Saturday night Glory Hole attempt with the wiife.

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Saturday night Glory Hole attempt with the wiife.We are a couple who after 25+ years still enjoy great sex within reason. I have always persuaded the wife to go along with my Ideas. These were always within her  boundaries. We are NOT swingers, though I have no issues with trying the Lifestyle if she agreed. We have NOT tried bringing another male or female into our relationship. We are both str8t, do not have any plans to change. To many our sex life would be boring. My wife is very private. We do however enjoy Outdoor Sex, Road-head, loud Hotel sex, and Nude sunbathing. All of these were my Ideas and she went along. Some though she did not agreed to. Strip club, Adult theaters, or sex with other watching. We would go to Adult Book Stores to buy toys. I noticed she did not blush in front of other men while paying for a 10 inch dildo.So now you know our history.I needed to try something …. I was bored. We were just having sex, the same old sex.So I had to convince my wife without her thinking, I was tired of our routine. The weekend was a few days away. There is an adult theater with glory holes just over an 1 hour drive away. There is also a huge outlet shopping mall just down the road from it. I suggested we go shopping on Saturday afternoon then have dinner. Since we were going to dinner I recommended she wear a dress or shirt instead of jeans. Of course that meant I had to give up my usual jeans. Saturday came, she was wearing a cute black skirt though not too short still showed her long legs. She does not wear hose, so she just had Panties under her skirt. The usual bra and pull over top. She looked like a typical wife , not slutty or provocative.We shopped for what seemed like hours …… all along I was my typical ” I hate shopping self “. Until the sporting goods store. She knew this is why I wanted to come to the Outlets. Like a little k** I walked around looking at everything. Now my plan was starting to come together …….. I picked a very expensive item to buy. A $1500 Fly rod. She flatly refused to allow me to buy it. The trick was that I did not want to buy it. But to get her to compromise and make her feel a little guilty. I pouted and we left the store. She felt bad and kept asking why I did not buy anything. I did not answer but simply drove to the restaurant. While having dinner she kept asking what she could do to make up for not going along with the Fly rod purchase. After we finished eating I suggested we have a few drinks. I went to the bar so I could order her drinks while I ordered water on the rocks. I told her it was Vodka. She mentioned drinking and driving, I said we would get a hotel room  a block away. Conveniently so was the Adult Book Store !Now to spring the trap !  As we walked out of the restaurant I pointed to the ABS sign and said ” lets check it out ” she looked at me with a grin. ” I guess we need a new toy for tonight ” she replied. As we walked I booked a room using my cell at the hotel just down the block.We had never been to this ABS as we entered the toys were to the right. I told the wife to start looking I would be right back. I walked to the clerk and asked about the theaters. He explained there were two, one was for couples only. I asked if the booths were private ….his reply was “sort of “.I walked over to the wife to see what she was going to buy. Now was the time to work a deal.She had three Martini’s after dinner and was being playful and extremely nice to me.After a few minutes I pointed out the ” Couples Theater ” over to the left. She gave me that ” don’t go there ” look.I played the “you would not let me buy the Fly rod,  won’t you just do it this one time for me line “. She turned away for a few seconds. Turning around bahis firmaları she asked ” couple Only ” ? Yes I replied and there is probably no one in there. then after a long pause she replied ” sure why not “.We entered the dark room trying to adjust our vision there were three rows of seats and five across.To my surprise there was one other couple sitting in the middle row and at the far  last two seats.I whispered to my wife to pick a place to sit. Of course the she picked the first two seats as we came down the isle.We sat down and adjusted our eyes. The movie playing showed a young teen being pounded by a BBC.From our seat we could look right and see the couple one row in front of us, her seat was against the right wall of the theater maybe eight feet to our right. My wife leaned over and said ” I hope you are happy ” In which I smiled and told her I loved her. After a few minutes I started to move my hand up my wife’s skirt, “not now’ she said. I placed her hand on my groin so she could feel my semi-hard cock. She slowly removed it.What the fuck, this smoking hot teen is getting plowed by a BBC on this screen in front of me. And a middle age couple is starting to play grab ass less than ten feet away me. Is this going to be a bust and I leave this place with aching balls ?A minute later the couple in front of us did something that changed everything. She started sucking his cock !I just knew the wife would grab my arm and tell me we are out of here. I thought what the hell and directed the wife’s attention away from ten inches of black cock on the screen to the couple to our right. She looked ……… kept looking, then looked at me. She asked “is this what you want to see, another couple fucking around” ? “Think carefully was what my mind said”.  “No I do not want to watch them I want them to watch us”  She quickly replied “don’t push it” and then diverted her eyes to the ongoing blow-job a few feet away. As we watched, the man looked over to us and waved. “would you care to join us” were the words he spoke. Before I could get a word out of my mouth my wife quietly replied “no thank you”. I guess we were leaving ………. slowly the wife wiggled in her seat and then her panties were at her knees and her legs were spread. To my amazement she slowly started rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Fuck me what’s going on ! She then told me to pull out my cock and start stroking. I was playing along now, she was in charge. we will see where it goes. it was not thirty seconds later the guy next to us moans and the girls tries to guzzle his come, half choking and half swallowing. My wife looks at me and slowly whispers “don’t come yet, not here, I want you to fuck me”We continued the mutual masturbation while looking into each other eyes. I heard movement to my right.  The couple in front of us were leaving paused directly in front of us to watch our mutual masturbation. The wife opened her eyes and smiled. “thank you” she spoke softly, as they walked up the isle, she closed her wide spread legs and then removed her panties. “I need to fuck now” she spoke as she stood up and started towards the theater exit. As I caught up to her I mentioned there were private booths just down the hall. “Ok” she said “lead the way”. I told her I needed to get tokens for the booth. So back to the clerk we went. As we approached the sales area I could see a few men looking around. The wife stopped and turned away. “I will wait in the hall” she stated. I assume she did not want anyone to see her.I got the tokens and we went down the hallway. Doors on both sides, all were open. She went into the second booth we passed. I closed and latched the door I deposited a shitload of tokens and the screen kaçak iddaa came to life. My wife looked around there was a chair in the middle of the booth. ” I’ll just bend over the chair I guess” she quickly said. “Slow down” I replied let’s enjoy this.I faced the chair to the screen and asked her to sit down. It was when she sat down she noticed the small door with a latch to her right. ” I guess that’s a glory hole” ? she asked. “Yes it is and it is locked so no one will bother us” I said.Now just getting my wife to go into a theater, watch another couple engage in a blowjob and then open her eyes to a couple watching her rub her clit was like hitting the lottery. We could walk out right now go to the hotel and fuck like we were on our Honeymoon. I had accomplished the impossible.Not so fast ……….. She slowly undid my pants and pulled them down, exposing my semi-hard cock. Then she pulled up her skirt to show her pussy. As she started to finger herself she stuck out he tongue licked the end of my cock.We heard a noise on the other side of the wall. she did not seem to notice or care, we were safe and secure in our little booth. I slid my cock in and out of her waiting mouth, trying not to come to soon.She let out tiny moans as she fingered herself but they were muffled by my cock in her mouth.Just then came a light knocking on the small door on the glory hole. She stopped everything and looked up at me.”Are we ok” she spoke. “Yes” I replied. Then I proceeded to explain very quickly the glory hole experience. I expected her to want to leave and continue the fun at the hotel. After a few knocks we could here the exit door of the booth open and close.My wife then asked me to open the door and look to see if anyone was in the booth next to us. I did as asked and found no one in the booth. As I started closing the little door I purposely left it unlatched and the door open about 1/2 inch.I loaded more tokens and turned around to see the wife rubbing her clit. Damn she is really hot. My cock again was in her mouth. She was facing the screen and I was standing between her and the screen, Her eyes were closed and she was on her way to a what I assume is going to be a huge orgasm. With my cock buried in her throat and the noise from the girl screaming “Oh God” over and over on the screen we did not hear the door open and close in the booth  we just inspected. I was busy face-fucking my wife when I noticed the little door on the glory hole push open.Uh oh, this isn’t good. Then a huge cock comes thru the opening. Shit ! my wife is going to freak.I quickly recovered and thought I will just wait till she freaks or I come, which ever happens