, securing her arms over her head. Fetching Angie next, I repeat the process. Content with their positioning, making sure they can view the entire room, I lift their blindfolds at the same time.

“Holy fucking shit. You started a dungeon, Liv?!”

“Girlie, is that a fucking machine? And a saddle?”

“This is why it had to wait. Uhhh, don’t tell Jimmy what they were actually building down here. Haha.”

“What’s with the heavy bag? Seems out of place.”

“Yeah, I asked him if the beams were weight bearing and needed a reason. So he hung that up for Ang to practice on.”

“Awww, I love that guy!”

“I didn’t want to add too much. Just a few things to get it started. I’d rather we shop together or add things on our own.”

“What? No sex swing, little one?”

“Actually… it’s in the closet. I didn’t have time to hang it. You want to decide what you want to do, Em?”

“Fuck. I wanna run everything. And add stuff. But it’s your gift.”

“Hmm. Fuck it. I’m going to enjoy watching you both get fucked by things.”

“Aww come on, let me play!”

“Hush. I just figured out where you’re going first, Em. Now stay quiet while I adjust a few things.”

Sliding the saddle underneath a beam, I toss a length of rope over. Lifting it up, I feed a strap with two adjustable cuffs underneath the device.

“Fuck that’s gonna be fun…”

I walk over to Emma, grab a handful of hair, and yank her head back hard.

“Didn’t I say to stay quiet? Guess my new fuck toy needs to learn the hard way.”

I fetch a gag and dangle it in front of Emma’s face.

“Do you need this to stay in line? I’d rather hear you scream without it.”

Emma shook her head no.

“We’ll see… come.”

I unhook Emma’s hands, leading her to the horse. Instructing her to climb on, I secure her arms and legs down, leaving her on all fours over the leather. Running a hand down her back, I land a sudden slap on her pale rear. She jumps and whimpers. I take a minute to run my fingers over her outer lips, feeling her desire build as she tries to move. Emma is secured in tightly. Angie whimpers quietly in the middle of the room.

“I’ll get to you in a moment, slut. The fuck toy needs to learn her place first.”

I adjust the fucking machine so barely more than the tip is pushing into a restrained Emma. I kneel in front of her, face to face, toying with her breasts that hang over the side of the horse like bench. Pinching hard at her nipples, she lets out a moan.

“You like it tuzla escort rough, don’t you fuck toy?”

“Yes, please.”

“Oh, you’ll get it. By the way, both of these beautiful devices are operated by remote as well? I’ll show you while I finish spanking that ass of yours for speaking out of turn.”

Clicking a button, the machine twists the dildo in one direction, then reverses. I land another slap to Emma’s ass before the moan can reach her lips. I let it rotate as I spank her another handful of times.

“Anything you’d like to say now?”

“Thank you for teaching me my lesson.”

“Oh that’s just the start!”

I return to Angie. Both of my hands grope her round ass while I work her smaller nipples with my mouth, rolling over each with my tongue, occasionally lightly biting at them. She presses them into me eagerly. I praise her for behaving as I continue. When her whimpers grow louder, I stop, looking her over.

“Does my good little slut need something in her pussy?”

Angie nods, as I run a hands between her legs. Unhooking her arms, I position her on the saddle facing Emma. Only a small nub sticks up from the seat for now. I secure her legs, making sure when I turn it on, it will go where I want it. Lifting her arms, I bind them over her head with just enough slack to rest them if needed. I click a button on the fucking machine’s remote, causing slow thrusts into Emma. Looking down on Angie, I grab the other remote. One click and a dildo raises up and down into her slowly. Both let out moans.

“Now. This is what my good girls look like! Both getting filled up nice and slow. Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” they respond in unison.

“Emma, I can’t tell whether you need a good hard fuck, or for your ass to be spanked more.”

“Mmm, whatever you prefer.”

“I think I’d like to fuck you both myself, but I need to see what these things can do first!”

I can feel the arousal building inside myself as well, but I’d rather see what I’m up against in the future. Clicking both remotes higher, I watch as both devices thrust rapidly in and out of the girls, their faces twisting in delightful ways. I stand behind Emma and give her another slap, then in front of Angie, pulling up at her hood, as she rocks back and forth to see exactly how well the saddle pumps in and out. As both sets of legs quiver, I smile.

“I almost forgot. They also both have a vibrating function!” I hit another button on both. Both my girls cry out. Angie can’t decide whether to try to lift herself off or let it ride. Emma is working through her second orgasm as juices run down the horse. I slide a hand under her to rub her clit, sending her screaming over the edge until she’s begging to stop. Checking on Angie, I tweak her nipples and get the same reaction. I slow both machines, leaving them on vibrate. They pant and huff, while I grin, until I turn both off.

Putting the remotes down on the table, I go back to the closest. I stand in front of Emma as I step into a harness, putting a large strap on in place.


“What’s wrong, Em?”

“That thing was fast. Too much.”

“But you’re my fuck toy, and I want to fuck you while Angie rests!”

The horse sits at the perfect height. I moved the machine out of the way, immediately slamming my cock deep into Emma as she groans.

“Sounds like you can go another round!”

I grab her hips, ramming in and out of her. Her legs start to shake again as her moaning grows louder. I start slapping her pink ass as I fuck her.

“Cum for me one more time! Cum hard and I’ll stop!”

Emma screams again, pulling against the restraints. I bury the cock into the hilt as I rub her back, telling her what a good girl she is. I pull out and take the harness off, giving her a kiss on the forehead. I turn my attention to Angie.

“You look like you need to lie down! Here, let me help.”

Releasing her legs and arms, I help her to her feet. I lay her across the bondage board, securing her flat with her legs hanging over. Easily inserting two fingers, I start pumping in and out of her, my mouth finding her clit. She cums quickly, begging to stop.

“I’m hungry, love. And thirsty. I know you have one more big one in there. Don’t fight it!”

I suck and lightly nibble on her clit, fingers tapping at her g spot as she releases a fountain of juices. I lick her clean as she trembles. Wiping my face with my hand, I stand to look at my worn out, gorgeous girls.

“You two good?”

“Yea,” they barely get out.

“Wanna stop?”

Light nods from both. I go pull the futon out, release Angie, and carry her over. Emma next, helping her to stand before placing her beside Angie.

“I was gonna bring a whole bed down here. Probably should’ve. Let me get you two some water while I clean everything up.”

I toss a blanket over my shivering beauties and turn on the fireplace. Walking upstairs, I return with a few bottles of water, passing them along before cleaning up the new toys and joining them on the futon. I wiggle in pendik escort between them, feeling safe that they are worn out.

“God damn, Liv. We’re gonna get you back for that. I have a few ideas for the room. We go shopping soon?”

“Yeah, girlie. That was intense. Thanks.”

“Yes we can go shopping tomorrow if you want. You guys like it? Hope it was worth the wait!”

“Definitely, little one. Can we go back to the bedroom to sleep though? You know, once our legs work again.”

“Of course. Let me know when you’re ready.”

After they rested a bit, I stayed behind them as they wobbled up the stairs to our room. Emma pulled me into the middle of them, pressing into my back as I held Angie close. It had been awhile since I could be pressed between the two of them, or hold either into me. Angie, always asleep first, snored cutely away. My mind raced with recent events of the past, the injuries and pain, the trauma. I held Angie tighter as my heart thumped.

“Breathe, little one. We’re right here.”

I took a deep breath, focusing on the warmth surrounding me, and drifted off listening to Emma guide me to sleep.


I woke up from thrashing out of another nightmare, alone in bed. I could hear the girls giggling away in the kitchen as I cried softly. I was glad they weren’t next to me, thinking I could’ve accidentally hit one while I was flailing around. That only upset me more. It was time to do something about it before I hurt the ones I loved most. Grabbing my go to hoodie and sweats, I emerged from the room. They froze, staring at me.