first.My deviant mind wasted no time thinking about my wife with that big cock in her mouth, yea right.It was then I noticed something changed in my wife’s blowjob technique. She appeared really enjoying it.I said “what do we have hear, a new technique” ?She replied “your cock is so swollen and you are trembling. Hah! I wonder why?She told me to close my eyes and let my mind run wild. I did as instructed and continued to slide my cock in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy with her left hand. She was into it now, when were we going to fuck? I do not know how much I can take.The rhythm of her rubbing her juicy pussy, along with the sucking the entire length of my average size cock was truly orgasmic. Then I noticed something changed. Her whole body was in motion.I assumed she was using both her hands on her pussy. This was going to be a big orgasm.I enjoy watching my wife come while masturbating so I di not want to miss this.I opened my eyes and looked down ………… her head was thrusting on my cock, her left hand was frantically rubbing her pussy, kaçak bahis and her right hand was…………………Stroking feverishly that huge cock  protruding from the glory hole.OMG I almost blew my load right there!She pulled her head off my cock looked up at me and asked “is this what you want” I replied “only if you want it”.What a wonderful wife. I was dumbfounded. I needed a minute to speak to her. I did not want her to regret any of what could happen.So far she has masturbated in front of a couple, and was giving a stranger who she could not see a hand job.I explained she need not do anything for me. It is about her and what does she want. She replied “Let’s just see” how it goes.The stranger pulled his cock back I assume thinking she no longer wanted to stroke it.She then stood up turned the chair around so the back faced the hole in the wall.Next she placed her knees up on the chair exposing her dripping pussy towards me. “How about that fuck we talked about” she asked.At the time I did not catch on why she moved the chair to that position. As I put my still rock hard cock in her pussy, I noticed she was closing the little door on the glory hole.I was having the sexual experience I only dreamed about. What has happened this evening will leave a lasting memory on my mind, and bond my wife and I in a new way. So we can fuck now and go back to the Hotel and laugh.She started moaning as I started a continuous in and out of long strokes of my cock into her pussy. She was forcing her hips back against my cock like a pile driver. This was so unusual for her. She was not the aggressor in our lovemaking. Now she was the controlling what was going on. Watching as her ass slammed back against me made me regret leaving my cell turned  off and in her purse.Looking straight ahead I noticed the glory hole door was open. Did My wife open it?  Was someone watching us? Did my wife notice it ? Now it is getting interesting.Suddenly my wife speaks between load moans “fuck me, I want someone watching us”I can only assume she opened the door while I was not looking, but she did not stop fucking in fact she started moaning louder.”Fuck me, fuck me, let them watch” she whimpered.She no sooner resumed moaning when that huge cock pushed thru the glory hole. She turned and smiled, I assumed she would start jacking him off, his cock was almost in her face.She yelled “push me forward”. With a hard thrust she and the chair moved almost a foot forward. I asked if that was enough? She mumbled something I did not understand. I leaned forward to whisper the same question in her ear.The huge cock sticking thru the hole was down my wife’s throat.That was it, I started fucking her like no tomorrow. My wife was being “spit -roasted” In a glory hole.I started telling my wife how hot it was to watch her with someone else’s cock in her mouth.All you could hear was a pelvis banging against the wall, my wife moaning while being face-fucked, and my ball slapping against her pussy. I felt my wife stiffen, I assumed she was coming, then I heard the sound I knew was her gagging on a mouthful of cum. She let him come in her mouth!That was too much. I let go of an orgasm I will never forget. At the same time my wife gripped my cock with her pussy in a death grip. I am sure the people in the store heard her come.Before I knew it the big cock was gone and the little door was closed and locked.My wife pulled her panties from her purse and wiped her face clean of come.She looked into her purse and remarked “We should have recorded this on my phone”.Fuck ! what did I create ?Apparently there is a side to my wife that I was not aware of. Has she done this before ?Later when we were at the hotel laying on the bed I kissed her, told her I loved her. and thanked her for giving me everything I ever could want.She smiled and had a little laugh to herself. She finally replied “Tomorrow before we go home you can stop and buy your Fly Rod”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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