“Hey, umm, can one of you find my meds? Not doing so good.”

Angie got up, grabbing the bottles from the cabinet as Emma pulled me into her lap. I fought against nothing, swallowing down the pills and resting my head on Emma’s shoulder.

“We can go shopping later. I need a little time.”

“Girlie, we can relax if you want. Neither of us are going anywhere.”

Emma shushed me and held me close while Angie rubbed my back and shoulders. It’s pathetic, I thought to myself. All of this stuff in the past, it should just stay there.

“Baby girl, you wanna eat something for us? We can talk in a bit, or you can go hide out in your game room, whatever you need.”

“Angie, love, I know this isn’t usually how things go, but I want all of the foods right now. It’s too much to make, even.”

“All of the foods it is. Anything in mind?”

“Comfort food, all day. Lots of it.”

“Anything else, little one?”

“Cuddles, some time in the game room, maybe heavily drinking later. I’ll let you two go shopping and fuck me like crazy tonight or tomorrow. I need to chill out enough to be able to talk about some shit.”

“I like the way the end of that sounds. Whatever you need. Food first, right Ang?”

“On it! Why don’t you two go get comfy? Bed, couch, wherever. I’ll whip up a feast.”

Emma tapped at my leg for me to stand. I pulled Angie into me for a hug and kiss. She held me tight for a moment before patting my butt, telling me to let her feed me. Emma pulled me back into our room. She threw on some shorts and a tank, propped up the pillows, and patted the bed in front of her. I curled up into her arms while she rocked me, kissing the top of my head and shoulder, telling me everything would be fine. I switched on the tv, putting on a repeat they were probably tired of.

Angie poked her head in to ask where I wanted to eat, and that a tray wasn’t big enough for all of it. I crawled out of bed towards the door. Angie took note of Emma’s attire and put on some clothes before taking my hand and walking with me to the kitchen.

“Ok, girlie. We’ve got biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, bagels, and I can make French toast or some cinnamon buns if you want. Was gonna make chicken and waffles, but surprisingly, I haven’t picked up a waffle iron yet.”

“It’s plenty for now, love. Thanks. You’re the best. Can you two, like, talk about something? Anything? Whatever you were talking about before I woke up…”

The girls started going on about wedding plans, flowers, dresses, and so on while I ate the majority of what Angie had cooked. Their chatter about something happy was helping. I finished up, drinking down my energy drink, getting up to clear the table. Emma told me to relax.

“Now what girlie? Cuddles, game room?”

“Dunno. This is as far as I got.”

“Why don’t you see if Ben is around? You can tell him about last night while you play your game together.”

“Eh. I’ll leave telling him about that to Em.”

“Go sign on, little one. He’s probably already playing.”

“Ok. Why don’t you two take my card and go shopping for whatever else you want for the basement? Just try to make sure it’ll fit in the closet if needed.”

“I’d rather not leave you completely alone, girlie…”

“It’s fine. I’ll call you if I need you to rush back. Promise.”

They reluctantly agreed, waiting for me to sign on and find Ben before leaving. He suggested replaying aydınlı escort our jailbreak game to see the other endings.

“You good, Liv?”

“Not really, but can we just play?”

“Yeah, I got you.”

We played, talking only of the game, for a couple hours. I asked at one point if Emma had text him, since they were taking awhile. He said she checked in to make sure we were still playing, but didn’t say much beyond that. We played about another hour or so before I heard the door. I thanked him for hanging with me as Angie walked in.

“Tell Ben I said hi!”

“Ang says hi. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Hi back. Take care of yourself. Later.”

I shut everything down, and followed Angie out. Emma was carrying various things to the basement.

“You guys want help?”

“Nope. She’s got it. Almost lunch. I have an idea… why don’t we go to the bar? Order all of the appetizers and a big burger, hang with Jimmy. Drink.”

“I dunno. I guess.”

“Come on. Let’s get you just above sweat pants level and go! Me and Em will put on something to turn heads, and you can make the guys jealous.”

“Normal clothes. For all of us. Let’s not start shit today. What’d you guys buy?”

“You’ll see later. Go get changed! Let’s go eat and drink! I’ll text Jimmy.”

I knew she was trying to help. I didn’t want to go. Either way, it’d probably be better than them wanting to talk before I was ready. Grabbing a pair of baggy jeans and a slightly less ratty hoodie, I got changed. Both of them came into the room as I was pulling on shoes.

“Ready, little one? I’m gonna call us a ride just in case we stay too long.”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“Don’t seem fine, but I’m not pushing it yet. Let’s go.”

All three of us piled into the back seat, me in the middle, each of them holding a hand. Arriving at the bar, Angie walked in first, buffering most of the hellos and conversation until we got to Jimmy. Emma asked for a menu, both the girls on either side of me, Jimmy next to Emma. I scanned the bar discreetly for newcomers, relieved I didn’t see anyone except the regulars.

“So, Jimmy, you hungry? We’re getting a shit ton of food today!” Emma encouraged, trying to lighten things up.

“I might pick a little after a few drinks. You ok, kid?”

“Yeah man. All good. Just tired.”

“Hmm. You two lovebirds set a date yet?”

“Well, we’re coordinating two weddings, so not yet. Liv doesn’t want a summer wedding, so probably either spring or fall. I don’t want winter. Emma and Ben are pretty much on the same page.”

“I see. You guys all seem pretty close. I like it. Let me get the next round. Shots?”

“I’m gonna pass on that, shots don’t end up well and you know it. You two feel free,” I replied.

We all stuck to our standard drinks, the girls looking over the menu. I slammed my drink down requesting another. Needed a buzz to get through this. Emma glanced at me before calling the bartender back.

“Ok. We’re gonna need four plates to share. An order of mozzarella sticks, loaded fries, wings- teriyaki and garlic parm, ranch side, two orders of sliders, just meat and cheese on them please, and the pretzels with cheese dip. I know that was kind of a lot. Let me know if I need to slow it down.”

The bartender repeated it all back, I grinned a little, knowing she had the skill to take it all in. Emma slipped her a twenty when it all came out perfectly. Angie, always on top of keeping us fed, started tossing food on plates, passing them to all of us. I drank my drink and ate the food. Still trying to eat my feelings, it wasn’t enough, even with the drinking on top. Em ordered cheesesteak egg rolls and a main of penne vodka. Jimmy eyed me up.

“Just eat, Jimmy. You know better than to argue with them.”

“I see that. Another round?”

“Sounds good.”



“Girlie, you quit smoking. You sure?”

“I know you don’t like it, love. But let it slide today?”

“Jimmy, she starts chain smoking again, I’ll kick your ass.”

“Yes ma’am. Come on kid. Let’s go.”

I followed Jimmy out, taking the cigarette. He lit it and I took a long drag. Exhaling the smoke, I leaned against the building.

“Thanks for giving me a break, man.”

“Not so much of a break, Liv. What’s up? Those two look worried sick.”

“They’re overreacting. It’s fine.”

“Bullshit. You’ve got a little more than half a smoke to explain it, kid.”

“Jesus fucking Christ. They got you on speed dial too?”

“Nope. Spit it out.”

“Fine! I need fuckin help man. I woke up this morning ready to fight from the nightmares. If they’d still been in bed, I could’ve hurt them. I can’t live with that.”

“Liv. You know I love you. But you need to find a therapist. Hell, I’ll pay for it. You’ve been through a lot, just in the time I’ve known you. I don’t want to imagine what else.”

“I know. Just need some time to talk to them about it.”

“Hey kid. Not to be too nosy, but… you said you could’ve hurt either of them. You sly fox. You’re sleeping with both, aren’t you?!”

“A woman never tells,” I joked.

“Yeah, but you just did. Don’t worry. Secret is safe with me. Her fiancée knows?”

“Yup. Stop asking questions now. Let’s go back in.”

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